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  1. Okinawa dire shadow farm on Merciless. Gives about 104,000 bond XP each time. Dire Shadow spawns right next to the 2nd checkpoint, no going through minor enemies. Plus you naturally gain bond XP just by playing through the story up to Okinawa (technically Kyoto since you need to initiate the next dungeon in order for the Okinawa dire shadow to start spawning).
  2. I haven't touched the new ones yet, I'm slowly working on unlocking all the tainted characters then doing their hard mode clears first. Saving the new challenges for last. It's... a lot lol
  3. Figured I'd post this here since the answers are a bit buried in the other thread. To save transfer just open Binding of Isaac: Rebirth / Afterbirth / Afterbirth + (PS4), and upload your save via the game menu Then open Repentance (PS5) and download. It'll pull the save file you uploaded from the PS4 version. To get all the trophies to pop in Repentance (except for the new Repentance-specific ones), all I had to do was open the Secrets menu from the title screen and they all popped.
  4. this was just fixed in the latest patch. as soon as you open the secrets menu everything autopops.
  5. to be fair, you only need to perfectly (or close to to perfect) run the first stage in Factory 2 The sisters are the only annoying part.
  6. Well... after a 5 month hiatus I decided to tackle Mercenaries again and lo and behold... I got it done within two days. Toggling off Adaptive Aim in the Accessibility options seemed to help a lot... I followed the video guides listed on the individual trophy info on this site. Hope that helps/motivate anyone!
  7. I had to give up on this plat I did Merc just fine on normal, but the hard versions were just too frustrating with a controller. I decided it just wasn't worth the stress/time... not something I could've even enjoyed chasing after. Don't feel too bad about it, especially when there are tons of other games you can enjoy platting out there
  8. Haha I was wondering this. This is a really sweet cute game, similar humor/spirit to Undertale. Surprised there weren't more people talking about it on here.
  9. I'm saving a few ultra health pick-ups for the final boss, so I'm going up against Mother with just 100 health. Her first 2 phases are okay, but in her 3rd phase she has this long range purple attack that I can never dodge. Is there some trick to not getting hit by that? I'm pulling my hair out over this encounter haha. EDIT: of course I beat her and finished my hardcore run right after I posted this. Using Mag 60 and grenade launcher on her 1st phase, flamethrower and firestorm cannon on her 2nd phase (and pausing to get more ammo/health), then just praying for good boss attack pattern RNG on 3rd phase did the trick.
  10. Anyone else notice this? It isn't really trophy-related, but after numerous playthroughs I just couldn't ignore how... obvious this blooper is. Like, you push the two boxes stacked on top over... the bottom boxes stay put... your character backs away from the edge... but instantly is shown falling down the hole... yikes.
  11. So, this has happened 4 times in a row now. Right after the two cut scenes when you beat the Mech Rider 2 and reunite with Flammie, my PS4 does its beeping sound and shuts off entirely. It doesn't turn back on unless I remove the power cord and plug it back in... I've tried reinstalling the game, dusting my console out, letting it cool down... but to no avail. It keeps crashing my console at the same exact moment. I know the remake is known for having lots of bugs and crashes, but I haven't heard about the actual console itself getting crashed. Has anyone else experienced this...? EDIT: I also tried loading an older save and playing up to that moment... alas, it still crashes. SO. It turns out that I was playing on PS4 Pro with BOOST MODE turned on. Turning off Boost Mode fixed the issue entirely. If anyone else has this issue and sees this, all you need to do is go into Settings > System > uncheck the Boost Mode option and reopen the game.
  12. Thanks for the infos! At least I can run this again without worrying about whether CC will unlock or not
  13. So, I've completed the story in both Movie Night and Theatrical Cut. Afterward I downloaded and installed the Curator's Cut DLC. When I go to start a New Game, it doesn't give me an option for the CC. Do I need to finish a play through one more time (after having installed the Curator's Cut) before it'll become available to me? I'm not sure why else it wouldn't appear for me....
  14. Ah, very well. I'm not too upset, I still have a save from the end of my NG run, so I don't need to start completely over. P: Thanks!
  15. Can you get most of the save sphere in NG, then get the remaining ones in NG+ and still get the trophy...? I got all the missable ones in NG, but I was saving Necropolis for NG+. Would I have to do a third playthrough where I get all saves in a single run?