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  1. Ah, very well. I'm not too upset, I still have a save from the end of my NG run, so I don't need to start completely over. P: Thanks!
  2. Can you get most of the save sphere in NG, then get the remaining ones in NG+ and still get the trophy...? I got all the missable ones in NG, but I was saving Necropolis for NG+. Would I have to do a third playthrough where I get all saves in a single run?
  3. I was doing Grounded+ "in reverse" after clearing NG+ on Easy, I was on the Suburbs when the game crashed. When I restarted TLOU it let me continue from Suburbs but there was no option for Chapter select... I even went back to my cloud save from a few hours earlier, downloaded that, and there was still no Chapter select. I have no idea what could've caused this and if there even is a fix... has anyone else had this happen?
  4. How far into an individual's romance questline do you have to go to satisfy that single person's requirements for the trophy? I ask because the trophy guide on this website says certain people (like Jaal) are "open" but Powerpyx's guide shows that you can (have to?) commit to an exclusive relationship with them...
  5. Or... do you need to complete a fresh run to get the prestige trophy?
  6. It legit works! I have no idea why this wasn't working in Outposts, haha. I'm glad I posted on here... and that you replied. Thanks.
  7. Killing 5 enemies with sabotaged vehicles - I didn't attempt this trophy until I beat the game (after clearing all three regions). Now there is no enemy traffic on roads, and one of the few remaining outposts I went to I'll go ahead and sabotage a vehicle that is parked there and lure enemies close to... but when it kills them it hasn't been counting the kills toward the trophy (or even the in-game stats). So... is this trophy missable? Does resetting the enemy outposts reset enemy road traffic?
  8. Does difficulty (easy/normal/hard) affect the stamina/health gains you get per colossi?
  9. These videos were really helpful, more so than Pyx's. Besides that, you have a nice voice and cool demeanor which honestly makes a huge difference with video guides haha.
  10. Try this: https://store.playstation.com/#!/es-mx/juegos/the-binding-of-isaac-afterbirth/cid=UP2103-CUSA00792_00-BOIAFTERBIRTHPPS
  11. If you already bought/installed AB+ the booster items will appear automatically... ...if you did not buy AB+ the booster items will not appear... Either way, the booster items are not a separate thing you download from the PS Store. They are just patched into AB+.
  12. IDK, I got the broken modem in a daily run earlier this week but those apparently don't count toward your completion. P:
  13. There are a few remaining secrets I've yet to unlock: 345, 352, 357, and 358 (there are a few others but I already know their conditions). I think these are tied to the booster packs, but after doing all challenge and hard mode completion marks for everyone, I still have no idea what I need to do to unlock these remaining secrets. There are also some remaining items I've yet to see appear (either they are super rare or tied to the above secrets)... tonsil (specifically the trinket it comes from), eden's soul, greed's gullet, broken modem, jumper cable, and moving box...has anyone else gotten these to appear...?
  14. I have lots of hand eye coordination/timing practice from playing games like DDR/ITG/Stepmania/Super Meat Boy.
  15. LOL, someone offered me $20 in playstation gift cards to do it for them. I said nah.