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  1. That's the one! Thought I'd have to do some code or something for the vid but that's awesome. In fact, you're awesome. There you go friends, Sonic 2 boss battle theme.
  2. Jak and Daxter are good games but I lose interest quickly while Ratchet and Clank manages to hold my interest much longer. That's the main reason I voted R&C. Between the two games I think R&C's characters have more charm too.
  3. This is the one that I immediately think of whenever someone asks me this question. I also like the act 2 boss music from Sonic 2. I'd post it but don't really know how to do these things.
  4. Only one game I recall hating enough to actually try and snap my controller with my bare hands. Split/Second. I was trying to get gold medals on all the courses to unlock all cars but the cheating AI cheated like the cheating cheats they are. I didn't get all cars. ‚Äč
  5. Axii. I've always had a soft spot for spells of the mind-taking variety. Something fun I've been doing lately is pushing someone to the floor with Aard then mind-taking an archer and just watching the fight end with a gleeful smile, although using Axii on an archer is satisfying by itself. Playing on Death March the healing upgrade to Quen has saved me numerous times from having to go through those horrible loading screens. I don't use Yrden too much, mostly use it on enemies that are weak to it and that's it but I've yet to try out the upgrades so I could change my mind about it. "Kill it with Igni!" is a safe motto to live by and sending people flying to their death with Aard is always fun. Griffin School is where it's at.
  6. About sodding time! Last episode had me in stitches it was so damn funny! Every time a new Telltale game comes out I tell myself to just wait until it comes out on disc, then it comes out and I immediately buy the season pass. One day I'll get it right. Although Tales from the Borderlands is easily my favourite series so far. Just wish the release dates felt less like playing some sort of waiting game. Come on Telltale!
  7. Anyone remember this game? Got this one with my ps3. One of few games that actually used the sixaxis motion thing, and used it well. Too bad it's not getting a sequel. It was a decent game and quite pretty. Ah well. So yeah, Folklore was my first.
  8. Argh! I wanted this so bad but they were all sold out by the time I got to pre-ordering it. So jealous. Though I'm surprised by how much I got in the standard edition. Only game I've been wanting this year. Sleepless nights here I come!
  9. Dammit SkyesUnholy! Cast aside those Dockers, the only team you need in the AFL are the Eagles my friend. Excuse us a moment, it seems I need to re-educate someone.
  10. You took the words right out of my mouth. Knowing I can sell a game for a bit of money helps too.
  11. Definitely Heather from Silent Hill 3. The whole moody and sarcastic thing I've always liked in characters but the way she takes all the crap flying her way and seeing her deal with it is great. For me she's become the icon of my ps2 gaming days.
  12. Need I say more?
  13. Oh man I can't wait!. If there's one game I want this entire year, it's this. Go faster you stupid clock!
  14. Ocelot. Don't even think about using autofire against him, he'll know. The hand gestures, the gun play, the way he manipulates everyone, the feeling he gets when he slams a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber. What's not to love? My most memorable battle has to go to The End however. That feeling of dread as you look around for him only to find him right behind you! A gun to your head and death in his eyes! But the true heroes of the series are of course the cardboard boxes who risk life and limb to shelter their charges and ask for nothing in return. God bless them.
  15. Searching for the right path to follow. Life wouldn't be any fun if everything was just handed to us after all. Also coffee. Actually just coffee.
  16. Hey guys. It's been a good 10 years since I decided to take part in a forum and now this is starting to sound like an AA meeting. So basically I have no idea what I'm doing but decided this is one of few forums I think is worth participating in. It seems friendly enough and all that. So if there's any advice to give to a newbie I'm more than willing to take it. I do have one question though, How the devil do you guys get your snazzy trophy cards to show up in your sigs? You fancy people you. Cheers friends ^.^
  17. Yes thanks, that link cleared a few things for me. Quite helpful. Thanks and thanks And thanks to you too friend! Still getting used to this but I'm acclimatising well enough... I think... I hope. Last time I participated online chat rooms were still a thing. Damn you modern world! I hope there will at least be cheese... Indeed. I've looked around at a few other forums but I like this one the most so I thought why not? Then I thought why but why not is more convincing no?
  18. oh... my... god! You sir, are indeed fancy. The top hat and cane is mighty impressive but the monocle, dear god the monocle! Resplendant! Indeed! I'm glad you see its importance to the fancy culture. Most people just see a spatula but you have an eye for this thing don't you?
  19. Mee Goreng. I love going to different restaurants and tasting the differences with how they cook it.
  20. I know right? The sash wringing... The trash thinging... mash flinging... flash springing... bringing the crash thinging... the... Spongebob makes me laugh so much.
  21. Dragon's Dogma - I love this game. Create your hero, create an eternally loyal partner and then go have an adventure! Nier - The soundtrack alone is wonderful. Child of Light - For those that were around when games like Grandia were still with us. Timesplitters: Future Perfect - I spent years playing this game with friends. Good times. Metro: Last Light - A game that flies under the radar that I really enjoy. Might want to play Metro 2033 for that extra bit of story though so I'm going to break a rule here. Metro 2033
  22. I just bought Far Cry 4. It was on special on the PSN Store so I thought why not? I'm now towards the end of the game and I'm loving it. I think the multiplayer is fun too... until something like host migration kicks in every second match.
  23. This has got to be the best soundtrack I've ever heard for a game. It's simply amazing.
  24. Indubitably. Thanks everyone All of you made my day. I love you all.
  25. Yay! Haha! Been here barely an hour and already having a laugh, and look! I got my trophy card in my sig now! Behold the power of my fanciness!