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  1. I ran into the same issue at Tigra (thanks for the above by the way) and could barely find anything helpful online. I actually didn't need the EU version. Simply deleted the entire application + save file and then reinstalled the game. Then made sure I was offline before starting the game. (Network->uncheck Connect to Internet option). It's not ideal since you'll have to restart chapters and basically want to do them in one sitting but hey at least it works.
  2. Redout! The game is similar to Wipeout but you don't really need to do much for the platinum. Fun and it's on sale for $10 USD on PSN!
  3. Is this possible to do solo? If so I'm wondering if removing the latest patch and then going for the trophy will work in offiline mode? I've been meaning to play this game after getting in for free but I don't want to bother going for zombies trophies if it's not possible to 100%