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  1. I've actually got an un-opened copy of MGS HD Collection for Vita that I bought a few years ago when I picked up my 1st Vita that I never got around to playing. I was unaware that they had de-listed it last year due to some of the historical achieved footage being expired or whatever, but now it's worth WAY more than I paid for it. I think I paid like $15-$10 for it new and now it's worth like 5-6 times amount. I'm torn between saying fuck it and just opening it and playing it cause I'd like to re-play it in it's original form before the re-make comes out, or keeping it sealed and letting it get higher in price before I sell it eventually. 🤔
  2. I just turned 35 back in February and I've been gaming as one of my main hobbies since I was 5yo. I've only been "Trophy Hunting" since 2020 though, but I've been about this gaming life for basically ever at this point. Grey Bush Gang Gang. 🤘
  3. If you're using this site on PC you can download the PSNP+ Extension made my @HusKy. One of the many QoL features included is the re-sizing of the PS5 trophy tiles to match the original size of the PS4 tiles instead of the squares. If you're on mobile than I think your SOL unfortunately lol.
  4. I'm not a fan of auto-popping personally, it skew's the plat % of the PS5 version of games which kinda sucks. It also makes going for fastest plat times completely useless for the PS5 version as well, it's just filled with pages and pages of 1 second auto-pops. Not that I really care about that last one I mentioned myself, but I'd imagine it would piss off those people that actually strive to be on those leader boards legit.
  5. I've got a handful of games to add to the collection. Gravity Rush (Vita) - Crazy good Vita game that I waited way too long to finally play. Uses the motion controls for the Vita better than any game I've played on it thus far. Also a fan of the comic book style narrative and I'm for sure gonna be checking of the sequel at some point. Shantae and the Pirate's Cures (PS5) - I enjoyed this Metroidvania/Action-Platformer more than I initially thought I would going into it. I'm not really all that good at these kinds of game so it was a challenge at times but nothing too terribly difficult. The OTS slaps and the game also has some awesome trophy tiles which is always welcomed. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Vita) - Another Lego game down on my quest to complete every Lego game released on Vita because... reasons lol. This was the last one released for the system and it plays pretty well. I don't think I ever watched TFA when it first came out so I was learning seemingly important SW lore while controlling Legos and that was pretty amusing. Agatha Knife (PS4) - I bought this game on sale a while back cause the trophy tiles were some of the sweetest I've seen and it ended up being weirdly good. It's a point and click adventure type of game with a dark and charming vibe to it. I ended up getting the other 2 game from this studio Mango Protocol (awesome name) during the same sale cause they too have amazing trophy tiles that I need in my life.
  6. Platinum #210 :platinum: & Milestone 10K Dead Island 2



    I've been a fan of the Dead Island series since the 1st game came out back in the Xbox 360 era, and if I'm being honest I had 0 hope for this game being good given the amount of times it was delayed and passed around. I'm happy to say I was wrong though cause this game is definitely a worth while sequel to the DI franchise. The more condensed leveled off sections work better than the open worlds of the last couple imo and the gore system is a thing to behold. The game doesn't over stay it's welcome and it actually worked as intended on day 1 which shouldn't need to be praised but here we are lol. Glad to have this one milestoned and if you enjoyed any of the other DI games or are a fan of mindless slaughtering of zombies in all manner of gruesome ways, then this game will be right up your alley. 👌

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    2. Kittens Are Awesome

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      I'm coming up on 10k here in a few as well. Was going to make Retro/Grade final trophy my 10k.

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      Well done! 💯

  7. Not my best picks at all but we'll see if I can at least get the Cejudo upset right, not feeling confident though lmao. 😂
  8. Last minute picks for 288, Prelims were pretty good so we'll see if the main card lives up to the hype. Cejudo - Tko 3rd round (My brain is saying Aljo but my heart is with Triple C) Burns - Dec. Andrade - Tko 2nd Evloev - Dec. Gracie - Sub 2nd
  9. I can't even imagine how low morale must be over on the Microsoft side of things. When the face of the company can't even muster up the energy to play the game for more than like 30 minutes before un-installing; super telling sign of things to come. I used to fuck with Xbox 360 soo heavy back in the day and to see it fall this far from grace in the last 10ish years is genuinely sad to see.
  10. Current state of modern gaming in a nutshell. Really sad to see honestly, but at least indie games are experiencing a sort of renaissance in these dark times. I've played soo many good indie games in the last like 2 years that straight shit on most of these "AAA" games lol. 💩


    1. Jeanoltt


      Don't forget the online passes only on new codes! Those were the worst

    2. Dry


      @Jeanoltt If the codes expired or already used most network passes were free on the PlayStation which defeats their purpose. Of course there’s a few exceptions, one being Resistance: Burning Skies (the reason that game’s MP is dead beyond PS Vita party boosting for a single gold trophy).

    3. Dry


      Correction: PlayStation Store

  11. Yea those DAH! games are awesome and super nostalgic for me to play since I played them all back in the PS2 era when I was a teen. They're pretty easy overall, probably around a 2 or 3/10 in terms of difficulty. The only thing that is mildly annoying is the controls are kinda stiff when compared to modern games, but you get used to them pretty quickly. I'd say go back and give it another shot if and when the mood strikes! 👌
  12. Yo what's happening and welcome to the forums?! You've got a great selection of games on your profile so far. Currently I'm trying to show my Vita some more love this year so I'm working on Lego Star Wars Force Awakens.
  13. Yes, you can mop up all side quests after the main campaign and nothing is missable.
  14. Even though I'm not really all that big a fan of Star Wars in general, I quite enjoyed the first game. Let's hope there's no auto-pop for this plat so the percentage isn't soo heavily skewed from the PS4 version like the 1st game. I'll probably pick this one up when it goes on sale in a few months or in November for Black Friday, I've got too much in the backlog to justify throwing another new game in the mix rn.
  15. Sons of the Forest on pc for me. Such a sick game even in beta, giving it a couple of months for it to be updated a bit before I jump back into it.