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  1. Back with another update, I finished up the plat for "Call of Cthulhu" on my second tier yesterday. Since it's October and Halloween is rapidly approaching, I think I'll keep with the spooky season theme and keep playing games that match that vibe for me. "MediEvil" should fit the bill, I'm excited to play this game! I used to own the original on PS1 WAY back in the day like 20 years ago when I was like 9-10sih. I'm gonna start playing once I get off work, hoping they did the remake justice here.
  2. Platinum #66 :platinum: Call of Cthulhu 


    Being a fan of HP Lovercraft and all things related, this game was a treat to play. I was a fan of the mostly investigative/stealth style of gameplay with minimum confrontation in terms of having to kill things. There was a couple of segments throughout the campaign that felt force though that took me out of the experience, but it wasn't anything too terrible. I loved how everything in this game has a slight greenish/blue hue to it which made if feel very Lovecraftian if that makes sense. Game caught me slipp'n a couple of time's while I was being complacent and scared the shit out of me while playing in the dark, which I appreciate given the time of year lol. 

  3. @arsenal4life1471 Oh ok, nice. I'll probably do that then since I haven't swapped anything out as of yet. I was kinda late to the party, just joined last month.
  4. Finished up Call of Cthulhu on my second tier. I think I'm gonna run it back one more time to clean up some trophies for the platinum since it wasn't very long. Being a fan of HP Lovecraft I enjoyed this game overall, a couple of pretty annoying parts that took me out of the experience and pissed me off lol, but other than that it was dope. You are not alone, I managed to snag a pre-order day one with relative ease some how miraculously lol. I'll definitely be using a swap, but I haven't decided which game yet. I've got Miles Morales and Demon's Souls pre-ordered as well, so it'll probably be one of those.
  5. Platinum #64 :platinum: Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning


    I was a big fan of this game when the og released back in the day, glad I have this one in the collection. The remake it self was pretty meh.. I had some annoying graphical glitches every once in a while while exploring caves later into the game, wasn't too bad though. It seems like they just slapped a thin coat of paint over the old one and were like fuck it, print it lol. Still a pretty awesome RPG for it's time and the ability to mix play styles and make hybrid builds while making you feel like a badass the whole time makes it one of my favorites to this day.



  6. Finally back with my first update and completed game...almost. Technically I did beat it, but I'm 1 trophy away from the plat, should only take another hour or so before I get it and can move on. I got pretty burnt out with Kingdom's of Amalur Re-Reckoning after around the 60 hour mark and took a couple weeks off to catch up on some Steam games without having to worry about completion or trophies. Next up will probably be "Call of Cthulhu" this one should be quick and painless comparatively speaking. Edit:Ok NOW it's done for reals lol.
  7. I would like to get in on this action! I've tried to add a mixture of games I would like to start/some I've started and never finished/and a handful of Vita games I've been sitting on as well. I'd like to have most of these done before picking up my PS5 on launch day, but realistically I'd be happy with at least half by then lol. Definitely gonna try and have them all beat by the end of the year though for sure.
  8. Damn some people on here have some pretty strict parameters for for simply viewing a profile lol. I check people's profiles all the time, some times even at random. I like to see what others are playing or have recently played. Like others have stated it also can be beneficial cause you might stumble onto some gems you may have never heard of otherwise. I don't care if you have 1 plat or 100's of plats, shit if you're profile pic looks dope enough I'm checking that shit out. As the writer Samuel Johnson once said, “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last."
  9. Enigmatic
  10. 1. When was the last time you experienced nostalgia? 2. Do you think living in the present is more or less challenging than living in the past? 3. Has there ever been a time when gaming/trophy hunting has negatively impacted your life in some way?
  11. I've seen some people's profiles on here that have different colors for their stats and border that encompasses their name and trophy info. How would I go about changing those colors? I feel like I've looked everywhere in the settings, I must be blind I guess cause I can't find shit for it any where lol. 

    1. GraniteSnake


      You have to change it on your actual PS3 (maybe Vita works too). It’s an option when you click onto your own name on the PS3 at least

    2. Pray_4_the_End


      @GraniteSnake Interesting... I don't have a PS3 but I do have a Vita, I'll have to check that out momentarily. Thanks for the info!

    3. DaivRules


      It’s broken on the site at the moment and can’t be changed here from whatever it’s originally set at. It’s something Sly said he was looking into a while ago. 

  12. I picked up the disk version of the PS5, totally wasn't even planning on getting one at launch. Checked Best Buy's website last night randomly at around 1am just too see if it was as much of a shit show as everyone was making it out to be. I was able to secure a pre-order with little to no problems, took me like 5 minutes with no rush lol. I haven't pre-ordered any games yet but I'll for sure be trying to snag copies of Miles Morales and Demon's Souls right off the bat as my first 2 PS5 games.
  13. Wasn't planning on buying one at launch, but I checked Best Buy a bit ago for the fuck of it and managed to get through pretty quickly. Must've lucked out cause I didn't really have any issues. Guess I'll be playing at launch now, not mad at it lol. \m/
  14. I'd be down for this, sign me up!