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  1. 4th plat Reverie, what a sweet ass little Zelda/Earthbound clone. Had a blast playing this gem. 1. Severed (100%) 2. Lego The Lord of the Rings (100%) 3. Thunder Paw (100%) 4. Reverie (100%) Total Count: 4
  2. Spent roughly 160$ in April, mostly on Vita games & DLC. I should've saved myself $60 by NOT buying Outriders for PS5, game is not very good imo and I'm really struggling to find any kind of motivation to at the very least beat it. Oh well lesson learned, no more online only looter shooters for me ever again. Total: 1,181.50$
  3. The one time I actually wanna hop on Outriders to make some progress I get hit with an infinite sign in screen over and over. I hate this game more every time I try to play it lol.

  4. Luckily for me I didn't panic buy anything, just buying Vita games at my normal rate. I was planning on waiting till the month of to panic buy the few games I still want for the Vita. Glad I waited though, I only spent like $30ish on all Muramasa Rebirth DLC and Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey.
  5. No updates as of right now, just commenting to say that title change is MINT ūüĎĆ and made me spit my energy drink all over my keyboard here at work ūüėā Will have a couple more Vita plats to work on here in the coming weekend.
  6. Posting so I can come back to this thread when Jim Ryan inevitably fuck's up and everyone turns on him again lol..
  7. Every time I see the cover of Returnal I have to remind myself that I'm NOT going to be playing as Brienne of Tarth and that upsets me for no good reason at all lol.
  8. Ugh.. It feels like a chore trying to play through Outriders right now. I just can't get into this game, that's what I get for trying to force myself to play a looter shooter. Never again lol.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I'm almost done, but the grind for 3000 and 7500 skill hits and potentially needint to use a guide to find a journal or 2 drives me nuts.


      Also when dying a lot in WT12 with a squad it is draining lol so i just say fuck it and wanna be done. i hear ya

  9. Finished up my 3rd plat yesterday, clearing out some easy Ratta games I've been sitting on for a while. 1. Severed (100%) 2. Lego The Lord of the Rings (100%) 3. Thunder Paw (100%) Total Count: 3
  10. Second Vita plat done for me... 1. Severed (100%) 2. Lego The Lord of the Rings (100%) Total Count: 2
  11. Platinum #101 :platinum: Lego The Lord of the Rings (Vita) 


    Fun Lego game I just wrapped, mostly played at my job on breaks. I recently downloaded all the OG LOTR movies for my gf last week cause she hadn't seen them in a while and she's a big fan. Still an awesome trilogy and it got me motivated to play through the Lego version I've had in the backlog.  Love these Lego games and I think I'm gonna just gonna go a head and buy up the rest them for the Vita that I don't own. I own 7 out of the 13 that were made for Vita so far, luckily these games are pretty cheap still so it shouldn't cost me too much to snag the rest. 

    1. LuckySIime


      Congrats! ūüéČ

    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! ūüéā

  12. I'd say hold off until the games line up gets better, at the earliest this holiday season if there's stock available. I've had my PS5 since launch and I barely play it now, aside from a graphical bump and faster load times, what's the point of owning it if you can play most of the games out right now for it on PS4? I play my PS4 Pro and Vita WAY more than my PS5 by a lot. Plus there really isn't any games out right now that scream "must buy console" that justify spending the $500 if you buy retail (or more if you buy second hand), and if there was you wouldn't be debating on buying one right now. Unless you're one of those people that HAVE to have PS5 to play through your PS4 backlog with all the new bells and whistles, I'd say save your money and just wait it out.
  13. Picked up Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate & Lego: Star Wars The Force Awakens to add to the collection.
  14. Should've waited on the PS5, I've had this thing since launch and I turn it on maybe once a month now. I clean it more that I actually play it at this point lol. Thinking about buying Outriders just to have something to play on it this month, yay looter shooters...¬†ūüėí¬†I hope Returnal ends up being good though, it looks¬†pretty interesting. I'll probably end up playing Oddworld: Soulstorm once it gets some patches, heard it was pretty buggy atm. First world problems....

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    2. StrickenBiged


      @Infected Elite It totally requires the developer to make use of the SSD's advantages and actually implement the changes. This article is informative: Skip down to the section on the proprietary SSD.



      In short, to get instant access to urgent data, more of it needs to be stored in RAM on the current generation consoles - opening the door to a huge efficiency saving for next-gen. The SSD alleviates a lot of the burden simply because data can be requested as it's needed as opposed to caching a bunch of it that the console may need... but may not. There are further efficiency savings because duplication is no longer needed. Much of a hard drive's latency is a factor of the fact that a mechanical head is moving around the surface of the drive platter. Finding data can take as long - or longer - as reading it. Therefore, the same data is often duplicated hundreds of times simply to ensure that the drive is occupied with reading data as opposed to wasting time looking for it (or "seeking" it).


      For an example of the Sony advantage in practice, apparently Resident Evil: Village will be just over half the size on PS5 as it will be on XBox platforms. (But this also has to do with how XBox platforms handle inter-generational compatibility - over there developers make a single game file for all platforms it can/will run on, and then the software reacts to the platform to deliver the appropriate gameplay settings, i.e. the XBox One game file and the XBox Series game file are the same game file, whereas Sony has developers make separate game files for the different platforms it will be releasing on.)

    3. Pray_4_the_End


      @Infected Elite Nah, I haven't experienced any black screens on mine personally, but like I said I haven't been using it much. I hopped on it yesterday to grab the PS+ games for this month along with installing Oddworld, but I didn't actually play anything. Only issue I've been having with it (if you can call it that) is that occasionally the fan or disk drive (not sure which exactly) will ramp up randomly and get noticeably louder for like 45 seconds to a minute (even when I'm not even playing anything). Then it'll get quiet again and be good for an hour or so before it happens again, it's been consistently happening since I've gotten it though. Hasn't effected gameplay or anything like that so that's a plus, it's just mildly annoying if anything. 

    4. StrickenBiged


      @Pray_4_the_End I don't think the fan ramping up is anything to worry about, mine does it too at roughly the same frequency. It was distracting at first but I barely notice it now. 

  15. @pinkrobot_pb Awesome thanks for the reply, good to know. I have quite a few unopened Vita games (I like to wait to unwrap them till I'm ready to play, it's like a mini Christmas for me lol) that I've been waiting to play. Due to the announcement of the store closing though a few of them have shot up in price significantly so I'm thinking about just keeping them sealed and seeing how much the price goes up after the shut down. Just wanting to know in case I decide to not sell and play them in like a year if the updates will still work for them assuming there are updates/patches.