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  1. Platinum #157 :platinum: 🌲 The Forest 🌲


    This one took me quite awhile to plat considering I played it right when it first came out back in '18 and back then I didn't really trophy hunt to the extent I do now. I love this game all around and as far as survival horror games go, this one is top of the food chain in my eyes. This game also hold the title of being the ONE game that hooked me into the genre to begin with, can't get enough of these survival horror games on Steam now. I came back to it after about 3 1/2 years to help a buddy of mine out with it (he's never really played any game in the genre before this), and I figured with the sequel "Sons of the Forest" dropping in October (hopefully) I may as well grab the plat since it's an ultra rare and the game is amazing. This is also one of the few games I didn't mind double dipping with the pc version cause I wanted to play it with mods as well and it doesn't disappoint. 


    This game perfectly encapsulates the feeling one would have if you were stranded on an island with literally nothing but the clothes on your back and said island happens to be inhabited by crazy af tribal cannibals that are constantly trying to eat your face lol. This game scared the shit outta me more times than I can count and I was about it. If anyone's ever seen the Eli Roth film "The Green Inferno" this game is what it would be like to play in that world, but you're not some useless college kid that ties yourself to a tree like a hippy and just dies and you can actually defend yourself against cannibals lol. 

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    2. Pray_4_the_End


      @DaisyVilla102 Hell yea, no worries. Let me know what you think once you get around to playing it 👌

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ihadalifeb4this
  2. I wasn't really surprised cause I played the original release on Xbox 360 back in the day like 10 years ago, was awesome back then and is still awesome to this day. KOAR is still one of my favorite rpgs of all time, shame the OG version few under most people's radars until the "Remastered" version released a couple of years ago. The game sold relatively well back then but not well enough to recoup what was spent to make the game, so it was deemed a failure and the studio ended up shutting down shortly after it released. Pretty crazy backstory of how a retired MLB player Curt Shilling founded 38 Studios and somehow convinced the state of Rhode Island to load him a SHIT LOAD of money to make KOAR. It's fascinating to read about and I'd suggest giving it a google if anyone is interested, dude ended up lossing soo much money making Kindoms in the long run lol.
  3. I'm abandoning my almost 3 month streak of not buying any games to get Mayo 3...
  4. I quit smoking last August after having smoked cigs for like 10 years straight, haven't had a single smoke since then. I still smoke weed daily, but that's a different thing entirely lol . I hardly ever drink now a days, I went really hard on the partying and drinking in my 20's and now I've burnt myself out on all of that in my 30's so I barely ever drink. Not opposed to it though, every once in a while I'll have some beers with the homies while watching boxing/MMA or grab drinks with my gf but I feel like my heavy drinking days are behind me. I don't miss feeling like shit in the mornings and having shower beers to recover lol.
  5. New Suicide Silence is soo good, only took like 10 years but the boys are back and heavier than ever! \m/
  6. I don't know why I was thinking this game was gonna be a single player game like the OG PS2 Evil Dead games. Looks like another Dead by Daylight/Friday the 13th/Predator Hunting Ground clone. Trophy list looks fine but this games a pass for me, I'm sure I'll end up claiming it and never play it when it ends up coming to PS+ like all the others lol. This is still the best Evil Dead game ever...
  7. Sounds to me like they're just making you go straight to the website to make new accounts instead of doing it on the consoles themselves. Not really anything to get too worked up about imo if that's the case, it's a mildly inconvenient at best. Don't get me wrong I love my Vita and PS3 but the wifi chips in those things are ancient now and most phones are considerably faster than both I'd assume. Makes sense for them to want people to just do it online from a phone, pc, or a new console. Pretty shitty move to just stealth drop it without giving anyone any warnings, can't say I'm surprised though... Sony's gonna Sony ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Looks like my 3 month streak of not buying any PS games will be coming to an end next week. Too bad I don't have any milestones coming up soon, would've totally milestone'd Mayo 3 just for shits and gigs lol.
  9. 2 months in a row without spending a penny on games, this is has to be some kind of record for me now at this point. 2022 Game Purchases Grand Total: $112 (USD)
  10. If I wasn't so heavily invested in console gaming I would have probably already given up and gone full PC master race mode by now, but I always get that trophy hunting itch after too much time away from my Playstations. Steam has all the best survival/survival horror games (SCUM has fully engulfed me this time around) which are my guilty pleasures and my go to's when I'm taking a break from the trophy hunting grind (also Skater XL fully modded out), which is what I'm doing currently while my gf borrows my PS5.


    Initially she was wanting to borrow it to play Death Stranding, presumably because Norman Reedus is hot and he's shirtless a lot in that game I guess lol. I asked her if she's ever played a Kojima game before, she said she hadn't. I told her she probably won't like it cause Kojima games are all over the place and have that certain hit or miss type of thing going for it for new players that aren't familiar with his style of games. She made it a total of 2 days before telling me DS is simultaneously the best looking game she's ever played while also being the most boring shit ever 😂 I'll give her credit for making it 1 whole day longer than I had initially guessed though lol. 


    GF is a total anime weeb so I recommended she try out Scarlet Nexus instead. Now shes balls deep in that game and the companion anime series that released along side of it last year haha. At least shes having fun now and that's all that matters in the end. 

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    2. nestamar5


      I too switch between multiple consoles and PC. Sorry your girlfriend couldn't enjoy Death Stranding.

    3. Pray_4_the_End


      @AJ_Radio I've got all but the Xbox cause my pc is capable of running whatever Microsoft games end up coming out that I'll be interested in playing. Personally I haven't seen anything that would even make me consider subbing to Gamepass rn with how crazy my backlog is on just the Sony side of things alone. Maybe it'll be Starfield if it actually ends up coming out this year?


      @Darling Baphomet I try not to go too deep into the modding side of most games, the time I spent just browsing the modding sections of Fallout and Skyrim (there's soo many mods to chose from) alone without even playing the games is ridiculous so I feel you on that lol. It can get pretty overwhelming so I just try and get the ones I want and get out so I can get to playing.


      @nestamar5 No worries, can't win them all. I kinda figured she wouldn't dig it beforehand judging by the types of games she normally plays. She's got Scarlet Nexus to get down on so she'll be alright👌 Plus she doesn't give a shit about trophies so shes fine with just abandoning games. If it were me though, I'm at the very least beating the game even if I hate it just to maximize the trophy count/completion before abandoning it 😂

    4. Raveniteh


      I am in the same boat, as much as I love PS for it's trophy hunting, convenient console gaming, PSVR, epic (not that one) exclusives I really want to build a proper gaming rig once I have money and parts availability to do it. I have a borrowed PC right now and it's fantastic, immediately subscribed for PC game pass and I have been on strategy games binge ever since. Although I still juggle PS and PC pretty well if I have to say so myself, but it's nice to have options.

      If it was up to me I'd get all available consoles and PC as well to have access to all games because in the end, I love gaming as a whole, not just some of it. Then again, have to be sensible with my money and all that nonsense. 

  11. Yea I helped Kickstart it late last year and it's just now arriving. As others have mentioned though you should be able to find it on Etsy/Amazon probably now or soonish. As long as the seller is "2Old4Gaming" you'll know it's the actual author (Sandeep) and not some second hand seller trying to up charge you for it.
  12. Finally ended up getting this Vita Means Life book I helped Kickstart late last year. Looks and feels like a quality book and I can't wait to dig into it soon. I forgot it was coming with a VitaZine and a little mini collector's handbook as well which are also both really nice quality.


    Sandeep Rai is the real MVP here with this one, thanks for giving enough of a shit about about the Vita when most wanted to forget about it (...Sony *COUGH). \m/


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    2. AJ_Radio


      Just looking at the covers makes me fucking old.

    3. Pray_4_the_End


      @AJ_Radio I just turned 35 a couple of months ago so I feel you on that for sure lol. 

    4. Pray_4_the_End


      I lied I turned 34 a couple of months ago, soo old I can't even be bothered to know my actual age... fml :facepalm:

  13. Vita Means Life book finally ended up arriving for me and I'm digging it. Really nice quality along with the VitaZine and the mini collectors guide that came with it.
  14. I try to buy most of the big AAA PS5 games physically from mostly Wal-Mart and if there's no other options Gamestop. I've tried pre-ordering games on Amazon but those asshole almost never have the games ready on launch day and you'll be waiting days before it actually gets to you in my experience. Vita & PS3 games I almost soley buy off of eBay or on rare occasions I'll hit up a couple of retro game shops around my city (Slackers/V-Stock) that have some gems from time to time. I stopped selling my games around 5 years ago when I got a big boy adult job and could actually afford whatever games I want when I want them, since then I've gone full collector mode and I just keep everything. It's gotten to the point where I've basically had to stop buying games this year cause my backlog was getting too out of control. When I was selling games though it was mostly to people I knew in person or through FB marketplace which is surprisingly reliable if you're not buying/selling games to/from random crack-heads or anything like that. I keep a pistol in my car just in case, cause you know...'murica and cause some people are psychos and you can't be too careful lol.
  15. During that generation I main'd Xbox 360 and only had a PS3 briefly for about a year so I could play some of the bangers from back then (MGS4, InFamous, Heavy Rain, Uncharted etc). I missed out on a lot of hidden gems from that era, and just last Christmas I picked up a used PS3 slim off of eBay for a really good price so I can add some of those gems to my trophy collection. Plus as others have mentioned most physical PS3 games I've seen are pretty cheap online and in retro shops now a days which doesn't hurt either. Also with Sony almost shutting down the store for PS3/Vita last year it gave me even more motivation to pick one up just in case they decide to pull that shit again I'll already have all the games I need for it. O_o I never knew this was even an option! Learn something new every day, thanks Doc 👌