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  1. Good afternoon guys/girls. I've just moved from gaming in the living room to a nice desk and gaming chair. I just bought a PS4 pro and wanted recommendations for a 4k monitor for gaming on. Don't want a big monitor 28" is the biggest I will go. Anyone have recommendations !!!
  2. I heard that they will be making a standalone version of the MP aspect of this game. Here is my wishlist Because it's standalone and set in the LOU universe without being story driven i hope it is multiplatform as this would bring non Playstation players into the world of the LOU. I know sony recently stated that it would be investing in PC games a bit more and think this would be a stand out game to go to PC and keep TLOU part 2 a PS exclusive. Hopefully it will be a free to play also that would be fantastic, i don't mind paying for cosmetic stuff if the game is F2P. Maybe i am way of base but i can hope right....
  3. Hi guys/gals I currently only need the 100 hours playtime trophy, i have 33 hours already, whats the best combination to go with for increasing playtime any suggestions.
  4. Hi guys/gals Just doing the friendship boosting and need items, whats the shortest and easiest song to play for this. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is there any way to boost this trophy or is it just luck, I know you can narrow search parameters and was wondering if you can lower it to such an extent that if finds certain people easier.