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  1. 143 of my 213. An interesting way of looking at the stats. Nice article. Mine would be less, but I like to play easy games if I’m on holiday or if I’ve gone a long time without earning any because I’ve been doing a grind of some kind for another game, then I sometimes dabble with a few quick trophies.
  2. Hi everyone, I hit a wall playing this game trying to save 2000 clones and I wondered if someone could post what they got for each area so I had a target, plus to see where I could make up the numbers. Hunter-0312 sent me his scores as a point of reference which helped, and today I reached 2003. Here are my totals to help others who might need them: Day 1- Dawn; 62 Day 2 - Dawn; 289 Daydream - 59 Noon; 236. Noon; 269. Doomsday - 259 Dusk; 226. Dusk; 139 Night; 259. Night; 205
  3. Hi, just wondered if this game was getting dlc trophies with battle royale mode?? Not been able to find out, and seeing as it’s out in a few days and no list been leaked, guessing not, but just wondered if anyone had heard for sure??
  4. ‘Tapping Genius’ - Badland. 0.17% BOOM!!!
  5. Resident Evil 5 or Outlast 2...niiiiiiiice. Wanna play both of those eventually
  6. I got Red Dead Redemption 2...CANT WAIT to play this!!! Just need to make some room, so finish up Destiny 2, get the last trophy I’m likely to get on Destiny 1 (perhaps finish Infamous 2 but on PS3) and it’s all mine!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I’m putting in a LOT of hours so was just curious about this. Thought the Black Armoury would come under the Forsaken banner but as it’s additional premium content didn’t know if it would help towards the trophy or not. I’d be putting the time in for the trophies anyway, but playing it way more than I expected as I am just loving this game. Will continue playing even when satisfied with trophy-side of things as am hooked. If the passes weren’t so expensive, I’d probably have got them by now. Thanks again Guardians!
  8. Hi all, just a quick question, do exotics from the Black Armory count towards the ‘Exotique’ trophy? I have the Forsaken expansion but no annual or season passes yet and just wondered as finding getting Forsaken exotics slow-going (which I appreciate is normal).
  9. Try Destiny 2 - I’m really enjoying it
  10. Bloodbourne and Ni No Kuni 2. Both games I wanna play this year. Nice profile btw ☺️
  11. I’m definitely with you on this. Ridiculous it has gone this long without being fixed. They are happy to take people’s money for their broken product.
  12. Resident Evil 0 as I haven’t got the platinum yet as I hated it lol. Well done doing it so quickly also
  13. God of War and Detroit Become Human. Really want to play both of these. Hoping for them to be in the Black Friday sale mega cheap p.s nice profile
  14. Die Hard Trilogy. LOVED that game. All 3 game modes were great fun. Nice topic this, conjuring up happy memories so thanks
  15. 575...but i’m Working on it! My PS3 is broken, will probably not get another, so the number is much higher than would otherwise be. Plus, like others here, my list has several unobtainables. Hope me to get under 550.