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  1. First it was Xbone now Xbox Sex, Microsoft can't catch a break 😂
  2. Yeah, how is using a third party program to unlock a trophy for you, cheating.... Oh wait that's the definition of cheating trophies 😂
  3. I have a feeling there won't be a "I Am Muhammad" sequel to this...
  4. Maybe it's the disc?
  5. Ps4 only again....
  6. Considering I've never gotten an email like that and I have multiple accounts since 2010, this shit is probably Ps Plus exclusive or something, they don't bother telling us the criteria obviously because Sony... You have to decode base 64 to get hidden codes and this isn't the first time this is happening either, if this doesn't tell you what a half assed """"feature"""" this is idk what will.
  7. Very helpful tips, especially the tax thing, I've never heard of that, thanks a lot man
  8. After getting tired of Sony's bullshit I decided to go to the local video rental store (I think that's what it's called in english idk) and got some cool ps3 games I always wanted to plat. The fucked up thing is, I went there on Friday and saw Driver San Francisco which has been delisted from everywhere and didn't get it.... I revisited today and it was GONE 😱. Fuckkkk. Still nice finds 😏.
  9. How do you buy from the US store? Do you have any reliable site selling US cards?
  10. Yeah good catch, it's all crossbuy except a ps2 game from 2002, awesome. NA has good sales, Steinsgate, Gta V, Metal Gear Solid series, Castlevania series, idk what the fuck went wrong with our continent and we keep getting cucked all the time.
  11. Literally all shovelware for the ps3, just like the rest of the year
  12. Yes, but that is not all you're paying for, you're also paying for the chance to get some good games and discounts. These aren't separate or free that's what I'm saying, it's part of the deal, you wouldn't get them without Plus so according to your argument you're paying for them, also.