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  1. Could have picked many others but I choose Just Cause 2
  2. I used to watch it back when it was a couple of bros showing off their skills and having a good time. Now it is a boring stale sjw freakshow, no thanks.
  3. I just took a quick look at the reviews, and it most likely is a scam, many people reporting buttons not working after a week, one guy outright saying it's not genuine, all the red flags are there. I bought a "Genuine" controller with tons of positive reviews last year from ebay and after a week the right stick stopped working and the d-pad wouldn't work properly. I opened it up and saw it had a cheap knock off chinese plastic battery inside. "Packaged" controllers in general and especially from random people are extremely suspicious, ask yourself who has lots of genuine packaged ps3 controllers just sitting there? Doesn't make sense.
  4. Just because it says so doesn't mean it's genuine. This is another scam
  5. Metal Gear Solid 4
  6. Thanks didn't know that, you raised some good points 👍
  7. I hate how we can't play old games on the ps3 anymore because companies abandon them and let hackers infect every lobby. Like Rockstar, fam, this is your product, you were doing everything to get us to buy it a few years ago, we paid for it and now they don't even recognize it exists and let it get taken over? I get how it benefits you if you're going for the plat but this phenomenon is really bad.
  8. Yeah yeah yadda yadda yadda, can't you people get new arguments or something? Let's go through this again, we are humans, we have evolved to evaluate stuff quickly and accurately, it takes us 1/10 of a second to judge a person's character just by looking at him. Now I could tell you how shit this game is solely based on the company's history, the devs, and 1 screenshot of the trailer but I put myself through the torture of watching the whole thing just to make sure. Also I like how you say 10 mins of gameplay, as if 10 minutes of handpicked scripted sequences carefully cherrypicked to portray the game at its best is irrelevant or something. I've played a lot of videogames and watched lots of E3 conferences, thanks I don't need you to lecture me on proper game critique. And to the passive aggressive fellow below, thanks for letting me live rent free in your head bud
  9. Oh my god man hahahah, this looks terrible, it's the typical neo-ubishit product, atrocious physics, can't get emotionally invested since the "protagonists" are all interchangeable, bland story with nothing unique but the typical leftist drivel (Corporations BAD, revolution NOW), females with no hips and tumblr haircuts, 50kg females and grannies manhandling men with armor 😂 , gameplay is a joke. Remember that 90% of the footage was scripted so just try to imagine the state of the actual game 😆 They could have told me this is The Division 3 and I would believe them, great job as always Ubisoft, every year I expect nothing and I still get disappointed
  10. Waiting for uni exams to finish tbh 😁
  11. @SixyLove Thanks for the support my man, great post I agree 100% 👍
  12. Well if it was apples and apples it wouldn't be a comparison it would be a tautology, a comparison has similarities and differences obviously. All I see is excuses, what "network infrastructure" are you talking about lmao. Every game has peer to peer shit or publisher run servers which is why we've lost so many games with online trophies, unlike Steam they do not offer dedicated servers. Psn is nothing more but an overhyped login service and a storefront, give me a break.
  13. Steam and Psn basically have the same amount of users if not more, why can Steam do everything psn can and way more for free yet Sony somehow is forced to implement mandatory Ps Plus to recover from supposed losses as an industry leader with no competition? If that's true it just shows how incompetent this company is, they make us pay for all the millions they have lost because of hackers due to their nonexistent security system.
  14. Yeah so? I still paid for the console what is your point again? I'd make a remark on the petty heart attack comment but I don't want another mod warning nice bait but I won't bite thanks