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  1. Assassin's Creed Rogue Enjoyment: 5.5/10 Difficulty: 4.5/10 Well, well well..... This was ok. It's your typical Assassin's Creed story but with a twist, the protag here stops believing in the Creed and joins the Templars after they save his life which is kind of unique (even though we've played as a templar before). This game is basically a worse Black Flag but with some unique elements. Before I got this game I was like, wait, sailing on warm Caribbean waters is cool but how will it work in the cold waters of the North Atlantic with icebergs and all πŸ€”. Well the answer is: It doesn't. Sailing in the cold waters with a moody weather is simply inferior to Black Flag's tropical climate, being the captain of a crew singing shanties and all just doesn't work in this kind of setting I'm sorry Ubi. The good thing about this game is that it finally stops portraying the Assassins in such a positive light and tries a more morally ambiguous approach which is refreshing especially after all the other games where every single """"bad"""" guy on the planet was a templar (Ubi tells us Capitalism and the free market are templar plots so maybe they shouldn't price their shitty games at 69.99 huh 😏 #owned) Anyways as I said the story is mediocre apart from the unique element of moral ambiguity, it's the typical AC story so don't expect much, I don't know what else to say trophy list is typical copy paste from other AC as well, collect 200 fragments that whole type of deal, 100% sync, pretty boring stuff. I did like some little details such as landing on an island and finding whole flocks of penguins who swan dive collectively into the water as you approach, but what's the point when I only saw this type of stuff in literally 1 location in the whole game! Like wtf is up with this company man clearly you took the time to create unique stuff for this type of environment why make it so rare? Another 1 of a kind occurrence was crabs. NEVER saw them again. So there's a crab island and a penguin island, ok πŸ˜• Oh the grenade launcher is cool too 😐 Now for some bad stuff. Assassin Interceptions, fragments, relics, naval campaign, renovations = all tedious bullshit. Especially renovations holy fuck man you pay precious materials and in return you get a shitty barn which looks slightly less shitty than before. Seriously I don't think there were worse "renovations" in a AC game the buildings looks like shit and maybe even worse than before in some cases. Stalkers I guess would make sense since Assassins are your enemy in this game but it gets tiresome after a while having to press circle in 0.3 miliseconds or die instantly from some guy stabbing your or falling from above. Oh and how could I forget Shay's cringy line "I mAkE mY oWn lUcK" dude shut the fuck up already. Every time someone tells you good luck in this game this little idiot will make sure to correct the guy and tell him his shitty fucking motto. Seriously I think at one point he says it twice in the same conversation, just shut the fuck up you're not as clever as you are with this shitty zinger ok Ubi writers? To sum up buy the game don't buy it I don't care, probably buy it if you want the lore and since it's the last AC game that's actually not terrible, and as always thanks for reading this my queen 😍 πŸ†
  2. That's not a link that's a computer path, upload the pic on imgur or something
  3. Too many options but I'd go with Neverdead platinum
  4. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 "I clawed my way out of Willamette. I fought hard to uncover the truth of what happened at that mall. And things were good...real good...for a while. Then, I let things get to me. I let things get out of control. I think deep down, I knew I had to uncover what was really going on. Things got pretty dark, but this is my get back in the game." Finally a good game 😚. Unique in every aspect, takes zombie killing and actually makes it interesting and funny, cool quotes by Frank West, memorable psychopaths, this game is the recipe to success basically. I don't have much to say about it, I usually say lots about games I hate and this one was very good, take out the grindy parts and it's definitely a must plat for any trophy hunter out there. Good job Capcom.. 😘
  5. Lmao no email, awesome (posted this in the wrong thread #ohwell)
  6. This is pretty important too yeah it wasn't on the list so I didn't think of it, the ability to actually hide users posts, the ignore button is just a meme
  7. Rarity is all fucked up, most of the time it also counts cheaters who have been removed so that, I guess
  8. Hey, man. I know you're anti-sjw. Have you heard about the Medusa game at all? Apparently, she's the tragic protagonist in story, as she was raped by Posideon and subsequently punished for it by a jealous goddess.

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    2. panikooooos


      Hahhahah greek mythology is full of stuff like this, rape, zoophilia, rape and zoophilia combined (looking at you Zeus 😁), too bad this is a mobile game though we could do with some more games based on greek myths.

    3. thepeaguy


      I've played Ancient Greece-themed games since the early 90s. They're probably before your time, but I played Altered Beast and an obscure one called Phelios.

    4. Spaz


      I read an interesting piece how back in that time developers couldn't use the word 'God' in a video game title because censorship felt that was offensive.

  9. Lmao Ratalaika paypigs literally seething in this thread, Sly should make these mandatory so I can identify the trophy hoes with a quick glance 😏✌️
  10. That ship has sailed πŸ‘‹πŸ˜
  11. I got HIV reading this
  12. It actually is pretty hard idk what these guys are talking about, even when you know what you have to do some missions are very hard
  13. Pretty epic gamer moments in this thread πŸ˜† πŸ‘Œ
  14. Give me that L.A. Noire fam.