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  1. "adjust bigotry represented in the Japanese version" Christ can't these people just leave our fucking videogames alone? Who put them in charge in the first place?
  2. Hitman Absolution, unattainable piece of shit
  3. Holy crap bro, I can't believe this, thanks a lot I really appreciate it!!
    +++rep to this guy, he gifted me 1 year premium  D:D:D:D:, keep getting those plats bro, you got my respect!!! B)👍


  4. Maybe people who got the 100% before you did, hadn't synced their trophies at the time you synced yours
  5. It's only a matter of time until this happens to you tbh, ps3s are known for scratching discs don't say I didn't warn you
  6. Best: God of War series Worst: Crysis 3, Infamous, Gta IV, Tomb Raider Underworld, AC series Basically: If I can't find them without looking on the internet If there's more than 4 per level If I have to do some extreme bullshit to get them If the reward for getting them is miniscule It will leave a bad taste in my mouth, the game may be great but I'll think less of it in the end
  7. I've had disks which I took care of perfectly, stop working but I've never had digital games disappear from me. I'll stick to digital, physical is shit in 2019, you get basically nothing but a case with no manual because MUH ECOLOGY, we all know they want to cut down costs and don't give a shit, the disk still has to install, download updates etc etc and some times the disk doesn't even have the game it just has a command that tells the console to download the game, so essentially you gave $60 for nothing, fuck these companies the only time I'm buying physical copies is from used games
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2, I got respect for R* but 270 hours? Nah fuck that tbh 😂
  9. Singularity, there's something about these pre ps4 era, semi-popular, kind of low budget fps games, I really like
  10. Demon's Souls, I don't like these types of games but I would like to get it because it's a challenging plat for sure and I like being challenged
  11. Amanita Design lost my respect when they gave in to the demands of the fake outrage clowns. NEVER back down, these people will always see you as a racist, homophobe etc. etc., when you try to please these people as much as you can you get something like the BFV trainwreck, you lose your original playerbase and discover the guys who made you change your project in the first place aren't even interested in videogames 😂 but now it's too late, your stock already plummeted and your game is dead so good job.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport, I always wanted to plat a GT game but they shut their servers down too quick and they're too much of a grind imo, good job