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  1. Holy crap bro, I can't believe this, thanks a lot I really appreciate it!!
    +++rep to this guy, he gifted me 1 year premium  D:D:D:D:, keep getting those plats bro, you got my respect!!! B)👍


  2. Maybe people who got the 100% before you did, hadn't synced their trophies at the time you synced yours
  3. It's only a matter of time until this happens to you tbh, ps3s are known for scratching discs don't say I didn't warn you
  4. Best: God of War series Worst: Crysis 3, Infamous, Gta IV, Tomb Raider Underworld, AC series Basically: If I can't find them without looking on the internet If there's more than 4 per level If I have to do some extreme bullshit to get them If the reward for getting them is miniscule It will leave a bad taste in my mouth, the game may be great but I'll think less of it in the end
  5. I've had disks which I took care of perfectly, stop working but I've never had digital games disappear from me. I'll stick to digital, physical is shit in 2019, you get basically nothing but a case with no manual because MUH ECOLOGY, we all know they want to cut down costs and don't give a shit, the disk still has to install, download updates etc etc and some times the disk doesn't even have the game it just has a command that tells the console to download the game, so essentially you gave $60 for nothing, fuck these companies the only time I'm buying physical copies is from used games
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2, I got respect for R* but 270 hours? Nah fuck that tbh 😂
  7. Singularity, there's something about these pre ps4 era, semi-popular, kind of low budget fps games, I really like
  8. Anyone know of any good sites where I can buy psn cards from different regions and have the code sent to me by email instantly preferably? I need to get some japanese dlc for Asura's Wrath and I don't know of any good ones.
  9. "You are only allowed to give reputation 10 times per day. You cannot give any more reputation today." Seriously what's the logic behind this? Prevent someone from mass giving reputation? Even if that happened, what's the problem with it? I seriously see so many good posts every day, yet I can only give reputation to 10 posts per day? This is probably the most annoying and useless feature of the site. At least make the limit like 50 per day or something, 10 is ridiculous.
  10. Demon's Souls, I don't like these types of games but I would like to get it because it's a challenging plat for sure and I like being challenged
  11. Amanita Design lost my respect when they gave in to the demands of the fake outrage clowns. NEVER back down, these people will always see you as a racist, homophobe etc. etc., when you try to please these people as much as you can you get something like the BFV trainwreck, you lose your original playerbase and discover the guys who made you change your project in the first place aren't even interested in videogames 😂 but now it's too late, your stock already plummeted and your game is dead so good job.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport, I always wanted to plat a GT game but they shut their servers down too quick and they're too much of a grind imo, good job
  13. I'm still not convinced at all. If someone spend 10 minutes creating a well thought out post, I want to show him I saw it and found it interesting and giving him rep is the easiest option. What's the alternative, 20 people quoting a post and replying "I agree, cool post"? No you just press a little button and show him you liked his opinion. Reputation is useful, it shows how much your opinions resonate with others, you get easy feedback.
  14. Thanks guys, I think I'll use PlayAsia, looks legit, again thanks for helping
  15. Mafia II 100%, got the plat but don't wanna buy the expensive dlc and do the awful grind for that mile trophy
  16. I'd say Asura's Wrath 100%, even though I got the plat, I have the asian version because at the time I didn't know about store regions etc, so I need to rebuy the game and buy all the dlc which are still pretty expensive if I want to get the 100% 😡. Great game though, I'll get that percentage one day.
  17. Neverdead: I don't get why everybody hates this game, I enjoyed playing it, the co-op was challenging but mostly fun, over the top but hilarious at times quips, satisfying gore, not to mention the dismember mechanic, seriously who doesn't enjoy throwing their own limbs at enemies or rolling around as a head? This game is good I don't care what people say
  18. Might do that too. I think some buttons can never work though like the PS button so you can't pause mid game and send messages etc etc. Also I haven't played with a ps4 controller so I don't know if it's better or not or if I'll get used to it, I will try this though if necessary 👍
  19. Very impressive trophy collection bro, keep it up!

    1. Miticogialdo


      Thanks bro 😄 I'm trying to do my best!

  20. Probably when my last ps3 controller breaks. I've already been having problems finding original Sony controllers so in 3-4 years if my final one breaks I don't think I'll be able to find a genuine one again. I might get one from a friend though we'll see
  21. Hello I just wanted to tell you you're one of the few people I really like on this site, based on your posts, interests, way you handle things etc etc. The Varg reference I saw recently solidified my opinion 😏. Anyways I hope this doesn't come off as weird or anything just wanted to say I appreciate you 😁

    P. S.    No homo

    1. Sir_Bee


      A nice thing was said on the internet?  No way, everyone, lets get together and ruin it somehow ...

    2. Caju_94


      Spread the love <3 

      @Sir_Bee lol xD 

    3. MMDE


      Heya! Thanks, and now I will die happily knowing at least one person got the reference! :D