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  1. Does the counter reset if you get killed but stay in the same session?
  2. Can anyone confirm if killing an afk second controller in free for all works for wall cleaning and falling with style? I have killed my afk guy so many times with theses methods and neither has popped...
  3. What is the current quickest way to farm exp for the level 25 trophy?
  4. Just won in group if three. Other members were spectating. No trophy. Only thing keeping me from platinum
  5. I won 5 with exploit, no kudos went up on non win quit outs, but no trophy won another and still no trophy. Did this get patched?? welp just lost. no trophy after 6 wins. Made sure that kudos and exp never went up. Maybe it has been patched. Either way I am very annoyed. This trophy is pure bullshit