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  1. Great advice! I actually didn't know this until my hard playthrough when the box minigame was kicking my ass.
  2. Its been mentioned a few times that you can use 1.03 saves on update 1.00.
  3. Can play on easy by the way, hard mode does not yield more AP. Add a first strike materia to Yuffie and you can just run forward and spam windstorm. My fastest was 0:09 this way. Still took quite a while to make all the materia I felt I would need on hard mode.
  4. Got it first try myself thanks to a combo of the above posts, so thank you! Grandmaster Board: I started by putting a defense barracks and grenadier barracks behind my lines. Then cycled an attack dog (MVP of hard mode btw), a shock trooper, and a turret. Place them so they cannot be attacked by more than one tower/base. Then just cycle the dog/trooper/turret and use your spells to damage the main base. It was over in 2 minutes and I completely ignored defending myself and still had my stop spell if I needed it.
  5. One is hidden behind a double Venomantis fight. Kicked my ass on normal but I also don't have a partner yet. Was an easy fight on easy, though.
  6. You can shove them where the sun don't shine.
  7. Yeah I was using assist mode. I do remember having to beat Mafia boss with the one hit hero and god that was a chore... If we actually needed to use it for the reprised fight, I would have never beaten it. Most of my deaths came during the second phase (ultra/mega charge, very little time to heal). I appreciate your persuasion but it just isn't happening right now. Maybe in a couple of years when I start missing my 100% profile but ever since TLoU2 dropped pointless additional playthroughs, I've had zero desire to return to the game. I have a severe hatred for DLC that gets worse as time goes on lol. If you ever take a peek at my blog and manage to go 10 minutes without seeing my complain about DLC it would be like running through a minefield and somehow not setting one off.
  8. Thanks, glad the revert worked for you. I updated the original post earlier today.
  9. No thanks. I should also mention that I am bottom-tier trash at platformers. The reprised Mafia boss took me nearly 25 attempts and the only reason I didn't go insane was because of the awesome music. I've seen videos of the reprised Snatcher fight and once again, no thanks. Beating the boss rush would take more practice than I'm willing to put into the game for a single trophy. Not to mention I'd lose to the shit controls here and there, so keeping my cool would be next to impossible. Also, I've got the glitch where my mountain area is locked off. I would need to go around and open it again. I spent an hour wasting time trying to figure out how to open the entire area and got frustrated because I shouldn't have to do that. I guess the patch messed it up for some people? There are zero vids on it either, unless I want to watch a 2 hour youtube video of someone unlocking the entire mountain area, just so I can even access the challenges. So yeah, sure I could get 111/114 stamps with some effort. Way more effort than I can exert for a game that disappointed me more than it wowed me. But the trophy isn't awarded for "almosts."
  10. Nobody asked for your opinion. So is this cheese confirmed to no longer be working on patch 1.03? If so, I will update the OP.
  11. I'm excited to return to the game, of course. Hopeful that the platinum auto-pops just because two more playthroughs might be a bit much, even though I loved the game to death. Wouldn't complain having to do it again, though. Someone above mentioned the plat auto-pops so that's nice. Not pleased with having to beat the DLC on hard, just because a lot of us have not played the game in over a year. I have a laundry list of reasons why I hate DLC, but having to relearn a game for hard content is near the top and FF7R is no exception, despite being one of my favorite games in recent memory. If it was released at the same time as my first playthrough, I wouldn't complain about hard mode at all. Going to be rough relearning the game in just a DLC's worth of content. No Gotterdam to rely on, either I assume. I absolutely hated the Fort Condor mini-game in the original. I hope it is more fun in this, similar to the other reprised mini-games in the base game.
  12. I have to vote 50/50 on this as well. The strongest point of the game is the music. Lovely soundtrack that I have saved over 10 tracks to my Spotify playlist. The boss music is amazing, especially for a boss named Snatcher. The levels themselves are quite fun, including the DLC (Seal the Deal and Nyakuza Metro). I loved the Nyakuza final mission so much! The artwork and level design is also very strong. Story is average, I don't remember it at all so it didn't really blow me away. The weak point is, as others mentioned, the camera and controls. Prepare to miss jumps and screw things up, even though 90% of the time it isn't your fault. This makes bosses very frustrating. I can remember yelling at my monitor while playing one of the speedrun levels because I failed it dozens of times and it was only my fault a few times. It makes you want to toss a controller when you know what to do but you are at the mercy of bad camera/controls. The completion: welllllll. The platinum is easy, the Death Wish stamps can die in a fire. I don't give up on things easily, but this was one thing I gave up on pretty quickly. It took several hours just to get half of the stamps, and probably 15-20 more painful and frustrating hours if I wanted that last trophy. I gave up for sanity's sake.
  13. This isn't silly, I do the same thing. Love stacking things in order on my profile if I can help it; it just looks nice! I realized, nearly at the last second, that doing the Insanity glitch meant my games might not stack on my profile the way I was hoping. Not the biggest deal in the world, but it would be nice. I stopped meleeing enemies immediately, and noticed I was at 90/100. With the 4 required in the ME3 tutorial (twice), and accidentally meleeing one enemy in my ME3 playthrough, I finished my third plat with 99/100 melee kills lol. Got lucky enough to stack it that way.
  14. I'll post since I've played all but one:
  15. There was certainly some "peacocking" in the other threads, the conversation got removed after I got a bit carried away putting someone in their place. I too am sick and tired of people telling me how to play games. How to spend my free time and enjoyment. You don't see people going into threads saying "wow, you did that legit? Loser." Who cares? If you are enjoying the game, play how you want. Had to start this thread with "if you don't like cheeses, leave" because it seems like every thread on every forum dedicated to achievement/trophy hunting has at least one elitist that has to run their mouth about how they did it legit. Great, good for you, nobody cares lol.