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  1. Great thread. I love this question and to be honest I am never prepared to answer it. I've been gaming for 25 years now and have experienced so much, but what are the greatest things I've done? Here's a few: In 2005, I was part of a Halo 2 clan that reached level 32 pre-reset. We were playing against the best players in the world, most of which went on to play in the MLG circuit. I wanted to go pro myself, but my parents were unsupportive. Probably for the best as I wasn't a top 100 player or anything and e-sport females were unheard of back then. I ended up playing Halo 2 into the ground, nearly 5,000 estimated hours and who knows how many thousands of games. This was pretty much the peak gaming moment for me and sparked my competitive nature. In 2007 I completed Hexic HD, Gears of War (pre-Annex), and Call of Duty 3. All of these are Xbox exclusive completions and crazy skill/time commitments. These are three of my hardest completions of all time and I'm still proud of them. Oh to be a teenager without a full time job again... In 2008 I reached top 25 on the Call of Duty 4 kill leaderboard, with 147,000 kills in seven months. I had to play an unhealthy amount of time each day to gain ground once I reached the top 100, and I quit the day I reached 25th. To follow up, I reached 26th in the World at War kill leaderboards for Domination before getting my first full time job in December 2008. Never could keep up with the leaderboards after that between full time school and work. I was the first person to completed both NASCAR 08 and NASCAR 09 on Xbox. To this day I think these are the only two games I have been the first person to complete out of 700ish. I've also completed every NASCAR game except '15 and the most recent entry, most of these games are 8/10 in difficulty or above. I played '15 on PC and the servers are gone, so I'll never get it. Plus the entries are getting less and less in quality so I haven't even wanted to pick up 2020's entry. In 2010/2011 I completed both Serious Sam games: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter. Both are 10/10 difficulty and "Serious" has to be up there as one of the hardest difficulties of all time. I wanted to complete Serious Sam 3 BFE for the trifecta but that game plays like absolute crap on PS3, and doesn't have good control schemes at all. Why the hell was R1 as shoot so popular on PS3? It's garbage. Maybe not the most impressive, but one of my favorite accomplishments is completing every Guitar Hero game (minus the red-headed Live stepchild). Guitar Hero 3 was crazy and is my proudest completion ever. I spent months tearing up online to get 500 wins without boosting, much less the skill needed for every other achievement. Smash Hits is a close second on difficulty with the insane single achievement requirements, even on guitar. I finished them this year by playing Fight Fire With Fire for over 12 hours in practice mode to get the final achievement. I've stepped away from hard and challenging games since then because I don't find them exhilarating anymore. I get frustrated easier than I did back then and just don't have the patience for stuff like that. The most recent challenging thing I have done is winning a game of Eliminator in Forza Horizon 4 without acquiring car drops. Eliminator is a battle royal with cars, and yes it is as crazy as it sounds. So much luck and skill went into winning a game alone, and I had to do it without any drops. I'll be honest with you guys: I started crying tears of joy when I did it because I never thought I would get it. That feeling of pride and accomplishment rarely comes nowadays because of my shift towards less stressful experiences. Lots of other small things I could list but I don't want to sound like a braggart or like my experiences are better than others. I enjoy reading this thread and look forward to more cool responses
  2. I was able to clear the four stages on proud mode, last one took quite a few tries. Not sure how much harder they will get than that one but clearing all songs on proud shouldn't be an issue. Hoping that 50 proud FCs can consist of the same song cause that also might be a tough one that will need a bit of practice. I'm with Alternatewarning, I turned on performance mode and holy hell the difficulty spike! Hope that isn't needed for anything LOL
  3. My friend and I were discussing last night how pointless this would be if it was not a smooth curve-like experience increase, and here we are. All it did was make a numbers bigger, and like usual, the higher numbers feel worthless. Someone with literally 15 plats can be level 200, while it takes 200ish plats to reach 500. The average person will look at the higher numbers and go "well I have level 200 with my very little work, so them having level 500 isn't impressive." And that is what bugs me. What they should have done is either had levels go well beyond 999, or indefinitely. Or, make the curve in the high 900 range crazy. Like so crazy, even Hakoom wouldn't be max rank yet. I'm all for that because max level in something like this should show extreme dedication. Now like 100 people are already going to be max when they are updated.without anything to work for. Do they care? Probably not, but if I was that high in trophy count I would. I have literally never received a compliment on my trophy level and I don't expect to now. In comparison, I receive tons of compliments on my gamerscore over on Xbox. Someone who completed 10 games and has 10,000 gamerscore can look at my nearly 500k gamerscore and go holy shit. Someone with 15 plats is going to look at me with my trophy level 500 and shrug because they are nearly halfway to my level on 15 plats. It is stupid now that I've had time to process it. But as you guys said, Sony doesn't care about the dedicated trophy hunters that shell out thousands a year on dumb games and put in hundreds of hours on their system. They just look at the $$$ that could be gained from even just one brand new person buying a Playstation system. Not going to lie, I'm not an Xbox fangirl by any means but at least they are pointed way further in the right direction as far as customer service goes. Now they just need some good exclusives to make the console worth owning... Sorry if this turned into a rant. I do like that Sony has implemented something like this but in the end it doesn't really do anything.
  4. Strangely enough, mine went from 43 to 526, and then while I was watching some friends randomly update, I rescinded back down to 43. Not really worried about it until PSNP updates their algorithms, which might be a while.
  5. Yes that is correct, however I have seen earlier in the thread that Sony Live Support does not work for those outside the US, maybe they have a support email? Sorry this is so hard for my fellow overseas FF7 fans
  6. On your PS4 dashboard, go to Settings. From here, go to Account Management -> Account Information -> Communication Preferences and you can opt in from there. Once again I'll mention that I was not opted in when I sent my chat request, and did not turn it on beforehand. After the chat, I went ahead and enabled it so I don't miss something like this, even if I have to sift through a bunch of junk emails. I would have been extremely sad if the only opportunity to get an official Aerith avatar was shot down by not wanting marketing emails from Sony. Will also mention that I received three separate emails as well with the same codes he posted in the chat.
  7. Hey guys, I tried this morning and much to my surprise, worked first try. I'm in the NA region, here's further proof. Did not need to tell them anything about "marketing emails." I am so ecstatic right now!!
  8. Beyond awesome, I'm going to try this tomorrow. Got my platinum way back in April but hopefully I can find an agent who can provide the codes!
  9. Thanks, although I think yours is a bit more impressive lol
  10. I just finished the game, all on the new patch, so I am not sure what additional items were added. I will note that there seems to be 74 dungeons and 103 pieces of equipment for me, so maybe some of that was new. Both trophies unlocked as intended (73rd dungeon, 101st item pickup) but I had to complete the extra dungeon for the equipment anyway. There are still 67 side quests.
  11. Really hate this trend. Developers need to stop adding entire playthroughs of the game as DLC trophies. I too only borrowed the game so I either need to borrow it again (friend lives in a different state, so $10 shipping back and forth) or I need to purchase it again. Then I have to play this very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY long game two more times, both of which will be unenjoyable. Glad I got to experience TLoU II because it was a great game but fuck right off with the DLC NG+ bullshit.
  12. Fixed for me! Finally got the completion.
  13. Same games as NH4 except an updated paint scheme/driver roster. Same trophy list as NH4, except they added four trophies: "Complete a 25% race" "Complete a 50% race" "Earn 3 Rivals" "Earn 3 Allies" I have to assume that because the trophy doesn't say anything about "and longer," we will have to do a separate 25%, 50% and 100% length race. Not the worst additions, as we can still use a dirt track to make it go by quick. Same goes for the ally and rival trophies, they will most likely come easily by racing clean for the first couple of races, then dumping your three least favorite drivers instead of just one. I usually only dumped Johnny Sauter because he is a bitch, but now I need to find two other drivers to hate on lol. My biggest concern is the glitches. NH4 was so full of them that I got frustrated and platinumed the game as fast as possible, rather than enjoying it. I also emailed them several times about the glitched trophies and was ignored. So once again I face a dilemma: Do I support a dev who doesn't seem to care about my concerns and produces less-than-great Nascar games, or do I skip out on NH5? I also have to give up on being one, if not the only, person to complete every single Nascar entry since 2008.
  14. Did you replay chapter 9 for Aerith's second colosseum challenge? The guide wasn't clear when I first played the game. I didn't know that everyone got a second round of colosseum challenges, so there are actually two Aerith challenges to tackle in Chapter 9, not just one. Edit: you did say "Aerith's ones" in your post so that might rule that out. Sorry for the unhelpful information 😓
  15. Did it myself on 4/19, totally worth it. Not much left I can tackle in the game except a hard mode run with some sort of handicap (like Nail Bat lol) or 99 of every item which would be a pain.