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  1. Completed the DLC this past weekend and didn't have any issues unlocking the trophies. I even earned three of the trophies (20 rebels, Senu harassment headshot, and zipline) while playing the main game.
  2. I'm sad that they decided to remaster this instead of SMB 1 and 2. I loved those two games to death and SMB 2 is the only Gamecube game I still fire up occasionally. If they added SMB 2 or even SMB Deluxe, I'd play it on my tag even if it ruins my 100% completion.
  3. Hey everyone! In case you are wondering, this game has been on Xbox One for a while and I completed it earlier this year. It is a sequel (of sorts) to Agatha Knife that was released last month. This one is much faster to complete, in fact you can get it done in less than an hour. It's a fun little game with a bunch of cute references.
  4. Not really hyped per se, but I'd like to pick it up because of cross-play. Have a few friends that have abandoned consoles and would be nice to play with them again.
  5. Here's the solution copy/pasted for other lazy people: Kent has one that you're not likely to get during your playthrough of his path. To unlock it, go to his section of the Album, select the first picture from the third row, and replay the scene it's from, then choose the dialogue you didn't pick before. However, I remember reading this in the psnprofiles trophy guide, OP is that what you used? No matter, this should solve the issue.
  6. Cries in completionist Everyone has their own opinions. I absolutely hated the game. I got stuck on the rabbit level for nearly 45 minutes because I accidentally jumped out of bounds, thinking I was going the right way. The controls and graphics were so bad that I had no clue where to go and had to actually look up a walkthrough. Also that monster truck sequence, randomly in there for no reason. Lastly, I played the game on Xbox One, who does not have a could save feature, meaning I had to two full playthroughs of this game. I am happy to report that I also got the [achievement] about 10 minutes in. Closed app and deleted immediately. I'm pretty sure this is my least favorite game of all time, maybe only outplayed by the Lego Bionicle game on Xbox 360.
  7. Thanks for the response. I might as well go ahead and get this torture over with.
  8. So in order to get this trophy you have to play the entire pile of crap an additional time?
  9. So I'm pretty sure I screwed up. Not surprised, I manage to mess up anything even when all the information is laid out before me. What I did: Restored all four successors, not Io. Beat final boss, landed in home base. Figured that was me beating the game, and that I would click on the door to start NG+. Saved and quit, loaded in, and restore Io's vestiges. Beat final boss, got same cutscene. Landed back in home base, no trophy again. This is when I found out you need to actually click on the door to get the scene where you leave the mist. Does this mean I missed out on the non-Io fourth ending, because I didn't click on the door after beating the final boss the first time? Am I locked to four playthroughs? I knew I should have backed up my save but it just sounded so easy, and my dumbass fucked it up. Had no way to tell either because that ending doesn't give a trophy, otherwise I would have known.
  10. It is okay to fix some of Io's memories, but do not fix them all. I am personally leaving one of the Eos Vestiges (after fire area's boss) on the ground to pick up after beating the final boss and getting the secret ending, then I can get the good ending before NG+.
  11. Nice! I'm not even mad. I wanted to break away from Destiny 2, it is a soul sucking game trying to do all those triumphs. Before you know it you hate yourself and didn't enjoy a single minute of it. I think I lost years on my life going for Not Forgotten last season. Now I can pick up Code Vein and spend the rest of October catching up on games.
  12. Sorry to hear about your problems guys. After restarting my career I have now gotten every trophy...Except completing 10 seasons. Now on Season 12 and no trophy. This is absolute bullshit. You know how long it takes to simulate races? Now I'm going to have to simulate 10 fucking seasons from scratch I guess. Extremely frustrating.
  13. Yep, having troubles too. For the split screen trophy, we've found a workaround that worked for myself and two others. Have your dummy account place ahead of your main account for two races, and then have your main account (earning the trophies) come back and beat them in the next two races by more positions. This popped the trophy. So far I haven't be able to unlock all three trophies for winning the Truck championship, Signing to an Xfinity team, and hiring 12 employees. I'm going to simulate a ton of races and see if I can get it to pop the second time around. Theoretically I should only need to race and win 4-5 races in a Truck season to win the championship.