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  1. Did you replay chapter 9 for Aerith's second colosseum challenge? The guide wasn't clear when I first played the game. I didn't know that everyone got a second round of colosseum challenges, so there are actually two Aerith challenges to tackle in Chapter 9, not just one. Edit: you did say "Aerith's ones" in your post so that might rule that out. Sorry for the unhelpful information 😓
  2. Did it myself on 4/19, totally worth it. Not much left I can tackle in the game except a hard mode run with some sort of handicap (like Nail Bat lol) or 99 of every item which would be a pain.
  3. Did you not pay attention to the story? The ghosts revived Barret because he is not destined to die. As you know, he will go on through the end of FF7. It was a cool little addition that I did NOT see coming and made my jaw drop. Same with the original avalanche members, how Biggs was revived at the end but Wedge was killed. It is a really cool addition to the game that not only surprises the original fans and keep them on their toes, it provides an explanation as to why the game will still play out the way it originally did. In the end, Aerith will die and the gang will face Sephiroth for one badass final series' boss.
  4. Hype!!! Now can we get some FF7 avatars please?
  5. Did this for a event, so I'll go ahead and post my plat
  6. February:
  7. Proud of their ultra rare plats.
  8. Okay so it took me 15 hours to go around and clear all of the camps and treasure locations. This is after already having the entire map unlocked from running place to place on horseback, which probably took another 2-3 hours. That leaves like 6 hours to clear a 40 hour story line. It is absolutely impossible to clear this game in 24 hours. Spaz, I personally think that most people who top a leaderboard have already played the game on alternate accounts, and have practiced getting all trophies as fast as possible. Or, if they are going for top 50 first to complete, they could speed through the story/trophies and then play the game at their own pace afterwards. That sounds dumb because the game will likely be spoiled in some way, but who knows. In regards to people who platinum 50 hour games in two days, it is very possible that they have multiple friends that complete it like a team account would. For example, Star Ocean is listed as a 400 hour platinum. The person at the top of the leaderboards completed the game in 2 weeks, 2 hours (384 hours). Obviously they didn't stay up for two weeks straight, they likely had multiple people tackling the platinum around the clock. Stupid? Yes, but maybe they get enjoyment out of it idk. If I saw someone like the guy you are mentioning who did RDR2 in four days, I would automatically assume it was a team account, or at the very least, a few friends tackling the game together to get a fast time.
  9. Smoke!! This is the first time I've heard of him getting his own game. Looks to be developed by the same people as Nascar Heat, and an identical trophy list like others have said. If that is the case, it should be a fairly easy and fast platinum, but 200 wins is going to be extremely boring as I assume this game isn't going to have a plethora of tracks. $29.99 is very steep for a digital only game, wish it was physical release too. I should also warn you guys that Nascar Heat 4 had a lot of glitchy trophies. Considering you have to do 10 seasons, that could be annoying (and 704Games ignored my email about the glitchy trophies). Hopefully you can simulate races to make career mode much quicker just like in NH.
  10. Three games I wouldn't mind playing again: 1. Split/Second 2. Alan Wake 3. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
  11. January:
  12. Sad news on the delay :/
  13. As others have said, TrueAchievements is your best bet. It is the achievement equivalent to TrueTrophies, but there are many more users registered there so guides are plenty.
  14. Can I be added to the list? Platinum #100: Final Fantasy VII