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  1. Has good taste in games.
  2. I don't know how well the game did, but DOOM (2016) is the first game that comes to mind. I picked it up a year late when they made the multiplayer DLC free, and the multiplayer surprised the hell out of me. I ended up playing it all the way until max prestige. Campaign was fun as hell, too.
  3. Very easy list compared to the first one. Will add this to my play list for sure, but probably not until it is $20.00 or less.
  4. This thread is great.
  5. ^ Guitar Hero: Metallica. That's a toughie
  6. I've done 392 on PSN in November 2018, mostly from a round of every Steins;Gate game and clearing some ezpz games out of my backlog. My record on Xbox is a little higher thanks to the gamerscore league. I earned 741 achievements in February 2019.
  7. Didn't expect my answer to be literally everyone else's but I've peeked up a handful of skirts for achievements/trophies and that was the first thing that came to mind 😝
  8. Very impressive, congrats 👏 I didn't do it with FIFA, but I have every single yearly NASCAR completion except Nascar '15, which I got on PC and never bothered to complete on console. Some of those games were crazy hard to complete, especially 2008-2011.
  9. Currently enjoying Dark Souls Remastered for the fourth time because I convinced another friend to play it co-op. I absolutely love seeing someone experience DS1 for the first time and could do it a hundred times over.
  10. I skimmed through the replies, but as many others have said, trophy hunting is what you make of it. If you enjoy increasing your platinum count, then play these games...And if not, don't. You are technically always paying for an increase in trophy count, whether you spend 200 hours for a Witcher platinum or 10 minutes on a Ratalaika platinum. I've never felt like the platinum count of other users have meant anything anyway, even before the whole wave of ezpz games. Those who have more time and more money will always have more trophies, regardless of what they play.
  11. I only have six UR platinums, but out of those I could recommend Just Cause 3 and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Not necessarily AAA games, but both were fun and not too stressful to platinum. Some hard parts and some grinding, but nothing impossible for the average gamer.
  12. Sorry, I forgot to report back. Like @Narikain I had to reach an additional level via Vulgrim souls. It has been confirmed by Gunfire Games on Twitter that leveling to 100 using Visages and not receiving the trophy is a known glitch and that leveling once more with Vulgrim pops the trophy.
  13. That's not good. I backed up my save too because I've heard of all the issues, but reloading my save did no good. I tried talking to Vulgrim, killing a few enemies, even resetting all my points and reallocating them. I too popped 21 visages at level 79 but nothing happened. I reloaded my save off the cloud and popped the visages one at a time...Still no trophy once I hit level 100. The only thing I have left to try is maybe getting to level 101 and seeing if anything happens, or trying to purchase my 100th level with Vulgrim instead of a visage. Otherwise I'm going to have to delete everything and start from scratch, which is extremely unfortunate. I don't even know how many hours that will be wasted on a game I've already beaten 4 times.
  14. I wouldn't pay for the taunts, 3 million orbs is very easy to grind, as mentioned above. You can also wait until beating Son of Sparda and collecting the hidden Kalina Anne on Mission 11 and purchase everybody's skills except the taunts, and then buy them one at a time. If you close application after the trophy pops WITHOUT leaving the upgrade screen, you will still have your 3million orbs. Rinse and repeat for everybody's taunt.
  15. Sorry for the triple post but I just popped all of my luminous visages to reach level 100, and I didn't get the trophy I tried reloading my save from the cloud that I backed up because I KNEW this would happen, but it didn't unlock the second time, either. Anyone else have trouble? I don't know what to do to fix it other than try to get to level 101 and see if it unlocks there, otherwise I could be screwed.