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  1. Constantly get them incorrect although I'm selecting the correct things. It has made this site a huge hassle to use.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Found this annoying to get. In regards to pst.org and psn.org both have their pros and cons. Whichever website makes a mobile app where you can directly goto a trophy comment/tip and have up vote down vote would win though.
  3. Same issue here... Need a resolution
  4. It's super annoying to do after Pure land gets closed off. Only way you can get it is through the shape shifters. You need to wait for them to morph unto the eggplant man. I am currently doing it at lofty mountains right before you fight the shadow characters at the rest of courage and its going to take awhile.
  5. I think weapon is just get it forged to level 8.. not get 8 bars.
  6. Great. For the armor/equipment. I assume you don't need to actually keep them, you just have to buy them/get them once and you can sell? Will still count?
  7. I didn't end up getting them at the Emporers castle, I assume it will appear somewhere else in the game? Mana Fortress?
  8. I have having a hard time finding the mimic box in the "Emperors Castle" Is it suppose to be a chest drop from any of the monsters in the castle which just happens to be a mimic box?
  9. Does the in game guide not provide a armor/equipment list? Ugh.
  10. Anyway to know if its a better piece or not?
  11. That's terrible for anyone who bought the physical.. essentially means you bought a broken game and it will never work even in the future when PSN for PS4 shuts down
  12. Can anyone help me with the last heroes level (Circuit King trophy) or All the Way! (Draft Champions) trophy? All the way I think is boostable, looking for someone in PST time zone for that.
  13. 9th sword level is going to be a thing? Defeat all monsters can be annoying I'd imagine if there's no built in monster guide to identify which ones your missing. Rest is easy.
  14. Xenoverse 1/2 is probably easier then this..
  15. I read online somewhere you actually can lose points after you get above 200k battle points ?? Can anyone confirm?