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  1. Well if i get it looks like no platinum trophy for me but then again it looks like a very long undertaking lol.
  2. Thanks, thats a big download crazy how big game downloads have gotten over the years.
  3. OK, i have been looking at this game for some time and the game is on sale for $29.99, i do not have PlayStation Plus but i would be buying it as a download not disc so how big is this game + updates? Here is the one thing i can't find a answer to, can you play the download version no Internet offline? Side question if I'm playing online with no PlayStation Plus can i still play Red Dead online but without playing with other players?
  4. That's going to make this a walk in the park then, thanks for the help. Thanks @ExHaseo and @AlchemistWer for your help as well.
  5. MP is solo so you don't need ad hoc mode is that right?
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if you can solo the trophies (Teaming up is not that bad) and (This game is not for fun) with a PSVita and PSTV? Any tips because i don't want to play 20 hours with myself lol. And I heard that you can use the PS3 to play with anyone in the world is this true and how do you do it? In advance thanks for the help.
  7. Thank you for this!
  8. That's why i was interested in this sale as it's the cheapest I have ever seen the game, I have had my eye on it since it released but I think $29.99 is to high it's $10 to much. I will make my final decision Monday before the sale ends but more in likely I will buy it. That's good to hear that problems have been fixed. I play on my vita so low graphics don't bother me, yes that's right if you have plus but unfortunately i don't have plus.
  9. I wanted to play this game for some time but I don't have a PS4 at the moment but I will be buying one next year if anything works out, it's $8.99 on sale so I believe that's a good deal so here are the questions: I have heard that there's a lot more in the game and most of the problems it had are fix is this true? I plan on buying a PS4 PRO as I play singleplayer now days and does it play better on a PRO? Because I don't have a PS4 do you think I should wait on this game? Any other advice or info would be a big help as well.
  10. I just completed FS and DT that we got for free, titan trophy you will need to boost more in likely, got a Friend to help me with it on the PS3 version. FS toke me 8 days to get all the trophies. DT toke me 5 days to get all trophies. But this is about the only game i play and I have always liked battlefield games.
  11. That's probably why it's taking so long to make it right, I hope Lol.
  12. I'm waiting for the vita version as well but they may not be adding touch controllers but it's a 50 - 50 chance. But they said this on Facebook and I quote: The PSVita will require more optimization before it is released. The benefit of that will be the game running even better on the PC, Mac and PS4 once the optimization is finished. As for PSTV there are no plans to directly support that hardware.
  13. Cool, thanks buddy and is soon as it's on Vita I will join in the fun.
  14. That's good to hear, how big is the download on PS4 as I can't find it on the PlayStation Mobile Store for some reason? (may not available for my store yet)
  15. I'm waiting for the vita version to release as I don't have a PS4. Can you play as much as you want or does it have energy? What do you get if your not a Playstation Plus member, like a Deck or starter pack?