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  1. So no need to access solo campaign, just redo missions from cooperative play menu right on hard?
  2. When completing the campaign, do I need to select new campaign or can I just re do the missions on hard with other people to get the complete campaign on hard trophy?
  3. Hi,so I can play campaign in coop with browse or quick match and can I still get hard trophy if I complete with random throughout the games? Anyone knows if I can check what missions I done on hard?
  4. I got the game, I completed one of the horde mode missions and I played till wave 12 but trophy didn't pop at the end. Bugged?
  5. Platinum 47: The Crew 2! Really loved this game. much better than the first one. map is huge, graphics wonderful. Gameplay is addictive. Not too much cars to choose from. A strong 7/10.
  6. Can somebody help me with the trophies? I dont even understand anything lol.
  7. You got a link? Thinking about buying this. Where is the solver?