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  1. Ah ha! I only just added the extension. This makes sense and is working as you've described. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. @HusKy I had a question about the functionality of the remove my games button. It seems that you'll need 2 tabs, one with your profile, and one with your buddy and all games loaded for this to search both of your trophy lists and do the compare properly. Is that the correct approach for that or is there a setting I can toggle so there wouldn't be a need for the 2 tabs. Either way it works, just wanted to get an official answer from you. I love this extension so far its wonderful.
  3. Post a screenshot of your stats screen? it will take 2 pictures actually because of how many machines will be on it.
  4. An easy way to grind out the last few levels quickly is to drop the difficulty to story and go to the hunting ground called the raintrace. There will be a tremmortusk there for every challenge. Do the one where you need to knock off its heavy weapons and kill the other 3 enemies. You'll get around 6-7k per run and it should only take you a minute or 2. Rinse and repeat.
  5. That's such a sad story! Sorry about your hands. I'm not familiar with this game series, but maybe you'll be able to find someone who can do those levels for you via share play.
  6. I also don't agree. The seasons will keep things fresh also. new mission types and weapons.
  7. I needed to fail a few runs to get Patroclus to continue down the story dialogue. I loved Hades, but man what a grind! Happy to have this one completed it was number 300 for me.
  8. Hey everyone, I wanted to share my run where I got this trophy as what I've seen online was slightly incorrect. There seems to be a missing checkpoint in the newest update of the game. Mic quality is ass, not exactly sure why sorry about all the noise. If I can figure out what happened I'll re-upload it
  9. Thanks for this tip. Made the timing a whole lot easier!
  10. I would agree with this. No where near a 9 or 10/10. I would also say it is amazing and well worth spending some time with. Really liked this game.
  11. This was my last trophy for this DLC and I really didn't want to grind it out. I found a way to AFK farm it that may be helpful to others in the same boat. You'll want the perk from the game that repairs vehicles when you're in them. I'm not sure if that is just automatically on in the DLC or not, but I have it in the campaign and it was working in the DLC. Next grab a tractor and park near the first mutation station, you'll want to try and use the haybales and terrain to make it so the zombie AI takes one direct route to you. I eventually got a second tractor to help create a funnel to me. Every once in a while a zombie will sneak though and start hitting the side of the tractor. If it takes you too long to notice this they can knock the vehicle out of position and you'll have to put it back. This is in NO WAY the most efficient method of doing this, but I didn't want to manually kill 5k zombies. Hope this helps some of you.
  12. You've basically nailed it. You'll need both an item pedestal and a battery in a room. If you do this on the chest you can hope for a chest and battery in one room but you'd need to get there with blank card jera. It really is much less of an issue with the dlc and I'm in the same camp as the others it is worth the buy. I don't think secrets pop with seeded runs anymore, that used to be the case so it was possible to get this easily with a seed. I hope you are able to pop it, but if you want to save yourself a lot of grinding and letdown just buy that dlc Good luck whichever way you go for it!
  13. I think for the EU version of the game I do, but my NA one I forgot to backup before I helped someone else do the same thing. Let me know if that's the one you need.
  14. I'm guessing you mean in the new game. The earliest one that comes to mind you can get as soon as you get the teleportation gloves from the turtles. If you were to do the quest with the NPC and escape the fort his way he will lead you to an area where you are supposed to teleport him down. In this area behind a waterfall on the left side there's a chest you can only get with teleportation. You'll use the gloves to bring that chest over to you and now you've got an indestructible crushing device. Here's a picture, I haven't played in a while now but I believe where I've circled is where the chest lives. https://imgur.com/a/UXOoBAc
  15. Archer is good in the early and midgame. If you want OP I'd say necro has some of the most busted combos that exist. Apotheosis is the key to getting broken builds though so once you get level 16 I think you can start destroying everything.