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  1. I think for the EU version of the game I do, but my NA one I forgot to backup before I helped someone else do the same thing. Let me know if that's the one you need.
  2. I'm guessing you mean in the new game. The earliest one that comes to mind you can get as soon as you get the teleportation gloves from the turtles. If you were to do the quest with the NPC and escape the fort his way he will lead you to an area where you are supposed to teleport him down. In this area behind a waterfall on the left side there's a chest you can only get with teleportation. You'll use the gloves to bring that chest over to you and now you've got an indestructible crushing device. Here's a picture, I haven't played in a while now but I believe where I've circled is where the chest lives. https://imgur.com/a/UXOoBAc
  3. Archer is good in the early and midgame. If you want OP I'd say necro has some of the most busted combos that exist. Apotheosis is the key to getting broken builds though so once you get level 16 I think you can start destroying everything.
  4. It does, same in the first game also with the exception of some encounters. You can turn your brain off pretty hard with a tk or barrelmancy run.
  5. Finally decided to buy this and try it out. I have to say I am not really having fun with the game. I love the idea of it, but nearly every encounter being at the mercy of rng is not as cool as I had hoped. I see why the plat % is so low, I'm going to keep plugging along at this, but if you're on the fence maybe skip this and try the sequel, I hope things are better on that one.
  6. I came back to this after 6 and a half years. I don't think the game was difficult, but I also didn't think it was much fun. Very button mashy, but I'm glad it's finally complete.
  7. Gotta be transistor then bastion finally guacamelee! I know its supposed to be 1, but those 3 are fantastic and that' the order I'd do them in.
  8. I did get it finally! I just was making sure you didn't mind if people sat idle in there. I have those online modes to try and complete, now but your realm made the rest of the trophies a breeze. You're wonderful for providing this to players!
  9. Are there any others that have stat requirements? I've been waiting to start this game until they patched it so these could be obtained.
  10. Fill_Fill, I just want to be sure its alright to idle in this realm? I think I may have been kicked last night for being afk or possibly it was just a connection issue. I've been chilling out in the trophy room waiting for the 100 days. Halfway there!
  11. You can buy the dlc to get it overwith or do grindhouse and kill the boss over and over. I got the trophy doing that.
  12. Not to the best of my knowledge. Gigs and police jobs count towards the 100% zone completion trophies. You can skip the side jobs.
  13. I finally got it also, using only the blades. Thanks for the help though, I was worried all these kills were for nothing. Too bad there is no ingame tracker.
  14. Can anyone confirm if mantis blades count towards the 100 kills for True Warrior? I can't find an ingame tracker and I'm sure I've got to be close. I don't want to keep using them though if they don't count towards the trophy.
  15. Hey there future trophy hunter! If you're reading this then you, like me, hit a speedbump with this trophy. In my case I think I started over or reset the current playthough or something, regardless after I crafted all the items it didn't pop. I deleted the game, redownloaded did it all over, still no pop. Then I had a think, I bet this is due to some fucky lazy programming since the whole game is kinda shit. So for the 3rd or 4th time I did all of the crafting recipes and it didn't pop like I expected. My was to redo all of the weapon recipes even though I had already popped that trophy. This was the fix for me, in the same run after I crafted all the items, I had to craft all the weapons again also and after the last weapon craft I got the trophy.
  16. I would say once you're able to clear the scarecrow level the game gets very easy. The upgraded weapons make the later stages a cakewalk. I had some difficulties until I managed to clear that stage then it was very easy the rest of the time.
  17. I missed out on this series when I was younger and I've nearly completed the game on ps4. It plays very much like a PS1 game which, I suppose is good since they are trying to replicate the original, but with a graphics overhaul. That being said, I don't miss PS1 controls or camera angles. I'm happy I finally got to experience this game and the story and meet Sir Daniel, but I'm also very happy that I'm nearly done with the game. The controls, while being true to form for a PS1 game, are infuriating and I've had my fill of reliving that era of madness.
  18. It was still working in August of this year. I did a playthough and popped a lot of the difficult trophies using the always your turn exploit.
  19. I've unlocked the honor mode trophy for people before doing the co-op. I've beaten this game so many times at this point. The quickest path to the end is a barrelmancy build. You just kinda 1 shot everything.
  20. Bit of a vent post, but fuck this trophy. I think it took me 2.5 hours Still working on the rest of the game thankfully that is now behind me! This would have been a much faster completion if this one didn't exist or just stopped at 20. Whew! That's off my chest back to grinding kills.
  21. We had a bit of trouble understanding exactly how to unlock this trophy. It might be obvious to everyone, but I wanted to leave a message here in case future people are stumped like we were. To do this trophy you and your boosting partner need to be in the same clan, then you need a 3rd person not in the clan. You create a battlegrounds league game lobby and get your clan mate in there. Have the 3rd non-clan person search for games. Barely anyone playing this at time of writing so it should be easy to find your 3rd guy. From here it is simple, group up your worms in clumps of 2 and have your partner kill one of yours while you kill one of theirs. The 3rd person just uses the skip rope to pass their turn. That's all, hopefully this helps some people in the future.
  22. 1350 hours just got all the base game crowns. I wasn't focusing on grinding them though. I did farm for Kushala, and holy fuck that was awful. I think I have 7 total crowns left in iceborne plus quite a bit of the other faff.
  23. Was my last trophy to get, agreed this thing sucked ass. I tabled the game for a year because it was so annoying. Save scumming and pumping up the guys helped a lot. I saw you managed to finish it so yay to us for that nightmare being in the past now.
  24. Not sure if we recommend games that you've not finished yet or not touched at all so for you; Finish Uncharted 4: A Thief's End or start and fall in love with Divinity Original Sin 2.
  25. Divinity Original Sin 2, which I am slowly working on actually! I bought it in the EU store to double stack it.