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  1. Good game but too easy with little to no challenge. The puzzles are very basic and the game is also too short. But the art work deserves a special mention. A lot of effort there. Others may not know it but I can see the attention to detail being a Hindu myself. Definitely one of the better indies out there
  2. Very straightforward. The game is very easy and most trophies are on the level progression. The collectibles while very easy to obtain are missable if you go past those levels. i played on Xbox day 1 and made a collectible guide which can be found below
  3. No it’s not free forever. It’s free for what’s called a big gaming weekend. Free multiplayer for select games till Sunday.
  4. Gs means gsmerscore. On Xbox 360 every retail game will have base gamerscore of 1000G and dlcs with a max of further 1000G. Arcade games used to be 200G and later increased to 400G. Moving to Xbox one all games retail or indies will have base game score of 1000G and no limit on max score for dlcs. Unfortunately nothing much evolved in achievement system besides the gamerscore. So you can’t really categorise like the difficulty of the achievement etc. Some gamers thought this is BS because simply hitting a start button on Simpsons will award an achievement for 5g and completing whole game with only one weapon on ninja gaiden 2 also awarded an achievement for 5g. This lead to a discovery of whole new aggregate website called trueachievements. They have their own calculation on determining the difficulty of an achievement based on ratio. Check out the website and register if you want. I am an active member there and it’s fun. Supkris is my GT
  5. Really dude? Ever heard of One of the first aggregate site created. much before even playstation trophies system was introduced. It’s a big community out there with fun community events related achievements etc. I own all playstation systems including Handhelds but prefer Xbox over playstation any day. I go by the same name supkris on Xbox too. Add me up on TA if you ever consider joining. Or let me know your xbox GT and I will send over an invite there is also a parallel (URL not allowed) for playstation but is very less populated compared to psnp.
  6. Thank you this certainly works. Took about 30 mins. You should reshuffle the stocks of gambler by going thru various waypoints or dungeons if you don’t get at first attempt. If you just reload the game/backup save without reshuffling then you will end up getting same items again. Btw I played on Xbox one. Video below to show that it works
  7. Nah it’s eas. I played on Xbox. Takes about two hours. Also recommend playing on hard from start and you play with all abilities unlocked. Just pick up enemies from distance by dagger throw using triangle button. Nothing too hard
  8. Xbox has been doing it for ages. Not for every single game but most have trackers. This shouldn’t be hard to implement for PS trophies
  9. Too late for ps plus free games perhaps but never too late for the console itself. I bought mine along with ps4 having used primarily xbox 360 last gen. But be advised that sony stopped manufacturing dualshock 3 about 2 years back. So if your gamepad is broken your only option is third party hardware. Other than that a worthy console. I would get just for collection
  10. I am playing on xbox one and this game is tough even on story mode. Apocalyptic will be a nightmare
  11. Exactly this is game of this gen going by review scores. Witcher 3, last of us and gtav are the only other games to have 95plus aggregate scores. Amazing how rockstar manages to achieve this
  12. Yes i felt that too. In fact the game was too derivative and borrowed elements from various games like batman for combat and stealth takedown missions. They even copied the mini game from cheap games like CSI. But even then the game stands out and shines.
  13. Exactly what i was searching for and came here and found this! Works like a charm to. I fast travel to a district and crime pops up every 30 secs to one min. No need to go back and forth too. Takes time only when the annoying JJ starts talking in between. Thanks Ruben
  14. From what I have played so far could easily go above 30 hours for platinum. The game itself is great. Wasn't really excited initially but seeing the favorable reviews bought this immediately. Highly derivative from Arkham series in most ascepts but still stands out. After assassins creed 2 this is the game that makes me want to play just one more mission before I wind off this session. Highly addictive.
  15. Too bad I got the deluxe edition of Mafia 3 just last month and playing it currently. Rest assured all the glitches are now gone and no issues with any trophies