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  1. Mirror's Edge. First plat too. The beginning of a long descent
  2. Yeah I completely agree on all points. You raise an interesting point about
  3. The Last of Us: Part II is an Auteur masterwork. It didn't have to rely on macguffins or contrivances and instead stood entirely on it's own through incredible acting and the most organic storytelling I've experienced in a game. Nobody felt like "characters" in an interactive movie, they actually felt like people in a world. The non-linear story and pacing did not force empathy, instead it let you make up your own mind about the actions and consequences. But hey, no judgement if you disagree, this is just the two cents of someone who had been a bit disappointed by the previous big AAA PS4 releases like Horizon and God of War, and had incredibly high expectations for Part II which were exceeded.
  4. Disappointed in the mp trophies, especially when there are no difficulty trophies. Kill 200 opponents sounds way more tedious than the mp trophies in 2016.]
  5. Saints Row The Third. Wasn't even intentional.
  6. @Spaz Hmm, yours is a bit of a tough one. I guess I'll have to say the PS3 GTA V, although I've heard it's not even possible to get anymore anyway?
  7. #150 - Trackmania: Turbo It's finally over.
  8. Coming from someone who first tried this game back in 2016 and couldn't get past The Burst, now I'm up to the Furier S rank trophy and I think this game is actually a relatively easy rhythm game disguised as a hard action game. The parry timings are well choreographed and pretty forgiving, plus once you start to look at the bigger picture with most of the attacks, there's a lot of safe zones. The melee sequences are easily able to be cheesed by interrupting whichever combos you don't like. It's a fantastic game, but I think it's also a lot easier than people first think it is.
  9. @jonads_ well it's gotta be Ratchet & Clank 2 buddy
  10. My impressions are it's Kingdom Hearts for adults. Also it has the most accurate depiction of climbing I've ever seen in a video game. If you're the kind of person who will intentionally slow down to admire scenery in games, this game is very likely something you will enjoy. It's not for everyone but holy shit it's for me.
  11. 2009: 4 Mirror's Edge 3.03% / God of War II 24.85% 2010: 4 Wipeout HD 1.05% / Prince of Persia '08 11.33% 2011: 0 2012: 1 Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time 21.60% 2013: 7 Darksiders II 8.97% / Sly Cooper 52.60% 2014: 11 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 7.62% / Sound Shapes 48.61% 2015: 37 Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions 1.91% / Ratchet and Clank 3 34.67% 2016: 22 Driver: San Fransisco 2.80% / Master Reboot 42.84% 2017: 23 LocoRoco 2.77% / Gravity Rush 26.27% 2018: 16 Amplitude 1.55% / Spyro the Dragon 53.47% 2019: 25 and counting Divinity: Original Sin 2.07% / Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power 54.59%
  12. @XxIsa-GxX Well, I mean, Devil May Cry would be the logical choice here, though I feel rather like a hypocrite suggesting it when I'm having so much trouble with that plat myself.
  13. Holy shit I can't believe I get to platinum Baldur's Gate. All I need now is Deus Ex.
  14. After having 100%'d the game 3 times in order to eventually trick the game into giving me the Platinum I can agree that it does appear to be random. I believe it I got it on a 6 win streak the first time and then a 4 streak the next 2 times so 4 might be the magic number?
  15. As a long time trophy hunter I've wrestled with my opinions on "easy" platinum's and I finally have reconciled with myself that ultimately you should do whatever gives you the most enjoyment and fulfillment, because that's what games are there for. I personally like to maintain a running blog of each Platinum I get and the story behind me achieving it, so if I were to decide to start getting "easy" platinum's, I feel as though that would compromise the quality of my blog. That is my personal reasoning for not being interested in those types of Platinum. But I understand people's desire to see numbers go up, and all power to you. Hell, I play Runescape.