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  1. Yeah this game is solid as hell and I'm so glad I spotted it on sale yesterday. Tight controls, great level design, really fun.
  2. You actually participated in the aforementioned thread
  3. Thanks mate, I mean look it's not perfect, but I think it's a good starting point. I hope it takes off and they improve on it!
  4. I honestly thought it would have been pretty simple to understand considering you're on a site that features multiple leaderboards regarding the matter!
  5. It's weird, seems like some people have to sign up, some don't. I did, as did my friend. We live in NZ, maybe that's the difference.
  6. It works more like a battle pass. So when you "level up" you'll either get points, or a silly (definitely not NFT omg we promise) "collectible" thing. Points are also obtained by completing certain challenges.
  7. Go to the PS App on your phone and press the sparkly PS symbol. The rewards exist, but don't expect to be buying games with those rewards for, like, months.
  8. So, I probably should have added something along the lines of "look, I get it is an exploitative celebration of late-stage capitalism that we probably shouldn't be encouraging" but... they've just disguised it so well!
  9. Hi, you may remember me as the guy who made the 9563536th post about shovelware killing my trophy hunting enjoyment. Well I'm here to say I'm back into my hobby with a renewed fervor, thanks to PlayStation Stars. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when it was first announced but bloody hell I think they actually did it right. The balance between the game purchases required and the rare trophies needed for each level has been done really well. I don't feel pressured to buy new games, I feel incentivized to go back through my backlog. They could easily have altered the balance so that the amount of trophies needed was fewer than the relative game purchases allowed, but they actually went the direction of getting people to PLAY games, not just buy them. But where it really comes together is in the fact that the trophies you earn have to be a rarity of "rare" or above, effectively nullifying the burgeoning "mayo meta". I'm so happy I have a number to chase that I actually care about again!
  10. It may sound obvious, but my goto method for proving the legitimacy of a game is to type in google. Does it have a sidebar with steam/google reviews? Good or bad, if it has reviews, it's an actual game.
  11. Great news to wake up to. Plat get, thanks everyone!
  12. I believe my only #1 is Runner3. I love the BIT.TRIP games and I was absolutely determined to be first to get the plat for the third one.
  13. This guy though, that's a hell of a list you've curated mate. almost sub 40% with over 600 plats, that's beautiful And yeah I love this idea, count me in! Psn: Pots3k Platinums: 217 UR platinums: 38 Average rarity: 39.56%
  14. That is a very good question! I'm guessing it is when the store updates. All I know is that it seems to take a long time for PSN to allow game updates. I remember this from back when Wildfire had a broken trophy, it took over a month to fix. So yeah, settle in...
  15. I actually had a lot of fun with the game aye! Kinda wish there were more trophies. Getting 50 doesn't take too long, especially if you've built up a nice deck from a previous run. Oh and I left that aforementioned run incomplete until the patch comes through. I'll report back on what happens when I pick up a gold.