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  1. You should avoid the PS3 version of this game. It's so bad technically
  2. 🤦‍♂️ You already threw this nonsense at us with the latest midnight game. A bad joke doesn't get good by telling it twice lol
  3. And I will keep saying what I think about companies essentially selling trophies, so people can pretty much buy their way up the leaderboards. Our hobby is called trophy HUNTING. Hunting means to put in effort and work to earn yourself the reward/trophy. Playing Ratalaika crap has nothing to do with this. And in my opinion it's just sad that those companies abuse the psnp Leaderboard to make their money.
  4. If I was the owner of this site, I would hate the idea that others are making tons of money from my product without any income for myself
  5. Whatever you do about the rarity Leaderboard: I'm all for it. I would also like to see some changes to the main Leaderboard. Companies like Ratalaika make a fortune out of psnp. Without the Leaderboard here, nobody would buy these crap games.
  6. It's atleast strange if you see how many got it on the 4th but only a couple after that. Something is going on with that trophy
  7. Good question. Maybe you can kind of accept those challenges, but complete them later. I can't remember that unfortunately.
  8. Lol Reminds me of NFS The Run. I have no hopes for them fixing it.
  9. Well seems like @LegendaryPound69 straight up lied to us about the shared list. Since the lists aren't even identical (different points), I highly doubt that trophies will auto pop
  10. Even with plus it sucks. You can only upload one save per game in the plus cloud. For some games it's useful to create multiple back up saves at certain points in the game to earn some decision based trophies faster for example. That won't be possible now. If you want to back up a second save in the cloud, the first one is overwritten.
  11. I'm pretty sure the way he worded it means that it's one multiplattform list with a ps4 and ps5 tag on it. If that's really the case I'm very happy about it. All those double stacks lately are becoming a pain of you try to 100% all lists of a series.
  12. I can promise you that someone out there will fail middle earth as well. He/She will start the game at 31 December and not play long enough for the revenge mission to show up before they shut the servers down next day. It's their own fault, if they start games that late.
  13. So the timeframe was long enough for you to restart two times and still get the trophy. I fail to see why anyone would need to complain then. Most people don't encounter any glitches and don't have to restart.
  14. That's nice, didn't know about that. I assume this works with any game? But probably only ps4 and not ps3 or vita right?
  15. There was plenty of time for anyone interested in this game to get it done. No need to blame WB. Publisher support employes usually have no idea what they are talking about, no matter which company they belong to.