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  1. Well, I'm already rank 50 after 15 hours of playtime Outlaw pass and trader rank maxed out as well
  2. If you use a Glitch in the new update, yes. It took me 10 hours to reach level 50 with the Glitch. But you need atleast two people for it and you need to set it up first, which takes a while. So all in all I would say 15 hours of playtime on 3 evenings.
  3. I'm glad that there aren't any new online trophies for this. And I hope there never will be, although I believe that the opposite is going to happen at some point ....
  4. Really, two more lists? I was hoping to pick up this version to get cheap access to the dlcs of the normal list...
  5. I pray to the video game gods that it's just playing through the story and complete the raid. I honestly couldn't grind something like a triumph seal again. Forsaken was way tooo much time investment
  6. Yeah I just wanted to let people know about this, since you can hardly find this information anywhere, but it makes the game much much easier. I actually first thought it was a glitch when my HVT instantly despawned and kept reloading my save. But eventually I understood that the whole extraction thing has been cut from the game.
  7. Hey guys, I recently achieved the platinum in mercenaries 2 and it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be after reading all the horror stories about the HVT captures. The reason why it was so easy for me is the German cut version of this game. Back in the day, when mercenaries 2 was released, the German age rating for games was rather strict when it came to violence in video games. We often had reduced or completely removed gore effects in games, although they were already rated 18+. However, in mercenaries 2 they didn't cut the gore effects (there are barely any), but the HVT extractions. Yes that's right: In the German version of this game you DONT need to extract the HVTs. It's enough to walk up to them, melee them and put handcuffs on them and they will instantly despawn and count as captured alive. That pretty much makes the most difficult and annoying trophy piss easy, since you don't have to worry about the HVTs getting killed during the extraction process. I assume this has been cut because it looks like the player is taking a hostage and stuff like that wasn't allowed here back then. It's actually kind of funny, that this cut turns out to be a favor for the player. Regarding the ONLINE: Me and my friends were only able to connect to our second PS3s in our homenetworks. So you will probably need two consoles and two copies of the game. Also, if you decide to abuse the German version and play trough the campaign to unlock the 20 different airstrikes, you will need two German copies, since they can't connect to the international versions because of that cut. The race and the airstrike trophy should pop for both accounts. For the airstrikes simply play through the story to unlock them and call in each of the 20 once in a coop match. The turret trophy seems to be glitched in a way that it only works for the host, at least from our experience. EDIT: I forgot to mention a glitch in the game, which can still screw you over when going after HVTs. It might happen at some point, that the game counts an HVT twice. If that happens immediately reload your save (you should always manually save before each HVT) because otherwise your stats will say 10/10 HVTs for a faction, but there will still be one on the map that didn't count. So always pay attention to the messages on your screen, when you capture an HVT. Oh and some of them like to blew themselves up with a rocket launcher, before you can reach them. So yeah, just pay attention to actually capture each of them and reload your save if necessary and you shouldn't have any problems with that trophy. EDIT2: Another important thing is the game language. Although it's the German version, the game should still be in English, if your console is set to English. So you don't need to learn German for this
  8. I'm not really a fan of the option to not show the ribbons if they are implemented.
  9. This is embarrassing
  10. Wasn't that crown stuff for example also in the base game? If the stats carry over it might be possible
  11. No. What Sony meant is that a user needs to be able to earn the platinum without having to buy a dlc. You don't need to buy ice world to earn the platinum in the normal monster hunter world. So everything is fine here. This rule is actually still active btw. A recent example would be destiny 2, which had to change multiple trophies in its base game because of dlc releases. I haven't played this game myself, but many trophies look the same as the original. Might autopop be a thing here?
  12. Ive read an review which claimed the game has 4 missions and a playthrough lasts around 90 minutes. Its more like a extended tech demo than a full game.
  13. Wait, you need to earn the XP just on the same server everytime you play or in one sitting on the same server?
  14. The reason for this is probably quite simple: Coop. I assume that they enabled crossplay between the german and the normal version and therefore made only one trophy list. Cyberpilot on the other hand is completely offline, so they kept the 2 lists.
  15. Damn I didn't had a clue that probably 90% of all profiles here haven't been updated since over 6 months. I'm glad it's working again. I already noticed some rarity changes in a few nice platinums so thumbs up for that. Features I would like to see implemented most at this point: - Series Feature - VR Tag - Rarity Leaderboard - Ribbon System Some people mentioned that the payment for a lifetime premium is next to nothing and Sly doesn't make enough money from it. I tend to agree with this and I would be willing to pay a monthly subscription, if I knew that more updates would happen.