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  1. All of them except the darkness 2 are on ps4 And I personally would rather recommend prototype 1 instead of 2. Anyway, games I would recommend that don't have ps4 remasters: - Deus Ex Human Revolution - The Crysis Trilogy (Unfortunately the servers for crysis 2 are already shut) - Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Wolfenstein 2009 - Singularity - Syndicate - Max Payne 3 - Mafia II - The Darkness 2 - Spec Ops The Line As for games I would highly recommend, but have remasters on PS4 - Darksiders series - Dishonored series - Skyrim - Bioshock series - Sleeping Dogs
  2. Just a heads up for everyone, who is interested in playing this game, but doesn't own a VR. The Devs announced a free Update for the game to make it playable without VR. The game will be called The Persistence Complete Edition as soon as the update drops
  3. Can you easily do the two player stuff with two consoles or is there too much annoying stuff where you need to control both at the same time
  4. Yep its pretty much the same on Deus Ex MD Breach mode main game and dlc trophies. I didn't mean to ignore your Thread. I simply saw this one here popping up at the main page and thought that topic is worth a discussion. It might have made more sense to use your existing thread for this, I agree.
  5. Yeah, atleast for the free DLCs/complete Editions it should be changed.
  6. It wouldnt mess them up more as they are now. Deus Ex MD is the best example. I already explained detailed above why: - Breach mode trophies in main game are UR - The Platinum is UR (mainly because of Breach mode) - The 100% completion is much rarer than the plat - Yet, none of the Free Update Breach DLC trophies are even close to UR although many of them are much harder than the main game ones How is that not messed up? Especially since its a free DLC and everyone has access to it.
  7. But they are already counted for the 100% completion rate of a game. And you cant earn the 100% without buying and playing the DLC. So you might aswell count them for the DLCs.
  8. I think you guys are comparing apples with oranges. @DrBloodmoney is right. Lets take Dishonored PS3 as an example again: The 100% Completion Rate is 0.2% on PSNP. This counts ALL people who played the game, no matter if they own the DLC or not. Yet, none of the DLC trophies comes even close to that ( the hardest trophy is a 2.5% or so). It simply doesnt make any sense at all. The hardest DLC trophies should be somewhere between 0.2 and 0.5 or so. The argument with counting all console owners doesnt work. The game owners are already calculated for the 100% completion anyway, so you might aswell calculate them for the actual trophies, which are required to achieve those 100%. Another great example is Deux Ex Mankind Divided and the Free (So everyone has access to them) Breach DLCs. The main game Breach trophies are all ultra rare between 3% and 5% and also the platinum sits at 2.8%. Now have a look at the 100% rate: Its 0.7%, yet not a single Breach DLC trophy is ultra rare, although some of them are much harder/grindier than the maingame breach trophies, which are ultra rare. The DLC rarity system is simply broken honestly.
  9. The collectibles arent that bad imho. Mankind Divided might have much more Ebooks than Human Revolution, but most of them are in the Prague Openworld Hub and can be collected any time. From the 75 you need to collect there are probably like 30 or so missable in the story and side missions with no return, which is around the same amount of missables as Human Revolution had. The dont alert trophy is also not really buggy. There is a point in the story, where you can decide which charakter you call for help. One of them will trigger an alert, which counts against this trophy IIRC. But the guides should point this out well enough. The only really annoying thing about this plat is the Breach mode. Adam Jensens quote "I never asked for this" fits pretty well here.
  10. I honestly highly doubt that there are plenty of people who have the challenge dlc trophies in dishonored without 100% completion. The only reason to go through this nightmare of trophies is to achieve 100% completion. And yeah, what you said about the system is correct. I just wish that free dlcs/complete editions would count all game owners.
  11. The DLC rarities definitly need some work. I did 100% in Dishonored two times. The Challenge DLC is some of the hardest shit I have ever done and the 100% rate for both stacks are 0.2 (PS3) and 0.6 (PS4). Yet, none of the DLC trophies comes close to that. On PS3 the hardest trophy is a 2.5 and on PS4 a 3.8. I can kind of understand why not all gameowners are counted for the DLC rarity (Not everyone, who played the game also owns the DLC). But its still quite frustrating to see these trophies with such low values in terms of rarity. Especially the PS4 version, since the DLCs are included there for free, so every gameowner is automatically a DLC owner.
  12. The platinum looks piss easy compared to the first game, which had tons of missable collectibles and was also quite challenging on the DLC difficulty Ultra-Nightmare. Im not sure, if I should play this instantly, or wait until all updates are out. They might add difficutly trophies as DLCs again ... And Im also not a fan of all this fake free DLC Update stuff. Im fine with paid DLC expansions, but all these free mini updates are obviously cut from the game and hold back, so people get the feeling that they actually would get additional new stuff for free, instead of content they already paid for. It also makes you feel like you cant enjoy the complete game on day one.
  13. I agree on this. If that's the only suspicious game on his profile and there is a possible explanation this should really be lifted. Even if some people think that it might make no sense to play through all these cups with a second controller: These disputes are about facts alone and not about feelings or opinions. So as long as an explanation is physically possible, a flag should be lifted, regardless how stupid that explanation might be. It's not our business how people earn trophies in their games, as long as it's somehow possible without cheating. And I'm also pretty sure that there would be more cheated games, if he was into cheating back then.
  14. If these games keep spawning in every week with multiple stacks, we really need a rebalancing of the leaderboards on this site here. We will eventually reach a point, where the leaderboards simply show who has bought the most ratalaika games instead of showing actual top trophy hunters. A good start would be to increase the points of trophies based on their rarity. For example: Common -> Trophy points x1 Uncommon -> Trophy points x2 Rare -> Trophy points x3 Very Rare -> Trophy points x4 Utra Rare -> Trophy points x5 A common platinum would give the normal 180 Leaderboard points, but an ultra rare would give 900 Leaderboard points. If nothing will be changed, PSNP might aswell simply remove the leaderboards completely, since they will become absolutely meaningless and ridiculous.
  15. I'm sorry to ruin it for you, but there are many Japanese players on the leaderboard here of the normal ps4 stack. So the Japanese ps4 is probably the same list as for all other regions on ps4. These trophies here will remain unobtainable forever, since they won't make the effort to release this dlc on ps3 in 2019