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  1. While Sony doesn't really seem to care about the rules regarding trophy lists anymore, I'm sure it's still not allowed to add a platinum trophy afterwards to the maingame list.
  2. Castlevania 1 worked for me as well with the Collection EU Disc.
  3. Nice. Now do the second stack 😁
  4. Crouch is only necessary to move forward in some areas. In combat its quite useless. I don't really care for crouch holding, but the aim toggle is just stupid. Even if this was the original Xbox version, the fact that crouch is holding shows that it's possible to do it like that even in this version. Simply changing that for aiming shouldn't be too much effort to program.
  5. While this was fun to read, I don't complain about the actual controls / button mapping, since you can completely customize them here. Why would they Remaster this based on Xbox? I'm sure it's based on PC
  6. What annoys me is that they made it possible to completely customize the controls, wich is nice, but then they ruin it completely unnecessarily by doing this. And it's not like it wasn't possible in the original and therefore would have been too much work.
  7. So I just started this and was ready for a nice nostalgic trip. My first impression from the settings in the main menu were good, since you can customize the control layout completely. But then I realized ingame that they decided to set aiming to toggle and crouch to hold.... WTF It should be the opposite. Hold to aim and toggle crouch. How can you mess up something easy like this completely and make such a horrible choice? I remember very well that there was the option in the PC version to change that and select what you prefer. They should either patch that back in or at least change it the other way around.
  8. Played it on PC back in the day. This was the first game I played through on hard Just4Fun. The Multiplayer was also great. The trophy list seems pretty straight forward. A few missable level trophies that you can clean up with chapter select. Other than that, just play through it on hard and that's it.
  9. Thank God. I still have dark void in my backlog and just purchased the DLC before the store shuts down. Would have been a punch in the face if you wouldn't be able to update it and therefore probably also not being able to launch the DLC.
  10. I think the Vita has the best list. You can sort your games per alphabet, completion, last played. You can also do this when comparing trophies. Everything syncs fast enough. You can switch between online and offline view easily.
  11. Yeah this sounds like it is already down. Can anyone with the game installed confirm this?
  12. No date yet. I'm quite surprised to see that they shut down Future Soldier but not Far Cry 2 on PS3.
  13. I actually have that disc version, but I thought that it wasn't on the disc. Maybe I remembered it wrong
  14. Yeah I just need to remember which seasonpasses I bought without ever playing the game 😂 Life is strange comes to my mind
  15. What happens if I bought a seasonpass that made the DLCs free, but didn't actually "buy" each DLC content for free?