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  1. Damn I didn't had a clue that probably 90% of all profiles here haven't been updated since over 6 months. I'm glad it's working again. I already noticed some rarity changes in a few nice platinums so thumbs up for that. Features I would like to see implemented most at this point: - Series Feature - VR Tag - Rarity Leaderboard - Ribbon System Some people mentioned that the payment for a lifetime premium is next to nothing and Sly doesn't make enough money from it. I tend to agree with this and I would be willing to pay a monthly subscription, if I knew that more updates would happen.
  2. Great. So we can simply buy the disc version then
  3. I dont see any DLCs or Extras Tab on the store page. So maybe the DLCs are indeed included in this release? That would mean they are also on the DISC ...
  4. I dont want to be rude, but seriously? EU stack? This game has not only been developed in the EU and is set in the EU, it probably also sold much more units in the EU than in the US. Did you really believe that this game hasnt launched here? The big question is: Are the DLCs on the DISC in the japanese version? Otherwise you will need a JP Account for the 100%. I found this one here: Release date seems to be tomorrow and the cover looks like the normal version. But it would be strange to release a new version without the DLCs after the release of the royal edition. i hope someone can confirm soon, if the DLCs are included or not.
  5. I own the Redwall TV Show on DVD and still watch it once in a while because it's so good. So I would consider myself a Redwall fan, although I never read any of the books. Seeing a game of this franchise with trophies is pretty awesome, but honestly wonder: Is this actually a good game? Or is it one of these license cash grabs
  6. So what's best to do for someone starting fresh? Do the DLC in the first run or in n+? Or doesn't it really matter?
  7. Strange. I hope they will show up. It was already disappointing enough that none of the Darksiders 2 Story DLCs received any trophies back in the day.
  8. Yes, it's the worst grind I've ever done. I would rather do a 500 hour grind, where I know exactly when it's over, than this random bullshit. If that whole treasure system would at least make some sense. Like, why don't you get a guaranteed treasure drop from each treasure chest? I mean, who thought it's great to have treasure chests that don't have treasures inside them? No, instead you have some rounds where you get like 10 treasure drops and some where you don't get any drops at all. I honestly hope that the game will be merciful with you very soon. I know that feeling when almost everyone around you gets their last treasures and you need to keep grinding Regarding the incan treasures: I think that the DLC maps, especially village and plaza, drop these quite often. Always vote these maps, if they come up.
  9. Is there actually any official announcement except that note in the Hong Kong store? I couldn't find anything
  10. I highly doubt it. Otherwise someone would have earned this trophy in the last 6 months. And yes, it's the only uncharted without 100% for me too. Luckily I haven't started it yet
  11. Nope it's still online, since you can see the online leaderboards ingame. The matchmaking is just broken unfortunately
  12. Finally got my Silver Cup after 30-40 hours. 100% in this piece of shit game
  13. @Waraneasy The End is indeed very long. I got all treasures except one within a week of Hunter Arena farming. But oh boy this last one .... I'm grinding for it since 30+ hours but that bloody Incan Silver Cup won't show up -.- People definitely shouldn't underestimate the amount of time which is required for the arena treasures alone.
  14. I'm just glad that I finished this already weeks ago. Because of stuff like this you should never wait too long with clearing the online trophies, if a shutdown is announced.
  15. Does anyone here have some tips for getting the Incan Silver Cup to drop? Its the last treasure I need (Yes, I already have all the extremely rare shit like the Copper Statue and so on) and it doesnt even seem to be a rare one, since everyone else I talked with already has it. I was grinding Hunter Arena only for all the other treasures. So I was wondering, if this particular treasure might drop often in Coop Arena with the chateu method. Can anyone here remember, where they got their Incan Silver Cup? I grinded 15 hours in a row yesterday and it didnt show up in Hunter. Its really driving me insane ....