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  1. Are you playing on a PS4 Pro and/or with a TV that has HDR? If yes, disable enhanced resolution ingame (only PS4 Pro). Also disable HDR (only if your display supports HDR). Now this gets a little tricky. The HDR settings are glitched. So even if you turn them off, the game will always launch with active HDR. You need to deactivate HDR output in the console settings of your PS4. This is very annoying since you need to switch that setting every time you want to play a different game with HDR enabled. This doesn't fix the freezes, but it reduces them and improves the general framerate a lot.
  2. Yeah they autopop pop in the main menu. That's how I got first plat achiever in the NA stack. Dude, why do you even keep commenting on this game? The devs announced that they will refund the extra money since it was a bug in the psn store. So maybe gather some infos before commenting that you would be "so pissed off" lol
  3. Well I have the plat already and also got all trophies without boosting. The description was misleading. As you said it's just MVP three times in Hardcore, not three times in a row. The flash bang trophy is also misleading. You need to be blinded whilst killing not the enemy.
  4. I'm actually quite surprised that a random server shutdown of an old vita game made it into the news.
  5. Even if you you live in Germany and connect to Amsterdam with 20 ms, the game is literally unplayable. There is no connection bar in the lobbies, but every time I felt like my bullets don't kill and I get killed around corners with one shot kills, I checked my opponents psn profiles and usually they were from the US or Russia. So even if you have a good ping to your data center, it doesn't help if you get put in US or Moscow server matches.
  6. Didn't you say in another thread that you can't wait for this game? Sounds like you won't even buy it now ^^ Anyway, the game has only 5 maps (which are all recycled from the original Warface), a horribly annoying dubstep soundtrack and has a lot of stutter and lags. The only good thing so far: It's not Pay2Win like the original warface and real money can only be spent for cosmetics. Gameplay wise: It's like counterstrike where you spent money each round to buy different equipment. Compared to the original warface: You can't slide, you can't coop climb, the general movement is much slower, you can't lay down, just crouch.
  7. Tbh considering it's age, I actually enjoyed it. Yeah the online is absolutely broken. For me and my friends it only worked with two consoles in the same network. I don't know if has international shipping. But you could check for sellers who ship worldwide.
  8. Yeah definitely still works
  9. What's the point of this. Also why is infinite missing? Makes no sense at all
  10. So besides from the Framedrops every 2 seconds, what is the actual FPS target on the PS4 Pro? I've read it is supposed to be 60, whilst the normal PS4 is 30? Can anyone confirm this? I fail to understand why such information is never covered in most reviews.
  11. I find it strange that pretty much all other sources that mention D3T claim that it was completely outsourced to them. I mean why would you even hire a complete studio only for an artwork
  12. Nice to know thanks. Now my only problem is that Im at 2700 d points and only have 70 kills left before I'm done with all human trophies. But you need atleast 5000 points to become the wolf 50 times. Looks like I will have to wait for the login bonus a few more days....
  13. You mean leave when you're dead before the match is completely over or actively leave whilst your still alive as soon as you turned into a wolf?
  14. There is a checklist in the menu of the game. If it's obtained there it should have counted
  15. Well I wouldn't be surprised if the game still pauses. I mean this is a rather lazy remaster port. They didn't even bother to fix that glitch and worst of all its not even running at constant 30 FPS. A Remaster from a PS3 game should easily hit 60 FPS on PS4 Imho. Such a shame.