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  1. I'm gonna miss Elder Scrolls and Arkane Titles. Never cared about Fallout and the last two weren't really good from what I heared. Doom and Rage are fun shooters, but it's not the end in the world to not have them. Wolfenstein just like Fallout got worse with each new title. They could become good again like Doom but who knows. Never cared for Tango games since I avoid horror games. But yeah.... Elder Scrolls not on Playstation sucks. And the Dishonored series and Prey are some very special games. The only other one that is kind of similar to that is Deus Ex but Square put that on hold and created that marvel cashgrab crap.
  2. Same reason why Sony releases all the PS5 "exclusives" for PS4 as well. More potential customers. My game only crashed once randomly in a mission. After the bossfight vs the general when you enter the elevator to escape the mines. I did however experience some crashes and console freezes after switching around between quality and performance mode ingame on the fly. It would have been better if they forced a mission reload when switching between these to avoid crashes, just like they did with the Raytracing mode.
  3. I don't get the hate TBH. Look at Ubisoft and their Far Cry 3 Remaster. They charged 30$€ for that as well but it's locked at 30 FPS and has no HDR support and is on the same graphical level (although Far Cry 3 is from 2011 and this game from 2007) with a similar setting. Crysis Remastered has HDR support and unlocked Framerate on the PS4 Pro (50-60 FPS). And the world is less static than far cry 3. So many objects with physics in this game. So ofcourse it's very demanding hardware wise. Playing this in 60 FPS with HDR support on a console is great for me and worth the money. I hope they bring an even better version for PS5.
  4. They changed the balance so the game isn't too easy after a while.
  5. From my experience those texture issues only happen when you switch between performance and quality on the fly. My recommendation for everyone that plays this on a pro: Pick performance mode. Higher FPS is much more worth it than the upscaled 4k in 30. The game feels much smoother and is more enjoyable to play. And don't bother with the Raytracing. It's not worth it to sacrifice the performance for it. Also, if you have a decent HDR TV like a LG C9 or CX, simply enabling HDR is a huge visual upgrade. Performance mode + HDR enabled is the way to go here.
  6. Yeah. Same thing happened last time
  7. Damn. Luckily I grinded the game for the last two weeks since it was fixed and was able to complete it.
  8. The 50 friends thing works with the Pivots in AC3, but AC4 shouldn't have a problem with 100+ friends.
  9. Exactly my humor Definitely not gonna play this
  10. That's nice to hear
  11. The kenway fleet can be ignored, if you buy the ship upgrades time saver pack in the ps store
  12. That's interesting. So only the actual MP is down and not the complete online of the game. Thanks for the clarification
  13. No sharing is caring on PS3 was earned yesterday. Click on the trophy here and have a look. If it is definitely down right now, the only explanation would be that this person is a hacker There have a look
  14. Just wondering how someone unlocked the trophy yesterday, if the servers are down for everyone since Friday 🤔
  15. Yeah it's time to knock out as much as possible. Who knows, how long it will last