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  1. Very nice. Time to knock out the online trophies of this game
  2. I see your still off the leaderboards although youve hidden the game. Does a failed vita glitch count as cfw hacking (instant perma ban)?
  3. I didnt have any problems when I did the Glitch for the online trophies of the second unit 13 stack. Obviously with WLAN enabled because you need to be online for online trophies
  4. 10 hours with glitches. They are probably fixed now though
  5. Well, as you can see on my profile I did it two times in a row. So I wouldn't say it was just lucky. Sure, you also need luck, but it shouldn't take weeks, if you keep trying.
  6. Here is a Video of my successful attempt. I did it on PS4 and the PS3 version shortly after that, so its definitely a working strategy and not just random luck. Of course you still need to be lucky, but with this tactic you should be successful after an hour or so.
  7. I agree that the combat in this one sucks. But luckily there isn't that much combat in the game and apart from the combat I think it's the best of the trilogy. Nice Soundtrack and good story / setting. Warrior Within improved the combat (still not that great though) but everything else just sucked. Stupid story, boring levels, backtracking like in no other game..... Two Thrones returned to the Sands of Time Style but obviously had the improved combat. So while I think Sands of Time is the best apart from the combat, I think that Two Thrones is the best by today's gaming standards. My Ranking : 1. Two Thrones 2. Sands of Time 3. Warrior Within The Forgotten Sands is also part of this Story Line, but I felt like it was a really boring game. Can't really remember much of it except that the Brother of the Prince turns evil iirc. The 2008 game had good Charakter writing, but the overall story was pretty much nonexistent and the 1vs1 combat wasn't my cup of tea .
  8. Have a look at Just Cause 2
  9. A Crysis Collection as PS5 launch title would be absolutely phenomenal. I played Crysis 2 and 3 Multiplayer 600 hours each on PS3, but I also own all Crysis games on PC and let me tell you: The PS3 versions are nothing compared to the PC versions when it comes to graphics. A collection for the next gen with fully maxed out settings would give many more players the chance to experience the Singleplayer of these games in they way they were supposed to be played. They could also throw the PC exclusive Crysis Warhead in the package, so console players would even get a new game in this collection. Personally I would also love to see the Multiplayer again. Maybe make it a standalone Crysis Online with all maps from Crysis 2, 3 and their DLCs.
  10. I actually unlocked it one day after my post. Took me about 4 hours total. Piece of shit trophy
  11. This is one of the worst RNG trophies ever. It is just as bad as Dishonoreds By My Hand Alone DLC trophy, and I didn't believe I would ever encounter something that bad again. The worst thing of all is that this fucking Sniper isn't even strong enough to multikill most of the time. Absolutely ridiculous.
  12. *grabs popcorn*
  13. It got already patched two days later. But there are many other glitches around which you can even do solo. Look for them on YouTube.
  14. Rethinking the controller? Oh god..... I hope this doesn't mean Xbox Stick Layout like all the officially licensed 3rd Party PS4 "Pro" Controllers
  15. I couldn't have written it better.