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  1. I disagree. Dishonored 1 with its DLCs is better than Dishonored 2. Dishonored 2 Story was basically a remake of the Dishonored 1 DLCs. Very lazy. My ranking would be: Dishonored DLCs Dishonored Death of the Outsider Dishonored 2
  2. Probably not since you would need a Savegame Import option in the ps4 version for that.
  3. Thank God it's an autopop then. It's ridiculous to bring out another list, when there is basically zero difference. Pretty much the same as Jedi Fallen Order, which was a free upgrade atleast. Look at Sony. They charge extra money but are even too lazy to adjust the trophy list image to the PS5 picture format lol
  4. I disagree. Wolfenstein is extremely overrated. If there were no glitches and you would need to do everything 100% legit as the devs intended, it would be brutal. But that is not the case. You can skip or cheese so many hard spots in this game, it's beyond ridiculous. Since the devs never patched any of this, I actually believe they programmed it to be like that. To have the community find out about all these things. And if you actually have to fight, the AI is dumb as fuck. There are maybe 3 or 4 spots in the whole game, where you actually need to rely on your FPS Skills to get through. Most fails happen because you make a dumb mistake and not because it's insanely hard. Crash 4 however.... Well I haven't played it since Jump N Runs are not my cup of tea. But from what I see you really need to master the game and give a 100% all the time and it's really skill dependent.
  5. Nah. You can't compare Max Payne to Wolfenstein. You don't need any guides for Max Payne. By the time you attempt NYMHC, you've already completed the game 5 times for other playthrough trophies. So you know each mission very well. And there aren't any over the top strategies, out of map glitches and so on in this game. The difficulty is also set to medium in this mode. You really just need to play the game. Wolfenstein however I kind of agree. It would be a nightmare without the video guides. There are so many cheap tactics, tricks and glitches that make the game quite easy but nobody would ever find out about all of them on their own. But even the first achievers shared their strategies for specific spots with each other. So except for maybe the first 5 or even the first two or so, nobody has done this without any tips. And I honestly don't think there is something wrong about sharing strategies for beating a game.
  6. With the ps4 now also displaying ps5 lists, I honestly wonder why they even had the stupid idea to change the list picture size. Now it looks like shit on both consoles with those transparent bars around the ps4 list pictures.
  7. If I was Sly I would change something simply because those games ruined my website and make their money based on my work without me profiting from it. They ruin the Leaderboard, they ruin the front page, they make money only because of the psnp leaderboard.
  8. The internet icon are no bots. I assume it shows ps5 players with that icon if you're on ps4 and vice versa. A real bot has the word bot written instead of an icon in the scoreboard.
  9. I'm definitely happy that I've completed all stacks before this patch. I did most of my kills in ffa and there was usually a good amount of Bots in it.
  10. As I said I earned both trophies in the same second since they stack while I was online and only one of them was synched to the servers even after multiple tries of manual synching.
  11. Yep it is synched now thank God 😅
  12. I really hope so. Extra live mode doesn't allow chapter replay. I would need to play through all DLC missions again to earn it.
  13. So this just happened to me: I completed the Ancient gods DLC part 1 in doom eternal in extra lives mode. Both the golden trophy for extra lives mode and the silver trophy for the final mission popped up and also showed in my notifications. When I went to the trophy menu to check them it kept loading forever. I pressed compare trophies and selected a random person from my friends list. The doom list now showed up, but guess what? I didn't unlock the silver trophy although I did unlock it. It's not there. Now if I remove the internet connection and check my trophies offline, it is there. But here comes the problem: It doesn't synch with the psn server no matter how often I manually synch. Any ideas?
  14. That's a shame. The Multiplayer of this game was amazing. I stopped playing after 300 hours because Respawn completely failed to support the game with new maps. Just like Dice failed to support Battlefield 5. Service games with free content aren't a strength of EA. This situation here shows that Respawn lost all interest in the Titanfall franchise. Shame again.
  15. As long as I can still download everything that I actually have purchased directly with my money through the download list and didn't get with plus I'm fine with it