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  1. In my opinion this is the best game that was ever released on the vita. The graphics are very good for a handheld game, it's probably the best handheld fps I've ever played when it comes to controls, the story is interesting because as a mercenary you work on both sides. Even the multiplayer is quite good for a handheld multiplayer mode. The online trophies aren't that bad tbh. You can boost everything except the 100 matches in one afternoon. The 100 Matches can be done in the bot dlc. You only need to play one more online match afterwards. The card mechanic is quite confusing at the beginning. But you really shouldn't worry too much about it. Full Deck will come naturally when you complete everything else. The Ace trophy also came naturally for me when I played through the campaign on veteran. Maybe you need to grind this one out now with more people playing. But since someone in this thread here just unlocked it, it still seems to be very doable. The only bad thing about this game is the 10k kills trophy. After playing through the campaign 4 times for all other trophies and all online stuff completed, I still had to grind out between 5000 and 6000 kills or so. Since you will end up with something between 4000 and 5000, a 5000 kills trophy would have been much more reasonable. But the kills can be done offline, so they won't run away. My ranking of the Killzone games would be: Killzone 3 Mercenary 2 Shadow Fall 1 (The first one would be above shadow fall, if it wasn't an outdated PS2 game. Would really like to see a full remake of this.) So if I had to decide between Mercenary and Shadow Fall, I would rather go with Mercenary. The Story in Shadow Fall is just really bad.
  2. Yes unfortunately. I didn't had any problems with other games like eagle flight for example. But this one makes me sick after a while every time.
  3. I would actually recommend to directly play the standalone since it has more trophies. The autopop works in both ways. So iy you completed the standalone, you will have 100% in the dlc automatically.
  4. A friend who has the plat claimed that gaining a billion (or million?) fans is faster with multiplayer somehow. I need to have a look at the game again. I don't remember anything about it and it's mechanics.
  5. Well, I completed the Killzones and I did the online boost on RIGS. But I still need to do the campaign on RIGS and I remember there was some stuff that was faster with online connection. I guess I need to clean this up in the next two weeks. Ugh
  6. I doubt that this is patched because people complain about the difficulty. Not five years later. If the devs would care about such complaints, they would have patched it way earlier.
  7. Well this must be a nightmare for everyone who did the Plat. I honestly would be super pissed about this, if I had spent months on training in this game to achieve the plat. But let's see how exactly it works. But it almost sounds like you could quit the game and then backup your save and continue.
  8. Thank God I completed all of them years ago. Except Legends but I have no interest in any other version after the pain on the vita.
  9. It's pretty simple: The singleplayer campaign of this game can be the played with a normal controller. So a lot of casual players probably got the game and played the normal singleplayer campaign. But for the platinum you need PS move controllers (it's technically also possible with a normal controller but I imagine it's a pain in the ass). Most people don't have a move setup, so they might try those modes with the normal controller and quit them instantly because it plays like shit. This explains why the game has quite a lot game owners. Well and then there is the huge online grind on top of it. Which explains the low number of platinum achievers. And the combination of many game owners and few platinum achievers results in the rarity.
  10. Just grabbed the midnight trophy. It takes probably 1 to 2 hours to unlock the car and the race.
  11. Has this car to be unlocked or can it be done right away?
  12. Weoo, when I created this Thread, it wasn't clear that IO was keeping the Hitman IP. It looked like Square would just keep it it and sit on it without doing anything. Definitely nice to see, how everything turned out. Really looking forward to new Deus Ex and Tomb Raider games too.
  13. I'm fine with it if it's actual online trophies that require multiplayer gameplay. But stuff like taking a photo in photo mode really shouldn't be online. Those are the kind of online trophies I absolutely hate. Singleplayer stuff that requires online connection to work without any good reason. Everyone with an EA account should post here. I think we have good chances of this getting fixed because they are still doing maintenance on the servers.
  14. I would like to know this too. If it works again, I will clean this up asap.
  15. Seems like I missed the midnight trophy too. Well, it is what it is. I don't have a 100% account anyway, so it's not that big of an issue. And the online trophies were earned quite quick. So it's also not like a lot of time was wasted on this. If they fix it, fine. If not I can live with that.