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  1. I’ve looked around and can’t find a definitive answer. I know there is cross play but what about cross progression? So far I have only played on PS4 but haven’t touched the PS5 version. I just want to know if I can play the better version on PS5 and then have the PS4 trophies pop at a later date when I log on with that version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. being near petrol stations often spawned one in from back when I did it. Check the map and choose civilian areas which have little to no flairs showing on the map and they should pop a bit sooner. Hope it helps bud
  3. You may need to make a new save. I had a similar issue and it meant redoing all the campaign again for the collectibles.It sucks but it was the only way I found to work unfortunately.
  4. You were using ONLY his perks right and not a 4th? Just to clarify. it may have been that you were to efficient with your 4k’s. The guide is still accurate it’s just point values for the badges get tweaked fairly often but if you stick with it you’ll get it without much problem. If your getting all the hooks and so many gen’s left maybe try dragging your feet a little. Or just hold a corner of the map so they can get some gen’s but then have to run through a trapped feared area trying to do the last 1 or 2 gens which will give you plenty of chases, hits, hooks, gen kicks etc.
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions. Some of the games suggested I have played/plated already ie far cry series, titanfall, siege, darkness 2, doom. For now I'm going to start working on Plants vs Zombies 1+2, just cause 4, killzone, the order and wolfenstein.
  6. So I was looking for some new games to play, preferably being fps or maybe 3rd person. I've played most of the cod games, Battlefield and ghost recon games. What can you all recommend that I might have missed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Star struck is going to be better suited if used in combination with bbq and chilli, so they get exposed if there to close when your hooking. Would work better against teams trying to block etc and would also make it so multi pile people could be marked instead of 1 with make your choice.
  8. please forgive me if this sounds patronising for stating the obvious things but atleast if they’re said then they are covered. half throttle through corners, don’t be afraid to give the ai a nudge out the way in the bends, dual breaking is generally better but back breaking is better once your more used to the tracks and bikes, you can do the entire game on very easy apart from the 1 trophy, boost the online races and get more practise doing that. Hope this helps, you’ll get it though it will just click in time and you’ll be flying
  9. So I’m trying to finally get the plat and gave such had to resort to using ps now as I no longer have a ps3. the problem is that trophies aren’t popping! I had 1 pop for multi kills and then numerous others do nothing but the game sort of lags every time I complete the trophy objective but nothing pops. ive tried restarting the game, restarting my PS4, syncing trophies before and after I should have earned them, an I’m on a wired connection if that makes any difference. has anyone else had these problems or have any solutions/suggestions?
  10. So at best the only consistent way I've been getting encounters to pop is by standing in a town/city for 5-10mins and then moving around said area and hoping something spawns. It sometimes gives me an encounter but doesn't always unlock a response point. Am I missing something or is this the best way to try and get my resupply points unlocked
  11. tl;dr get it, it’s worth your time and is very enjoyable If you can get past the not so great tutorials your going to find a well designed, balanced and extra well made game that’s going to respect your time. Almost everything you do is going to benefit you, grinding out missions for resources will also yield you mods, xp, collectibles etc so it’s always going to be in your benefit at some point. EVERYTHING apart from a few cosmetic items are behind a pay-wall but this is mostly user created content that’s voted in by the community. There’s also an ingame currency which “speeds up” some progression but isn’t required and you can even trade certain in-game items with other players for the premium currency. The community in the game is one of the best for any game I’ve played. There is often always highly skilled people offering help or advice in chat. Even more focused help can be found in many of the clans. Even the developers are great there is so much input they take from the community it’s crazy! You can actually feel like your contributing to the development of the game.
  12. So after spending 3 hours grinding out the pact with Reis mission and restarting it every time I have now found an easier and more efficient way to farm this trophy. you will still start it by restarting the “Pact with Reis” mission and travelling towards the mission objective. Now this is where it will vary from the traditional method of farming. If you find the random encounter with Reis’s men attacking a civilian either on the way to the objective or after talking to the GRE, then complete it and let the game auto save, close the game and restart it. If you found the encounter on the way to the tower then don’t go into Reis’s tower and instead do the loop around the street and it will appear within 2 minutes. If you had already been in the tower then just proceed outside and loop as you normally would and the first encounter you will always get will be the Reis’s men attacking a civilian. Using this method it took me 10minutes to farm the last 8 random encounters I needed. So for those of you who are still struggling with this at least there is now a much more consistent and faster way to farm.
  13. Yeah because Burnout was made by criterion, not EA. NFS was made by EA dice. So while they are both under EA ownership they are not made by the same company. Hope that helps clear up my sceptics now?
  14. If it is included I would be very surprised as it is EA after all. Most likely it will be a different “edition” to get all the dlc but we can hope.
  15. Trophy list looks pretty standard for what you can expect for the game a 2nd time round. My only annoyance is that they have tacked on 2 dlc packs instead of just including them with the game! I imagine it’s all been built from the ground up anyway so why not have a complete game experience instead of try to squeeze out every penny you can from us?!