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  1. I think these sound effects are better. only problem i have is that they’re quiet for me when they are normally fine on ps4. think this is something that should be changed as i nearly make out the plat noise at some cases
  2. #41 Bloodborne What a game. This whole experience was amazing from start to finish and made me feel accomplished when i finally got that plat at the end. Honestly recommend this game in a heartbeat to anyone that hasn’t played yet. Now onto the dlc. A hunter must hunt
  3. Returnal and RE village
  4. here’s a tip for when you get to search up glyphs for the chalice dungeons. cummmfpk Goodluck on your hunt
  5. i bought it, it works. might have to load it up but it should work without it having to be loaded up
  6. Hitman 2 gold edition is £15.99 (in the uk so check your region). This should give the gold access pass for free
  7. I was just linked to this thread. is there any update on a Hitman 3 trophy guide? Thanks
  8. Hello, was planning on starting this but i like to use a guide to help me along. Does anyone know if there is a guide for this being done?
  9. #41 Bloodborne Played this game years ago and then put it down because i kept dying. I just recently picked it back up and thought i’d give the platinum a shot. Haven’t regretted one bit, i love this game.
  10. unrelated but is doing this without black world tendency good enough, i have the silver bracelets and the ring of a averince, which i know won’t be the same but will it be good enough? i am also gonna do the one at 4-3
  11. yeah i’m using the sword now and love it just aiming for more endurance tho tbh which is why i ask. i’m using the reaper farm after adjudicator and that’s giving me around 5k. with the soul boost ring (forgot the name lol). will you be able to link me something to show me the farm spot you’re on about? thanks
  12. i’ve been using the farming spot with the reaper after killing the adjudicator. seems to get me around 5k souls now each time. i’ll look this one up tho thank you
  13. Hello i’m partially new to souls games, have played bloodborne but then stopped. i’m loving demons souls but just stuck with this build i’m trying to do. i’m around 65 soul level and the build is asking for: 30 vitality 30 faith 40 endurance for these i have: 30 faith 20 endurance 26 vitality have i now ruined this build as i am now soul level 65 and i feel like i wasted these other levels on other things. i heard it takes ages to get levels after the soul level 70. any tips?
  14. Because its Rockstar. That simple really
  15. Should've done the test before you paid. Big L