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  1. If only I had started this trophy right at the start instead of grinding out in the transfer market to get a good team as I don’t agree in using FIFA points. This is horrible. Been trying since the end of December and the best I can do is div 8. Won 5 games in a row just now and only in div 8 with 366 points. So many teams down the lowest leagues are so overpowered.
  2. I can confirm that this has to be done in 1 sitting without leaving the lobby and using the same players. Me and a friend just did it.
  3. Just hope this Ubisoft game won’t be a glitch fest like The wheel of fortune was. Bought that in the big summer sale and had to give up after 3/4 glitch games.
  4. On their facebook page it says on Halloween it will be released. Friday the 30th of October and it's also going to be released on Ps5 as well at some point. https://m.facebook.com/allisonsdiary/posts/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  5. Tried to find this in the Eu store but can’t find it. Any idea on when it’s released in the eu?
  6. Very easy way. Go to training, practise, putting practice. You can do putt preview as many times as you want in a hole in practise.
  7. Thank you Antuaka for letting us about this method. I confirms that this does works as I just got the platinum.
  8. Thank you for the guide Rus. Will start this today
  9. It tells you when you first play it on how to do it. L3 x3 speed, R3 Hp/Atb and unlimited limit breaks and L3+R3 together for no enemy encounters.
  10. It’s a shame that people are using the cheat system on this masterpiece. I certainly be doing it legitimately and don’t care if it takes me up to 100+hours.
  11. That's great news
  12. Okay cool
  13. It's been like it since midnight on Tuesday. Both the What's new section on the main menu and the recent activities section on your profile haven't been updated since Tuesday last week. Might be a problem at sony's end. It's sometimes happens but never for this amount of time