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  1. Another double XP this weekend til Monday ends whenever the lab ends, I've just been spamming last squad standing and hoping I get into a team alone and just find guns I need to max and just sit on them and soak up the XP lol. All I have left is max weapons, get level 50(currently 36 ugh), buy all cosmetics.
  2. How do you go afk, dont you have to be able to hit matchmaking button again once the game is over?
  3. Same instant crash
  4. I get it's the Holidays currently, but they don't seem in no rush to fix this do they?
  5. I got mine other day and it was better with a buddy, I was able to sneak up on the other team/teams when they were concentrating on my buddy, so all my kills came from his distraction and me swooping in the takedown I used a cheapo Thomspon gun for all mine lol. Of course this isn't going to work for everyone since some teams don't push that hard at times some play super passive and are only there to farm so finding a team can be challenging, but usually if you head to barred house you are going to find 2-6 people LOL.
  6. I finally got mine yesterday, I didn't have to do any of the save stuff I got most of the maps POI over course of a few days(and yes I closed my game) just never finished all the points on a single map til I knew I was close to having them all I just went through all the maps so yes you have to wait for them to reset every 1hr so took me about 2hrs-2 1/2 hrs to finish the trophy just because I was waiting. So I went in naked and tried to farm resources in the meantime. Also I did points naked too so don't worry about losing anything like guns/ammo. So as long as you don't 100% any maps POI and save a few per map you should be okay. Also to mention I play this game on a PS5 and games installed via external HDD since I don't put PS4 games on PS5 SSD, but I have never ever had a crash or blue screen on this game ever! Must just be PS4 thing?
  7. The patch today helped a bit with some stuff, I play on a PS5 though and have it installed on an external HDD since its just a PS4 game I have had 0 crashes. I do get the message network unstable A LOT, but never kicked from a game or crashed in the game. I really enjoy the game so I thought the 9.99 cosmetic pack you buy and get like 700 crowns was worth it cuz just use the crowns to buy the battle pass and get all that extra plans and cosmetics as well. Only trophy that is a hassle is safecracker(cuz barred house is always camped or gone after) and discovering all points on the map cuz of the glitch. The safe doesn't have to open though you just touch it, my trophy popped instantly on 5th one just from initiating the safe so no need to wait around for it unless you really want the loot.
  8. I'm confused to upload a saved game file to my cloud it requires me to close the game right? I am unsure how you are uploading it to the cloud without closing the application/game?
  9. This one isn't glitched like the other 2 is it? I notice under my medals it shows no progress bar, but I do have 12 blueprints so far. I just wanted to make sure. I got the cosmetic one, but this was before I knew about the medals and being able to see the progress bar.
  10. That's what I am hoping for, but I mean not seriously to hard to win I have won 3 today the bazooka definitely helps and grenades(all kind). I love the rocket shield myself they freak out when you straight up rocket to there face and hit them with the bat.
  11. Ya most definitely glitched just won 2 matches in a row and nothing I am NA on East Coast servers.
  12. Thanks a lot! Just got the Platinum moments ago!
  13. What's should I be searching for in gallery for your family for your trophies Naomie_Len? Not sure if I missed you saying it in a post or not lol
  14. I used family #1 and got the career trophies once they hit final promotion, and it took prolly 4-6 times going to work while making them work hard also made sure the daily task got done under there promotion tasks. Also got all there skill trophies from ones they had maxed at 10, but I noticed they didn't unlock unless I hit 10 in something else in there skill tree.
  15. Could get a PS4 turbo/rapid fire controller, and set turbo to R1 and rubber band R1 to melee attack. You might get some hateful messages though because you are AFK farming. I did it few times and barely walked away with 7k supplies out of 8 hours cuz I did it while asleep. Almost don't seem worth it because at times it don't find players to fill your match so sit on screen for a long time and if its too long it just kicks you out of matchmaking all together.