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  1. Probably unless you want to grind out survival day 100 constantly with xp modifiers.
  2. Fixed that quick huh
  3. What's it mean to complete a saga quest? I thought it meant from the quest board, but I did one and it didn't work is it a specific quest?
  4. I thought I read this can be done completely solo unless something has changed?
  5. This was super easier first few weeks when game came out, because of a mode that your team was the balls so was easy to get ultimate throws. Now people are really good at moving out of the way and most people hate balling up or throwing people. Def good if you got a buddy willing to just ultimate throw you when he can.
  6. Most definitely use Back Alley Brawl, just roll around entire time and hit tubes as much as possible helps tons!
  7. I chose to just do the PS4 version then swapped over to PS5 and just got the double platinum. Figured might as well, easy platinum only one I really grinded was the 75 warps, and the extreme planet just left it on while at work. Came across a Indium farm and had over 500million just plowed through platinum lol.
  8. Doesn't help when contracts just straight up don't work my dailies today was pass to someone that emotes "pass to me" done this with a buddy in over 5 games still wont count & along with my other daily which is pass a balled up teammate to another teammate 3 times as well not being counted. Missing out on daily contracts because of this should have had platinum by now.
  9. Ya I never played the PS4 version I got it just a week ago on my PS5, I guess I could install PS4 version and spam aliens get trophies then sync over ps4 save once I install ps5 version? Should pop them right then download my current game from the cloud?
  10. I can't get this to pop at all or its other variants I have spoken to over 100 something alien, and I tried to make a new save/character made it to the 1st space station and talked to 11 alien and still can't get it to pop is this one just busted beyond repair?
  11. I have spoken to over 100 aliens and haven't even got the first trophy for "Contact" not sure what to do is starting a new character the only solution? I even created another game got to space station talked to 10 alien and still nothing. I dunno how to get this to pop?
  12. Was a post on Reddit I guess they revealed the event and shown off legendary items coming to the store and items you can earn from gathering popsicles on maps.
  13. Anyone else having trouble with contracts especially daily ones? This week since the update like for example today I had win 1 match, do training 3, get 10 KO. Easy enough right? Well I have won 5 matches still not complete, non of my KO have counted, and the training 3 is only 1 that has gotten done. This is a daily problem for me so far, is anyone else having this issue?
  14. Don't worry half the time contracts aren't even being counted, every day I have to do 3-5 matches before it even counts my daily contracts when its the easiest crap like win a match it just doesn't like to keep track.
  15. I got the assist one last night around 1,030 so I only had like 30 that didn't get counted in first few days not too bad. Now if the game would give me a damn legendary glove and glasses that would be grand and bring in next event since I got the shaft on the first event cuz of bugged trophy lol I also notice game doesn't like to track my contracts if I am in a game has really bad ping or I join mid match it wont count a single thing I noticed that today with my dailies today joined a game mid match literally did all what was required which was easy stuff like 5 assists, throw a team mate 3 times and just didn't count til I got into a match with normal ping. Edit: Yup same thing again today needed to be mvp I join mid match I get MVP don't count yet another bug of keeping track of things lol. High ping crap is getting ridiculous.