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  1. not sure how many people know this but I've just found out that ea play does not work on the playstation 5
  2. for the pvp trophies would it be easier to level a new character and start to pvp at level 20 because im level 32 now and I aint done any pvp or doesn't it make a difference
  3. if i pre order the digital version of planet coaster on ps4 , when i eventually update the game to ps5 which trophy list would i get (ps5 or still ps4), kinda confusing to be honest since it has a ps4 and ps5 list
  4. full potential and skill master bugged or am i missing something , for the acquire all skills trophy ive got all the collectable skill upgrades and no trophy , and the skill master does it need new game plus? only downside to getting a day 1 game is no information
  5. I got this trophy today on the 27th September 2020 and the time 20:15 just keep breaking the boulders and it should unlock
  6. not sure if this is to late but this trophy can be done in 30 mins or less , I found this out as soon as you go to mars go to the nightlife district and go to club furniture and all you have to do is simply lose a race and when finished you will unlock the trophy for achieving max notoriety
  7. does the dlc effect the platinum difficulty in anyway?
  8. I'm not struggling with the tutorial the ramp that I needed to use has disappeared so the tutorial is unplayable for me , a few others have the same problem
  9. Im on the scaling object tutorial and the ramp I was using disappeared on me and now the tutorial is unplayable which is a shame , has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix
  10. he is inside of a challenge room , just like the shopkeeper and the blackmarketeer
  11. Flinthook
  12. the finish the game in co op trophy puts me off if im being honest I was hyped for this game for awhile but I may pass not 100 per cent sure just yet what I will do
  13. i have this got this trophy after defeating GenIVIV , it dropped a skin , i think the trophy is by skins that you find through drops and not skins that you buy , im playing as moze the gunner
  14. will the grand kingdom platinum become unobtainable?
  15. if your team is decent then maybe its possible if you dont sleep for the week