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  1. Dark Souls III.
  2. Finally back to video-games and trophy hunting.

  3. Great list, great icons.
  4. You are right, it's a good game, i have it on PC, though! Hey, i see you are playing Tearaway. I'm thinking about getting it, but i'm not too sure, do you recommend it?
  5. Another month that i don't play any of the offered games. Usual month, i guess.
  6. There are a lot of methods of trading you can use to get coins fast, in my opinion is the best way, it just takes a little bit of time to actually know how to do it.
  7. Stand By Me.
  8. After thinking about it, i actually think you can't get the trophy with a FUT Draft player because he wasn't bought, it needs to be someone you actually have. Even if the guy plays on the easiest difficult on single player Draft and scores 50 goals in 4 matches i think the trophy wouldn't pop.
  9. I don't know about the boost. Regarding the 15K, if you are just starting, you are able to get 15K by trading in less than a hour (after you know the basics of trading, you will get rich with no time). If you don't wanna trade, just keep playing until you get to 15K. You can score the 50th goal on FUT Draft, but you have to be insane for that. Since it's impossible to score 50 goals with the same players in just 4 matches, you will have to count on the luck to get the same players on others Draft's. Just buy some ST from the catalogue and keep playing the easy tournaments offline until you get to 50 goals.
  10. You don't actually need to buy those FIFA Points, just keep playing the FUT (offline or online) until you get 15000 coins. The easiest way to get those coins is by trade, it's not hard.
  11. Metal Gear Solid V and Mad Max. Well, they come out at the same day.
  12. Rockstar!
  13. Yeap, especially if Brazilian teams actually return, would love to play with Ronaldinho on my Fluminense. I was hoping that they would make career mode better, with that rumor of story mode and everything, but that will stay for FIFA 17/18. Regarding the gameplay, i just have to play the demo first to decide if i will buy it or not. You know it's possible to play FIFA and other games as well, right?
  14. A damn lot. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they will stay the same way because MGSV is around the corner, and i will be busy with it for a long time.
  15. Finishing Riptide GP2 and L.A Cops, so i can work on MGS V: Ground Zeroes on the weekend to prepare for Phantom Pain.