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  1. their incomitance really is something. i know people were fuming when they increased the price of rush hour and removed content. guess it adds insult to injury when its busted beyond belief. a shame. i wonder how that sim rail game is.
  2. Was it? I’ve not paid ,ich attention lately. Pretty annoying how they never have sales on x box, and when they do, they’re crap.
  3. you not be too surprised to know that i've known about this for a while :') looks incredible, doesn't it?
  4. this is a steal, 2 levels in one game.
  5. this game was fucking amazing. very nice guide!
  6. You lot get fucked down there. I’m mates with an Aussie and it’s criminal the prices you have to pay.
  7. Yeah. Game still is missing 80ish trophies at least.
  8. sorry to hear that. yeah, should work in sandbox mode, that is how the boxers are getting it. its not too late to just get an x box, it is a very nice console, i'm quite enjoying it.
  9. fixed on x box 😎
  10. i saw this redirected by some mod. tbh. zj level 2 is completely different from zj level 3. fuck off. you sinn ers must god damn repent. lest an eternal firestorm will be endured.
  11. yeah. for example SFJ. i did the main SFJ dlc, deleted my save. downloaded the switcher, made a profile got all trophies, deleted all tsw saves. . downloaded baby bulet, made a new profile, got all trophies. its annoying to do, but everything popped good.
  12. congrats. yes, i became ruthless when i got a ps5 and only ever had dlc i was going for installed, never online, always fresh save. stuff seemed to always pop proper.
  13. yeah. doing it on ps5 with only MSB installed popped it immediately on level 21. there were other trophies where i got greedy and didn't wipe my saves and had to leave the console on for a few hours for them to pop.
  14. interesting the 1k limit. if any dev will push that boundary, it will no doubt be dovetail games.
  15. missing 128 trophies on psnp for some reason. exophase show 328 about 4 days ago.