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  1. recently got into x box. is there a way to make an epic account via the fortnite game on playstation? i'd sort of like to autopop the stuff on the x.
  2. Not really. We will never see chair fucking simulator or what’s under the blanket.
  3. strange. they popped for me perfectly fine on NA and EU first attempt. its not even on one bus, its 10 cumulative.
  4. If I have an NA and UK psn, can I get both regions of the game?
  5. Mayo is prestigious and makes you work for it. Notice I saw the error of my ways and quit doing posting crap! 😎
  6. Just as they told me, same as steam. Can’t wait to play.
  7. not all devs. i had to heckle kish mish for months until they finally got their game sorted. if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it fall? its the same for an earned trophy that can't be seen outside my own console. the console could go tits up at a moments bloody notice and it'd be lost.
  8. 100% unacceptable this shit keeps happening with games. Shame on Sony for not having better parameters for a games release.
  9. I’d just like to confirm for anyone worried, you aren’t actually hacking the game or console to unlock the respective hacker trophies. One of the gameplay mechanics is role playing as a hacker to help your partner. There is nothing shady involved, so you won’t need to worry about being flagged. Enjoy the game!
  10. once upon a time, there was one. hopefully with a larger audience getting on the game there will be more fascinating discovered to behold.
  11. i'll be keeping a keen eye on rarity. tbh, i hope it spikes upwards if so, that likely means someone found a good exploit to knock the game out quick and easy.
  12. I can’t resist adorable horsies.
  13. not goty. any fuck on my list who plays this is getting deleted.
  14. Whole lot of digital bling to be had here. Wish there were only about 30 trophies, we are spoiled here. be careful what you wish for. Dollars to donuts, you’ll get wrecked.
  15. Smart, supporting a price hike that would inevitably be questioned when a shorter game was released.