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  1. what an absolute fool, that person on the epic support team who replied to you. the icing on the cake would have been if it was one of those cheesy people who types a bunch of fake nonsense about "hope you're having an epic day".
  2. i think Magyst is the name. im justgonna keep sending bug reports ingame daily and asking them to manually progress my game as others have had that done.
  3. simply loveleh!
  4. really? oh hell yeah, im certainly getting that then.
  5. vr only?
  6. seems like they broke all trophies w/ the seson 10 patch. hopefully it'll be sorted soon.
  7. There hasn’t been a patch, and unlike people in this thread, I’ve made a mistake, those are old posts lmao. I will message the dev team, if they aren’t aware.
  8. That is how updates work, stuff gets added and broken, but they do fix it fairly quick. It already appeRs trophies are fixed.
  9. i found a new method, not as quick as storm king glitch, but it costs zero mats and with 4 people can crank about 16k per hr. (thats calculating with only 4k max mat storage since i don't have 5k yet).
  10. one of the folks in my boost group join a bunch of bf1 ps4 communitites and posted, so we had them inflate the lobbies. other than that , its essentially unobtainable as only 1 of the 3 dlc operations had any real activity.
  11. no, because if you have a constant motion, it kicks you for being idle. at least it did back then. if it's the same as january when i first got into the online, its a roughly 3 minute idle kick timer. just flick the right and left stick every few minute or two. i also participated (idling) in the recent 1.3 x money and gold and the payouts were massively superior than standard. i would advise only doing it then because you get fuck all with no buff to money or gold (or xp if youre wanting that).
  12. been keeping up watching videos, haven't done anything outside idle grind, but it looks just as crap as before.
  13. It easy to say now, but I saw this a mile out. Not remotely surprised by this.
  14. yeah it sucks how the deck is stacked against you going to yt. im expecting it to be tougher as well, the controls are just a bit peculiar and you don't really get used to them. bossa studios needs ot make another game soon.
  15. thanks for the info dude.