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  1. How do I access the dlc that is apparently installed? With 202 I have Long Island, northern trans, and main. None of these appear in the main menu, only GWE, rapid transit and NEC.
  2. I was told to by someone that did it you need absolutely everything in ultimate, so who knows.
  3. The mastery trophies sound daunting. Nothing is easy to master.
  4. No thanks. Done the plat on 4, just trying to get this to show up again cuz I did the old variation of the side quest.
  5. Nice. Yeah, the tricky bit is to wait for rng to give it again.
  6. damn, 2 times in the last week i've gotten the party of 25 mission. wish it'd give me this so i can proceed w/ the ps5 prep work for autopop.
  7. thanks for posting. i'll definitely keep an eye on the airport level, as i've just unlocked the dlc missions.
  8. ^already on that mission, all driven, and all generating money. No trophy. Actually, I don’t even have the 75% trophy. Even if dlc is rehired, this is still 78 of 98, which is above 75% edit. It gets stranger. I just got the 100% trophy, but still missing the 75% one, after making a short route to level a few stops.
  9. this means the world to me, and i also speak for the WWA. please remember us in the vote for goty 2020
  10. Surgeon Simulator 2 or I am Fish
  11. With those quick plat times, I’d love to definitively know if ALL trophies auto pop. It would save the annoyance of booting up STW every night looking for “ all together now”.
  12. im hooked on simulators, so naturally, im reel excited.
  13. I have it on good authority dlc 1 and 3 may just cause some enjoy,ent, where as dlc 2 will make you want to hop in a bathtub holding a toaster.
  14. they should have had a "Delaying the Inevitable" trophy where you need to sign in like 7 years or whatever after the first time to honor how long this has been pushed.
  15. wtf is this game? well, i believe this could be classified as an absolute monstrosity. this is impressively boring. the absolute only thing is has going for it is a seemingly cool soundtrack at times. everything else makes me want to stab my eyes out and drown myself in the blood.