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  1. I’d expect it takes a while to snag a boss fish. This is a simulation, after all.
  2. even then, i bet they still would have only had a 50/50 chance of getting the list right,.
  3. yeah, they should have "phoned a friend" from a better dev for advice on how to make a good list.
  4. Terrible list. I’m sure the show is butchered now, but last I saw, it seemed somewhat in tact. This list doesn’t seem like it fits who ants to be a millionaire at all.
  5. But... why should an “achievement” require achieving something? This should just be a gimme participation award. Jk
  6. You try to use this to counter what I said, but it further solidifies my point as to why Sony doesn’t need to moderate what we do and the shit nature of these “ I sign all rights away” TOS.
  7. yep. you need to be 18 for psn and to buy games. no need for them to moderate like we are their children. furthermore , if someone reported on hardline.... they saw the served was rented and not an EA one. if they wanted a game, they should have gone to a know...lively ea server,.
  8. that's horseshit. so much is wrong with it. with everything going digital, consumers get fucked in the ass by cooperate TOS that are "sign your life over or you can't use this" . There needs to be a SONY account that you buy games from the store on, and can play them while logged into a linked psn account. trash losing stuff from a ban when you paid for the server. i've played and boosted battlefield with rented servers. i guess i'm lucky i wasn't banned because i'd kick people and if they had a problem, i'd tell them off.
  9. Essentially “ it’s a good deal but I wouldn’t want to actually play it”
  10. yeah i don't see whats so hard about patching it out or auto popping it or just simply removing it from their store front until its fixed to prevent any earnings by that muffins devs.
  11. Oh isn’t it funny too how, for ease of numbers, that account had 2100 trophies and was level 300That is averaging 7 trophies per level. If the levels expand, is going from level 1 to 2 literally one trophy?
  12. How is something easier more rewarding, you kmow? This is just Sony’s participation reward to casuals who want a higher level.
  13. Sweet, this will help prevent the issue from ever occurring for me, I hope.
  14. Caused by a lack of paying attention
  15. what a bloody circle jerk.