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  1. last i checked there is a LPC , DRA, and HSC (a few here) glitched. i've lost interest, due to lack of sales and general developer ineptitude, but maybe a miracle of all miracles has occured and they finally fixed the broken trophies.
  2. Finally, something to get me back on the Paystation that's been collecting dust.
  3. On 3 that train is included with SEHS. Yes, all dlc can be bought for 2 still. No, there are a few glitched ones still.
  4. Would be awesome to see Sony have balls and just delete these games from their trophy archive, meaning it truly was a waste of money because the trophies would no longer exist. Definitely think hackers and molders deserve more respect than “addicts”.of these plat gifting games.
  5. I don’t think they add enough each dlc to have that issue. Especially when it’s about 50 away from the cut off.
  6. Moronic oversight by rebellion. They have always made it crystal clear to tell. Then strange brigade it was cryptic, now in this there is no way to tell
  7. Back to trophy fuckery like in 2020 it seems. Glad I skipped this one.
  8. Sly allegedly is working on increasing that as part of a more significant background update to the site. If he does, it’ll show the real number of trophies here.
  9. I wish Trainz was on console. We need a competitor to make these schmuks whip themselves into shape. It sucks they grab third party devs with the incentive of already having all their resources.
  10. They also went over 5k gamerscore on Xbox and you aren’t really meant to do that. The last dlc had some 0 gamerscore achievements.
  11. Why would you ever wanna get collectibles at all? They are the worst thing in the game. As inept as they are, I think they just didn’t know how to do it. No, pack 1 is only spirit of steam.
  12. No one has them all because there are broken trophies right now in the game.
  13. Because a lot of us already own a fair bit of this content. It’s also far less packs than tsw2 ps5 version had at launch, but was everyone mad about that? Don’t think so cuz it wasn’t the cool thing to do a year ago.
  14. I know. Think six to be exact. Much better than like 25. Only downside is RSN still has them, which is one of the most annoying. And then posted with pure ignorance. Forgot about that. I’ll just wait to do all service stuff. At least on TSW2 ps5 you can do 4 a minute or so. If DTG is actually honest, the load times should be the same. No, they already said nothing will auto pop. You’re not allowed to auto pop trophies on a next release of a game. And I , they, and Sony mean “next game” as in next entry in a series. It’s not like other auto pops that are same game just different region or console
  15. Thank fuck the vast majority of route tasks bullshit is gone. I despise the collectibles on the game. Hope they continue to not add collectible trophies in their new dlc. Base game is easy single afternoon platinum.