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  1. one of the folks in my boost group join a bunch of bf1 ps4 communitites and posted, so we had them inflate the lobbies. other than that , its essentially unobtainable as only 1 of the 3 dlc operations had any real activity.
  2. no, because if you have a constant motion, it kicks you for being idle. at least it did back then. if it's the same as january when i first got into the online, its a roughly 3 minute idle kick timer. just flick the right and left stick every few minute or two. i also participated (idling) in the recent 1.3 x money and gold and the payouts were massively superior than standard. i would advise only doing it then because you get fuck all with no buff to money or gold (or xp if youre wanting that).
  3. been keeping up watching videos, haven't done anything outside idle grind, but it looks just as crap as before.
  4. It easy to say now, but I saw this a mile out. Not remotely surprised by this.
  5. yeah it sucks how the deck is stacked against you going to yt. im expecting it to be tougher as well, the controls are just a bit peculiar and you don't really get used to them. bossa studios needs ot make another game soon.
  6. thanks for the info dude.
  7. They are dead and I rented a server to do them, but it only lets me select maps and not specific operation names I need. Is there a way to set it up proper?
  8. Great quality content. Unfortunately another small channel chucked into obscurity by YouTube. Crack n with I am bread. I’m gonna dive into that soon.
  9. Platinum complete. Thanks a fuck load for the good guide.
  10. i was able to snag a++ on it tonight, finally. i like using the pencil to place the eyes, much nicer as you can have a clear view where the eyeball actually is in relation to the eye socket. the eye transplant is w/o a doubt the toughest to a++ of the surgeries imo. to much wonky stuff that can go wrong and it requires a fairly quick time and minimal blood loss compared to the others.
  11. the next thing i can't wrap my head around is pulling scissors from the eyes. how on earth do you grab them and pull them right out? i have had so many runs ruined cuz he just pulls the bastards and won't yank them out. a few runs were 5 min + and had 5900 to 5100 ml blood left, and i do think the scissors pulled right out, but every run since they don't pull. i've had a few 3 minute runs where they were at an A rank w/ 4500 to 4700 ml blood left. it's costing me big and im going absolutely ballistic at that game right now xD. multiple times the damn patient bled out and died because that idiot wouldn't pull the scissors out.
  12. Yeah, I find it just brutal difficult. Making good headway so far, but the real bastard speed runs are the ones remaining haha.
  13. could you give some more details on the position you need to stab the eyes? my mate was doing it just to the outside, but i can't get that to work, but when i tried stabbing straight on, i just sliced that patient up like a baked ham. find it funny how it's the most common corridor blood loss trophy, i find eye transplants the hardest surgery in the game by a country mile thus far.
  14. i get pumped by that old school trance intro and the heart rate monitor beep. its like the surgeon sim version of "danger zone" 😀
  15. good it isn't just me. i definitely can see times i should be grabbing them, yet it doesn't. dear me, the ambulance one will probably make me snap, seeing as it's an entire minute faster.