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  1. yeah, that time investment sounds right. time to grit your teeth and go for it!
  2. making me dig deep in the memory bank here, lolz. i do recall doing P1 v P2 and potting the 8 as fast as i could with P2. sometimes i'd get more xp if i got stuff in on the break with P1. it was definitely more relaxing and "turn your brain off" than royal rumble. did all the base game, and it was quite a grind. 50 hrs or something if i recall? i feel like the whole base game took 120~ hours.
  3. i would have loved a 25hrs of nurburgring trophy.
  4. 5 you had to gold everything. This is only license tests, and 6 and sports relative events were all cakewalks.
  5. terrible list. sad there is no trophy for getting gold on everything. looks like a boring grind fest like gt sport. i bet the campaign will be just as easy as the events in sport and gt 6. *sigh* also, the autobahn online is a horrible trophy. i hope you can just set up endurance races and rubber band around Daytona or something.
  6. Fucking hell, not this shit again.
  7. hopefully it auto pops so people foolishly play the ps4 version when they could have played ps5. i love when people do silly stuff like that.
  8. I do hope the lazy fuck fixes it. It’s a joke it’s not been fixed if this site is so in love with trophies.
  9. its like riding a bike without training wheels. an easy mode is like having the ability to put training wheels back on if you are sick of falling on the concrete and getting hurt. its great for any skill level to be able to jump into sifu and whip some ass.
  10. excellent news to see them knock the challenge back. there is no reason for so many people to have to struggle while attempting to participate in their hobby of gaming.
  11. very annoying. LOVED the game, but being done with it for near a year, i don't wanna go back. especially when its just gonna be to afk a 13$ dlc in my city for a few hours to get the trophies.
  12. Good to see just one platinum digital stamp. No reason for multiple plats when you’re buying 1 game collection.
  13. started on ps4, but then got a ps5. digital. just base tsw 2020. game was always fully patched except when i downgraded to do the cement circle a few weeks before they fixed it.
  14. Does the game show you what fish need capturing from an area and how many you’ve caught in an area.
  15. their incomitance really is something. i know people were fuming when they increased the price of rush hour and removed content. guess it adds insult to injury when its busted beyond belief. a shame. i wonder how that sim rail game is.