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  1. if save data isn't too critical, i don't mind starting a new one. see, all the dlc (and this sale being about 8 bucks more expensive than its cheapest) im wondering. come september will TSW 2021 be announced and include more of the dlc for a base price?
  2. Thanks for the info. Damn, I thought they fixed the trophies.
  3. I hate this game. It bored me to hell and I dislike every moment on it.
  4. Is anyone who purchased this able to tell me what dlc it comes with? Dovetail are devs that don’t seem bothered to ever respond.
  5. my biggest surprise was how absolutely, supremely terrible this game was. i loved the first and never would have thought this would be such wank.
  6. yeah i picked the first hunting sim up the other day on sale. im a big fan of simulator games and i think HS2 wil knock bee simulator off the throne of the "highest quality sim on console"
  7. You say that like it’s a bad thing 😢 this is game looks fucking sweet.
  8. Or download the money mod and you get loads of money with even less effort and can buy all the stuff you need to breed.
  9. I imagine it only give a full contract at th start of a season. I only have one race weekend contracts right now in my opening season and no more will unlock.
  10. ruddy nora, as this cheeky chum has so crucially communicated, only have one or two of your brigade members repeatedly retiring and reuniting in the lobby. hopefully this tremendously tactical trip can help your.. STRANGE BRIGADE.
  11. thanks for the video. hopefully it will help me save some time when i go to play this game.
  12. im not totally sure of real pool rules. but per the game, it violates their own set of rules from one of the newer patches. when i first got the game, all the stuff that happens now didn't, and the rules seemed to stay the same in the help menu (or wherever they were found). and thanks, it was a nightmare.
  13. i was just gonna type this. its gonna take absolute ages. it took ages to grind the rest of that 100km trophy on mud runner, and that was after completing the entirety of the trophy list.
  14. beware, when you buy the plane to go to further islands, the game crashes every single time when you are halfway to the destination. it looks as though you need to suffer through terrible 2k jobs instead of doing 5k jobs.
  15. thanks for the info dude. i'll check those 2 trofeo's out.