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  1. because of how torturous this game was, im glad they disabled those mutators to make it a cakewalk.
  2. Oceans Rising. 9/10 josh and pam are up against the odds in this doosmday epic. can they rise to the occasion and save the world? Airplane vs Volcano. 8/10 in my opinion, a modern take on the 90's classic Speed. except instead of a bus, its a plane and instead of a bomb exploding, its a volcano exploding. can the souls on board the air bus come together and survive one hell of a flight?
  3. yeah i did mate. at first prices were out of order, because i was writing it down as i came across the prices range and titles. was a pain. -------------------------------------------------------------- Remind how this works. Would I be able to order any of these online at these prices? Or are they expecting me to interact with the masses and show up at the store? Some nice deals in there including Spider Man GOTY, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Division 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs 2, Days Gone, NHL 20, etc. Already have an ample backlog so need to pick and choose. can't figure out how to get the wank quotes to work. you can start ordering on thanksgiving day. typically these all go live online (at least for best buy once all continental us time zones officially cross into thanksgiving.
  4. walmarts isn't out yet either, as far as i know. looks like i'll be mixing up the stores i buy from. gonna make a target account, because a few games are cheaper there i want , like control five bucks cheaper and nascar heat 4 is five bucks cheaper.
  5. dont post often here, so if there is a better area, go ahead and move the post there. not every game on sale, just the ones shown in the ad. enjoy. 199.99 ps4 slim 1tb w/ god of war, horizon zero dawn, last of us 9.99 god of war horizon zero dawn complete edition last of us uncharted trilogy uncharted 4 nioh persona five ratchet and clank bloodbourne littlebigplanet 3 until dawn god of war 3remastered anthem yakuza kiwami yakuza 0 fallout seventy six 12.99 devil may cry hd 14.99 spiderman goty edition kingdom hearts 3 gta v premium online edition resident evil 2 remake the division 2 battlefield V assassins creed odyssey overwatch far cry new dawn devil may cry five rainbow six siege shadow of thetomb raider dark pictures man of medan yakuza kiwami 2 elder scrolls V sheamue 1 and 2 assassins creed III remastered fallout 4 goty yakuza six injustice II legendary edition final fantasy xv watchdogs 2 black ops 3 diablo 3 disney classics: lion king nad aladdin 19.99 crash trilogy medievil days gone mlb 19 the show dragon quest xi metro exodus resident evil 7 gold edition world war z rage 2 plants v zombies battle for neighborsville concrete genie wolfenstein youngblood ace combat 7 jump force just cause 4 witcher 3 wild hunt complete edition elder scrolls v skyrim vr hitman 2 the sims 4 24.99 dead by daylight definitive edition 27.99 fifa borderlands 3 ghost recon breakpoint nba 2k20 madden 20 red dead 2 mortal kombat 11 ctr nitro fueld sekiro shadows die twice 29.99 nascar heat 4 pes 2020 zombieland double tap shadow of the tomb raider definitive edition sniper edlite 3 ultimate edition street outlaws: the list greedfall black ops 4 control nhl 2020 wwe 2k20 34.99 sheamue 3 39.99 modern warfare need for speed heat code vein the sinking city 41.99 power rangers battle for the grid
  6. looks like these could swarm your notifications as quick as they appear they'll pop. doesn't look like any will be too much of a son of a b to earn, which is sweet as.
  7. have you playedgame before where it went ftp and the trophies got disabled? i personally can't say i've seen it, but it does raise an interesting question. the only thing i know is the free to play version you can't get vbucks in save the world anymore, it will be x ray tickets.
  8. My best advice is to farm for mats so when you get in play with others you can type in the chat to vote start for free weapons. Then you craft items for the kids so they don’t sabotage the mission. A 130 is a high level weapon. But if you don’t know what a 130 is, I doubt you’ll be able to craft one.
  9. ^ I can confirm, he helped me and my friends on a few maps and is a very good player.
  10. idk if you bought the game yet, but i think this could be free to play very soon. i noticed on the playstation store there is no more founders packs, meaning no way to buy stw. rumors are also running on reddit its going ftp in a few days.
  11. How hard is the game? I never play these types of games and it doesn’t normally interest me, but the name and music has me intrigued.
  12. bdsm doesn't look like the normal thing i'd enjoy, but i kind of wanna get stuck into it. really good djenty soundtrack too.
  13. i bet 99 will be a retarded grid. im pasing because it looks like just an updated version of autosport from the clips i saw. has a been there done that feel.
  14. looks easy. maybe a slight grind like most simulator games. 2 stacks is gay.
  15. im glad there aren't any. in the middle of fortnite, the last thing i want is more grind on rdr2.