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  1. How hard is the game? I never play these types of games and it doesn’t normally interest me, but the name and music has me intrigued.
  2. bdsm doesn't look like the normal thing i'd enjoy, but i kind of wanna get stuck into it. really good djenty soundtrack too.
  3. i bet 99 will be a retarded grid. im pasing because it looks like just an updated version of autosport from the clips i saw. has a been there done that feel.
  4. looks easy. maybe a slight grind like most simulator games. 2 stacks is gay.
  5. im glad there aren't any. in the middle of fortnite, the last thing i want is more grind on rdr2.
  6. I did but as honestly carried. I’m not that good at the game. I agree though, so luck based. It’s such a painful mediocre game.
  7. try the medic mate. if there is one thing i've learned in the past few days, its the medic is w/o a doubt the best class in the game by quite some margin.
  8. curious to see if the classic battle rifle will need to be upgraded for the trophy.
  9. i see they have a trello card for it now and its status is "to be fixed in future update" . the trello card was made by davethebuck, another sort of community leader from epic. dave has also been pushing the devs lately to get some quality of life stuf done (like fixing the buged anti material charge) so hopefully it is soon fixed.
  10. isn't that the problem though? you need to get parts and keep greengold up. all the glitches to get up in a zone (i'd imagine) keep a player alive, but if they're up there, the mission isn't progressing if they are the last one alive.
  11. And even further you do do SSD 10 and knock down every structure so there is nothing for endurance, do your structure slam and then just die on endurance because it’s a mission that always saves as a win. That way you don’t spam loads of structures and accidentally fail the ssd which would reset the progress.
  12. what an absolute fool, that person on the epic support team who replied to you. the icing on the cake would have been if it was one of those cheesy people who types a bunch of fake nonsense about "hope you're having an epic day".
  13. i think Magyst is the name. im justgonna keep sending bug reports ingame daily and asking them to manually progress my game as others have had that done.
  14. simply loveleh!
  15. really? oh hell yeah, im certainly getting that then.