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  1. I have just tried room match and seriously what did Sega think when they release the game with barebone online features like this. You cant even search for friend to play together, and the 10 seconds timer is annoying. I have nothing against this game and I even hoped that it would have a consistent player base with PS+ but now I can only see that people dropping it pretty quick.
  2. Already met someone turbo spammed P with 150+ matches last night so I assume 1,200 matches would not take too long. So far I'm enjoying the game while waiting for strive so I guess I will try to do ranked legitimately and boost the room match trophies later.
  3. Cant believe that one day I would come back and clear Survival on Crushing. I started 3 years ago after seeing @shorty2905's guide, farmed daily quests to get all the mystics and almost all weapons to lv5 Did stage 1-3 legitimately, joined with random for stage 4, 5, 7, used glitch to clear stage 6 and 8. Then I was stuck at stage 9, got burned out and gave up, didn't even start Lost Legacy even though I already bought it. Fast forward to yesterday, I was going to start Lost Legacy and thinking why not give Survival one last try before giving up completely, just 2 stages left. Somehow I got lucky and managed to clear stage 9 without any star. Then I started to think I might actually be able to pull it off this time because I know for sure that stage 10 can be beaten using the stair + melee glitch (if it still works) And here I am, one day later... Many thanks to @shorty2905 for your incredible guides, without you I would have never attempted it in the first place. It has been so long since I last played the game so i don't have any tip other than I feel more comfortable using FAL + Micro 9mm than M14. And the trick to stun armored enemy using grenade and quickly finish them off using Micro 9mm works wonders when you are swarmed by them. Good luck to anyone who still attempting this trophy!
  4. The leak was true. I'm sooo happyyyyy nowwww
  5. Haven't update for a long time. I guess I will follow DizzyDavidson to reorganize my list a bit so it's easier to see. 5 more games added: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Nova-111 Lemmings Touch Table Top Racing: World Tour Helldivers I probably should use my vita more as I noticed except the 2 vita games added this time, I haven't done any other PS+ vita games since I signed up Full list of completed games:
  6. well... this remind me that I really should start playing the PS3 version that I bought years ago...
  7. I'm fine with my current name, but it's good for people to have a choice. I'm wondering how it's going to affect the site, because currently we are using PSN ID for login.
  8. It's not really necessary to follow exactly what you planned. You can just play any game you want as long as it's PS+ game and add it later. When I signed up I listed out 10 games that I wanted to do and until now I only managed to complete only one. But I also finished a bunch of other PS+ games that I played when I had the mood.
  9. I really want to believe this because I just found out recently that my physical copy of Yakuza Kiwami was faulty and it was way past return date to Amazon. Considering Yakuza 4, 5 were also on PS+, it's totally possible for Sega to do the same with Kiwami
  10. Reporting back one year later... I have gotten 3 star for the first seven stages (solo and joining random matches) but got absolutely destroyed by the warlord in stage 8 even with 2 other very good players. Now I just occasionally boot up the game once every... few weeks collecting relic hoping to get the Shield of Asgard to trigger the melee glitch.
  11. Just got 100% completion before the final battle on my first playthrough. The biggest problem for me is that I had to learn to play Mahjong and it took me 2 days to finish all the mahjong tasks. The rest are quick and easy with guide. I actually think that Yakuza 0 is quite balanced. The completion list in 0 is nothing compare to older titles where you have to complete every variations of minigames at every difficulty. That said, I don't mind if they make new games with easier requirements because I already played the same mini games millions of time before.
  12. Just started Helldivers and I'm having a blast playing local coop with my brother. According to the guide the plat can be quite grindy, but I will worry about that later.
  13. Entered. #PliskinCobra lvl31 Thanks for the GA, I guess I can give this site a try if I need a PSN or steam card
  14. I guess I'm a Casuals/Cross Breeds with a bit of Completionists... I only buy games that looks interesting to me. For most game I tend to consider a platinum (not 100%) trophy list as completing a game If it's the game I really like then I will 100% everything in game, even on multiple platform, (buying the game again in different region is more troublesome so nope) Difficulty is no big deal, but I really hate boring grind. I play a lot on PC also but on PC I just have fun and don't really care about steam achievement.
  15. Vita games... back to mediocre this month I guess...