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  1. I'd give the game a 7/10 myself. Graphically, RDR2 is absolutely stunning. Seeing the vast canyons, swamps, snow covered terrains etc in incredible detail is jaw dropping. The Dead Eye mechanic feels greatly improved over it's RDR1 counterpart. But the game has plenty of flaws like others have mentioned previously in this thread. Things such as items picked not counting for the challenges before starting them, how easy it is to fall off your horse and have it die, (potentially losing your skinned animal goods) the pacing of the story and how it seems to drag a lot with way too much filler content to artificially increase length, and the RNG element that determines the time spent hunting animals for the related trophies. The online itself feels like a barren wasteland compared to the story mode. Only content I enjoyed in it was playing poker and doing the occasional posse deliveries in random lobbies. Doing stuff like bounties didn't seem worth the time investment considering the miniscule payout, and hunting collectibles solely to reach level 50 with no good alternatives to offset the grind felt like a major chore. Overall a decent game, but I still think RDR1 is superior in terms of content and pacing. Also John Marston being a ruthless badass compared to Arthur Morgan who I felt was too nice at times, and RDR1 having the undead nightmare dlc which was amazing.
  2. My character's Machinist glamour, it is my favourite class in FF14. I decided to go for a cowboyish look, and it works surprisingly well.
  3. Remakes: Assassins Creed 1 Dino Crisis 1 and 2 Silent Hill 1 Croc 1 and 2 Resident Evil: Code Veronica Ico Final Fantasy 5 and 6 Remasters/ports: GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Final Fantasy 13 trilogy Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4 Mass Effect trilogy The Darkness Saint's Row 1 and 2
  4. if the ps4 and ps3 are anything to go by, it'll likely be a similar situation where the non-ps5 titles will have their trophies synced when connected to psn, but locally/offline it'll be ps5 trophy lists only. I honestly can't see them being stackable unless there's a remaster like Spiderman.
  5. The RE2 remake does have a lot of inconsistencies with it's narrative compared to the original. It seems that Capcom took a streamlined approach, but created confusion in doing so. I still stand by Claire A/Leon B due to the Carlos easter egg, but I agree that the events in both runs are a combination, very hard to interpret otherwise.
  6. Well, there is one giveaway that hints to Claire A/Leon B still being the canon order even in the remakes. In the RPD section with Carlos, before entering the station, you can go to the room with the Brad Vickers poster, and if you check the locker opposite the poster, Carlos mentions a cop forgetting his uniform. In RE2 remake, Leon can only enter this same room in the 2nd run to get it. In 1st run, Marvin gives Leon the uniform straight up after saving him.
  7. Well folks, it's a wrap. LittleBigPlanet Karting's servers are no longer accessible as of around 6pm GMT. It was fun while it lasted. Congratulations to everyone else who got the online trophies finished before the server closure.
  8. Imagine trying to get all these trophies without the exploit, it would be a chore with the lag, loading times and flawed score system. sepheroithisgod, you are a genius for finding it. Thank you so much.