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  1. One of my favorite songs to play that's in Gitadora, DDR, and probably a number of other games, I'm sure.
  2. Chapters 1-5 of Mimi Mix. It's a rather interesting take on animal ears. ...I couldn't resist taking these panels out of context. And no, this manga is not R18.
  3. Oh well. It's not that big of a deal, but it would be nice to see all past event results. Looking at the tiers now, I'm pretty sure I was somewhere between 3700 - 4000. I used quite a few of my LP restoring items in the last two events, so I probably won't do too well in this one. Thanks. I never thought Yoshiko would be my favorite, but it just ended up that way. Perhaps it's the result of listening to Yousei Teikoku so much... Anyway, I only watched Sunshine for the first time a few months ago, mainly because I didn't like the idea of it (completely new cast, location, etc.). Needless to say I ended up loving it. Not long after that I got the chance to watch the movie in theaters, which was great.
  4. Some people are just cursed, I guess. Right now, I can open your spoiler from when I quoted it, but if I try it on your post it doesn't work, lol. Much like Madoka there are recap movies; they're probably better visually, but I've never seen them. There are also two movies that are apparently sequels to A's but not Strikers and Vivid (?). I haven't seen either nor have I finished Vivid yet. One other thing: throughout this whole series the openings are done by Fate (Nana Mizuki) and the endings are Nanoha (Yukari Tamura). It can be hard to notice at first since they don't sing in character.
  5. Just now I was able to open the spoiler. Then I accidentally refreshed and it broke again... Anyway, I didn't want to reply without seeing what it was, but it turned out to be exactly I what I thought I love the first season, and A's (pronounced like ace) is even better. I couldn't find an HD release either; it seems to be hard to find older anime in general (even though it's not that old relatively). Nanoha also introduced me to one of my favorite artists, Nana Mizuki. Not only is she the voice of Fate, but also a J-pop legend (to me, at least). The insert song in episode 12, "Take a Shot", is one of my favorites.
  6. I've played six chapters of the game so far and it's very good for what it is (a spin-off). It's not as dark as the original, but certainly not all smiles and sunshine either. I don't want to spoil anything, though I will say the backstories of certain characters are really depressing. It all depends on how they adapt it; one thing that worries me is the length. With the side story and the individual character stories, there is a lot of material to work with. Even if it's just the main story, 13 episodes likely won't be enough. As far as I know the length hasn't been addressed yet.
  7. Oddly enough ClariS is responsible for the ending rather than the opening. TrySail (never heard of them prior to this) are doing the opening. One thing I should mention: The three members of TrySail also voice three of the most important characters in the anime; the article completely fails to mention this. I didn't like the idea of adding a new character exclusive to the anime, but all they had to say was "voiced by Hanazawa Kana" and I stopped complaining, lol.
  8. I think I was also in tier 3, but I'm not sure. Is there anyway to check past event rankings? I think it might be too late now. I've only been playing for a few months (87 days logged in as of now). So far I've had fairly good luck with getting URs. From my first ever 11 scout I got the new (at the time) UR Yoshiko. My next two I got from scouting tickets, not only that but they were two of my other favorite girls, Rin and Kotori. I just idolized Kotori, which means I now have my top three girls all idolized, UR, and level 100! Full view of each card:
  9. I have a lot to say about this song, but if you saw my post on the first page you already know. It saddens me to think that there won't be a new Kalafina song for the upcoming Magia Record anime ;_;
  10. I recently watched the first two episodes of Honzuki no Gekokujou. This wasn't even on my radar initially, but then I saw this: Yukachi voicing the main character is too much to pass up (she's perfect as Myne/Maine ). Not only that, but now that I've actually given it a chance, Honzuki is not bad at all. There aren't many clips yet so this was the best I could find:
  11. God Eater 3 It All Comes Together Collect all trophies. God Eater 3 fixes many of the problems I had with the second game, but screws up different things in the process. The first problem is noticeable right before the game even starts; the character creation. In eight years, it has barely improved. The graphics are on a completely different level than before, and yet, the character creation is just as basic as it ever was. Secondly, the difficulty is so dumbed down from the previous games that it's almost insulting. This could have been fixed by having a difficulty selection, but no such thing exists. It seems there was an attempt to balance the overall difficulty by making certain things less useful. Skills are now laughably bad; the percentages at which they affect stats makes them almost negligible. Bullet customization is just as confusing and uninteresting to me as always, but there is one major change that I noticed: rather than using OP, custom bullets have a limited number of uses per mission. Half as many health items can be carried, stun grenades are less useful... I could go on, but none of it really matters. Why? Because all the Aragami are made of glass in this game. At least, that's what it seems like. Complaining aside, I think it's important to note the positive aspects of the game (formatted as a list because I don't care to elaborate right now): - Multiple burst arts equippable at once - Dive mechanic makes getting around a lot faster - Environments and Aragami look great with new graphics - Phym is cute - Dual audio (finally) so I didn't have to import again - Better characters than God Eater 2 - No bullshit filler "story" missions like God Eater 2 - Music is not quite as terrible as previous games - Guns are useless 'cause fuck 'em - I didn't mean for this to turn sarcastic halfway through, but did you know that "equippable" isn't actually a word? Weird.
  12. Resident Evil 4 Re-Re-Remastered. Maybe we'll actually get a platinum this time! /s
  13. I really hope there is a Season 2. According to some spoilers I accidentally read, the manga gets even better later on. ...the past few years of my life summed up in one image, lol.
  14. I can't wait to see the reactions when this game finally comes out this month. "Who the hell are Randy and Tio" "Shirley is a problematic character" ...kill me.
  15. I've logged in every day since it came out but haven't played much. When EN comes out I'm not sure I'll keep playing this version either; only if they manage to really screw it up somehow. My current team is this: I tried to space it out so that there is one UR per group of three, if that even matters (I have no idea). It took me months just to get five URs in the original, whereas in All Stars I got four after barely scouting. The chances are a lot better in All Stars, though, so it makes sense. So far I like everything but the gameplay. Partially because my Japanese isn't good enough to understand the more complicated aspects of it. Even so, I don't like how you have to configure your team correctly to pass a song (or whatever the hell you're supposed to do). I haven't played any songs since I failed Start:Dash... on easy.