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  1. I can't possibly think of a more fitting band than Onmyo-za for the opening to something like Basilisk. This is probably the only anime I've watched where I was already familiar with the opening and ending songs prior to watching it. Edit: I was only going to post one song, but a few hours later I changed my mind. It feels wrong not to also include at least one of the endings:
  2. Hidamari Sketch x 365, x ☆☆☆ (Hoshimittsu), x SP, x Honeycomb, Sae Hiro Soutsugyou-hen (finished) A few months ago I wrote my thoughts on the first season, and most of what I said then applies to the whole series. With nearly 24 hours of episodes, I’d have to assume Hidamari Sketch is likely one of the longer slice of life series (that I know of). Despite the fact that there aren’t many differences between each season, it never became any less funny or interesting to me. Hoshimittsu changes things up a bit by adding two new characters, Nazuna and Nori. Though I wasn’t sure how well that would work at first, they fit right in with the rest of the cast. No better way to check if you’ve forgotten something than to do a Shaft head tilt before walking out the door. Sotsugyou-hen is a good place to end the anime; unlike many other adaptations it at least feels conclusive. Rather than going for some kind of cheap shot tearjerker scene, the ending is done in a very Hidamari Sketch-like manner. Even though I previously made a stupid joke about this image describing the last episode, it was handled in such a way that even I didn’t cry (and that’s saying something). Almost seven years have passed since Sotsugyou-hen first aired. Since the manga is still going, it’s not entirely impossible that more of Hidamari Sketch could be animated in the future. For now, it’s on my never ending “manga I need to read because the anime didn’t cover all of the source material” list. With that, I’ll end this with some more screenshots (in a spoiler this time to avoid taking up too much space): Aikatsu! (Episodes 1 - 50) [At the time of writing this I’ve watched past episode 50, but I’m leaving out the next set of episodes as I haven’t seen them all yet.] Aikatsu is something I had been meaning to watch for a long time. The episode count was certainly not helping; to someone like me who mainly watches 13-26 episode anime, it seemed rather intimidating. In terms of length, Aikatsu has to be the ultimate cute girls doing cute things anime. That might not be the best description of it, however, as there is a plot / story progression. I’ve also seen it described as “slice of life”, which I can’t entirely agree with. Aikatsu is primarily about cute girls doing idol things, such as climbing mountains, cutting down trees, using said trees to sled down a mountain, and solving creative differences within a band fronted by a guy who happens to also be the groundskeeper of the idol academy... okay, so that’s just a few (mostly) one-off episodes. “Is this really Aikatsu?” - Shibuki Ran Ichigo is my favorite character; she’s also the main character, which I would have mentioned already if this were a coherent write up in any way. While not exactly unique, Ichigo is a very endearing character that stole my heart early on. Prior to this I wasn’t familiar with her seiyuu, so without bias I can say that her voice is incredibly cute. Her voice, appearance, and personality are all that of an angel. Part of what makes Aikatsu enjoyable to me is not just Ichigo, but the other two most important characters, Aoi and Ran. Together with Ichigo they make a great trio and are undeniably the stars of the first 50 episodes. Several characters come and go, or just kind of fade into the background sometime after their introduction. Otome and Yurika are good examples of this; they’re usually present, but other times they seem to disappear for a bit. The friendship that these three share is one of my favorite parts of Aikatsu. Oh, and Aoi x Ichigo is really cute. I tried not to look at it “that way”, but it’s difficult for me not to... Episode 50 ends the first part of Aikatsu. How do they end the first part of such a heartwarming, cute, and lighthearted show? Well… [the following contains actual spoilers] Maria Holic, Maria Holic Alive (finished) I initially passed on watching Maria Holic years ago, around the time I started watching anime actually. Back then, I was going through all the yuri anime I could find and had just finished Strawberry Panic and Maria-sama ga Miteru. Feeling burned out after experiencing the mediocrity of the two aforementioned series, I read the synopsis of Maria Holic and thought it sounded terrible. However, I read about it recently and decided to give it a chance (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it here). Why put a Street Fighter reference here? I don’t know either. First, I’d like to point out that this is not a yuri anime, or rather I think calling it that may give others the wrong idea. Sure, the main character likes girls (really likes them), but does just having a lesbian main character make it a yuri anime? I don’t really know nor care to argue whether something fits into a genre or not. Either way, the best description I can think of is this: a whacked-out comedy that isn’t afraid to go places some might consider “too far”. While this could be said about virtually anything, it feels especially fitting here to say that Maria Holic is not for everyone. Going by the numbers on MAL, the first season was fairly popular when it aired (5th highest amount of viewers for Winter 2009). However, it seems many were put off by the first season, since the second season saw a significant drop in viewers (nearly 90k less). I should also note that the second season aired around two years later. Upsetting God leads to horrific consequences. As seen above, my favorite character has to be God herself, also known as the dorm mistress. She asks others to refer to her as Boss or God, which considering the setting I can only assume is blasphemy to some degree. Maybe it gets a pass because it's in English「ゴッド」instead of Japanese「神」. Based on her actions and what she's shown to be capable of, the dorm mistress probably is a goddess of some kind. None of this is ever explained, of course, though that’s what makes it funny (to me, at least). Saki, Saki: Achiga-hen, Saki: Zenkoku-hen (finished) Yet another anime I’ve been meaning to watch, though this one I put off for slightly different reasons. Anime that center around a sport or game of some kind generally are not hard to follow. For example, I know nothing about ping pong, but something like Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume isn’t hard to understand; while there is certainly technique and skill involved, hitting a ball back and forth is simple enough for spectators to get without having any knowledge of the sport. Saki, on the other hand, is about mahjong. Before watching Saki, all I could say about mahjong was that it involved tiles and looked complicated as hell. I watched the first season with zero knowledge of mahjong. Despite this, it was surprisingly entertaining even when it made no sense and seemed like the rules were changing all the time. Part of what makes Saki accessible to non-mahjong players is that it’s not exactly a realistic depiction of mahjong. One reason for this is the crazy mahjong related magic powers nearly every character has. Another would be that while most of the episodes take place at various mahjong tables, there’s enough focus on the enormous cast of characters and their respective backstories to keep it interesting. Things I learned from anime: girls with magic powers of some sort are also lesbians most of the time. Seriously though, the amount of yuri moments in the first season is off the charts; most of them are between Saki and Nodoka, but the second half introduces a lot of new characters (and potential couples). As usual I have a ton of screenshots, so here are some of my favorite yuri moments: Achiga-hen is kind of a side story / sequel that is from the perspective of a different school and their mahjong club. It does have relevance to the original, as there are many returning characters as well as new ones that become important later. When it comes to the voice cast, Achiga-hen is one instance where the stars aligned and a miracle happened. I mean, Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi, and Touyama Nao are all part of the main cast… to me, that is a miracle. Although with the high amount of characters in this series, perhaps it was only a matter of time before they joined (lol). That aside, most of what I have to say is positive, though I’d like to get a few negatives out of the way first. Sadly both Achiga-hen and Zenkoku-hen were animated by a different studio than the first season, and it shows; upon seeing some of the returning characters it’s rather obvious that there’s been a downgrade in the visuals. Another problem that Achiga-hen and Zenkoku-hen have is their shorter length. I haven’t got to the manga yet, so I don’t know if those parts are actually shorter there. As I’ve already mentioned, this series has a massive cast, so having less time to become acquainted with the other teams doesn’t help anything. My favorite character of the whole series is Kuro, unsurprisingly. Sort of like Ichigo, she’s not exactly the most unique character, though that doesn’t make her any less endearing to me. From the teams introduced in Achiga-hen, Senriyama is my second favorite team, with the first being Achiga (obviously). Part of what I love about not just Achiga-hen, but all of Saki is that the other teams aren’t just opponents for the main cast to win against; they’re well thought out, likeable characters (generally) that the viewer may come to love over time. This makes it difficult as to who to root for sometimes. While I always wanted the main cast to be the victors, I also couldn’t help but think some of the other teams equally deserved to win. Obtaining the power to see slightly ahead in the future after returning from the brink of death sounds like something from a mahjong anime, right? Not only that, but Toki can also transfer that power to her (girl)friend Ryuuka because she sleeps on her lap often. This has gone on too long, so when it comes to Zenkoku-hen, I’m going to cut this part short. I already mentioned the negatives; in fact, most of what I said about Achiga-hen applies here, anyway. [Actual spoiler for Zenkoku-hen] Though she didn’t get a lot of screen time, my favorite of the new characters is Toyone. Despite her rather intimidating appearance, (her height is 197 cm) Toyone is a really sweet girl who is kind to everyone. The flashback in which she meets (and befriends) the rest of her team is adorable. One other thing I should certainly mention is that Zenkoku-hen is not the conclusion to the series. Unfortunately, Saki is yet another manga that hasn’t been fully animated. The manga is still releasing, however, so the possibility of another season can’t be ruled out entirely. GochiUsa came back after five years, and that’s far from the only example of such a thing happening, I’m sure. Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (finished) How did I not watch this when it aired? I’m not sure myself. The voice cast alone should have made me watch it sooner, if anything. Four of my top ten seiyuu voice the four main characters; that is even more miraculous than Saki: Achiga-hen. Whatever the case, that doesn’t matter now. Somehow I managed to avoid not only spoilers, but nearly everything. I knew Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho had something to do with Antarctica, and that was about it. I can’t help but be a bit of a contrarian, so when I saw that Yorimoi was widely praised and had a high score on MAL and AniList, I expected it to be okay at best. I mean, it’s on IGN’s best anime of the 2010s list, so you know it’s gotta be good. /s If this were Saki, they’d have an automatic mahjong table even in Antarctica. Since I avoided any information about Yorimoi, I had no clue what to expect. After the first few episodes I was already invested in the story and characters. I wasn’t sure what direction the story would go in, but I was very interested to find out. I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to watch several anime at once; often watching anywhere from 2-6 episodes of one series, then 2-6 of another, etc. However, with Yorimoi I watched all 13 episodes in a row (over the course of a few days). The point I’m trying to make here is that opposite of my stupid, contrarian expectations, I ended up loving this anime. For further emphasis, I’d like to add that I immediately added Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho to my favorites on AniList and MAL upon finishing it. Though I should probably mention that not a whole lot of consideration goes into my top ten anime, I simply adjust it whenever I feel like it. My favorite character is Shirase… I think there might be a pattern here. Joking aside, this has to be one of my favorite performances from Hanazawa Kana. All of the cast is great, really. The whole “outcasts becoming friends” sort of thing has probably been done a million times before, but it is done excellently (and believably) here. I suppose Kimari and Yuzu aren't really outcasts, so it's not as cliché as it sounds. Regardless, Kimari, Shirase, Hinata, and Yuzu work very well together and are a significant part of what makes Yorimoi great. I was never a high school girl, nor did I have any friends so I can’t really say, but their friendship seems realistic to me somehow. I guess that could also be why some might not like it; if one doesn’t connect with the characters, then I’d have to assume most of the enjoyment would be lost. After seeing the title card and the part before it, I got the strong feeling this episode was going to hurt. [Spoilers for episode 12] While I have watched more anime than this recently, I’m going to cut this off here. Currently, I am watching anime at a far faster pace than I am writing this post. In other words, I’ll never finish this if I keep adding more to this list. Also, I tried a slightly different format this time by throwing in screenshots with captions intermittently. I'm not particularly good with words, so this format probably works better for me.
  3. I'll wait for more information, but even then I'll probably be getting this day one. Just from those 40 seconds it looks way better than the mediocre Love Live games on Vita. Also, I can't believe someone as inactive as me is the first one replying to this. I'm disappointed in this community
  4. After watching Saki I started learning how to play Mahjong. As a result, I found out that I considerably enjoy the game. The obvious next step was to buy the Saki Vita game, Zenkoku-hen.
  5. There are two 3D fighting games(?) on PSP, but I think that's it. I'd rather have a more traditional action game, though something like a musou game would be fine too. Sadly, I doubt we'll be seeing any new Nanoha games anytime soon, if at all. About Triangle Heart, it's easy to forget (and I often do) where Nanoha comes from. "Former eroge side character" …not exactly a typical mahou shoujo origin story. From what I've read the Triangle Heart OVAs sound like a mess, and I can't say I'm all that interested in the source material either. My experience with Vivid Strike made me reconsider why I disliked Vivid to some extent. Part of the problem could be how it was adapted, rather than the source material itself. I could go on with this meaningless conjecture, but as of right now I've become determined to quit talking about it and find out by reading the manga. Anyway, there are still quite a few anime from the last month or so that I've yet to write about. I'll get to that at some point; in other words, whenever I feel like it lol.
  6. With that, I think we've both finished the series (for now). There may be a few small extras I'm missing; I'll have to look into that later. Also, I forgot to mention this in my previous post, but I do hope they continue the series in some way. Speaking of Vivid, I think my critique (if you can even call it that) of it may have been too harsh. In addition to having completely wrong expectations, I watched it very slowly over a long period of time. That may have skewed my opinion of it a little. Though I doubt I'll watch the anime again, I might give the manga a chance and see how that goes. I would give The Movie First a 10/10 as well, not sure if I mentioned that previously or not. Maybe I'm remembering the original wrong, but I actually liked the changes in the movie version of A's. Although I must say, removing catgirls is never a good thing. Reflection and Detonation managed to get many things right, yet something still seems to be missing. The constant twists you mentioned didn't help either. There also seems to be quite a bit of focus on the new characters and their backstory, which I didn't particularly care for. Honestly, what I really want to see is a sequel where Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate work together and actually have the spotlight this time. Of course, there would have to be new characters, some kind of new conflict, etc. Easier said than done, I suppose, but I don't think it is a lot to ask for. When I was researching what subs to use, I remember reading about some that translated the ending of Reflection incorrectly. I don't remember what they were called, but that definitely wouldn't make it any easier to follow.
  7. I finally got around to listening to Onmyo-za recently.
  8. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? S1 + S2 (Rewatched/Finished), Dear My Sister, Sing for You [the whole series, basically] After realizing I somehow never watched the movie or the OVA, I knew that I needed to fix that. Since it had been a while, I figured I might as well rewatch everything before that. While not really necessary, I did it anyway because I love this series. Skipping ahead to the stuff that is new to me, Dear My Sister is either considered a movie or an OVA; I'm not quite sure. Whatever the case, it's not that important. For a movie it's not that long (about one hour). It's kind of like one long episode of GochiUsa with a bit of a twist. Cocoa goes back home for a bit (by herself), and some of the movie takes place there. The other parts show how the rest of the cast is affected by Cocoa's absence. Fairly typical GochiUsa stuff, sure, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Sing For You is just one episode, but it's a meaningful one. While Chino's mother has been briefly shown in flashbacks, this is the first time she's been given a voice. There's no way I can refrain from commenting on who they chose to voice her: Mizuki Nana. This casting choice is amusing to me because Minase Inori (voice of Chino) is a huge fan of Mizuki Nana. For example, on one episode of Minase Inori's radio show, she had the opportunity to have Mizuki Nana say any line. She chose to have her say, "Inori-chan, I love you!". [Undeniably a woman of culture, lol] Vivid Strike (finished) For a while I had no idea that Vivid Strike existed. After my experience with Vivid, I wasn't exactly looking for any sort of followup to it. At first, I figured it would've been best if I never found out about Vivid Strike. However, because I hate myself I decided to give it a chance, and contrary to my expectations I ended up liking it. While not perfect, it managed to hold my interest for all 12 episodes. By not reading the Vivid manga I might have been missing some information, but I never felt like it mattered while watching Vivid Strike. Fuuka is a fantastic main character and a large part of what makes the show enjoyable. Because I can't talk about anime without mentioning seiyuu or yuri, I have to say that Minase Inori voices Fuuka perfectly. Listening to her voice, it's almost hard to believe the same person voiced Chino. Speaking of yuri, FuuRin (Fuuka x Rinne) is great. (Screenshots / minor spoilers for the last episode) Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A's What I have to say about A's isn't all that different from what I had to say about the first movie. This time, however, there were more changes to the story (or at least I think there were). Because of this, I think the A's movie might even be better than the original. To emphasize how strongly I feel about it, I'd probably give it a 10/10 if I didn't hate review scores. Screenshots/Spoilers: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection (and Detonation) When I watched Reflection, I had no idea until the end that Detonation was a direct sequel to it. In the last ten minutes I was very confused. I didn't see how they could possibly conclude everything in that amount of time. Thankfully that wasn't the end, or it would've been really rushed. With Reflection and Detonation being the sequel to A's (movie), it's hard not to compare them to Strikers (the original sequel to A's). Unlike Strikers, Reflection and Detonation are a far greater followup to A's; it’s closer to what they should’ve done with the series originally. While it could just be that it has been too long, there's not much else I care to say here. Though still enjoyable, Reflection and Detonation aren't quite on the same level as the original and A's. Perhaps A's set the bar too high; I don't know. As always, I have some screenshots (the first box doesn't contain spoilers): This one has spoilers for both movies:
  9. Another brilliant album from Unlucky Morpheus.
  10. Little update:


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    2. Ariadne


      Mandarake is a dangerous place, can't blame you for that. I don't own anything from Yukari Tamura (yet), though I've heard her first album is really rare. There might be a better price elsewhere, but right now the lowest price I see is around 26000 yen on amazon. 


      I've only listened to the first two Petit Milady albums, I really need to get back to those. It takes me forever to get through discographies sometimes because my album rotation is all over the place. Speaking of catchy songs, I finally got around to listening to ClariS recently. I'm on their second album and I'm liking it a lot so far. I've also been listening to Eri Kitamura; her newer stuff is closer to J-Rock/Metal rather than Pop, but I think it works well with her voice.


      Where to even begin… The first song of hers I heard was Innocent Starter back when I first watched Nanoha a few years ago. After hearing the opening a few times, I knew I had to hear more from the artist. This was the only the second time something like that has happened to me (first time was with Magia - Kalafina). Anyway, Innocent Starter has been one of my favorites ever since. I've probably listened to Alive & Kicking well over 100 times in the last few years. Going backwards a bit, I'll try to list the rest chronologically (possibly with some kind of comment or story).


      From early on, I'd have to go with Transmigration and Looking on the Moon. Protection (great saxophone playing here), オルゴールとピアノと- holy style -, and climb up are all classics from Magic Attraction. Next, Be Ready! (love the guitar in this one) and refrain -classico-. Going back to Alive & Kicking, I already mentioned Innocent Starter, others from that would be 大好きな君へ、Tear's Night, Take a Shot, Cherish, and Abilities. When Take a Shot plays in episode 11 of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is one of my favorite moments in any anime.


      I can't mention Hybrid Universe without mentioning Eternal Blaze, though I also love You Have a Dream (this rendition of it from a few months ago is fantastic), Brave Phoenix, 星空と月と花火の下、and Naked Feels. Great Activity starts off strong with Bring it on!, then there's Orchestral Fantasia, Massive Wonders (can't think of many songs that get me hyped up quite like this one does), Seven, and Heart-shaped chant. 


      I can't help but pair Ultimate Diamond and Impact Exciter together in my mind as two of the best albums. From Ultimate Diamond, 悦楽カメリア is one of my absolute favorite songs. Because of this song I learned the Hirajoshi scale, and it forever changed how I play guitar. I've also charted the song in Stepmania; that's how much I love it. Trickster is great, and I always play it if I'm traveling for some reason and find a DDR X, X2, or X3 machine. So far I've played it on X3 in the southern California area, and on a bad X2 in Las Vegas. Maybe I'll add more locations to the list someday lol. My other favorites from the album would have to be Brand New Tops, 少年、Dancing in velvet moon, and 深愛. When it comes to Impact Exciter, my favorite songs from this probably make up half the album. Time to Impact Exciter is perfect as a sort of extended intro to Next Arcadia. ミュステリオン is straight up metal and I love every minute of it; I can only imagine how hard it is to sing some of the higher parts. As for the rest, I also love Silent Bible, Young Alive! (whoever composed this really nailed the chorus here), Dragonia, 恋の抑止力 -type Exciter- (I might've screwed up the kanji on that one), Don't be Long, and 7月7日. 


      Rockbound Neighbors and Supernal Liberty are two of my least favorite Nana Mizuki albums. I don't if it's that they just didn't click with me, or if it's something else; either way it is hard to explain. One thing I can say for certain is that the vocals are not the problem. Both still have good songs, but as a whole there just seems to be something missing. Rockbound Neighbors is decent and has アヴァロンの王冠、Naked Soldier, Bright Stream, Star Road, Synchrogazer, and Happy Go Round. Supernal Liberty starts off strong with Virgin Code, アパッショノート、and アンティークナハトムジーク、but aside from 僕らの未来、the second half is pretty forgettable to me.


      Lastly, Smashing Anthems and Neogene Creation feel like quite an improvement over the previous two. In fact, I'd say this pair of albums is almost as good as Ultimate Diamond / Impact Exciter. Smashing Anthems has two of my favorite Symphogear songs, Glorious Break and Exterminate. In addition to that, Bracelet, レイジーシンドローム (another song where the chorus really stands out)、禁断のレジスタンス、エゴアイディール、エデン、and アンビバレンス are all excellent. Neogene Creation has my number one favorite Symphogear song, Unlimited Beat (I also charted this song in Stepmania). As for the rest, Stand Up!, Alone Arrows, Twist & Tiger, Rock Ride Riot, はつ恋、and Starting Now! are my other favorites.


      I didn't include Cannonball Running because I only got around to listening to it recently. Typically I feel the need to listen to an album several times before forming an opinion on it. Also, this went on way too long, but I guess that is obvious at this point lol.

    3. Neku-tan



      I currently own four Yukari Tamura singles: Spiritual Garden, Douwa Meikyuu, Hoshizora no Spica and Endless Story. Yes, I've heard that her first albums are very rare and expensive, but still I wanted to focus on singles. First, I'd like to complete all of Nanoha singles, because these are my favourites atm.

      Well, I like Claris as well. Recently, I really liked the Summer Tracks album - Natsu No Uta, where they cover a Japanese hits from the years 60-80. You definitely have to check this out (btw there are only five songs on this album).

      So far I only have two singles from KitaEri: Destiny and Birth. I had the opportunity to buy album Sho × Mei -SHOMEI- (KitaEri) and Citron no Ame & Harumachi Soleil (Yukarin), but I forgot about auctions and someone bought them. I really regret it to this day.

      Wow, I did not expect such an extensive reply. You have a lot of favorite songs from her albums, but I definitely prefer songs from singles. Well, if this interests you, I'll make a list of my favorite songs from each single and album (I will not consider tracks from singles on albums). So, first albums:

      • supersonic girl - Looking on the Moon
      • Magic Attraction - deap sea
      • Dream Skipper - Takaramono
      • Alive & Kicking - Miracle Flight
      • Hybrid Universe - Zankou no Gaia
      • Great Activity - Orchestral Fantasia
      • Ultimate Diamond - Gimmick Game
      • Impact Exciter - Next Arcadia
      • Rockbound Neighbors - Lovely Fruit
      • Supernal Liberty - Million Ways=One Destination
      • Smashing Anthems - Bracelet
      • Neogene Creation - Zettaiteki Kofukuron
      • Cannonball Running - don't have a one so far


      Next singles:

      • Omoi - Omoi
      • Heaven Knows - Heaven Knows
      • The place of happiness - the place of happiness
      • Love & History - Love & History
      • Power gate - Power Gate
      • suddenly ~Meguri Aete~ - Brilliant Star
      • New Sensation - Replay machine -custom-
      • still in the groove - refrain
      • Panorama - Panorama
      • innocent starter - hard choice but still innocent starter
      • Wild Eyes - Wild Eyes, but I love Hime Hurasaki
      • Eternal Blaze - there can be only one answer Eternal Blaze
      • Super Generation - then again. A little more prefer Brave Phoenix than Super Generation
      • Justice to Believe - Justice to Believe
      • Secret Ambition - Secret Ambition
      • Massive Wonders - Massive Wonders
      • Starcamp EP - Cosmic Love
      • Trickster - Discoteque
      • Shin Ai - Shin Ai
      • Mugen - Mugen
      • Phantom Minds - Phantom Minds
      • Silent Bible - Silent Bible
      • Scarlet Knight - Scarlet Knight
      • Pop Master - Unbreakable
      • Junketsu Paradox - either Junketsu Paradox or 7Colors. Can't choose
      • Sychrogazer - Risouron
      • Time Space Ep - Metro Baroque
      • Vitalization - Ai no Hoshi
      • Kindan no Resistance - Blue
      • Eden - Eden
      • Angel Blossom - it's not one of my favourite singles, but I'd say Angel Blossom
      • Exterminate - Exterminate
      • Starting Now - Starting Now
      • Destiny's Prelude - Destiny's Prelude
      • Testament - Testament

      As for the last three singles I don't have a favourite one.


      Yeah I've seen 'I have a dream video'. It's nice to see Nana playing the piano. Have you seen this maybe -> 

       I love her smile when she made a mistake <3


      Hirajoshi scale? Kiita koto nai. But it looks like A minor scale to me at least from this video -> 


    4. Ariadne


      Once again replying late (sorry about that). Regardless of the reason, I guess it's not that uncommon for me to go offline for a few days… or weeks. Anyway, I went on a trip with my sister for the sole purpose of unlocking songs in various arcade rhythm games. There's an event ending soon, and none of the arcades in my area are open currently. So naturally, we drove about 330 miles (531 km) just to unlock some songs. While unrelated, I also haven't exactly been well lately.


      I'll definitely listen to Natsu no Uta when I get the chance. Only five songs won't be a problem compared to all the other albums I'm listening to. Since I got into J-Metal about a year and a half ago, it's only expanded my never ending backlog of albums to listen to. 


      I probably should've limited my list to one or two songs per album; I didn't mean to go off like that lol. Even though I didn't list some of those as my favorites (it's hard to remember them all), I have to agree with most of the songs you picked. While I know all of the main songs from the singles (they're usually on an album), I'm not as familiar with the songs exclusive to singles. What I keep meaning to do is group all the single exclusive songs together into a playlist or something similar. That way it's easier to listen to all the songs I've missed at once, though that will probably take a few hours. 


      I haven't seen that video (yet), but I rarely go on youtube these days. I subscribed to the official channel a while back, at least. Due to copyright I think the entire channel might've been blocked in the NA region until recently. About a year or two ago, I remember trying to find live videos and there was next to nothing.


      I hadn't heard of the Hirajoshi scale either until I found it (sort of) accidentally. When I first heard Etsuraku Kameria I remember really liking the main guitar riff, so I tried to figure it out by ear. Normally, I'm okay at figuring stuff out by ear, but I couldn't seem to understand what the hell was going on in that song. I decided to look up Japanese scales, and the first one I happened to find was the Hirajoshi scale. Upon playing through it a few times on guitar, it became very clear that it was the right one.

  11. I don't know about VVV, but for Re;Birth1+ there's probably no chance whatsoever. Re;Birth2 and 3 were never released on PS4; I can only imagine how poorly the first one must've sold for this to be the result.
  12. I bought everything I didn't have that was 60% off. While I doubt I'll ever get the 100%, at least I can get the platinum now lol
  13. I love the music of Flowers, and so far Aki-hen / Automne has been just as exceptional as the first two.
  14. Finally got this a few days ago after a shipping delay. I'm not looking forward to the wait for the final volume, but I'll deal with that after I finish Aki-hen.
  15. I haven't been playing as much lately, but I have been using my LP at least. The love gems I'd been saving all went to Yohane's birthday (unsurprisingly). 400 love gems later I got these three URs (not counting duplicates):