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  1. More songs that are in (though not from) Gitadora: Out of the five HinaBitter girls, Rin easily has the best songs. Damn, I played DDR Extreme yesterday and it never occurred to me to pick this song... lol. I completely forgot what day it was; maybe next year?
  2. As much as I love these games, I wish they'd spend more time on each one. They're surprisingly good for how fast they come out, though.
  3. Gust owns my soul.
  4. One of the best Gitadora songs (that I know of).
  5. Akiba's Beat; nothing else even comes close. I know it's not meant to be be a sequel to Akiba's Trip 2, but I can't help but compare them. Akiba's Beat is like the complete opposite of Akiba's Trip in the worst ways possible. Beat is painfully long, full of filler nonsense and backtracking, has dull combat that plays like an outdated Tales game, and the same five enemies are just recycled throughout the game. The only postive thing I can think of is that the characters are okay, I guess.
  6. This song is a classic; I wish I could say the same about the anime (Strawberry Panic).
  7. Yeah, that one.
  8. Earlier today I sat down to read the first chapter and ended up reading 17. It's just that good.
  9. My phone mic isn't very good, but it works for what is like my version of writing things down. I have a cheap acoustic guitar that lacks any electric functionality. Even if it did have it, I'd rather use a mic; I have to agree that it sounds more real that way. Regardless, it probably wouldn't sound too good unless I got a mic and an entirely new acoustic guitar.
  10. Don't worry about it, sometimes I won't even login for a few days. I really like her singing in Strawberry Trapper; that and Kowareyasuki are two of my favorite Aqours songs (though it's technically Guilty Kiss). For reference my favorite μ's song is Loveless World, which probably says a lot about the kind of music I like. I don't have any expensive ones, but I do have these two: They are surprisingly well made for how cheap they were.
  11. I tried a few different ones and ended up going with Reaper for recording. I have tabbed stuff in the past, but now when I have an idea I just put my phone up to an amp and use the voice recorder. I don't have a mic either, though I'd like to have a decent one to record acoustic guitar.
  12. It's funny to think that the same "good-cool" is also responsible for this:
  13. Ideally I should have Song 2 finished by next month. I'm not sure why, but I occasionally call it "writing" even though I never actually write anything down. If I have an idea, I'll usually try and record it with my phone before I forget. The closest thing I've done to writing was when I wrote out the notes to the chords I used in one song. The reason being that I don't know my way around a keyboard very well. What I do is pick a lead part, try to build the rhythm around that, and go from there. Either way, I don't think my advice will be helpful since I have a very unconventional way of doing things lol.
  14. Update: Added the link to Song 1, turns out I do still have it. After listening to it again, I think I may have come up with a use for it. Thanks! I have a lot of ideas for the third song, but they exist mostly in my head or as short recordings taken with my phone.
  15. Vivid is better if you just think of it as a spin-off. That said, I've only watched the first four episodes. I already watch anime at a rather slow pace; even more so if I'm not too fond of it. It took me months to get through the mess that is Strikers... I loved the opening, so I looked it up after a few episodes. I'm not sure I would've noticed otherwise.