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  1. Mandarake strikes again?: I couldn't seem to get the lighting to cooperate here, that and my old phone camera seems to have... degraded? I'm not sure. I think I'll just take pictures using my newer phone instead. I avoided using it before because I broke the lens like an idiot. However, seeming them side by side, I've concluded that the newer camera looks way better — even with the broken lens. I also got Narumi's first (and only) EP recently. I had no idea who she was until a few weeks ago when I happened to see something about her newest release. I'd highly recommend checking it out to anyone that likes metal/progressive instrumental type stuff.
  2. Didn't see this coming: A two volume yuri manga that ended five years ago getting an anime? What? As someone who read Fragtime recently, I have mixed feelings about this. It's not the best yuri manga out there, but it's not bad, either. Fragtime is at least far above some other shit that got an anime... *cough* Citrus *cough* Anyway, I'm guessing it'll be an OVA the same way Kase-san was; I doubt they'd stretch two volumes into 12-13 full length episodes. If this is happening, almost anything can. That's how I'm choosing to look at it, anyway. Excuse me while I (irrationally) expect season two of Sakura Trick.
  3. I'm pretty sure Star Door 14 just requires opening all the doors, or maybe just finishing the basic level of them. I remember seeing 14 on the PC, and I didn't bother with the achievements in that version. I never cared much for blackjack, but I do like poker (when real money isn't involved). Even so, I eventually got tired of it and just lowered the difficulty. It still seems odd to me that a game of luck has "difficulty" in the first place. At first, I thought I couldn't remember the strategy I used, but then I realized that I never got to that fight (in the PC version). I checked really carefully, but somehow I was never able to get the last invitation. I still don't know what caused that to happen; it's entirely possible that it was all due to my own error. Aside from the ones you mentioned, I really liked 9 and 14. Assuming I'm remembering the numbers right, that is. 130+ should be good. If not, I think you'll find that leveling up is rather easy in the last area. But then again, it's never really a problem thanks to exp scaling.
  4. Reading is hard.
  5. I'm sure it'll happen eventually, but probably not until after Sen III & IV get localized. In other words, it's going to be a while before we see that happen. Fishing is here to stay, unfortunately. The only good thing I can say is that it becomes a lot easier in the later games. Aside from getting the trophies I didn't really bother with the minigames that much. Ultimately, they're just "for fun" and don't really add anything to the story. I think it's funny how the difficulty can be lowered in the gambling one. What does that even do? Lower how much the AI cheats, I guess? Good luck with the final stage of the arena. In the Evo version they added another boss to the final round — as if weren't hard enough already.
  6. Okay, so I'm "cheating" a bit with this one. I know for a fact that it's in an anime, but which one? Hm... I can't remember, and quite honestly I don't care right now. More importantly, today is the 25th of February (in JST at least). As much as I'd like to say "you all know what that means", there's likely no one on here anymore who does. Anyway, Happy Endings is one of my favorite songs off her first album. I was just reminded of that as I was going through these albums yet again as a sort of celebration/ in anticipation of her newest release.
  7. I mentioned this in another thread already, but it was only $8 (with a $5 off code).
  8. Still nothing about a western release, but at least there's finally an announcement.
  9. I think Kondo actually expressed interest in porting Zero and Ao to PS4 in an interview. That wouldn't automatically equal a localization of course, but it would be a start, at least. And that's only if it even happens in the first place. Right now, the only viable platform would be PC. Some of the mini games are pretty hard. I remember having trouble with the fishing one, but it's hardly surprising given that I suck at fishing. The highest level of the quiz seems to be impossible unless you memorize all the questions. I can read fairly fast, but even then there's just not enough time to think about the answer and select it.
  10. Thanks. I've seen those, but what I'd like to get is something like this: Or this: I like playing F, F 2nd, X, etc. with a regular PS3/PS4 controller just fine, but I feel like Future Tone works best with the arcade controls. However, none of the official controllers are actually like the arcade for some reason. I'd have to get something custom made (like in the above pictures), which would cost a few hundred dollars at least. I got the map done a long time ago, at least. What mainly put me off getting the platinum was being unable to find the last chest. Next time I'll have to use a checklist or something like that.
  11. Around a month ago, I never thought I'd finish all three, but here I am. Since it's finally the 22nd here in the past, (PST) I went ahead and got all three platinums. #1 (106th overall): Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f This is my third time platinuming this game (as I mentioned before). It's funny how I went from "well, I don't really like vocaloids" to "this is one of my favorite rhythm games". It's truly a shame that more games weren't made in this style. Future Tone just isn't fun with the controller; the arcade version is way better. #2 (107th overall): バレットガールズ2 (Bullet Girls 2) I've more or less said everything I wanted to about this game a few pages ago. If anyone cares, go read it there. Short version: It's a well done sequel/very improved from the first game. Twice as many charcters/twice as long story. Saki and Jerii are the best. #3 (108th overall): God Eater Resurrection It took me a bit to truly get into this game, but I couldn't stop playing once I did. About 120 hours is what it took to get the platinum, most of which happened over the last few weeks. I wouldn't call it easy, but it wasn't nearly as hard as I was expecting (based on what little I had read about beforehand). I can count the number of times I actually failed a mission on one hand. One thing this game reminded me of is that my ability to read Japanese is... not so great, to say the least (I'm working on it). I could follow the story fine, but trying to figure out bullet crafting was pretty much impossible. I could've got the localized version, but... dub-only? Yeah, no thanks. Anyway, I did manage to create a few basic bullets that I stuck with for the entire game. The damn things didn't see much use, however, since I always go with melee over ranged (when possible). I hope to see everyone again for next year's event. Maybe then I'll finally platinum Celceta? Once again, it's the only Vita game I own that I haven't platinumed.
  12. I live in the US, so there are no import fees at least. I mostly import games and music which are generally more expensive in Japan (and that's not including shipping). For example, the most recent album I pre-ordered was about $30. Yeah it's the limited edition, but the regular one is only a few dollars less. I remember trying one translation and quitting about five sentences in (it was that terrible). That was quite a while ago, so things might have changed since then. I'll have to look into more, although, last time I said that I completely forgot and did nothing...
  13. The scene at the end of chapter 1 (when this song plays) is just great. That's when I first thought that this game was amazing, and it never let me down after that.
  14. I now have God Eater ready. Getting the set of rank 14 equipment was a lot faster/easier than I was expecting. Also, I had a five dollar off coupon on ebay, so I just bought the second game for only $8.99.
  15. Huh, maybe I don't remember this game as well as I thought. Come to think of it, I can't even remember if that fight is in chapter six or seven. Yeah, I don't think there are any characters in the main cast that I actually dislike. I don't think it's just you; Josette just isn't good in battle. If you feel bad about not using all the characters, then worry not, their time will come. Or maybe it won't. You'll see. I remember that part being pretty rough on nightmare, probably because NG+ doesn't change anything for that. It would probably be impossible (on nightmare, anyway) without those crafts. I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure the way physical damage is calculated is the same for all three games. Damage has always seemed to increase or decrease exponentially. In a way, I think there is a "damage threshold" of sorts. If a character's attack stat isn't high enough (in relation to the enemy's defence) it will simply do no damage. The math behind it all is probably much more complicated than that, though. I was tempted to get the collector's edition, but then I thought about how much I already spent on 3 and 4... I'll probably get the regular edition eventually but I'll pass for now. There isn't a better one? I know there's the spreadsheet, but that's a different thing entirely. I think there's a better translation, but it might just be a patch for the Chinese PC version.