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  1. [Rocksmith 2014] 180 missions down, only need to do 320 more...

  2. ガールズ&パンツァー戦車道、極めます! 戦車道、極めます! 全てのトロフィーを獲得する I didn't expect to finish this so fast, but getting the conversation trophy went better than I thought it would. With a guide, it's fairly easy. Without one, it would probably be impossible. There are 100 different conversations, and some of them can only be triggered in a very specific way. If they are interrupted, which can happen rather easily, it won't count. Also, there's no in-game way to keep track of which ones you've heard already. Complaining aside, I had a lot fun playing this game. Shortly after watching the anime, I somehow found myself already buying the game (no self-control, I know). I'd highly recommend it to anyone who liked the anime, as the game is pretty much a slightly abridged, playable version of the anime. Unfortunately, it seems to be a bit rare now though, so good luck finding it for anything less than 60USD or so. I don't have anything else to say so... パンツァーフォー!
  3. I'm playing the first Girls und Panzer game right now, and it's a lot of fun. Unless this turns out to be multiplayer focused, which I doubt, I'll definitely get it. I'd rather have that than a lot of multiplayer trophies.
  4. It's not out yet, but Sen no Kiseki III will probably be my favorite PS4 game. Right now, it's easily Persona 5.
  5. Lol, you own this game too? I'm not surprised. The trophy for hearing all dialogue between characters (the trophy should've been named "Good Conversation" =D) seems like it will be time consuming, but I'm still determined to platinum it.
  6. Tokyo Xanadu The Legend of the X.R.C. Obtain all trophys. "For I have dined on honeydew, and drunk the milk of paradise." References no one will get aside, Tokyo Xanadu is yet another great game from Falcom. Despite being an action RPG, it's much more like Kiseki than it is like Ys. In fact, the graphics are pretty much the same as Sen no Kiseki, but improved. The bonding events, character notes and quests are nearly the same as well. The combat system is kind of like a 3D version of Ys Oath/Origin, and is closer to what I think the 3D Ys games should've been like. As for for the localization, it has way more typos and other errors than it should have. I find it hard to believe that anyone actually proofread the script. Seriously, you'd have to be blind to miss some of this shit. The platinum description is a great example. "Obtain all trophys." Also, no audio plays during the true ending credits. Hopefully this will be fixed in the PS4 version.
  7. Over the last two weeks, I've taken a lot of Tokyo Xanadu screenshots. Typos and other dumb errors (Does anybody proofread this shit?): The rest of these may actually contain spoilers: Other stuff:
  8. I just started chapter 4, and I haven't had any problems. Here's a video I found if you want to see for yourself. Skip to the 9 minute mark to see the actual gameplay.
  9. She kind of does, but she's pretty much just Towa from Cold Steel. There's no way it's a coincidence that they share the same first name, look identical, and are both voiced by Nonaka Ai.
  10. I just got Tokyo Xanadu, and I really like how it shows the VA of a character as they're introduced:
  11. Release date confirmed: 3 days later for EU:
  12. Some Akiba's Trip screenshots: