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  1. The Moon Doors certainly are long. Phantasma and the Moon/Star doors are kind of like a convenient excuse to show us scenes we would have never seen otherwise, but that's fine with me, since the end result is amazing. I'll have to look into it more, but I believe the PC version can be bought digitally somewhere. That would most likely be the easiest (legal) way.
  2. That's awesome; I wish more games did this. Reading "dubtitles" (as they're sometimes called) can be rather aggravating at times.
  3. Nice! I love the ending in SC. I'll never forget Anyway, the 3rd is one of the shorter games in the series, and is structured quite differently (as you've probably noticed). There doesn't seem to be an overview of any kind, though there really should be one. I did manage to find this comment taken from here: Q: "Will this translation patch be out for the PSP ver? I unfortunately can’t get my hands on the PC ver due to the region I live in." A: "There will be one for PSP, but it will be limited to script insertion. We are primarily focused on improving the PC version and using that."
  4. Yeah, spending as much time as I do is definitely unnecessary — especially on normal — but that's just how I am. Most "high tier" offensive arts are actually useless, so it's not worth it to try and get those anyway. The high EP cost, unimpressive damage, and slow cast time makes them rather unbalanced. You can do far more damage in a shorter period by using low level arts like Soul Blur and Aqua Bleed. It doesn't change much, sadly. The only major change is that the placement is more free, rather than being on a grid. Right, I forgot about that one. There are similar (and better) crafts in Sen; I can't remember any good ones in Zero or Ao, though. An official localization won't be happening soon, if at all. There is, however, a fan translation of Zero that is being done by a very capable team. The translation is done and they're 75% done editing. If you want to see their progress:
  5. Clock Up EX increases speed by 50%, so you definitely want that buff on everyone. When you combine that with Clock Down (-50% speed to an enemy) it makes a massive difference. I love that sort of thing, so it wasn't rare for me to spend an hour trying to get my quartz "perfect". Anyway, if you made it this far with your current quartz set-up, I'm sure it'll be fine for the rest of the final boss. Yeah that's what I meant. What I should've said was that there's no reason for your party to be in the front (for a boss battle). Having them in the front is indeed good for what you mentioned. Thankfully CP is easier to build up/maintain in the later games. Resting at an inn recovers 100 CP (this happens as early as Zero, I think). There are also some CP recovery arts. I can't remember the name, but one of them adds an effect that recovers 20 CP per turn (lasts four turns).
  6. Well, that is often called the hardest fight in the game. I guess it doesn't matter now, but what I'm going to say can be applied to (almost) any boss. If you aren't already, use Clock Up EX and Clock Down. Most bosses surprisingly don't resist Clock Down, it even works on You should also have both Action and Cast quartz on just about every character. One other thing, formation can really help the start of a boss fight. There's rarely ever a good reason to have your party members in the front. By putting them in the back, whatever/whoever you're fighting will likely have to waste time going to the back.
  7. When I said, "That character has best defensive s-craft in the game, maybe even in the whole series. It is incredibly useful against a certain boss later on.", that's the exact fight I was referring to. Anyway, good luck with the final boss. I doubt you'll need it though, since it's not nearly as hard as the previous boss.
  8. As much as I love these games, this is definitely "wait for a sale" material. I already bought all the plus versions for full price on Vita, not doing that again. $60 for all three would've been a fair price, imo.
  9. I would've bought it physically, but I already own two copies (NA and JP). That, and it's currently on sale for £7.99.
  10. After putting it off for a while, I finally got Estival Versus. Since it's the Japanese version, I'll get the platinum on the Japanese anniversary. I haven't started it yet, but that shouldn't be a problem due to how easy it is.
  11. Got the Japanese version since it was cheaper:
  12. I 1000% approve of this.
  13. Oh right, I've been meaning to read the different story. An anime series (or movie) of that makes more sense to me than basing it on a mobile game. The game probably has been much more successful, though.
  14. I'm not sure how long it's been like that, but I seem to be the first to mention it. If you're not using it already, I'd recommend imgur for image hosting. It hasn't failed me once in my 5+ years of using it.
  15. First world problems: having to rip half my CD collection because my goddamn SD card decided to delete my music... this sucks. 

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      perhaps start a backup harddrive so it's as easy as plug in and copy. if it happened again.


      as for digital library, fuck that. some people like physical collections if they can. myself included.

    3. Cave_Johnson_


      @Crispy_Oglop Thanks for the suggestion, but I love collecting stuff, so that's not really an option for me. I only buy music digitally if I absolutely have to.


      @LegacyJKO09 I'm going to use the Play Music app now, that way I won't have to deal with this again. To give more background on this situation: 5-6 years ago I ripped all these CDs to my previous PC. I then transferred all that to the SD card in my phone. I've switched phones since then, but kept the same SD card. That PC doesn't work now though, so the data was only on my phone. However, the SD card got corrupted for whatever reason recently, which brings me to now.


      As I mentioned above, I love collecting stuff (physically of course). Most of that is unsurprisingly video games and music. While I don't think it'll happen anytime soon — if at all — I absolutely hate the idea of an all digital future and will reject it as long as I live.

    4. LegacyJKO09


      @Cave_Johnson_ same here. if an all digital world happened, I would be pissed. no dvd bluray collections, games, music. its disgusting thinking about an all digital future.

  16. Sign me up for the top rank (Legend?) the images are missing, so I'm not sure. I know if doesn't affect rank, but I also have every stack except Demon's Souls (EU). I might get it soon even though I just played it about four months ago; it's crazy how much replay value these games have to me. Hell, I'd do it a fourth time if a Demon's Souls remaster ever happens.
  17. That's fine then. However, this isn't on topic in the first place (I'm equally guilty by replying, though). It'd be like arguing that games shouldn't go on sale (ridiculous I know, but just an example) in a thread listing the recent sales on PSN. On here it may seem that way, but trust me, the majority of people simply don't care. If the majority thought the same as many of us in this thread do, these censored games would take a massive hit in sales. Fine by me.
  18. Yes porn exists, but I don't see why this is always brought up. There is an unfathomable amount of it on the internet, and likely everyone buying these games are well aware of this. If all they wanted was porn, these games wouldn't sell. I don't think we should have to put with these minor changes just because "we have it pretty good" now. If you think this is nitpicking and doesn't necessarily affect how we play the games, that's fine, but that's your opinion — and one that is quite clearly shared by the majority.
  19. I'm a bit skeptical, but it's Madoka, so I'll be watching it regardless. I know next to nothing about the story of the game; I would've downloaded it long ago, but my phone doesn't support it.
  20. 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡IV My 2,000th trophy is the Sen no Kiseki II platinum, 50th platinum is Sora no Kiseki SC (also 2,500th trophy), 3,000th trophy is the Sora no Kiseki the 3rd platinum, 75th platinum is Zero no Kiseki, 90th platinum is Sen no Kiseki III... So naturally, I made sure platinum #100 was also a Kiseki game. In case it wasn't obvious, the "Kiseki" series — better known as "Trails" in the west — is my favorite game series.
  21. 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡IV THE LEGEND OF HEROES 全てのトロフィーを獲得した。 With that, I have every Kiseki platinum (again). It's hard to talk about almost anything in this game without spoiling something, so I won't say much. The trophy list is the basically the same as all the other ones. Complete all quests, get all treasure chests, collect all quartz, etc. It took me 200+ hours, but I'm sure it could be done in half that time. Surprisingly, I didn't screw up my NG+ run and managed to do everything in two playthroughs. The platinum screenshot is just the save screen, so here's a picture of Fie instead:
  22. I first played FC, SC and the 3rd all on PC. The controller support is good, but getting (most) controllers to work on PC always comes with a number of problems. If you want to use any of those controllers wirelessly, you'll need a wireless adapter (most likely). If your PC has Bluetooth built-in, you may be able to use the Wii U Pro controller.
  23. Indeed it is. Chapter 6 is even better and is probably my favorite one (aside from the final chapter). I hate spoilers too, so I'd hate to ruin it for someone else. I completely left Twitter for almost a month to avoid Sen IV spoilers. It's hard to talk about almost anything in that game without it being a spoiler. Hell, even the cover has spoilers on it.
  24. You're correct. I thought it had to be done as Richter until DarkHarmonixer pointed that out.