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  1. if only i hadn't lost my original save...
  2. Already spent the circuit experience credits on other cars and upgrades since I play this game both for fun and for the trophies. So now that we know what cars we need it's nice to be able to grind up the required amount of credits on your account so you don't have to grind when the cars eventually are available in the Legend Cars store.
  3. just did the race, if you switch to fuel map 6 straight away you don't have to pit at all, you'll have like 5% fuel left when you cross the finish-line
  4. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga bby! So goddamn excited to relive my youth.
  5. I see where you're coming from, and I agree with you. The reason I consider myself retired is for my own well being. To reduce the amount of time I'm devoting to thinking about trophies and being afraid of starting new games incase I don't feel like going for the 100%. It's not so much that I'm actually not going for trophies or don't care about the community anymore, it's more of a personal boundary to keep it fun and healthy!
  6. I consider myself a retired trophy hunter, I don't care about 100% on every game anymore and mostly go for the platinum/100% if I feel like it. I sometimes still check trophy list before buying/starting a new game but I'm trying to get rid of that habit and play games first, platinum them second, and only if I want to for that specific game. I really understand how it almost feels like a job (weird thing to say about a hobby, but it's true) and I think this community is partially responsible for that feeling in a lot of newer trophy hunters, this website reinforces that feeling too. Between always showing your total percentage and having a list of "missing trophies" and the community being very "gatekeepy" with what a "good profile" looks like, it can be very anxiety inducing.
  7. The Witcher 3. It looks bad, it plays bad, the story is not that interesting. I have tried playing it like 5 times but get bored EVERY time. Oh and Horizon: Zero Dawn is hot garbage as well...
  8. It is still possible but I would say that it isn't worth it! Having to play the multiplayer for about 20 hours alone to grind to level 50 is NOT worth it. If you want to play the trilogy and want the story from the first one but don't want to have an unfinished game on your profile, play it on another account and then continue with number 2.
  9. Haha, it's been a year almost since I wrote this post. But I have reflected on it a bit and I think I agree with you. I used a bit of a "clickbait" title on this post, I don't actually hate the game, I just made a big mistake playing it when I did. I still don't like the game but I respect it for what it is. I've actually been thinking of it after turning it of which is more than I can say for most games so it's got that going for it. Although the walking is too damn slow...
  10. If you have the Crash Trilogy you should be able to do this! Just practice and remember that if it's not fun anymore just don't bother!
  11. Ï understand where you are coming from but My Name Is Mayo in particular I feel like, is kind of an inside joke amongst trophy hunters and is therefore kind of a must have platinum! I just got them because of this reason! I have 1 other platinum that. I'm ashamed of and that's Grass Cutter... That one I only got for the quick and easy platinum and I regret having it on my profile now, but in the end who cares! It's just some stupid accolades and as long as you are having fun nothing else matters!
  12. There was a Weekly Grand Prix last week this week there's a Featured Event. For Featured Racer all you have to do is finish the Featured Event. For The Whole Event you have to partake in free practice, qualifying and the race during a Weekly Grand Prix.
  13. There is a featured event happening right now (november 16-22)
  14. Uncharted: Lost Legacy. You seem to have completed the game at least once and it's not that much left! It's one of the easier Naughty Dog platinums so I'll say go for it!