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  1. The Witcher 3. It looks bad, it plays bad, the story is not that interesting. I have tried playing it like 5 times but get bored EVERY time. Oh and Horizon: Zero Dawn is hot garbage as well...
  2. It is still possible but I would say that it isn't worth it! Having to play the multiplayer for about 20 hours alone to grind to level 50 is NOT worth it. If you want to play the trilogy and want the story from the first one but don't want to have an unfinished game on your profile, play it on another account and then continue with number 2.
  3. Haha, it's been a year almost since I wrote this post. But I have reflected on it a bit and I think I agree with you. I used a bit of a "clickbait" title on this post, I don't actually hate the game, I just made a big mistake playing it when I did. I still don't like the game but I respect it for what it is. I've actually been thinking of it after turning it of which is more than I can say for most games so it's got that going for it. Although the walking is too damn slow...
  4. If you have the Crash Trilogy you should be able to do this! Just practice and remember that if it's not fun anymore just don't bother!
  5. Ï understand where you are coming from but My Name Is Mayo in particular I feel like, is kind of an inside joke amongst trophy hunters and is therefore kind of a must have platinum! I just got them because of this reason! I have 1 other platinum that. I'm ashamed of and that's Grass Cutter... That one I only got for the quick and easy platinum and I regret having it on my profile now, but in the end who cares! It's just some stupid accolades and as long as you are having fun nothing else matters!
  6. There was a Weekly Grand Prix last week this week there's a Featured Event. For Featured Racer all you have to do is finish the Featured Event. For The Whole Event you have to partake in free practice, qualifying and the race during a Weekly Grand Prix.
  7. There is a featured event happening right now (november 16-22)
  8. Uncharted: Lost Legacy. You seem to have completed the game at least once and it's not that much left! It's one of the easier Naughty Dog platinums so I'll say go for it!
  9. The game is just stupid fun, don't take it to seriously!
  10. Mine always sounds like a bloody jet taking off. Doesn't even matter what game I am playing. Happens whether I'm playing GTA: San Andreas or some modern AAA game.
  11. Thank you for this! Probably ain't going to be able to do it since I'm based in Sweden but damn man! This is a well written strategy! Good job mate!
  12. I didn't buy the game. I've had it in my library a long time since it was free on PS+ a couple of years ago. I see your point! I was just very frustrated with the game right after finishing it. I don't suffer from depression but I have anxiety and abandonment issues so this game really triggered it badly unfortunately. All the trailers and YouTube people talking about it almost described it as a relaxing experience, but for me that was not the case.
  13. I've put off playing this game for so many years but since I have nothing to do during quarantine time I decided to power through it today. And damn I regret my decision... I seriously feel depressed. The whole game was so lonely that you start feeling like something is off for real. I truly hated the experience of this feeling. Most movies that goes through something similar at least have the redeeming quality of a main character or some uplifting part to make you relate. This was just eery and unsettling without any redeeming quality's. For anyone on the fence if you should play this game for the easy platinum! If you are struggling with anxiety or depression stay far away from this game!