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  1. What about network pass for Uncharted 3? It was delisted from the store. If I don't have that network pass can I still play MP now?
  2. I have got Gold Rush a few days ago (replaying missions - when I finished story I had about 4-5 gold medals) thanks to gamingwithabyss channel on Youtube and the guide on his site.
  3. What if I give health item to the horse? Would it negate the challenge: "Complete the mission without taking any health items"? EDIT: I have given health item to my horse and still got the gold medal.
  4. Evolve servers are back
  5. They mark every new topic about shutting down servers for Crysis 2 as SPAM now. And I just asked about trying to find other solution than changing date for servers closure. So it seems that we won't get anything from them.
  6. Project Cars platinum is obtainable. They've added new event schedule with the last event starting on 10th November 2018 so there is plenty of time to get Community Ambassador trophy. Source: EDIT: Nevermind. It has already been on "Confirmed Upcoming Shutdowns" list
  7. There is no problem with these trophies. It popped after I've got ~4k xp points.
  8. I met requirements in the main game and moved onto the standalone MP version and trophy didn't autopop. Has anyone had similar problems with level up trophies?
  9. I have Racing Icons Car Pack and I can't play this event. What's the reason?
  10. Thank you for help, @stargate1995! I also created [email protected] (where xx = 18;19;20).
  11. Hey guys I need some hearts. Could you help me? I will heart your profiles and levels too. Thanks!
  12. Hello Is there anyone who can lend me a hand and borrow me a veteran certified item? I'll return it as soon as trophies pop for me. My ID: VahrionPL
  13. I just checked a few countries. Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary - no DLC. UK, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Romania, Netherlands - it's there. Are you sure that Europe is one region? Is it possible that Europe is divided into smaller regions? I don't want to pay and get nothing at all. Is here anyone who can verify this? @Edit Solved. I bought DLC in UK Store and it works. Thanks for help
  14. Goekie, really? :/ I have Dishonored from PS+ on my main account... So... I can forget about DLC from US. If I get GOTY Edition it will be a whole "new" game in my trophy list or I'll be able to download only this one DLC which will count for my installed Dishonored?
  15. I'm from Poland and I cannot find in my Store one Dishonored DLC - "Dunwall City Trials". I asked Bethesda about this and they said that it depends on the region. Can I create new account with other region? Then buy DLC there, start download, relog to the main account, end download and enjoy the game? Will it help? Please, don't tell me I have to buy whole GOTY Edition to play this one DLC... I love the game but I'm not so desperate to pay again for the same game to play only a little piece of it. I wonder if I can get ban for creating US account and buying games there. I would use US gift cards.