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  1. Weeeellll, we're getting way off topic now. I just don't see why other than trophies, people are buying games that have less colors, gameplay and length then even many Atari 2600 games. Nobody would be buying this on their SNES or Playstation 2 for example. Not only are people buying such awful games, there are people defending them as well. It's funny how times have changed. Trophies literally have more value than the games they are sold with these days. Such a waste of a Playstation 4 dev kit.
  2. Speaking of Cyberpunk neither Hakoom or Ikemenzi have played it. Imagine having so much free time and money to burn that you are Ikemenzi and you spend your weekend on a Sunday playing Our Church and Halloween RPG: Story Three and Our Church and Halloween RPG: Story One instead of you know, playing something awesome on your PS5 like Resident Evil 8 (which at least Hakoom seemed to be doing)
  3. The original game had a high resolution and a solid 60fps even on base PS4 (since it had to work in VR as well) What benefit is there re releasing a game on PS5 with no noticable differences? Well I say that, give it 3 or 4 years, I am sure Capcom will milk it a bit more later when they have a slight gap in their release schedule.
  4. Tusman is in 3rd now. Still, it's just a spamfest of who can buy and platinum the most easy platinum games now. I mean Hakoom needs to go even crazier with spamming now to catch up and who wants to do that? He's seems to be more into playing proper games, like Resident Evil 8 and Returnal, which of course, if the correct and more sensible choice. Ikemenzi's twitter is back to normal now though.
  5. I'm genuinely surprised that no matter how low the standards go. There are people who defend the absolute bottom of the barrel. But yeah, as Sn1per666999 says, try selling those games as Playstation Minis without trophies. Then we'll see how popular they are. lol. I am pretty sure there is no limit. Imagine if we lived in a world where we were only about allowed to complain about something, only once.
  6. The games appear to be so short, in that they could be just a single level in just one game. Why does each 10 minute game need an entirely new release? It must be an experiment at Sony, how shit can we make games and people will still buy them...
  7. Ok, so Ikemenzi is suddenly over 8000 points ahead, well ahead in the lead now. I mean that's about 5 or 6 platinum games right? I think what he's done is disable his ability to sync on any of his systems, racked up a ton more super cheap easy trophy lists in secret, and then just mass synced them all the same time. Glad to hear there is no permanent lung damage. My dad sometimes gets a thrombosis style fattening of his leg if he is sat for too long/ not exercising enough but for him that sympton is sadly from having heart surgery years ago and I guess just being old. I have creaky knees sometimes when I am sat for too long but usually, I am kind of a fidget with my legs and arms, always pointless scratching something so I am not sure if I could get thrombosis although I do make sure to take frequent breaks and make sure I am not sat for too long anyway, just incase. If anything, that's good for my waist lol.
  8. Ok so not 99p in the UK yet then, or ever?
  9. In Dragons' crown a bare bones playthrough is 9 stages and then another 9 for the talisman. After that each playthrough on the same difficulty is just the final 9 stones. The Dragon best time, yeah they can be quite hard, however on normal and medium, you can probably just include them in your other characters / just go back to them when you are 99 and can defeat the boss super easy. Well I got platinum on the game in about 5 weeks and that was just mostly just playing the game to and from work. It's not as bad as you think, once you get going, the game gets better.
  10. I think this fight scene is more appropriate
  11. So erm, going all the way back to the original poster. Maybe that person is just innocent and genuinely confused on how DLC and the system work. Let's say, the OP synced their trophies a while back on a game but hasn't synced in a long while. In which case the game they may have completed will still show 100% on their system, and they perhaps want the site to reflect this despite the fact the unconnected system is showing outdated data. Which would be S in that case. I sometimes don't go online with my PS4 for a week or two as it's the same cable with my desktop PC and it's a pain switching cables. In those cases, Killing Force 2 is always on 100% on my system until I connect to the Internet and then it's down to 98% again. It's also funny to look at this thread sometime later and see that the OP seemingly never even came back to check any of your answers / heated debate. lol.
  12. Not sure which guide you are looking at but, when I played through a game again with Wizard on a new account, it was entirely coop with my friend, and aside him having to do the first level or two by himself to unlock online. We played everything in coop with him inviting me to his game and everything unlocked fine. Perhaps it doesn't unlock for the person joining the session, I don't know. I was playing the game and already had platinum though. It's only 8 times you have to finish the game. 3 times with one character on every difficulty and then the other 5 just once and like I mentioned, once you have done it on Infernal with one character, the other 5 play throughs are basically speed runs, you just run through the level and scroll the screen and your 3 high powered AI just trounces the enemy. Takes about an hour or perhaps even less with the other three characters. I enjoyed those 5 play throughs as it required not much effort at all. Don't give up hope mate!
  13. Erm, the game has online play getting the trophies should be fine. Never tired adhoc. Are you not able to use your Vita in online play? Ok, so during gameplay there are bones to pick up, it's like a skull and bones, as you pick them up, they have a name and level. You can carry I think about 20 of these bones before you have to either discard or resurrect them at the temple. The bones picked up are roughly around your current level or whoever is the host. You can choose to resurrect the bones at a cheap price, it's also possible to pick up bones of who you are playing with online. Like if I died, when you resurrected the bones of me, it would be at the level I was and the AI would have all the equipment I had on me at the time. You can't use that equipment as your own stuff, but the AI player will use it.
  14. So the game gets released in about 7 hours (according to MetaCritic) However somebody already has platinum on the PS5 version. lol
  15. @visvoer18 You could easily cheese half of Dragon's Crown list without much effort. If you take a look at my list https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2054-dragons-crown/enaysoft?order=date&trophies=earned You will notice that once I completed the normal difficulty with one character I was easily able to complete the game with the other characters. This is because the bones of dead characters can be carried to your other characters. If you have 3 AI characters resurrected at around about lvl99, every enemy dies in one hit on normal difficulty, even bosses. All you have to do is scroll the screen and let the AI do the work. If you make a boosting session asking for help from someone who is lvl99 and finished everything, I am sure someone will invite you to their game on the hardest difficulty and while you stay at the back of the screen / out of harms way, they can let you pick up all the bones on the way, to allow you to get access to high level bones earlier on. I sadly deleted my save on Vita not realising that deleting the game from the desktop also deletes your save data (unlike PS3) so I had to start again when I got the PS4 version, and so far only, have a lvl34 Wizard after completing the game once on Normal. But still, three lvl34 characters is more than enough to carry you through most the game and make your first playthrough a lot easier. I always used 3 warriors AI characters and they just run at and destroy everything in their path. [edit] Also, if you're serious about getting platinum and haven't played too much yet, I highly recommend making Wizard your main character if you haven't already, or else this trophy will be a huge pain later on Legendary Strike Deal over 100,000 damage in one strike.