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  1. Is this possible solo? I found myself getting swarmed rather quickly and then I die, and as far as bombs go, nope haven't seen a single bomb. If anyone has any tips, would be greatly appreciated
  2. I worry about the future when digital is the ONLY way to play games. I mean, I find it crazy that we live in a world when a customer has money, wants to buy a game, they want to give their money but can't. Sales are being lost due to DRM, but that's always the case with DRM. I hate having to buy Japanese Vita games from BookOff and making sure there will never ever be DLC for it.
  3. Dynasty Warriors: Next, the hardest Vita trophy in the universe. Four people owning the game need to play adhoc together at the same time.... Good luck getting that one. That Street Fighter X Tekken one is also a very difficult trophy, I only got that because after buying a second vita due to my first one being a bit old and battered and was able to boost with myself. Ad hoc trophies are worse than online ones.
  4. Yeah I heard about that, same time I caught this news. Bad news for Vita all around. Still it's coming out on the switch and that's a handheld, it's like they didn't put it out on purpose on a Vita because Nintendo knew it would sell a lot of copies and would look better than on a 3DS. That's my theory anyway, especially since Vita in Japan has a whole ton of visual novels available for it, like with the PSP as well.
  5. I have 2 Vitas, one I played so much that the rubber on both sticks has worn to the bone, it's just two pieces of white plastic. Best handheld ever, must have sunk 1000+ hours into Vita games, and using it as a media player, mp3 player whilst out walking and playing it on the train to and from work everyday, I don't know where I'd be without it, smart phones suck in comparison. I might have to get a 3rd if they are ceasing production soon.
  6. One of the best novel games ever made which got me into novel games in the first place. Released first on the GBA, then DS and 3DS! The best handheld novel game series ever made, and now finally we get to play them on a Sony Console. HOORRAAAAYYYY!!!! .... This is a joke right... No vita version!?.... Like other games, such as Hatoful Boyfriend, it's great to have both a Vita and PS4 port for those that don't have a Vita. Do I really have to play a text adventure game with mostly reading on a HD TV for 20 hours?....I know the Vita is considered a dead system but they are porting a handheld game ffs. This is like if they ported it to PS4 and made it VR only. As if having 1 plat for 3 long games and having practically to read spoilers in order to be careful not miss missable conversation trophies through the games weren't bad enough...
  7. The irony of this game, the story writes itself.
  8. I haven't seen one for sale in Japan secondhand, ever.
  9. 10000th trophy! All time classic, Street Of Rage 3!

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  10. Thanks for the post
  11. Hi guys, Ok so I'm considering buying the Move pack for Little Big Planet 2, I have 2 move controllers since I got VR for PS4, just wondering if my web camera will work on Little Big Planet 2, or do I need to have the official PS3 camera? I used this web camera on Burnout to get the camera shot trophy on that game, just wondered if it will work with this game. Thanks
  12. I don't find going back to PS3 a chore, not at all. I play Vita more than I do PS4, just because PS4 is the newest doesn't mean I will neglect my older systems. What I do hate with PS3 though is how slow it is going to the store, being unable to turn off to standby like you can with PS4 and Vita, but worst of all pressing XMB in the middle of a game and/or accidentally starting a trophy sync in the middle of a game and having to wait literally minutes before I get control back of the system. Playing PS3 games is fine, it's everything around it that is annoying for me. [edit] Oh, and games being so old and servers so dead, that boosting is such a pain....
  13. I used to always use PlaystationTrophies.com until I found this place. I know people go on about the guides that are there, but of course they are plenty, it was there first before this one. The lack of people using it is mainly down to one reason. PROGRESS! My first forum love was gamefaqs.com. Used it for well over 10 years, I even wrote several guides there. But you know, trophies and achievements came along, and so did the necessity to use images and movies, then when youtube guides came along, what use is a text only based game guide? Monochrome text documents with strict width settings, outdated links to some free geocities jpeg 10 years ago buried within all the guides.... it's not 1998 anymore. So then I moved to PlaystationTrophies, after all, I stuck with Playstation since the 1st one. Now we have guides with pictures and trophies and links to youtube clips embedded in the html page. We also have boosting threads via stickes. Now we come to psnprofiles. This site here is like PlaystationTrophies but with better features, I can browse my entire collection of trophies and list and compare them in various ways, on this very site! When you read a guide, it shows whether you have the trophy or not, a timestamp appears next to trophies you already have. This is incredibly handy, and boosting threads? Who needs those when you can just create a gaming session and choose which trophies you want to boost, set the time etc. All 3 of these features make the PlaystationTrophies site seem very outdated (as much as I loved going there back in the day) I always used to check their platinum difficulty sticky posts but why do that when this site shows the rarity of every single trophy whether it be psnprofiles or the official worldwide PSN total. This site has it all! Now I hope the original PlaystationTrophies site stays up and long may it continue! But for me, just like saying goodbye to gamefaqs one day because it no longer catered to my needs, I then did the same with PlaystationTrophies, people go where the best tools are. The markets will decide.
  14. I can't say I would ever avoid a game because it has hard trophies. Being a middle aged adult now though I tend to avoid games that are really long, or most specifically games with heavy amounts of online or seemingly infinite amounts of DLC, oh and I've always avoided games that are online only! Sadly I liked the look the look of Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight but those games are online, super grindy and seemingly infinite amount of DLC. Never going to get those, even if they are free. Middle aged = Free time is scarce!
  15. Be careful about BookOff and second hand games in general. Like Blockbuster and Gamestop in the west, even BookOff doesn't sell as many used games as they did before. Some stores in Japan don't do PS3 secondhand anymore and the Vita section is sometimes tiny if at all. I've bought a lot of secondhand games on Vita from BookOff but lately I've found many older difficult games to find at all, or worse, they are there, but they are practically full price even at second hand. I'd also recommend Puyo Puyo Tetris, but again it took me a while of continually going around various BookOffs around Tokyo visiting the same places every week to two to actually find it. The place to go is Akihabara as they have a BookOff near the station and many other second hand stores that sell Vita games close by.