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  1. Haha. Popular games this week:-


    More people playing "My Name is Mayo 2"




    Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    Demon's Souls
    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales



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    2. zizimonster


      That game franchise has developed a large number of followers over the past few years. Who knows, 20 years from now, the game will considered a cult classic? Just like the original Mirror's Edge. 🙃

    3. Tempestad_cl


      Happened the same with both stacks of Road Bustle.

    4. DaivRules


      After Sony’s 30% cut, the devs definitely aren’t making a ton of money, but what they’re gaining in reputation is priceless. Good for them!

  2. A quick heads up. This is not an easy game, I suspect between 6-8 / 10 I've not tried hard mode yet but the final stages in normal were pretty tough, and on top of that, there is a secret game in this version (added extra from the switch version) called Arcade of the future. It is an extra 100 levels, unique to the 100 levels in the main game (200 stages in total) Arcade of the future must be completed in one sitting, you can't continue if you die and you only get 10 lives. It was only my first go but I got to about stage 12 or so. On Stage 10 two invincible Baron Von Blubba came on the screen, and I died about 7 times as they were pretty tricky to dodge. This is likely going to be nearly as hard as Pang Adventures was to get 100% Time to get your memorisation skills activated. Also I am not sure if there is a bug in the game, but sometimes my Dpad gets stuck down so I am constantly crawling for no reason. I have to do a spin of the analogue stick to reset it..
  3. Well look on the bright side, if you hate the PS5 one, there's probably about 100000 trophy pops left waiting for you on all the PS3, PS4 and Vita games that you have yet to start playing.
  4. Over 40 now, what's maybe weird is, I remember being in my 20s when I was first playing Resident Evil 5 on PS3 and the whole trophy popping stuff kicked. And then suddenly my entire thirties all went, almost like a dream. Still feels like I am mid 30s. I think the scariest part is once, I was listening to Little Big Planet tunes on youtube and I read the comments and people were saying things like "I grew up on this game", now that did make me feel old. I can't imagine my first console being a PS3. I remember I was still at school when my mate got his Japanese Playstation in 1995. Some of those guys probably weren't even born yet..
  5. We Love Katamari probably plays the best, but I think the soundtrack on the first game is the best. I am even quite nostalgic now for the PS3 version. It's a shame that both the PS3 and this version suffer from slowdown sometimes. I mean why should there be slowdown in this game, PS3 perhaps, with all the new shader renders you could do in the game. But this version is basically the PS2 version in higher res just for PS4 and it's not even 60fps either, still stuck at 30fps. Anyway, yes I hope we get all the other versions, I will certainly buy them all. I just completed the game, only the roll up everything trophy now. Just looked at my collection, 89%.... As much as I love this game, I don't think I can be bothered with the platinum this time around. Felt like I was playing for 2 weeks on the PS3 version just to roll up all the items and the cowbear stuff, but at least on that version you had the turbo boost engine mode to speed things up. 91% completion is likely enough for me. Hopefully We Love Katamary will be released sooner rather than later.
  6. I can download up to a gigabyte a minute on my Internet connection on PS4, but it all depends on Sony's servers, and your Internet connection, not the console. Like if I download a brand new game, it's insanely fast, but then try downloading something old or not popular and it takes a while. Sony will have priority server bandwidths priorities for games and demand. Then later on I will be on Yahoo Mail and it will take 5-10 seconds just to load a 100k page.
  7. Felt like I was rolling up items forever in Katamari Forever. Weirdly that game was like mt 5th or 6th game on PS3. Was a long platinum. It's honestly scary to think that was over 10 years ago...
  8. Wait, surgeon simulator is great, I could probably get platinum on that when I have a spare minute, still need to get A++ on a couple of the later levels. [edit] Ahh, you mentioned bad controls, perhaps you are talking about the non VR version. VR version is awesome.
  9. King of Katamari Damacy Rolled all items. Might be tough as I seem to recall some of the zodiac stages are quite tough since they are time trials. Well, as long as there are no unique items unique to those stages only. I guess
  10. Does it take longer to read this entire thread than it does to get the platinum?
  11. I love the picture to this game. It's as if the creators of the cartoon "The Smurfs" were drafted in to make a Ghosts N Goblins cartoon.
  12. I would NEVER buy this game! "My name is Jam" though. I would definitely buy that.
  13. Well, only the games that have micro transactions in. In other words making sure you keep playing their games and spending money right into the next generation.
  14. This week, first Katamari Damacy and now Bubble Bobble. Has been years since I have wanted to buy games on Day 1.
  15. Difficulty should be based somewhere along the lines of Raw dexterity VS Genre variety VS Time taken VS Suffering Raw dexterity ---------------------- If a game requires a 1 minute task or less but with extreme skill required to get it, even though it is very short. That makes it very hard if you have to require and rely on raw skill to beat it. (See Goat Simulator Flappy goat, Street Fighter 4 time trials etc) Genre variety ---------------------- How good is your overall game play skill base. You might have one hard task, say like it's a difficult driving game, or a difficult puzzle game, but what if there are multiple genres of games that are all also difficult included in the same game? Sure you might be a pro at one genre, but about a difficult special stage/mini game? (See the Yakuza games, Puyo Puyo mini game etc) Time taken VS Suffering ---------------------- If a game is long but easy, allow the factor of your personal belief for "how long" something is. My name is Mayo is considered easy, but imagine if it was 10000 clicks, or 100,000 clicks, or 1 million clicks, or 10 million clicks. For sure, the game is still easy. but if it was impossible to cheese 1 million clicks, doing an easy task for a painfully long amount of time, yeah that's hard in my opinion, it's hard to put up the psychological and human suffering on a painful grind. How grindy a task is though, varies between players. (See the blow up 1 million walls trophy in BomberMan on PS4, or spilling 100s pints of Blood for each character in Mortal Kombat on PS3)