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  1. I don't know for sure, but looking at the trophy list and seeing that nobody has earned a trophy in 2 years, I think we can say the servers are not up at the moment.
  2. Hmm, the original poster does bring up a good point. Often if you get a game on PS+ trying to buy it later can be a pain. For example on Vita I got Dynasty Warriors Next on PS+ but now I can't buy it, it won't let me, it just downloads. Which means if it gets delisted then I am tied to Playstation Plus if I want to actually own this game, which I got for "free". Maybe this is different with FF7 remake but I do wonder if claiming it on PS4 would make it somehow purchasable on PS5. (For whatever reason)
  3. https://www.mcvuk.com/business-news/sony-is-shutting-down-development-at-japan-studio Well if this is true I find this news really shocking. I mean, they just released the awesome Astro Boy on PS5 and also worked on PS5 Demon Soul's and also made the awesome Astro Boy, especially the VR one which I really love. I mean, If Sony's best first party studio closes, that seems pretty worrying news to me.
  4. It's a dick move enough to not have the Yuffie stuff on PS4, but the worst part is knowing that this past year they have been working on this DLC and not FF7 remake part 2. I am kinda worrying if I will still be even alive on this earth when the FF7 remake and Shenmue finally get concluded.
  5. [edit] Lord_Bane999 answered at same time as me. lol
  6. Well, after what happened to PS3 in 2010, you could be right.
  7. My longest so far is Resident Evil 6 on PS3. Platinum in 7 years, 5 months Second is actually from a few days ago on Samurai Warriors 2 HD, Platinum in 7 years, 2 months
  8. I'm even later to this party Once you unlock that horse (of which name escapes me, I think it is a skeleton one) the game gets a lot easier and you can just stay on the horse 99% of the time and gain the gradually increasing musou ability, jump off the horse, musou, jump back on the horse and run away. I did this with Femto after getting all the characters to about stage 80 and getting as many quests done as I can with all the characters and only completing the game with Guts. You only have to face Femto once with one character in order to unlock the skelly horse. Likely, you can just buy the horse DLC pack and ride one of the 4 horses right from the beginning of the game as if it were the skeleton horse and just cheese your way through the whole game. That would likely make the platinum way easier. BTW Stay away from Vita, that makes the platinum harder for sure, once you start getting bounced around everywhere by Femto's bubbles, game drops to about 5-10 fps and it's very hard to control and see what is going on. Very good game though aside from that boss.
  9. Soooo then Mr BreakMaBallsSolid. Let's hear your opinions so far. A ) Which game did you enjoy most out of Ikaruga and Splasher? B ) Which game did you find most difficult?
  10. It lived up to its name anyway. Anthem......NEXT!
  11. It's probably now known as Dynasty Warriors: Offline since the servers closed long ago. :/
  12. A few days ago I finally got platinum on Samurai Warriors 2 Empires HD. This game was the most painful yet. Took me over 7 years... That makes Musou Platinum no 52.
  13. The mad man has done it twice. lol. Well done mate!
  14. Very surprised to see some Arcade Archive games go on sale. I thought those games were immune to sales.
  15. Immediately back up all your saves while you have the chance. How much space do you have remaining on your Harddrive and how old is your PS4. My slim has crashed many years when trying to do download several games, have the store open, watch youtube and have a play on suspend all at the same time. If your PS4 is laggy after switching on, that might be cause for concern. Again, start backing up your saves to PS+ or USB if you have not been doing that lately.