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  1. Why do you keep posting this? Anyway, me and LastMinuteSaviour are good buddies. I have to go soon anyway, it's almost past my bedtime.
  2. Not sure if you're from the UK, but there's a culture of making bad jokes and awful puns, edge of the pier humour, where that's the whole point. The jokes are meant to be terrible, not even jokes, they're supposed to make you groan, they're supposed to be terrible. I'm glad you're appalled, because that's the goal. I hope you cringed so hard that you need to have a lay down. lol
  3. Your finger slipped, into the basket Then your finger slipped into clicking Purchase, and then it slipped a further two times, confirming your credit card selection and then confirming the purchase? Yeah sure it did mate. lol
  4. Better to be right, than wrong. Ba dum tisch!
  5. How do you know if I'll lose braincells, unless you've read it already? lol I think a topic lock is probably incoming.
  6. wut lol. His post was five sentences long. I'd best keep this post short and to the point or else mine might be too long to read as well.
  7. I just wanted to say, Gone Home has the best Refrigerator, in a game, ever. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a good game, reminds me of being back in old blighty. But man, some of the trophies in that game are very annoying and some are quite literally impossible without a guide, and you walk sooooo slooooowwwlllllyyyy. Great game otherwise. Make sure you don't play that game if you're already feeling down / depressed about life. It's a particular grim tale.
  8. That's the thing, Angry Joe isn't even all that angry, most of his content has him grinning from ear to ear pretty much all the time, he's a very smiley person and I think actually has to go out of his way to be Angry these days. And it's a group of people. Jim, though unfortunately, is literally angry all the time. And also "ClickBait The Movie" and usually just piggy backing the controversy of the week, whether it's even connected to gaming or not.
  9. He also was first to the Life Of Black Tiger and other shit that started appearing on the PS4. It's a shame that these days he's too busy hating on pretty much all of gaming (and life in general) to notice how bad things are now. Should be renamed to "The Angry Jim Show"
  10. AHAHA. That's pretty funny actually. Imagine trolling the no2 in the world, by waiting for a while and then earning about 200 platinums in a single day. Sneak attack suckers! You see, this is EXACTLY why the leaderboards is all nonsense. If you're buying up and sitting on hundreds of 1 minute platinums that can be played by a chimp, and just choosing when to play them, or choosing when to sync your PS4/PS5.....who is ever technically in the lead? Your position is only as secure as the exact second when you viewed the site. This is why in normal circumstances you should be continually playing the same game over the span of several days, or just all in 1 day. This kind of thing should not be possible. If Ikemenzi can sync in one day, more trophy points that I've earned in all 13 years of my entire profile through regular and normal game playing. That's an open and shut case to be honest why all this EZPZ shite has ruined, and is making a mockery of this entire "contest". And I write contest in quotes for obvious reasons. That's not true. A thread doesn't have everything until we've determined that the 80s and 90s were better than the present. I don't think we've brought that up in this thread yet.
  11. I agree. For me personally, I think EZPZ has been a good thing long term, since originally I was quite into playing games and only on Playstation to you know, keep up my trophy level with my friends, but having all these shit easy games and my friendly rivalry was instantly gone, I was never into the leaderboards anyway, but it's kind of made me just not care about it anymore and then play at my own leisure, which actually is way better. Made me realise that trophies were having an effect on my gameplaying, still does to a slight extent (such as high percentage) but no way near as much before. I can now play stuff on PC or games that I already have 100% on and have no cares in the world, since well, playing games normally 24/7 or not at all, there is virtually no difference and it's impossible to "keep up" with all the EZPZ shite going on. I only have one shit game on my profile which I regret, but hey, I was a bit lax on my research, it got some fairly decent reviews and recommendations too... Besides Jerry, being able to play VGM on the piano, that kind of skill is way more satisfying than popping a trophy eh, am I right? lol
  12. Off the top of your head, do you even know who is at no4 in "the world", or no7 in "the world" ? No? Absolutely nobody cares about each other in the leaderboard, everyone is just focused on this weird "number" of their own, and whether they have green or red numbers next to their rank, each time they visit this site. Whether you're in the top 1000 and rising or top 10000 or rising, there is literally no difference. A few bucks to secure a place? lol. Secure what? The fact you have to keep paying to secure your place, that's the opposite of secure. Imagine if you needed to prop up your bank account by adding more money to it everyday. Also, this race never ends, and there are no prizes. You are currently at 1598 in the UK, I am 1371, I did not even know what my rank was, let alone know that I was higher than you. I can tell you from first hand experience that being at 1371, about 200 higher than you, it's worthless and means nothing. I would easily swap places with you, if this was a queue for the toilet, or something. If going up means that much to you, I would swap. You will gain nothing from being at 1371. It might even be 1372 by the time you read this post, or even lower. Who knows. I have a trophy snapshot from 5th Feb 2021 when I was at 697 in the UK and 6501th in the world! WOW do you know how I felt then? Exactly the same as I do now, nothing. Well actually I do feel something, it was nice seeing Metal Slug's banner again, great memories playing Metal Slug 1 to 6. Back before we had Ladies in a Pink Leotard with a gun and shit like that spamming the new games section. Each to their own I guess. Maybe it seems worth it to you now. Maybe in a year when you have had to spend a few bucks 50-100 times, you might start to change your mind.
  13. Cool. It's sorted then. Well anyway, before I give you all my bank details in order for you to put cash in it, what's going on with this game? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3866-overruled/SoLiD_FLaMezZx?order=date Considering you have 95% easy games, this one in particular, there's some really super ultra trophies in there, and you're the last guy on the site to earn a few of them. Are you like Goku and you're just purposely holding in your power level? I'm not saying you're a cheater or anything, rather, I'm in awe that 4 of your 5 rarest trophies were earned with ease in a mere couple of hours. My hero.
  14. Yeah but....if it's "not even a game" then.... https://psnprofiles.com/SoLiD_FLaMezZx?search=jumping There's no "we" at all mate. YOU were supporting "that" lol How did you not think this yourself, before playing this "game" 24 times already? lol That's about 30 dollars or so, quite literally the price of one normal game (which probably would last you longer than 30 games of 1 minutes) I'll happily come around to your house and bounce foot on a table in front of you if you wish, 30 dollars for about an hour seems like a good job, we should film it and then we can call it "The Jumping Dinner : The Movie!" (You'll need to pay for my flights and trains etc from Japan to your house though)
  15. I question the validity of the grind tag though as in some guides I have seen it used for collectibles that you just pick it up, and then there was a Street Fighter II fighting game and one of the grinds was "Finishing the game with all characters". Oh so like literally the whole game is a grind then? One man's grind is another man's gameplay.