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  1. I wonder if it's possible to complete Coon's adventure in his original form, in other words completing the game without morphing into any other creature.
  2. That's a tricky question, unfortunately we are increasingly living in a world where people tend to play games less to have fun or challenge themselves, but more of a form of relaxing escapism/collecting trophies. The latter of course is unfortunately a big issue with playing hard games. Hard games denote an amount of not only effort to learn but time too. Which are both 2 things people don't want to commit to these days. Especially since being high on the leader boards is about quantity over quality and time limiting, people want as many trophies as possible in as short a space of time. Leading to most people not playing hard games, or even short hard games and just sticking with stuff they are used too. Being middle aged my reaction times are not what they used to be, but having a family and full time job, when I go to games l don't have really tons of time to sit down and learn, and get good anymore, unless it's a game that I really like, I'm the first admit that I don't really want to branch out and try new hard games anymore. If I have got 2 hours to play games I feel myself wanting to make 2 hours of progress on a game, whether it's story, levelling up. I somehow feel in a way that if I spent 2 hours trying to pass a level, but still not passed it, I would feel annoyed and feel like I have wasted 2 hours, because next time I have free time, no idea when, I might have forgotten or lost the skills of what I was doing, making the challenge more frustrating than it needs to be. Gone are the days when I would wake up, turn on my Playstation and play for about 14 hours before going to sleep. I'd have tons of time to practice, plus I didn't have a backlog of 50+ games and back then games didn't seem to come out so often, so trying to get the most out of what games I had, get the value out the games. I'd be more up for the challenge. I think the biggest fear for everyone else, and including myself, is seeing that less than 100% trophy list that you inevitably can't delete anymore, should you decide that the challenge you accepted is infact too much. A lot of people especially on this are OCD about their 100% or high completion rate and well, I think there's a lot of trophy issues with people that makes difficulty an issue. When you give up, that trophy list looks back at you, for all time And right in the modern era, now a lot of people will jump on board and play just about any old shit, as long as it's easy, short or both. Which I think is kinda sad, but hey, that's the world we live in now. Yeah, sorry I didn't really have any advice on how to make hard games more appealing to people, just wanted to kinda highlight some of the issues you're going to have to contend with if you do want to appeal to other people. Time is the biggest enemy for me, and in second place concentration/lack of willingness to spent all my time just on one game because doing so would mean I probably need to play only one game for most of the year. Right now I would probably prefer to have the memories and experience of finishing 2-4 easier games than completing just 1 hard game. I honestly have a lot of fun just reading about your adventures, I don't feel like I need to attend, 10-20 years ago I likely would have though.
  3. Thanks or the confirmation. I really like scrolling beat-em-ups, I would buy this even if it only takes 30 mins to complete because that's what arcade beat-em-ups are all like, so I don't mind the length or even if the game isn't super amazing. I'd have snapped it up if it was 15 pounds, but 35.... The arcade archives are great for 8 pounds, but yeah, just gonna have to wait for a half price sale I'm afraid.
  4. Man that is sad to hear, I will probably still get it eventually, but man, needs a hard sale if it's really that short and lacking in content.
  5. Big fan of the Konami Asterix game from the early 90s, is this version any good? It looks very similar, even the animations too. But for 35 pounds..seems a bit pricey, and sadly no online coop it seems.
  6. That's a fair point. However I don't think being on the leaderboard is a sort of tick mark to verify that anyone's account is legit. Being on the leaderboard doesn't really prove anything. Some people are likely off there because they just happened to join a hacker's lobby or have some missing time stamps due to a CMOS error that is beyond their control, innocent but they decided to continue with their account anyway. As an example, Ikemenzi the guy at the top, for a guy who has 183,291 unearned trophies and a completion of 47.96%, 100% completion or missed trophies certainly isn't something he is bothered about, but why would you need to hide 19 trophies? There are many people on the leaderboards with 20000 or so trophies but yet have a couple of trophies that are hidden. Sure I guess people have their reasons, in a race though where the more trophies the better, why hide any of them? That just seems a bit dodgy to me. Also this isn't the top 10, it's the top 10000, nobody cares or even knows who they are next too in this giant ever changing lists of numbers and names.
  7. Moderated servers or something similar on this site would be great. However for me the bigger picture is, who cares if it's considered cheating? You get a couple of bronze or silver on a server getting trophies that you can't get officially anymore. Big deal. In the grand scheme of things, this is small change considering you can autopop a whole PS5 plat within seconds legitimately, or just play another EZPZ stack within 5 minutes, legitimately. The actual time to merit investment of playing on a fan made server, is it really worth it? The answer of course is no. If it ever comes to the stage one day, where i find a game I really really want to play, but I find out that the servers are closed but there are fan made servers out there. I would without a moments hesitation, gladly use those fan made servers. I mean we're talking about losing out on a gaming experience, or participating in that game experience. The fact some people poured their love into making support for an unsupported game, that is in my opinion very admirable. Trophies are worthless, memories and having fun with games is everything. I wouldn't care if I was considered a cheater. I mean, it's all about the gameplay. Oh no! Boo hoo! I'd be banned off the leaderboards and I'd lose my 9675th place "in the world" (world as in, only on this site) Whatever will I do?! I'd happily give the opportunity to the hardcore poppers on this site, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of them getting their 12th stack of "Sexy Babes in a Leotard Solitaire (Stages 5-6) Highscore Edition [Bluish Green]" or whatever new "game" just came out that needed to be played. Me off the leaderboards would be less competition for them.
  8. I still need to get Soldam..
  9. After Fairyland Story and now this. I hope from Taito Bubble Symphony, Bubble Memories, The New Zealand Story etc and all their other classic games from the early 90s are up next.
  10. Is this a port of a PS2 game? Popeye as a franchise pretty much died, makes you wonder what would have happened if the Popeye licence hadn't fallen through and then Nintendo didn't have to change Popeye, reskinned into a new character, you know that Italian Plumber guy, what was his name again?
  11. This game lost the freedom war then, quite literally.
  12. Ok, so 3rd time going for platinum on this game and I did all the online with random people. This info isn't mentioned in the guide but I feel it's very important and some people on other forums have been discussing it. Ok so the trophy Dream Team Complete all the main quests cooperatively with any number of partners is seemingly a bit buggy because the requirements are slightly different from other similar trophies. In my 3rd platinum playthrough of this game (twice on PS3 and this time on PS4), I did all the subquests on my 1st run before going towards the final area. However, when I approached the docks Achiever Finish all quests in the game popped at the same time as The Docks Enter the docks in Quarantine Zone which you can see on my list as popping right after each other. it is weird that going into the docks, going through to the final area and killing the boss is not considered a quest for some reason, therefore you will be on 80/80 for some reason well before you go into docks. Also my 1st playthrough was all offline so it wasn't glitched by online reasons. Bearing this in mind however, in coop, when you get to the docks you will have 27/28 quests coop quests completed as shown in the trophy tracker when you reach the docks,. In coop though you literally have to end the game and get on the boat with your coop partners to get to 28/28 (For whatever reason) Once you pop You've tricked me once Finish the game only THEN, will you get 28/28 coop quests. I am not sure if this is a bug by the developers or that Achiever Finish all quests in the game is glitched and just pops too early, but there you go. So if you're playing this on coop make sure you get on the boat or lure your coop partners to join with you and end the game. Sadly, when you try to get on the boat a big warning pops up warning you that once you get on the boat you will not be able to continue with sub quests. Which can be tricky with randoms as it probably freaks them out so they don't get on the boat, there is also a fast travel right next to the boat, so make sure you DO NOT stand near the fast travel (which is very near to the boat unfortunately) or else you will be whisked away somewhere else if somebody else was trying to fast travel. Anyway, if you are on 27/28 and at 97% completion on your stats, luckyily your game is NOT bugged, it is because you need to get on the boat with somebody. ----- [edit] Ok I just remembered some other advice, make sure you get 80/80 before going to the final area, because the devs didn't seem to code this next part properly. The final area before the boat to the ending has a fast travel but there's no way to fast travel to this location. Once you decide to get on the boat much later, unfortunately that location is no longer registered as a quest, and there is no way of bringing up a marker on the minimap and being automatically being redirected there once you kill the last boss. Therefore, to go back to the Docks later yourself, you need to do it manually. Which if you haven't played the game in a few months, you might not even remember where the Docks are... On top of that, each time you do stuff on other subquests your new respawn point will be at that location, even if that takes you all the way back to the Jungle. Worse still, even when you get into the docks, it's quite a maze like structure to get to the boat which normally you just follow the line on the minimap without thinking. However this time around, the line will be on some other quest which always gives you to the route back to the town and not the route to the boat, and there is no map in the menu either to refer too. You have been warned
  13. This is normal now. Early access on Steam is a clear winner, if people like a game, or a concept they will pay money even if it's known to have bugs/ not be finished. Games that are perfectly working on Day 1 and never need patching is incredibly rare now whereas before it used to be essential. Publishers want money rolling through the door as they can, as they do release stuff early, QA is now free and in many cases customers are doing the work. Bug and glitches are all part of the fun now, and I think that is how things will stay. If people will buy and play absolutely shit games that are poor by design just because they have trophies in them, of course many people buy games on Day 1 knowing full well they are a bit broken but will eventually get patched later. Standards are going down but unusually customers just want to play the games now, out of a choice of waiting a few months or playing them a bit buggy, most people will prefer playing it now and not having to wait. I'm starting to wonder if bad publicity is good publicity though. As for GTA, Rockstar can just blame the other dev, in time Rockstar will not be remembered as it being their fault. Seems a bit shady, but that's just how it is.
  14. Well if true, then it's official. I have not downloaded or played a single PSPlus game for the whole of 2021... [edit] I just took a look, last game I downloaded and played from PSPlus was What Remains of Edith Finch Wow. So I haven't played a single PSPlus game since May 2019 lol
  15. Well, we're only one step away from Aabs Animals. Right now it is only one button but I don't think we're far off from booting up a "game" and then the trophies just pop all by themselves with no user interaction.