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  1. I'm still waiting for a proper Plants VS Zombies 2, not that shitty phone version. It's also a dick move that they delisted the Vita and PS3 versions of the first game, as if they're embarrassed by the original game or something. Even though it's the best version...
  2. I am sure there are some people looking forward to PS5 POWG trophies...
  3. For me it was Trash Panic on PS3. An insanely hard game, just a bronze for completing the game on medium difficulty setting. Cleared Main Mode – Main Dish through the EGO route It is basically the game that made me give up on getting 100% trophies, well over a decade ago.
  4. That is an insane amount of content, I mean if you're going for the Platinum on each each, quite possible years worth of gameplay. Would be nice if they were updated the games, somehow, like 60fps on Bloodborne. Well I can dream anyway.
  5. This game looks great, like a sort of Bubble Bobble / Bomb Jack vive.
  6. Is delisting DLC in Korea illegal or something? Seems like a lot of games lately still have all their DLC available over there. I detest delistings of any content, but it's even worse when there's still a way to get something and you have to go through this stupid loophole of trying to get a game from the Korean store, which is in some ways is borderline illegal since you're faking an address and residency in order to sign up.
  7. Well I guess it is up to you if you abandon or not, however on my second time around. Like you I started with Fame and I was able to knock out over 95% of them the first time around and on the same save file. Just to be sure I made sure I completed the game and then never used that save again and started on a new route, just to make sure everything was saved. Also I am sure you probably are aware you can get to rank 9 in almost every class without even going into a battle. This is how I completed Chaos, only going into one battle in the entire game. You just refuse all battles and only choose the options in the menu that increase the class you want, you can go to a vagabond and only do the action there too. Then you join in each kingdom you want to lose and refuse all battles so they eventually lose and then you just have two kingdoms left, then you join the winning kingdom in the final battle and beat it. That just means you spam commands in the menus for many years and only ever fight in the final battle, before the final battle do all the slander and commands that reduce the army. Basically making the final battle just a run to the final boss mission. Yeah it can be kinda tedious, but compared to DW8 empires. DW7 empires is far easier, and quicker.
  8. One thing you might have missed, is that some of the stratagems require them to be successful. Like the one where you lay a trap, if you lay a trap, you need to actually have an officer trigger the trap for it to be classed as a used stratagem. You can't just use the card and then cross it off the list. Most of course can be. Some of the attack ones, you have to make sure you hit an enemy officer, peon too. Pretty sure if you just for example use say a fire attack all my yourself and hit nobody on screen, then it doesn't count. I platinumed the game twice and the second time just to be sure I had a checklist and ticked off whether I had used a stratagem twice (or as many times as I had used them), just incase for whatever reason one was not classed as successful. As the first time around just like you, I could have sworn I used all them and the trophy didn't pop so I had to go through them all again. Well anyway, there are about 8 or 9 cards that can succeed or fail, I recommend doing all those ones again, just incase.
  9. Depressingly, probably a POWG puzzle game.
  10. You can make a new CAW and set that character rank to just before the rank you need. If that helps. [edit] Oh wait, sorry I am confusing 7 with 8 sorry about that. BTW DW7E is quite the easier empires when compared to eight.
  11. Ok I stand corrected, MS are just dicks then. But I guess compared to Nintendo who delete all your backed up saves IMMEDIATELY after your subscription ends? On the Switch console that does not support being able top back up your saves to USB. Nintendo online is literally just ransomware
  12. As much as I hate MS, I doubt they would just delete your entire purchase history. There must have been a mistake, you should contact them. I lost my Japanese PSN account for nearly 3 years, forgot my password and my old e-mail became obsolete so I could no longer log in and could not "forgot my password" and have it go back to a valid e-mail. After some perseverence to Japanese PSN, I managed to get the account back though and all my purchases with it.
  13. If the controller buttons don't light up Pink, Green, Red and Blue when you switch the controller on, I'm out. Of course I am joking, my backlog is 20 times bigger than my wallet atm.
  14. I went through both Dead Islands twice, second time on Japanese version. I played coop with the same partner and it glitched me on once with the western version but I had a backup luckily so did not have to backtrack too much, only about an hour or two. If you need to go through it again, seriously screen shot the map of the games and mark in MSPaint or something all the places you need to go and just do it offline, watch a DVD or something on a second TV next to you/listen to several hours of podcasts or something. With a powered up character, running past all the zombies and directly going for all the missions, the game will go much faster than you think.
  15. I was stuck longer on the level before in the grass, although both levels are unnecessarily annoying and long winded. Aside from the tips here, I thought it was a better idea to equip 4th Gear Skills but also the other skill you start with at the beginning, the one that every character seems to start with, I think for Luffy it is his second gear, can't remember the name. I actually found 2nd Gear to be more useful than the 4th gears since you have way more control over your character and the attacks are longer range. It's also handy to be able to just mash Triangle button from a slight distance at the bosses and chip away at their health with beams like attacks without risking to be too close At any rate, 3 gears where you can get health back is better than 2.