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  1. Yeah me too. Chris Tarrant was the best. The show was on briefly in Japan, but of course as you'd expect it didn't do very well. Since everyone here is a millionaire. 1 million yen is only about 6000 pounds or 5000 dollars, there's no tension at all for money that low. Also, imagine Deal Or No Deal with the top box being 5000 pounds. lol
  2. Hey these are some great tips. If I could think of one off the top of my head. I found it a great idea to get as many hidden packages as you can whenever you reach a new area. Otherwise while you're trying to pick up stuff you'll often suddenly start getting into random fights/shot at gangsters getting in your way.
  3. Weirdly this also happened to me last week, but just once, and only on one Vita (I have two) in 5-6 years of usage. I think since Sony made adjustments so the Vita could no longer receive messages / disabled a lot of shit. And now there are some expired certificates / checks that are invalid and needs a reactivation of the Vita to fix them. (This is just a guess of course)
  4. Yuck 53... https://psnprofiles.com/enaysoft/log?earned=unearned&type=platinum Thankfully the rarity of all of them are rare, under 20% rarity.
  5. Actually that would be a great tagline to get rid of stupid online or grindy trophies "Think of the environment!! If these stupid trophies weren't so time consuming or required all these networking resources, we could help save the planet!"
  6. No different to youtube then, you bookmark a link. Go to watch the movie the next day, aaaaand it's gone.
  7. My Internet was down for about 80 minutes earlier and for no reason. Perhaps a part of the Internet died somewhere and affecting a ton of stuff for a while. Just try again later.
  8. Why are so many people getting so heated about this discussion? Soon you'll be burning more kWH a year than the Alienware PCs.
  9. Along with Raystorm I played this a lot back on the PS1. Weird how they could take out boss mode, where the endings rewatchable on the original game. How is the framerate? I remember it rarely being at 30 fps, usually about 20fps,
  10. Yeah, we all make mistakes but there is no excuse really in my opinion for spelling the name of your game incorrectly. We tend to double and triple check things that are important. Let's also remember that this is a new stack, they spelt it correctly the first time around.
  11. Not 1047 matches, but WIN 1047 matches. That's surely about 300 hours minimum playtime even if you win every single match?
  12. OUCH! Imagine originally uploading your game to Sony's servers and accidentally misspelling the name of your own game.
  13. This is a cute question, asking us all if you need permission to ban yourself. As if we're your dad.
  14. How is this trophy track spelt G-Daruis and not G-Darius? Seems ok on the other versions, is that just a fault of this website listing it incorrectly?
  15. The optics are bad and also stupid because of how mismanaged it is. I mean for sure they use a lot of power, but having two regular PCs is going to use up more than one Alienware. And like I mentioned having an AC unit on all day or playing an Alienware PC for 4-5 hours a day, it's also not a constant use of power either. You might be playing a puzzle game on it or Dark Souls 3, or just using it to search the Internet. I think we can obviously see the comparison fault here. In most factories and shopping centres in Japan each has 100s of Ac units keeping the entire place cool, losing it to the outside world everytime someone comes in and out of the stores. Some of them just have the doors wide open all day. There are much better ways to target power waste, and it certainly isn't by targeting consumers. I'm sure somebody at some point is going to post a picture of them using an entire room of Alienware PCs and post it somewhere and get viral. Just to prove a point.