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  1. MGS4 is ok but having to install the entire game every chapter is annoying. I am glad I enjoyed it while the game has no trophies. I would not like to play it now with the trophies added and all the stupid stuff you have to do. I liked the first chapter in MG4 but then, well it feels like 3 games chopped together. All of a sudden you're just in a completely new location, breaks immersion, even worse than MSG2 I prefer MGS4 to MGS2 anyway, MS3 is probably my favourite now, it used to be MGS1 but the game is just too old looking to go back too. Especially you now have a Vita version of MGS3 and a lovely silky 60fps on PS3. MGS1 is just so good, I really want a remake.
  2. Most fun : Walking Dead Season 1 Just have fun, an awesome story, no need to worry about the trophies. Least fun : Trivial Pursuit PS3 Friend lent me it saying it was an easy platinum, I don't even like quiz games but I had a go and hated it, and because there are ridiculously hard trophies like complete the entire game without getting a question wrong, you have to pause the game at every question and google the answers, no way to do it legitimately . I played it for half a day and it was so boring, oh and of course I accidentally screwed up one of trophies so when I completed the game I had to start again and go after one that failed to pop. Last game I ever played just for the trophies, even if the game is free! Shitty games with easy trophies ain't worth it..
  3. Any tried to actually complete this game? The last boss his hands just keep respawning after you blast one of them off, within about 5 seconds, have been shooting at his arms and head for 10 mins now. Just won't seem to ever die. It also seems to be impossible not get hit by all the hands, fire balls and that ghost on screen. Oh and you special attacks do no damage... [edit] Nope, you literally just have to mash attack button whilst losing about 100 lives...
  4. Honestly though, with sales seemingly every week or two, why bother buying anything full price...
  5. Dead Rising 2, like another poster said. Also Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 on Vita. Just many different things that are challenging and also a lot of grinding.
  6. Oh man I love Match 3 games, but is this game any good? Would you recommend it? I feel kinda weird playing this on a PS4, having said that I did enjoy Bejeweled on PS3, kinda wish it was for Vita I didn't realise so many Match 3 games existed...
  7. I am surprised at everyone suggesting Tifa over Barret. Barret basically has teleport attacks, when he fires he does damage instantly no matter where he is stood and no matter how far the enemy is away, basically he has homing bullets. I spent my time changing between Aerith and Barret and keeping both of them at the opposite sides of the arena only switching to the other character when the boss focuses on me. Cloud AI would end up just being able to attack the bosses in the center of the arena without much trouble since the AI is focusing on the other characters. I felt having Cloud and Tifa, it makes them crowd together and they end up both getting hit with the same enemy attacks. Well I guess it is just preference but when Lavathian is flying around all the place. Both Barret and Aerith can still hit the bosses flying around in the air, in that moment you can just be Cloud, he can't hit the boss well anyway but you can at least run around so the bosses aim for you giving the 2 AI characters all the opportunity in the world to attack without too much damage. I guess, each to their own methods. Whatever works for you.
  8. On SOR3, yes Robot Y, we did the same tactic back in the day, just flying kicks at the edge of the screen. It is so dumb, in SOR3 on Hard he has something stupid like 7 lives so you have to do this technique almost as soon as the boss happens in order to kill him in under 3 minutes, if he happens to grab you and start zooming around the screen it wastes so much time and you can't easily grab him and if you try to say use Axels special Robot Y gets tapped away with one hit. Another technique was to choose Zan and just repeatly mash his Forward special, getting a hit does a fair amount of damage when he is on the floor and often does not knock him down for unknown reason so you can spam it several times. But yeah, flying kick cheat at the edge of the screen, so lame.
  9. I would play them if they were available for Vita. I had quite a lot of fun with some tower defence and some match three style puzzle games on Vita a while back. It seems weird that they never bothered with Mobile style phones on vita where you rotate the Vita. Little Big Planet had a few and some Minis like Pinball Dreams and Fantasies from the amiga use it. There are games on Vita with inapp purchases in it, I guess the not needing to always be online thing killed that practice with Vita and so nobody bothered making free to play games on it.
  10. Like BeastMode said, extra challenges and fights in the arena using enemies and content there, I would be fine with that. I want post Midgar content, I want to be able to play as Red13, have more characters in the battle. Basically the rest of the game, pre ff7 game content...I just want the story to continue, a lot of the subquests and filler mateial in the basegame of the remake I could have lived without anyway.
  11. No way, not more chunks.... Having the whole FF7 game in 3-4 massive chapters released every 5 years is painful enough. What DLC are they gonna be able to add anyway? "Chase after chocobo around the perimeter of MIdgar outer walls?!"
  12. Hmm does that include cross play games? Like some PS4 games I wanted I played on my Vita before I got my PS4. I guess my first exclusive PS4 trophy was on Bubble Bobble. Yeah playing a 1986 arcade game on 2018 bought PS4 hardware. lol Second and third games were Double Dragon 1 and Double Dragon 2 also on Arcade, those Hamster games collection.
  13. I'd give the game between 5-7. I am not exactly bad at games but I find quite a few things about it hard and that was with using a guide. I did the sit up and squats both really easily but that's just I guess because I am good at music/timing type games. I hear a lot of people struggled with that. Saying this game is a 3/10, that's way too low. You need to good at, at least two game genre styles. And a fair few opportunities to be hit killed in 1 or 2 hits if you're not careful. Perhaps if you're a god at Guitar Hero and Dark Souls, this game will be easy for you. You certainly did not need dexterity in the first final Fantasy 7, this remake is way harder.
  14. I also forgot another one, get rid of percentages on games. like how many percent you have. Yeah, a drastic approach but it has some good points - People will probably less likely to buy easy stacks - People won't mind buying games that have very difficult platinums or impossible platinums (no server anymore etc) when there is no consequence for not getting 100% or platinum - People who have had a PSN for 10 years or 1 years, the impossible gap between them will seem less significant BUt yeah like you said, 4 bronzes worth a gold, it is so much easier levelling up with bronzes, but if all those bronzes are super common then they just wouldn't be included in the total on my drastic system.
  15. I'd like a whole new ranking system using the same existing trophy data. Get rid of the trophy level system altogether and instead make it into a number for world ranking similar to how it is on this site, but next forgot all the unearned trophies and make a ranking system that rewards you for rarity, so it just counts all your rare and ultra trophies and ignores the rest. This is of course means your level will fluctuate in real time as trophies rarity changes, but it means that getting 100% or platinum becomes not so important. Quality not quantity.