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  1. I'm kind of the same, loved playing the game for about the first 5 hours, then read online at how many missables and how grindy the game is, then I got busy at work and now I'm sort of waiting, like yourself I would rather get everything in one playthrough where possible, especially with the DLC coming out at some point, how is that even going to work? I am guessing you have to be at a certain part in the game (such as Bloodborne) for it to access and that you can't just start the DLC from the mainmenu. I still think it's weird that DLC quests are in a game like this anyway, seems like unnecessarily cut out main game content. However after reading the trophy list, they all look kinda grindy and boring as well.
  2. Now we've got to look forward to waiting 100 hours with cups in the DLC, out anon.
  3. (3 * 100 * 20) / 60 = 100 If each song is 3 minutes then that's at the very least 100 hours. Yikes
  4. Well you could say this about almost every game that suddenly has ports of a game released at similar times that weren't on the system before. A few weeks ago t Five Nights At Freddy released with two games and then another two games a week after each other. Doesn't mean that 2 sequels were made in a week though
  5. This has happened to me a few days ago, I have 2 Vitas the old model and the new one, and of course it's the new one. Old Vita, the rubber has worn off both analog sticks and it still runs fine, but it now has a poor battery. The new Vita, already the left stick is failing, and the colors seem kinda washed out when I put both Vita next to each other. The old Vita design is much bette and reading the posts here, seems to be much more reliable as well.
  6. Thumbs up to this game for having such a cool name. Well, it's basically just a question isn't it.
  7. More to the point, why do we to run around so much finding herbs anyway? Being forced to get collectibles from everywhere, sometimes isn't fun. It's also weird that I need to eat 3-4 cloves of garlic before each fight or in training. There's a lot of weird "gameplay" added to Shenmue III that in many ways just isn't needed and just makes more busy work for the player.
  8. So it's only progressing with main story too early? Thanks.
  9. There's no big intro sequence or explosive first chapter, no tutorials, nope, literally just starts and continues from Shenmue 2. This honestly feels like Shenmue 2 GD-Rom Disc 5. It wastes no time in literally continuing off from Shenmue 2, to the extent where if you started the game without playing Shenmue 2 first, you're probably going to hate the game and wonder what the hell is going on. People are going to be like wtf why am I talking to everyone and the story is progressing soooo slooowwwlllyyy, I have been playing for over 3 hours and I haven't even got into a real fight. Not to mention you will go through your inventory and think wow look at all these items, photos and memories that I accumulated. Why am I opening and closing so many drawers and not picking up any new items. I am not surprised why certain people just don't understand this game series. It just clicks with you, or it doesn't. I am happy, I feel like they did a good job. Like I say, it honestly feels like the continuation of Shenmue 2 but with better graphics. Graphics are good enough, like a very very high end PS3 game, similar to like how Yakuza 5 is on PS3. This is genuinely a game for only Shenmue fans. The Shenmue system and style of game, is now old skool that we're going to have to start referring to games like this as "Shenmue" style adventure game like why would say Monkey Island style game, Dark Souls style etc. As long as the story continues and the gfx are good enough, then I think personally the game is a big success. They have replicated the first two games perfectly. I do think it's a shame that save data from Shenmue 1 and 2 like all your money and gacha stuff, shame that can't be carried over in the third game, but oh well, different developer, different generation so to speak. If you hated Shenmue 1 and 2, you will hate this. If you loved Shenmue 1 and 2, you will love this. It really is that simple. I really hate Shenhua's new face and clothing style though. I guess though I will just have to used to it. I see the Dreamcast box art and her ingame face on the previous two games and it just makes me sad. That had it perfect on the Kickstarter presentation and then for some reason they decided to change it...
  10. I've been practicing my kungfu, accumulating money and running around for days picking up herbs, 6 days in total (ingame days) Now I've barely even started the story, I only just beat the 2dan guy at the dojo. I'm worried that perhaps if I spend too long having fun messing around that sub quests are going to expire/not appear. Does anyone know if that is the case? Tanks.
  11. What do you mean? Are you saying that if you spent several days in one area that by the time you get to a certain area, quests won't appear?! I've barely started the game but I have used a few days already just picking up herbs and chopping wood.
  12. I think Musou Orochi Z on PS3, my save data was over 400 hours when I got platinum. So much grinding in that game. It's weird to look back on it now, because most of that I played coop with my EX gf. Longest overall time from start to finish was Troy Warriors, 5 years and 9 months according to this site.
  13. In total on the train to and from work, I get almost 2 hours a day on Vita, maybe even more. I play it more than my PS4. Nearly 10 hours a week for the past 7 years.s Vita is awesome. I have two, might buy a third now they aren't making them anymore.
  14. Put your controller on a desk and use your forefinger and middle finger.
  15. I have a much easier and quicker idea for a second leaderboard, have a second leaderboard that simply removes/does not display any common trophies. Easy platinums, easy 100% lists for the most part will barely even add to your total. Simply removing any trophy that has a rarity of over 50%, for very little programming effort, this will instantly help the leaderboards ranking to be much fairer. When you load the page and extract the data, just don't add common trophies to any of the totals, Easy!