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  1. Now if Elden Ring was a dollar to buy....lol
  2. I liked this game a lot back in the day. I don't think I'd want to go through it again though in 2022. It's a good game, but it's not a Final Fantasy VII. Would rather have Breath Of Fire III, Final Fantasy Tactics, Parasite Eve, Xenogears etc. The fact that a lot of PS1 RPG games (like SaGa Fronter) are being released lately, gives me hope they will all be released at some point. Legend Of Dragoon would be nice.
  3. Hamster though, feels like they just put trophies in because Sony requires at least something. Also those games are old, some are great, many are poop. But they were made in the 80s though, and back in a time when you could print out the entire source code to a few sheets of A4. And many of them are better than the games released in the 2022s..... Not many people on the leaderboards use Hamster these days because you need to pay about 100 dollars worth of games (and likely about 4-5 hours) just to equal a 1 dollar platinum. Perhaps in 2015 Hamster were the go to for easy trophies, before Ratalaika, and then after Ratalaika, shovelware became the most cost efficient way. I can't say I was ever a huge fan of Ratalaika's games, I mean I only own game which I didn't like, it looked like a good game even when seeing it on youtub. I also have Turrican and that's arguably a game from the 90s and not really much to do with Ratalaika. That's not to say their games are bad though, most of them look great, I mean clearly, each of those developers were proud that their games were being released through Ratalaika, easy trophies just helped their games sell a bit more. People complained the games were too easy but I rarely heard anyone saying these games are barely even games.
  4. I personally think 98% of Ratalaika's games are fine. I mean, they're short sure, they're easy sure, but they're actual games. Decent ones and many had physical releases. It should be so easy to read between the lines at which games are trying to be games and which clearly aren't games and are instead a cash grab.
  5. Amusingly though, Elden Ring, a game that has been out for 11 weeks now (and also has 2 stacks) will probably be back on top again by the end of the week, due to everyone achieving the platinum so quickly and then it falling down the list because nobody is playing it longer than a day.
  6. Some of the best games I ever played in the 90s lasted less than 30 minutes. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out what the bad games are. Length shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Oh, I didn't realise Midnight Dragon already suggested "The Jumping Bean" Sorry for stealing his joke. Although at the same time, probably nothing of value was stolen lol
  8. Someone needs to talk to the artist about lighting tones. Either that, or there really is somebody shining a spot light from above directly down at her chest area.
  9. Ridge Racer Revolution Platinum! That would be a dream. lol Who needs Gran Turismo when you can unrealistic-ly power slide around several corners listening to hardcore techno?! Best driving game, can't change my mind.
  10. Nothing of value?! But muh 100% trophy list!
  11. This is probably a typo. But yeah, Silent Hill 2 has a Platinum, on PS3.
  12. Oh yes indeed. I played the game a ton of coop, sometimes 3 player with my 2 friends. I spent the first half of the game just using the Scimitar, the sword I started with and then the first whip you get. A very weak character. Playing on coop with 2 or 3 weaklings which is supposedly cheating,as opposed to an "elite" player who plays alone, probably isn't using any summon, but is using Rivers Of Blood or a highly leveled up character. Play how you want. I'd honestly recommend to anyone doing most of the dragon boss battles on coop. Poking the dragon in the heels and then running for cover behind a rock while your mate takes their turn in poking him in the heel or tail. Some of the best fun I've had with the game, spending 15 minutes on a single battle, coop partner dies and then I have to somehow make my way back to where I summoned him but then dies instantly again as soon as he joins due to a sudden river of fire. lol Good times.
  13. Actually button masher is technically already a genre. Such as Konami's 1984 Track and Field. Certainly in ye old days of the 80s we used to call them joystick wagglers on the humble 8-bit. Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge was one of the best.
  14. Jumping Sausage, Jumping Kabab, Jumping Fries, or Jumping Milkshake is probably next. Another sigh for the hardcore trophy hunters as they all have to open their wallet on mass. I guess we can call these Mayo clones? It's quite sad to think that tapping a button is a genre of game now... lol Cookie clicker actually didn't have too much clicking in it and was actually a more interesting form of number crunching, these games though are literally just clicking...
  15. Coming soon! To a leaderboard chasing trophy list near you!