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  1. Ironically violence, nudity etc are the parts of games that are not harmful. They need to ban PubG and Fortnite then, and all games that have gambling mechanics like loot boxes and any game that has infinite content related to online, (Minecraft also included in that). As they have been literally proven to affect children and make them not concentrate in school and make them want to not do their own homework. Alternatively, just blame the parents for letting them run wild and not given them proper manners and discipline.
  2. I hate the trophy on Flow, on all PS3, PS4 and Vita systems. Which you get as soon as the game loads for the first time. I mean this and trophies like it make deleting the trophy list impossible since it is no longer on 0%
  3. This collection is stupid. Over half of the games are already available on Hamster Arcade archives on PS4. Bring out all the scrolling beat-em-ups already, Konami has like 20 classic scrolling beat-em-ups some of which have NEVER had a release on any system ever. The fact this collection is called "Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection" and not "Arcade Shooting Classics Anniversary Collection" leads me to believe there won't be any other collections from Konami. Turtles in Time, Vendetta, Crime Fighters, Sunset Riders etc. THESE are games we all want.
  4. Limit dialogue options so you can only use them once every 30 seconds, problem solved
  5. Thanks for the reply. My next question is, are any of the new songs on SS, easier than the regular songs
  6. Does this mean more levels that count towards doing S and SS ranks on hard and Expert for the trophies?
  7. I live in Japan and move controller on ps3 is expensive on amazon, never seen it second hand. Will keep a look out now though. Man that sucks. I don't think a convertor would work, after all it's not just a charging issue, it's a detection issue and who knows is the PS3 can connect it or not.
  8. Ok I think I know what the issue is. I think I have move controller that DON'T WORK with PS3. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/10/3/16411466/sony-ps-move-controller-mini-usb-micro-playstation-vr CECH-ZCM2J is written on the back of both of them and they do not work on PS3. Man that sucks, I just bought a PS3 camera as well.... PS3 version In this picture, far bottom is PS3 usb charger and middle is PS4 usb charger, I have the middle one...
  9. I just unpacked a brand new cable from my other move controller that came with my PS4, same issue. Not being detected on PS3, my charging cable for PS3 dualshock, tried it in both ports and charging works. Hmm, no idea what to do. I checked all the settings in the PS3 menus and none of them seemed to do anything. Man I am totally stumped.
  10. In that case I seem to have cable issues then, which is odd since it works fine on PS4... If itsn't charging then it isn't connecting to the ps3 properly. It's the same issue with both of my move controllers.
  11. KingDrake does your controller power light turn red, or flash red the instant you plug the controller into your ps3? I'm curious to whether the cable is the fault as there is not literally no indication at all whether the controller is connecting to the ps3 or not. I have no visual feedback. I read a lot of posts online about the light always going red, nobody ever said the light didn't come on.
  12. I've looked online and apparentely when you plug your Move controller into the PS3 the red light is supposed to come on. It flashes when charging and is constantly red when plugged in. However when I plug mine in, the light does not come on. Now I know the cable or move controller are fine because they work on PS4 and the usb cable is the official cable from Sony so it can't be the fault of a second party controller or cable. When you say push the "home" button. Which button is that? I tried charging on both of the PS3 slots but neither make any difference. Whether the Move controller is plugged in or not the red light flashes once and then goes off again.
  13. I've managed to "Forgot Device" for both of my move controllers on PS4, now when I turn on the move controller the red flash comes on and then instantly off. Perhaps the move controller's charge cable only works on PS4 and doesn't work on PS3?
  14. I have mixed feelings. I hate the way if you get a platinum, it almost makes you want to never play that game again. A double platinum is a short term fix for being able to play said game more than once. As it happens I always almost go for double platinums on all the Musou/Warriors games as I love them, for me though, playing them first in Japanese and then in English, it's practically a new experience the second time around and knowing what to do the second time, it's almost more fun going through it a second time, there's probably only someone as mad as me who wants to play 100-200hours platinums twice. But unless a game has a sexy 60fps HD remake, I rarely go for double plats. Easy double plats and things like sound shapes where the game is EXACTLY the same, those kind of double platinums I find annoying.
  15. Tried that, well I didn't beat or kick it though. Charge is on full, as soon as I plug my PS4 back in, move controller switches on PS4 and all is fine. I don't think the reset button in the back is working, have held a paper clip in there for 10 seconds and it still won't reset.