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  1. Sadly on most of the other Contra games, you won't be redefining anything, which means you'll have X as fire and Square or Circle or jump. In other words completely different button layouts to both Megadrive and SNES versions... *sigh*
  2. My god, the menus in this game are really confusing. I wish like Hamsters Arcade archives you could remap the buttons outside of the game. Anyway, after playing the SNES version and going to the Megadrive version the button placements feel horrible. Go the options and replace your control with 1P SHOT JUMP SELECT and then things should feel better when you get in game. I had to trial and error a few times to figure out which button was mapped to what. Granted, change weapon is Circle instead of Triangle, the game won't let you configure that button.... At least jump and shoot feel better again.
  3. What is frustrating is that if you bought it from GoG on PC this restriction does not happen, seems to be a console thing. Anyway I kind of hate living in a world where, at this rate, piracy is the only way to keep these games alive, just like MAME before it. Granted out of the 500 or so games I'd bought in the past 11 years, I doubt I will go back to 95% of them when I get 100%, but it's the principle of the thing, if I bought a game, even if it is digital I should be able to access them anytime I want.
  4. Like P.T. Telltale's Minecraft story mode really is being delisted forever. P.T was annoying but at least it was free, but Minecraft that game after this month you can't ever download it ever again even if you paid for it, that just seems really wrong, if not illegal. I find this game, Game Of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands quite frustrating because although Disc versions exist both games DO NOT include the final episode, episode 6. Which means one day, completely broken releases. I mean why bother having a disc version if the entire game doesn't exist on it?! I don't know what's worse, being able to play 0% of a game or being able to play 90% of it. How many people one day are going to pick up the game second hand and not be able to play the final chapters because they didn't know any better... Reminds me when I was younger watching a VHS tape of a film, to then towards the end of it suddenly realize somebody had recorded over the ending with another TV show. Wouldn't have had started had I have known in advance.
  5. det_gittes, many thanks for your multiple replies, you've been a great help I logged into my PSN account from my PC and noticed nothing was there so I forced the Game Of Thrones episodes to my account using that download list feature. After doing so logging into my PSN account with my PS4 in the store, nothing happened. So I quickly searched for episode 2 whilst I was logged in but when I got there it already said "installed" so I couldn't download the episode as I already had it. After about 20 seconds and time ticking away I pulled out my Internet cable. Thankfully nothing was synced. A moment ago I was literally seconds away from giving up and either deleting my account/formatting my harddrive. To do so I logged out and into my Japanese account and then proceeded to the area where you can delete a user. It was just then as I was doing that that I noticed I had a message literally seconds ago and it said that Game Of Thrones Episode 2 had failed to download. With a sudden burst of excitement, I plugged my Internet connection back in while still on my Japanese account, hit resume and it worked! The episode downloaded and I booted up and installed the game on my Japanese account, it's weird that it downloaded even though I'm not in my UK account to sync with PS4, but it still started to download! When I booted up the game, it did some sort of installation and hey presto, it had installed eps 1, 2 and 6. So now I'm here looking at three more download queues, I repeated the same steps, this time I have eps 3, 4 and 5 coming along. No idea why it would not allow me to download those episodes or why it would assure me they were already installed I'm not sure what I did wrong in the first instance, but my god I'm so glad I managed to get this fixed. So many hours wasted...backing up all my saves and images to multiple USB sticks Anything else reading this my word of advice is, make sure you boot up the game and make sure all of the episodes are installed before you start, incase you need to delete a 0% trophy list. [edit] Just as I finish typing this all 6 seconds successfully installed! Hooray! Alongside Minecraft story edition and any other Telltale games, this sort of situation might get even worse. Grab all the Telltale games while you've still got the chance!
  6. Nope still not fixed, comes up with an error ingame saying that it failed to download. Now I'm in a really awkward situation, I already have the first chapter completed but I haven't synced yet and fiddling around in the PSStore for long worries me as my PSN is going to auto sync at any time, and then I'm quite likely in the situation that I can never get 100% on this game and can't delete the trophy list because it's more than 0%, so now what do I do?
  7. Thanks for the test man, you could only choose Episode 2 to download? were Episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 missing to you? I'm UK account. Well I will delete the game and try and download it all again.
  8. Yes I would be surprised too, but I guess PS+ is a grey area since technically I never bought the game but it was downloaded when PS+ gave it away for free one month, and with Minecraft being removed even when you BOUGHT IT, I have no idea what is going on. Right now if I boot up the game, save 1 and click Play, it just says COMING SOON EPISODE 2 and when I click PLAY it just comes up with a popup saying "COMING SOON The Episode is coming soon" and after clicking OK it just goes back to main menu. It's weird that Episode 6 is there.
  9. Hey man, thanks for the reply. Did you redownload the whole game just now or was it still on your harddrive and you tried to boot it up just now? I deleted mine and then redownloaded and that's when the problem occured.
  10. When this game was free on PS+ some years ago it worked fine. But when I downloaded it today, even though it successfully downloaded all 6 episodes, only ep1 and ep6 work, it's like the licence has expired so eps 2 and 5 don't work anymore, even though they are downloaded fine, those 4 episodes say "coming soon" and are unplayable Is the game broken now since it's been delisted? I tried manually redownloading those episodes but was just the same. I think it's broken now. Can anyone who got this free on PS+ please confirm? Thanks.
  11. I love the Contra III soundtrack, the boss music, well it's the second best boss music in Konami's entire history
  12. Interesting that the Megadrive version has 5 trophies, one for each ending whereas all the others only have one. The Megadrive and SNES versions are the absolute best though, and the music for the SNES, best game and soundtrack on the entire system, makes me do a little jizz just thinking about playing it again. One huge complaint though, where is the PS2 Contra?!
  13. This has been mulling over in my mind the past week. Delisting of games is bad, we all know it. At least if you bought a game before it got delisted you can redownload it any time you like right? Well a few years ago, Konami removed their Silent Hill P.T. demo, making it so that you can never ever redownload the game ever again, a move that is despised by everyone. What made me want to write this post was what happened to Telltale games, in various parts of the world, Telltale are being delisted left right and center, the worst of all is the Minecraft story games which at the end of this month just like P.T. can never be downloaded ever again EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT IT.... Server closures are bad enough, but games (even offline single player ones) that you bought, is that even legal? Are we buying games or are we renting them over several years? At a similar time, last month the Ouya store was closed, and early this year in January 30, 2019, the Wii shop was discontinued. Reading the Nintendo FAQ here https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27560/~/wii-shop-channel-discontinuation is quite depressing reading. To put a long story short, all the online digital purchases you made, they are gone forever now the store is gone. Sony have recently dropped PS3 and Vita from free PS+ games but how many years is it going to be before Sony remove the selection of games from the store? Now it's almost certainly going to be the Vita first but hell, I've bought many Vita games, if the Vita store closes one day like the Wii store, how the hell am I going to have to choose between 2 or 3 games out of the 40 or so I've purchased?! Vita memory cards are expensive so it's not like you can put all that many of them on a card as backup. Who knows, maybe I'm just paranoid and it will never happen, and those games will be around for decades to come, but if super rich Nintendo decided to close their store, and on one of their most successful consoles in history, it's going to be very likely that Sony will do the same in a year or two. Sony has yet to close any of its stores since the introduction of the PS3, we could say we've been lucky so far, but think about it. When the time comes, we are going to have to think hard and deep. Our collection of PS3 or Vita games will be burning like a giant dumpster fire, and which of those games do you rescue to your harddrive? I look at my trophies and backlog of games and often think, one day I'll go back to them, but one day I probably can't. Perhaps, maybe by then, PS now will be able to save us and we will still have access to all of them, who knows, but the online only digital future we have now, worrying times ahead.
  14. DLC might be free, but still having to go back to the game after you've finished it, even if you don't want too. I have enough problems with Killing Floor 2 and all of its free updates and extra trophies appearing, so I know how it feels.
  15. all those people back in the day who decided to platinum all three, PS3, PS4 and Vita versions for three easy platinums but now have to keep buying all the DLC and playing the game to keep up with that 100% completion. God speed! At least the Vita version ended at 7 though.