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  1. By a sheer fluke, South Park Stick Of Truth Platinum makes my total trophy points exactly 300,000

  2. I can confirm that Japanese version is download only, in other words, you won't be able to play the Vita version unless you have a Japanese PSN account. Bums
  3. I wish they would stop all game shows, why pack all newish games into one part of the calendar when you could take your time and have releases and news all all round? Nintendo and now Sony are doing the right thing. What they should do is have time release demos for download for only a week, on the stores so we can all download these demos and play them rather than having a few machines at some booth somewhere that only a hundred people or so ever get to play.
  4. My advice is to go for the trophy straight away. I went into the PS3 version knowing about the trophy. So I did 10 minutes of flappy goat and then when I felt rage building up,l I went and did something else in the game Don't save it till last, you won't even feel happy when you get it. If you look at my order this trophy is in the middle https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3772-goat-simulator/enaysoft?order=date Play it, don't rage, reward yourself with a silver or gold trophy every 10 minutes of play when you feel anger. Another tip I have is to drape something across your TV so you can't see the score, just play and have fun, if possible. I thought I had failed but I got 14 and though wow cool. I heard the trophy pop. It's an odd game but man did I enjoy it a lot more second half knowing that the hard trophy was now out the way.
  5. I remember this pain back on PS3, even free on PS4 no way I want to play this again. AND you gotta then buy all the DLC content. Not free at all....
  6. "enaysoft said "snip" " lol.
  7. Dude, almost ten years ago Trash Panic, a fun game but with awful trophies, it made me rage but then I decided that I just didn't need 100% trophy lists in my life. Massive respect to you for getting just that many trophies. Just do what I do and give yourself some realistic goals. Mine are to try and get - over 90% trophies per game - over 90% completion rate overall - keep unearned trophies below 500 Seriously give yourself some better goals in my life, you'll feel much better. Put it like this, if you got 100% what have you achieved? You'll likely brag about it on here for a few posts and then play something else. I've sometimes got 100% on a very tough game to only forget about it practically next day, once the challenge is gone, in a way so has the achievement. Also have you looked at the elephant in the room? Arcade Legend Clear a game without using any Continues. Which game are you going to complete without using a continue?! That might be the trophy that keeps you from 100% Play something else, and have fun in life. You only live once.
  8. Has it been delisted? Doesn't seem to be available on the UK store... [edit] Ok it exists on the PS4 store but is cross play/cross buy, it just doesn't show on the Vita store...
  9. Resident Evil 7, although was terrified by it as early as 27th December. Sill only playing this one game into the twenties.
  10. Don't give up yet man! Been a while since I played but if I recall on baseball on hard doesn't your cursor get removed? Now what I did was drape a piece of small string down my TV and taped it to the top of the TV with the bottom part a small circular bit of ring, this was so I knew exactly where the target was. Obviously I'd play it on medium or easy first to see where the cursor was. I do remember the red guys, if I recall you have absolutely no health and you die in one hit? I think that was it. What you need to do is immediately run up to the nearest guy and throw him into other guys, therefore knocking two to three guys over at once and then quickly kill the guys that are still stood up. If I recall they have different health bars so what you need to do if take them down in order of lowest health. What I did was stay away, don't go for attacks, go for throws, that way you can hit them with a few punches and then thrown down, hit them on the floor. The rage quitter for me though is the stage afterwards stage 9, you have a coop partner with 1mm of health, he fight in his underpants, basically you have to throw all the enemies to the floor and avoid him getting hit since he dies in one hit.
  11. I know this is an old post but yes, 3 chest uses are mandatory, it is absolutely essential, you have to use it twice to put items away and get them back again for that birthday puzzle. Then when you gain control of Ethan again later, you need to get all his stuff back. It is basically use a chest 0 times but you can of course get access to your best weapons near the end of the game.
  12. Thanks Cinthia, well, if I see a Japanese boxed version then I will get it. But I doubt it though, I suspect it will be digital only... [edit] Not on the Japanese store at all yet.
  13. It looks like a good game, is it really that bad?
  14. Well it would have to be the first and legit guy Hakoom. He seems to be a funny guy as well, I remember once, can't remember where, but he talked about having to platinum shitty games like Leisure Suit Larry and Kate and Lynch, like he hated Kate and Lynch so much he wanted to jump out of his bedroom window sometimes. Regarding all trophy hunters though, I really do worry about their future. Like, spending that much time just on collecting trophies, it's not really a career that can last forever and when the trophy hunting business is replaced with some other new fad. You're likely to be middle aged and probably without a career. Then again I do worry about trophy whores as well. Over 100 platinums but not even one rare or ultra rare trophy. Oo course it's your life to do as you please. But please plan for the future ok..?
  15. If this gets a physical release on Vita, I will definitely get the Japanese version.
  16. When are they going to start releasing more games from 88+ onwards? And more specifically scrolling bea-em-ups. I'm looking at you Konami!
  17. One of the best novel games ever made which got me into novel games in the first place. Released first on the GBA, then DS and 3DS! The best handheld novel game series ever made, and now finally we get to play them on a Sony Console. HOORRAAAAYYYY!!!! .... This is a joke right... No vita version!?.... Like other games, such as Hatoful Boyfriend, it's great to have both a Vita and PS4 port for those that don't have a Vita. Do I really have to play a text adventure game with mostly reading on a HD TV for 20 hours?....I know the Vita is considered a dead system but they are porting a handheld game ffs. This is like if they ported it to PS4 and made it VR only. As if having 1 plat for 3 long games and having practically to read spoilers in order to be careful not miss missable conversation trophies through the games weren't bad enough...
  18. Ah I see. Well, I got the game a year ago on half price sale, still haven't got around to playing it as still playing other warriors games. Still, will definitely be waiting for a price drop on the DLC. Thanks for the heads up about the DLC.
  19. This is interesting. Considering how many millions of warriors games there are. This is the first game to ever have DLC content that also has extra DLC trophies. I'm honestly genuinely surprised.
  20. The DLC is original price 60 dollars?!? That really does sound like the entire Ultimate edition crammed into 1 DLC...
  21. An awesome start to 2020. This is mine https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5776-resident-evil-7-biohazard/25-fly-swatter Marguerite jumped at me off a wall, I shot her in the face with my shotgun and then while the trophy was popping shot her 3 times in her minge. Boss killed. This is genuinely what happened. Resident Evil 7 fans will know.
  22. So how many Powgi platinum games are there now? Must be like over 100 now since they release 6 trophy lists PER GAME...
  23. Don't laugh, but, I was a big fan of Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64, the title had awesome music and you could move the glow around with the analogue, 1996 was a different time
  24. Dude, you have 6000 unearned trophies, just enjoy playing games and don't worry about 100% lists, it isn't worth it I have like 400-500 unearned trophies and I spent a whole year only playing PS3 games/old titles with DLC to try and get my lists to 100. Although I succeeded in my backlog a bit, scratching away 80 trophies on old hard game. I didn't make much of a dent, all I did was play old games while missing out on a year of new games. If you want to play The Crew, first you should be asking, is this a fun game? Then just enjoy yourself with it
  25. I've had the game crash on me in the menus, give it a try, get aboout 10 friends all holding hands and then go into the collections menu and sit there, after about 10 mins or so the game just crashes. Had it twice now. For the final few trophies getting everyone to go gold I saved like every few minutes. Great game but my god does it need patching/optimising.