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  1. Can't believe the amount of people who don't want the game because it doesn't have a platinum...!! It sucks that it doesn't but I'm still good to enjoy the game
  2. Muffle can be slow but if you're going for the platinum then it doesn't matter too much and actually has no impact really on how you play.
  3. ILLUSION Muffle spell is by far the easiest thing to get to level 100 in my opinion without going out your way. You can just cast it as you walk around and it levels up quite quick. I'm 60 hours in, Legendary Illusion 3 times and one trophy off the platinum.
  4. Pre Season Gone Home Current: 0% Goal : 100% Trine 3 Current: 0% Goal : Complete Story (maybe Platinum) Firewatch Current: 11% Goal : 100% May add at a later date: Strider, Ground Zeroes, Transistor, Song of The Deep, TWD S2
  5. I'll admit I stopped reading after I saw you having Fallout and Skyrim as your benchmarks for a good RPG...IMO both largely over rated and run terribly
  6. Started on Bloodborne, then Dark Souls 3....then bought both of these games. I've found Dark Souls harder than both BB and DS3. I had to have multiple attempts at most bosses, level design was hard to navigate and found it difficult to get through areas without taking a fair amount of damage. I decided to try Demon Souls and my only death so far is the one on the first boss you are "meant" to die at. I'm only 3 levels in but it's considerably easier than the other Souls games I've played in my opinion.
  7. If I were you to get all 3 endings in one playthrough...go for the one that requires you have 8 dark sigils and follow that right until you beat the final boss. Also give the item you need to the woman at the shrine. Once you've defeated him, return to firelink shrine without touching the last bonfire or summoning anyone. BACK UP YOUR SAVE. Now go back to the last boss and touch the bonfire with all 8 sigils, unlock trophy ending. RESTORE SAVE. Clear all 8 sigils with the firekeeper and go back for another trophy ending. RESTORE SAVE. Now go back, clear dark sigils, summon firekeeper next to last bonfire for last ending trophy.
  8. I'll be honest, I summoned 3 sun bros in on NG++ and I ended up using 2 estus the whole fight. It was trivial with so many people.
  9. But I gave him them all anyway and saved him doing another playthrough. Obviously that's not good enough, so apologies for trying to help people out.
  10. He seemed more than happy with the platinum he got by dropping the rings he needed...and he also dropped me them back. Funny that I'm being nice enough to save someone another playthrough of the game and getting mocked because I want the rings back.
  11. You can actually beat the last boss and quit the game to back up your save....only having to beat him once. Just make sure you DON'T TOUCH THE BONFIRE after killing him
  12. Message me on PSN and I'll sort one out for you
  13. How many do you need? I can drop them as long as I get them back straight away?
  14. Ive got one a could drop for you tomorrow?
  15. So I am 3 trophies off the platinum and ideally want my next play through to be a coop one. The trophies I’m missing are Coastrock, Wise Words and Fading Fast. These are the 3 trophies for aiding the NPCs. Is someone able to confirm if these trophies drop for both players in coop or if they only drop for the person who started the game?