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  1. Is this just buggy or is it just completely borked on Vita? I can for the life of me only find 7 of the letters in the fourth level. I've played it over and over and don't know if I'm just missing something or if it's just not there at all on Vita. Can anyone confirm that they managed to pull it off on Vita?
  2. This worked for me when I was having problems with my sticks. Went from games being unplayable to working like a charm.
  3. Pay your damn employees what they deserve.
  4. I know. My opening post was obviously a joke.
  5. I can help with All The Balls at least. In Act 1, in the Ruff House, there is a werewolf sitting at the bar. Talk to him and he'll start talking about how much he loves playing with toy balls. Go through all of the dialog options you get and the trophy should pop.
  6. Eh, Pink Floyd after Syd Barrett left is pretty boring to me too. I can't sit all the way through Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here without wanting to fall asleep. And doesn't smoking something usually lead people to enjoy Pink Floyd MORE?
  7. People always forget about the disposable pop music that was produced and was popular from these "classic" eras of music and the vast majority of music is just cast aside. Better stuff (not necessarily the best though) is usually remembered and the worst stuff is allowed to fester on the scrap heap of history. Like whatever you like without worrying about what you dislike. Music's better that way.
  8. So I'm playing this game on a North American PS4 but for some reason it seems to be updating my list under the European Vita version. Is this an issue on Sony's end or is the list improperly labeled on here? It's not a big deal to me, just a strange thing I noticed.
  9. It doesn't work that way. Your account is still tied to a specific region. If you had multiple Vitas for each region, then each Vita would have totally separate accounts on them.
  10. Dude, what am I doing wrong? At around 49:42 in that video, you go through the double doors with no problem but every time I reach them, they're locked. I'm at my wits end. I want to finish this awful game and never look at it again but these doors are preventing me from doing it. EDIT: Ugh I figured it out. When I died at some point, I must've accidentally loaded a save when I hadn't done the math portion.
  11. I notice that there are two trophies plus the platinum that have 0% right now. Is the game just glitched or is it just that since it's sold so poorly that the people who HAVE bought it haven't pull it off yet? Just curious before I start it.
  12. *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* Maybe I'm misremembering but I swear that Chuck either says he killed everyone or he wrote it in his second journal that he was doing it. It was part of the paranoia that he wasn't real and everyone is fake and against him.
  13. You'd expect the characters to be less dressed. Anyway, does anyone know anything about this game? I've been itching for a good tennis game for a while and this is the first one on PS4, right?
  14. Okay, so I know this is a really bad game but I want to finish off the trophies at this point but I can't get this to load the fourth world. The loading screen stalls out at 89% no matter what. Is it possible to get Extra Crispy before that or am I boned? EDIT: So I'm dumb as heck and played this game for twice as long as I needed. There is a medical tent outside of the base in the second world. As soon as you can upgrade your armory, do so until you're able to buy the flamethrower and run out to that tent and burn it down for the trophy to pop.
  15. The trophies look pretty easy to me. As far as I can tell, it doesn't require a perfect game or anything like the PS3 version. Looks like just getting through the three games and dying in specific places. If it allows save states like some versions do, it'll be a walk in the park. Looking forward to picking this up, love these games.