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  1. I've slowed way down lately. I've got one more game completed to add though! Sir Eatsalot - This is a game that I like everything about aside from actually playing it. It has great graphics, fantastic animation, and the jokes actually land for the most part. As a game though, it's just not fun to play. It's a combination of platformer and adventure game but it does neither genre very well. The platforming just feels slow and off, with the jumping never working quite right and the adventure aspect has so much backtracking for fetch quests that becomes obnoxious fast. And the endless talking and conversations that ruin the pacing of the game. It's most prominent in the beginning of the game but the dialog stops you what feels like every two screens. When it finally lets you play with little interruption, it's a dark underground tunnel system that is a nightmare to navigate and you have to recharge your light to be able to get around. I appreciate that the devs attempted to use all of the Vita's gimmicks in the game but in the end, it's just not fun to play. Oh well. TOTALS SINCE MARCH 30: Platinums: 46 100%: 14 Hey, that's me! I'm glad I could help and thank you for helping me with the trophy on my end. I'm glad we could actually get it to work after all of the struggles!
  2. 1. Sir Eatsalot (33%) ---> (100%) 2. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (41%) 3. Octodad: Dadliest Catch (23%) 4. Rayman Origins (17%) 5. Asdivine Hearts (10%) 6. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (8%) 7. Claire (3%) 8. The Wolf Among Us (1%) 9. Child of Light (0%) Finally got a chance to work on some games this week. My mother-in-law was visiting for a week and a half starting in June and it was pretty difficult to find the time to play any games aside from reading some VNs before bed (and now I realize I should've been working on the Zero Escape from my list, haha!). I managed to finish Sir Eatsalot tonight. It's a game that I really like everything about it aside from actually playing it. It looks good, has really charming characters, a great sense of humor, and a lot of effort went into trying to make the game use all of the unique features of the Vita. Unfortunately, it just sucks to play. It's a weird mix of 2D platforming and adventure game but it does neither genre well. The platforming is slow and clumsy while the adventure game portion has a bunch of tedious fetch quests that require drastic backtracking. And the talking. They never shut up in this game and it completely destroys any pacing this game might have. The first part of the game initiates unskippable cutscenes and too long conversations on what feels like every other screen. Once the game gives you a chance to actually play without interruptions, it mostly takes place in an awful underground tunnel system where you need to recharge a light to be able to see anything. God it's just so not fun to backtrack through those tunnels. I admire what this team tried to do here but it just doesn't work well. As soon as I started this one up again, I realized why I dropped it all of those years ago. Hopefully the rest on my list are more fun!
  3. I totally get that. I have noticed that I play games completely differently on PC where I'm not chasing trophies, so expectations would be way different. I guess I wonder how I would view Super Weekend Mode if I hadn't played a version of it on a while before I downloaded it on Vita for example. A super quick plat but it's a surprisingly complex game in a deceptively simple arcade style. If I had just burned through it for the trophies, I probably wouldn't have gotten much out of it or continued to think about it. I see your view on that. Mayo is a legit great game, I agree. There's a knowledge there about games that only someone who loves the medium could make it. I haven't picked up the sequel, does it keep the satire sharp? There's something about bad games that make them interesting. They're memorable in different ways than good ones and a merely mediocre game is forgotten for a reason. A bad game can become great once you get on its level too. Like whenever I hook up my Saturn, the games I go to aren't the heavy hitters like a Panzer Dragoon or Virtua Fighter, it's stuff like D or Double Switch. My absolute favorite game to play after drinking a little much is Club 3DO Station Invasion and getting upset that I can't do basic math. There's just something fun about Ride To Hell: Retribution or Virtuoso being complete warhellrides, to borrow a phrase from Wesley Willis. Approaching them for what they are instead of what they aren't kinda rules, y'know? I'm also willing to accept that I'm broken, lmao.
  4. Haha, I'm shameless and simply don't care about how anyone might think about my plats. I think I'm just getting old and like what I like. I enjoy the games and that's all that matters in the end, right? Like I figure I've played a lot of the Ratalika games on PC in some form already without trophies and enjoyed them (Distraint and Football Game are two games that I loved before even finding out they have console/handheld ports for example) and if I had let the idea of easy plats get into my head, I would've missed out on some great games. I get there's a stigma around that stuff but at the end of the day, a good game's a good game, right? I dunno, I'm also hammered right now so maybe I'm just in a really forgiving mood. That Phineas & Ferb game is surprisingly fun too. My wife managed to grab me a cart from Italy when she was over there on her job and I enjoyed playing through that myself a few years back. It's a lot better than it had any right to be. I am way behind on my updates. The mother-in-law has been in the house and I haven't had a chance to play game as much as I would like. I did get a few burned out a couple days ago though. Sigi: A Fart For Mesaluna - It would've been pretty fun if the framerate would've been decent when the action got hectic! I like the idea of it but the bosses are unfair and that framerate kills it. I don't hate it but I would've been furious if I paid more than 99 cents for it. Planet RIX-13 - Another 99 cent-er and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I dig the atmosphere and the puzzles weren't too obtuse but I also had a hard time grasping what the point of the whole ordeal was. I guess it was solid enough but there was a je ne sais quoi missing to it that I just couldn't grasp onto why I was doing everything. Bucket Knight - Another game that's supposedly inspired by NES aesthetics (or I guess since this dev is Russian it'd be Dendy stuff, right?) but it seems to miss the mark. It doesn't feel like an 8-bit game and just generally uses the aesthetics in a very modern form that I wager the dev is probably a younger person making games inspired by games inspired by the era, if that makes sense. I'm willing to be wrong, but 8-bit console never felt correct in this. I was reminded more of those old DOS shareware compilations than anything, where you'd get like a modded pirate copy of Wolfenstein and a hundred barely function shareware garbage to fill the CD-ROM. That's a long way to say I didn't like it much. Kawaii Deathu Desu - Have you ever played a game that made you realize things about yourself that you're kind of ashamed to face? That's this game for me. I loved this stupid stupid stupid game. It's essentially One FInger Death Punch if it were dumb and horny instead of brilliant. There is no skill involved with this, it's just hammering on the left d-pad and the circle button to smash the things coming at you and grinding out kills. It's a game that's held together with chewed gum and used band-aids and it crashes constantly. I'm pretty sure I damaged my left hand from playing this game so much in such a short amount of time, not as much as when I caused my hand to be crippled from Rock Band 2 for 12 hours straight and I couldn't run the cash register at my job back in the day, but my hand still hurt for hours. Don't play this game, it's bad and stupid. I can't recommend it to anyone but I loved every minute of it and wished it made me grind more. It's one of those bad games that I can't help but love. No one else will like it. TOTALS SINCE MARCH 30: Platinums: 45 100%: 14
  5. Is this glitched? Clearly, the only guy who has 100% cheated because he did it in 2 minutes. It looks like the trophy for getting 3 eggs across all levels isn't achieved by anyone on the other versions so I assume it's glitched but some sort of confirmation would be cool.
  6. Late update here. I maaaay have bought too many cross-buy games in the current sale. I've burned through a few of them but then got distracted by a game I started five years ago and hadn't finished. It's been a "productive" week, haha! 1. Fullblast - Awful game. Slow and tedious. A vertical shmup made by people who don't get what makes a shmup good. I'm no expert on the genre by any means but I know what I like and I didn't like this one. There's just no sense of speed and the patterns are very dull. 2. Deep Space Rush - Actually a legitimately cool game! A side-scrolling rogue-lite that has a lot of surprises up its sleeve. It's almost a shame that the plat is so easy to attain because too many people will write it off as a EZPZ game. I had a great time with it and wish it would've asked more of me on the list. I'll probably pop this in as a time waster in the future. 3. Duck Souls + - Another great game that's an easy plat. A tricky single-screen platformer that is obviously inspired by the tough-as-nails games like Super Meat Boy but has a far more forgiving difficulty level. Great level design, cool pixel graphics, and a great sense of humor, this is a blast. 4. Inksplosion - Eh, it's okay. It's a totally adequate twin stick shooter but that's about it. The ink aspect of it causes the game to chug so the best way to play it is to turn off its gimmick, which is a shame. Not my favorite but it works. I've played worse. 5. FoxyLand - Another "Eh, it's okay" game. It's a puzzle platformer but again, doesn't really do anything too special. It'll keep your attention for a little bit but I've already kinda forgotten a lot about it. Not exactly a good thing, right? 100%s 1. Fruit Ninja - Can you believe this is the first time I've ever played this game? I've never owned a smart phone so I completely missed this phenomenon. I get why it was so popular! Easy to understand and a great "one more go" aspect to it is a perfect combo. I'm glad the grind wasn't as big as it could be in this as I could see it getting absolutely monotonous if it would've lasted too much longer but I enjoyed my short time with it. Thanks to Mr Healthy, another member of this event, for the help on the multiplayer trophy too. 2. The Last Blade 2 - A classic SNK fighting game with some stunning sprite animation. I missed this back in the day in the arcade and on Dreamcast (though I recognized nearly every character from spending too much time on Card Fighters Clash on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, heh), though I completely understand why this is one that people went gaga over. It plays well and there's a depth to it that I will never grasp because I'm a big ol' dummy. One of the best SNK games I've played. 3. Table Top Racing - A pretty basic racing game but it's just good enough to be a little addictive. I started it half a decade ago and somehow got it in my brain to finish it over the last couple days. I generally had a good time with it and finding the little gaps & shortcuts to get better times is great but the rubberband AI in the races gets really obnoxious. No matter how far ahead you are, it always feels like the other racers are right behind you. It's cheap and unfair, especially in the higher levels. Even with maxed-out cars, I never felt like I had any sort of advantage. Still, enjoyed my time with it pretty well! TOTALS SINCE MARCH 30: Platinums: 41 100%: 14
  7. Are you sure it doesn't share a trophy list with the digital Asian release? It doesn't look like a separate list for the cart version exists on the site here.
  8. There is some "incest but not really" romance route where they're not biological siblings but may as well be. There's also the infamous hallway pissing scene. It's a wild game that is filled with baffling decisions. I haven't finished it myself but it's so goofy and stupid that I kinda like it for the wrong reasons.
  9. Awesome Pea: A simple platformer that I picked up after Sometimes You did that massive price drop on games. It's okay. Nothing amazing and it just kinda ends with no real resolution. I only had trouble on one level but otherwise it's pretty breezy. The controls don't feel quite right but it's workable. I don't get this modern obsession with fake scanlines and distorted CRT inspired visuals though. It's not implemented well in this game even. Why would a game inspired by a Game Boy aesthetic have fuzzy RF connections? Tiny Troopers Joint Ops: I bought it because it was on sale for under $2 and I guess it was worth it at that price. It's an twin stick shooter that has missions on each level. It does what it sets out to do and nothing more. It's fun enough even if it does get tedious at the end. The Zombie DLC campaign is awful though. I did find it kind of icky to have the penalty for murdering civilians so minor and inconsequential. Why even have it in the game in that case? I dunno, that's a big time "me thing" for sure. TOTALS SINCE MARCH 30: Platinums: 36 100%: 11 That's impressive. I managed to get something like 270 or 280 English Vita releases (haven't counted in a while) before I retired from the collecting side of it. Checking some of the prices on eBay is crazy right now.
  10. I'd say I agree with people above then where you should just leave it unhidden. No one except the other people who've played it would have any idea about the themes int the games and they've got it on their profiles too. Anyone else is just going to think it's some random game and I doubt they'll care even if they do know what it is. Don't worry too much about it. Oh, and Nurse Love Addiction is so stupid and gross but I was laughing so hard at the piss scene in the hospital hallway in that game. It's not supposed to be funny but I could not understand how anyone could write that scene with a straight face. It's the best worst thing I've ever seen. I was afraid I was going to wake up my wife with my laughter and have to explain to her the anime piss game I was playing lmao.
  11. Nah, nothing wrong with skipping over stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable. You don't owe the game anything and if that's how you wanted to do it, that's completely valid. I tend to read my VNs but I had to skip through a lot of Amnesia because I was so uncomfortable with how all of the dudes treat the main woman. And that was before I got to the route when she gets locked into a cage! Probably not on the same level as an incest route but it still gave me the creeps so I get what you're on about. I wouldn't worry about what other people think about it and just do what you're comfortable with. If you want the quick plat on the second one, go for it. If you're uncomfortable with having it on your account, skip it. Do whatever feels right.
  12. Haha, it's like Street Fighter II when I was a kid. Replace the jokes about Capcom not being able to count to three with Rockstar not being able to count to six.
  13. Yeah, I'll toss in on this! I've got a lot of old Vita games to finish and this is a good push. A mix of short and long ones should be pretty fun. 1. Sir Eatsalot (33%) 2. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (41%) 3. Octodad: Dadliest Catch (23%) 4. Rayman Origins (17%) 5. Asdivine Hearts (10%) 6. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (8%) 7. Claire (3%) 8. The Wolf Among Us (1%) 9. Child of Light (0%) That seems like a good start! We'll see what happens when I get through those!
  14. Steamworld Dig is so good. I loved getting that 100% too and I need to get around to playing the sequel one of the days. Have you tried out Steamworld Heist? A completely different game but it's got the same great tone that Dig has. That's nuts about the sealed copy. I can't believe how much Vita games have exploded in value over the last year. I just found out A.W. Phoenix Festa has sold for nearly four digits on eBay recently and that just blows my mind. Glad I got my copy for like $40 when it first came out!
  15. It's hard to deny that Lent: The Easter Bunny DX may be the greatest game title of all time.