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  1. Cool. The thought of six whole playthroughs is not appealing, lol.
  2. Is it possible to boost this by creating a new character, firing up a 2nd controller and then loading the new character into your L70 character? Then basically running rifts/bounties, but with the 2nd character kind of idle. Hope this makes some sense!
  3. 260. The grind for Concords and Shackles was brutal.
  4. Bloodborne was easy and FUN. I didn't bother to go for the plat in Dark Souls 2. I missed a couple of miracles in the DLC and just...couldn't face it again! This plat, has been easy but a pain. The grind for covenant items is seriously soul destroying. Particularly Swordgrass and Concords. I spent hours upon hours killing Silver Knights. Just got the +2 rings to get now, which after that grind is a BREEZE. Saving the ring behind Nameless King for last!
  5. Great, thanks all. Deffo picking this up!
  6. So this is $12 on PSN at the moment. Tempted. Are still MP trophies still attainable? In the sense are their still enough people playing to hack etc.
  7. Happened to me, but with journal entries. I picked them all up, trophy didn't pop. Went back to chapter select and found the ones that didn't register. Picked them up again and it popped.
  8. Last house secret is in the basement. You gain access after clearing the third dungeon. It should be open to you now. Burdened... Assume you have spoken to and fought the old lady? If so head back to the Wilds. A ? Should appear on map.
  9. LEGEND. Thank you...I can see it!
  10. Hi folks. I just need this trophy for plat. Apparently after the incident where you parry the old lady, she appears again in the house. But where? I've walked every inch of the place and can't see her!
  11. Anyone who has got the plat, are the mementos missable?
  12. Same as @hudsontruss123. Played the Divison beta and pre-ordered. Now looking for potential folk to hook up with, both for main story and the DZ. PSN ID: Murdoc2206. I'm on PT timezone!