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  1. Black Swordsman Cleared "The Black Swordsman" in Story Mode
  2. #57 Monster Monpiece Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Rarity: 10.96% (Rare) Enjoyment would have been a lot higher if the game was shorter. Near the final third it became boring. Every battle played out the same and my deck never changed. The beginning was fun because you were constantly changing your deck and figuring things out. The end game was just spam all the monsters you can and win. On another note it's time to start thinking about what my 60th platinum will be.
  3. Si Ku Ork Cleared Si Ku Ork area cleared Ladykiller 300 successful First Crush ♡ rubs! Now I just have one more trophy until I get the platinum
  4. Hail, Conquering Hero! Cleared the game!
  5. I'd like to update my list since I just got my "Z" platinum so I'm now up to 22/27. #Assassin's Creed BrotherhoodBatman: Arkham CityCroixleur SigmaDRAG-ON DRAGOON 3Everybody's Gone To The RaptureFINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HDGod of War IIHatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2ndIA/VT COLORFULJeopardyKingdom HeartsLittleBigPlanet 2MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3NIEROnechanbara Z2: ChaosPlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleQRocket LeagueSonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionTeslagradUncharted 2: Among ThievesValkyria ChroniclesWXYZero Escape The Nonary Games
  6. #56 Zero Escape The Nonary Games Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 36.55% (Uncommon) If I have to see one more unskippable map screen where they show the dots moving I'm going to go insane lol. Other than that this was a nice collection of games. While it's still fresh in my mind I'm probably going to go ahead and start the 3rd game soon.
  7. The King of Style Collected all of the King's fashion items
  8. The grind is real for the last trophy in Touch My Katamari. Gotta save up 76,000 candies to buy the item. Even doing it the fastest way via a time glitch it's still going to take hours of mind numbing menu hopping

  9. We Love Cousins Rolled up all Cousins Connoisseur Collected all objects within the Curio Collection Hoarder Collected all Presents
  10. Congratulations! Completed all Requests Long Live Katamari! Unlocked Eternal and Katamari Drive modes for all Requests Katamari Aficionado Collected all songs
  11. No Lying Down On the Job Opened the sixth lock in VLR.
  12. 0.46% Rarity
  13. You're the disease, I'm the cure Finish the Ironbro campaign I finally went back and grinded out the last UR trophy I needed in this game. This is now my rarest trophy
  14. 14 levels down about 2 more to go until I finally get the UR trophy for Iron Bro mode in Broforce

  15. 6 levels down about 10 more to go until I finally get the trophy for Iron Bro mode in Broforce.