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  1. Here's something I found on the wayback machine. If you compare the 2 entries on there to the current profile the milestones don't match up. The first platinum is different and so are a bunch of the other milestones. Also look at Modern Warfare 2. On the wayback machine it says 22 hours 11 minutes for the platinum but the current time says 1 week 2 days. Spoiler is the pictures. Had to spoiler them because of their size.
  2. Effect Elitist Deal 100k in Effect Damage Reflect Rager Deal 50k in Reflective Damage
  3. Goodbye Academy of Despair Finished every chapter A Magical Ending Cleared all stages of Magical Miracle Girl Monomi Monomi Won't Miss These, Right? Collected every possible item in Magical Miracle Girl Monomi This Belongs in a Museum! Unlocked all gallery items
  4. #59 Zero Time Dilemma Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Rarity: 66.06% (Common) Finally finished this trilogy. The series had its ups and downs but overall I enjoyed it. I didn't like how the story was structured in this game though. Switching between 3 teams was fun but it could have been handled better or something. At least we upgraded from the still image cutscenes of a 3D model in VLR to actual animated scenes. The ending could have been better also but that's a story for another time lol.
  5. #58 Tekken 7 Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 32.33% (Uncommon) I wasn't originally going to get this platinum next but I've been watching fighting game videos on Youtube and I got that itch to play a fighting game. So I sat down and grinded out the last 21 trophies I needed for this platinum. It was still just as fun as I remembered it being when it first came out.
  6. Apostle Lord Defeated all of the large Apostles with Griffith Enjoy and Excite! Defeated 1,000 enemies in one battle as Wyald Victory Cry Have won battles with all playable characters
  7. Abyss champion Delved 75 layers in the Endless Eclipse Abyss Conqueror Delved 100 layers in the Endless Eclipse Elf Dimension Style Secret Keeper Won more than 50 battles together with Puck
  8. Berserker Defeated all of the large Apostles on BERSERK difficulty level Loyal Servant Rescued Farnese once from a dire battle as Serpico
  9. The Swordmaster One of the characters has reached their maximum level Avenger Defeated all of the large Apostles with Guts Setting Sail Cleared "The Hawk of the Millennium Arc" in Story Mode Causality Scholar Finished all of the events Music Lover Collected all of the BGM
  10. Thanks for reminding me. I forgot that after 50 the next one isn't until 75 lol.
  11. Black Swordsman Cleared "The Black Swordsman" in Story Mode
  12. #57 Monster Monpiece Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Rarity: 10.96% (Rare) Enjoyment would have been a lot higher if the game was shorter. Near the final third it became boring. Every battle played out the same and my deck never changed. The beginning was fun because you were constantly changing your deck and figuring things out. The end game was just spam all the monsters you can and win. On another note it's time to start thinking about what my 60th platinum will be.
  13. Si Ku Ork Cleared Si Ku Ork area cleared Ladykiller 300 successful First Crush ♡ rubs! Now I just have one more trophy until I get the platinum
  14. Hail, Conquering Hero! Cleared the game!
  15. I'd like to update my list since I just got my "Z" platinum so I'm now up to 22/27. #Assassin's Creed BrotherhoodBatman: Arkham CityCroixleur SigmaDRAG-ON DRAGOON 3Everybody's Gone To The RaptureFINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HDGod of War IIHatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2ndIA/VT COLORFULJeopardyKingdom HeartsLittleBigPlanet 2MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3NIEROnechanbara Z2: ChaosPlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleQRocket LeagueSonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionTeslagradUncharted 2: Among ThievesValkyria ChroniclesWXYZero Escape The Nonary Games