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  1. Ciao, 

    can i ask you some questions about Ratchet & Clank Deadlocked ps3?
    If I can tell you where to write, thank you

  2. Just the tone in your post gives others a good reason as to why you were "kicked out". Good luck in managing your team.
  3. Only just saw this thread as I'm not very active here, but I'll still vote for the final: Amun Bastet
  4. P #127: Dying Light. Never purchasing another Techland game again due to their reputation of glitched trophies.

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    2. Orlay_


      order to show the world that you indeed did everything there was to do in the game. Not wanting to support a company because of their repeated negligence with the same exact issue is a valid point. It's one that I personally share.

      I do not care if you buy all the broken games in the world. "Lol"ing at other people's opinions just makes you look closed-minded and sad.

    3. Jak


      Troll? An 'assumptionous' & baseless idiot I see you are. Aerirou I see you still don't understand (can't comprehend) here how the website has no relevance to the POINT that I and the status guy had made. Don't call people's comments or the person an idiot wen you're actually the one who is. Trying to force the relevance of this website by saying "it tracks trophies, therefore it is relevant" is moronic and delusional.

    4. Vilebear


      Why are you still replying? No one cares.

  5. #119 Far Cry 4.

    1. LukeWarm115
    2. razizo41


      Congrazulations man!

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      congrats! havent played my copy yet though!

  6. Stackable platinums, and being able to message on the go (assuming that I have a Wi Fi connection)..
  7. What the heck is that? South Park: The Stick of Truth for the person below me?
  8. Fairy fencer F avatars are out :D Also plat #117 Resistance: Burning Skies. :P

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    2. Lulu


      Oh yeah, and congrats on #117. :D

    3. Jak


      How was Resistance (as a game, it's story, and Platinum difficultly)?

    4. CasaDeBen


      Youre still kickin around these forums? Havent seen your name in awhile

  9. Haven't updated my status in quite sometime, so.... Platinum #115 Fairy Fencer F. :P

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    2. Sir_Bee


      How was it? Was there a large grind? I was considering getting this game.

    3. Nepgear2


      Congrats on the plat, War! Forgot to congratulate you.

      And yes, there are a certain few trophies that are massive grinds, Sir.

    4. Asuka


      congrats ^-^

  10. #103 FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.

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    2. Aexuz


      0.30% achievers and the plat image looks amazing. congrats Warbear!

    3. ExHaseo


      Wow, that's impressive. Congratulations.

    4. Precision-Playyy


      Nice mate, never even played it but the plat looks so hard, congratz

  11. Not sure why everyone is familiar with you, never heard of you. Nevertheless, welcome to PrincessProfiles.
  12. #102 South Park: The Stick of Truth

    1. Kittens Are Awesome
    2. Karnacharya


      Well done. It's an awesome game.

  13. My friends are silly. Silly, silly, silly.

  14. My last status was since July :o Figured I'd post something new, so hi! :D

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    2. allenbird


      wow, nice profile. Impressive. Besides, who doesn't like eating apples?

    3. CasaDeBen


      I figured you ditched this site

    4. Neptunia-Noire
  15. I was about to mention this. For those light colors it would be awesome if we had the option to change the text color as well. Brilliant idea Sly, even the littlest ideas are pretty amazing.