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  1. Thanks for the info It still kinda sucks that campaign trophies doesn't stack between players but it's at least an improvement that the miscellaneous do stack.
  2. What the title says, if anyone knows feel free to post the answer below. I'm just putting this out there as it was frustrating for both my friend and I to learn that we had to 100% both Overcooked 1 and 2 twice since only player 1's progress got tracked (local co-op, we were both signed in). I really hope they fixed it for this iteration of the game but I have a feeling that they haven't...
  3. Sorry to necropost but did any of you guys succeed? I tried with an NA guy earlier but I couldn't connect (EU here). It could have been our network settings tho.
  4. This post is kinda outdated by now (sry for the delayed response, haven't been on in a while). Go find the MTU settings thing on another thread as it is much easier and enables you to do all the trophies solo against bots Happy hunting
  5. I just got my trophy today. I switched between Garland, Squall and Ace. I found Ace and Garland the easiest to use. There is no way to tell (for me at least, as it wasn't always clear whether or not you saved them in time (if you were too slow or too fast at hitting the enemy). It's a bit trial and error and luck based. I just had a gut feeling in the end that I maybe had enough and I was usually right and good at predicting when I had gotten enough points or not. If you can, drag out the match as long as possible as it makes more saves possible.
  6. Okay, nice to know that you don't have to win. I try to win anyway as I need the 300 wins trophy, but it's a good fail-safe
  7. That's insane.. who has three devices like that lol. I would say just hug an enemy AI that is targeting an ally and hit them when they are about to do something. Remember poise can play into this. I would really like to know as well if you have to win or not for it to count. A++ requires you to win (had three A++ as Ultimecia, 2 wins, 1 tie and it didn't count so I had to get a 3rd win)
  8. Ah I thought as much (since the tutorial said this too) but I wanted to be sure as there are multiple thing you can call interrupts Thx man. Just to make it super clear to other people, it's the score called "Allies Saved" on the expanded score screen.
  9. My question is: What exactly constitutes as an interrupt? The tutorial states that you have to save an ally from being hit (in the tutorial the enemy AI uses an HP attack and you have to HP as well) but what about poise values? Does me winning a direct clash 1v1 count as an interrupt too? Can I use Bravery attacks to stop someone trying to combo an ally with a Bravery attack? It's super vague and I'm confused as to what I should try and do to maximize my chances of getting this trophy ._.
  10. Just join my boosting session, the time doesn't matter but we want to try every now and then to see if we can do some further testing The one of our groups met an entire bot group while we tried to find each other haha.
  11. Hi, just wanted to say that I just finished doing some light testing of a 3v3 boosting method in Dissidia NT - two groups of three queueing at the same time. We were able to find each other one time but only when we weren't in a voice chat party on PS4. While we can't determine whether or not this is a coincidence we would need further testing. If more people can test it out it would be nice. It should be said that we tested way more in party chat than without so we need some more testing on the "non-voice-chat-party, queue at the same time" front. With the two non-voice-chat-party attemps we had 50% success, first time one group met another live group and the other met bots; the second time we met each other. We have a chat group atm going on PS4 (+ some dude already made a trophy community for Dissidia so maybe check that out too). EDIT: It may be much easier to boost this down the line when the game is even more "dead" but let's see what we can figure out now