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  1. quest is easy first check the email with the graveyard go there ,find the first clue ,3 more are coming to reveal the location of the treasure chest
  2. Hello fellows ,there s is an open world mini quest for get a gold revolver in gta 5 when you complete it and do 50 headshots with it on other players you get 250000 reward and unlock it in the coming Red dead redemption 2
  3. the end of Mgs 3 snake reater
  4. works on french store ,thank you
  5. i want Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on ps4 this tekken 7 in slice for more dlc is a bad joke
  6. you need the set to play that ,there is no other way
  7. Watch dogs ps3 (btw if someone can follow me in my party plz) deadpool ps3 slowly but surely the last of us ps3 also slowly ,first grounded run done ,one more to go and dont laught hanna Montana the movie also slowly because that shit is a shit stuck under my shoe ,i shoudn't have start it ,not because it is hard ,because it s a shit when one or two of these are done i go for Skyrim ,gta4 or/and metal gear serie
  8. 18 ultras rares for me ,check my profile, i am lazy ,thanks Jack
  9. Gta 5 ps4 100% got it last year on ps3 , save transfer for multiplayer saves me lot of time make solo mode again was nice rockstar editor seems to got lots of possibilities a really good game i try to finish a couple of started stuff and i go for skyrim legendary edition
  10. nice story bro ! every day is a school day , and i get class today
  11. oups did it again !
  12. God of war 3 ,just get it today for 20 euro brand new i finish gta 5 and that damn 40000 kills in Battlefield Hardline and i take some time for Kratos
  13. welcome here ,hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. i forgive the mispel ding ding you win perhaps xxshin will be under me
  15. if you own a server ,there is admin settings to kick/ban randoms who joins your server