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  1. normally use cex or musicmagpie as they offer higher prices and the latter takes imports and for quite a few they offer close to the original price i paid to have them imported. i'm also buying more digi games nowadays, so i dont have to deal with selling them.
  2. my wallets about to take a big hit, been wanting to pick some of these titles up for a while.
  3. yes same with pb1 https://psnprofiles.com/search/games?q=psychobreak i actually prefer the name pshyco break and have in the last few days been looking into different ways of getting the first one.
  4. another dev bites the bullet, thx to EA. It seems like they miss that worst company in the us title they held. for those of u worried about the servers closing, at least ea does 1 thing right. https://www.ea.com/service-updates/2017
  5. a limit of some kind is definitely needed, i have some of the games in the list but don't feel i'd achieve anything in joining them as there's going to be conflicts with all these sessions up. And some of them aren't exactly quick games to boost.
  6. All: 13,421, 4,596, 1,549, 342, 19,908 PS3: 11,431, 3,572, 1,135, 275, 16,413 PS4: 1,071, 599, 248, 42, 1,960 Multi: 546, 228, 114, 18, 906 PSV: 373, 197, 52, 7, 629
  7. this is one game where i hope they share the trophy list, otherwise i'll just stick to my ps3 version that i've yet to complete.
  8. i beat terminator salvation, on hard too. the games you've mentioned have nothing on this.
  9. not an amazing game but for free i didn't mind it, never had any problems with glitches/crashes either.
  10. i have black backgrounds for my notifications again, im happy. the clock is also another feature that means i know don't have to fully exit a game when checking the time which is a bonus i guess. nothing else about it really interests me or i'll see me utilising much.
  11. bfbc is still up and working and the mercs servers are still up and running as far as im aware, i did the game in april. if u have them as well games like shift and one of the games on the orange box works.
  12. just amnesia for me but its one i was interested in, alrdy owned MGS5 and once again bought hue and sky force in the last sale
  13. haven't got any in a while because i normally block people that send them but the random person works at sony will give u psn credit for sending this msg to all friends spam. i suppose because i still have a lot of games on my ps3 meaning having less then 100 ppl as friends due to invs being easier i generally ignore random friend requests if we wont be working on a game.
  14. nvm i missed the subtitles part.
  15. uk acc is the same as an eu one, go for a hk acc if u want English versions of most games and fror the store to be in English. i get all my different region psn cards from here https://www.offgamers.com/ never had any problems with them. also if the game has dlc u will need to get the dlc from the same region as the game, just as an fyi.