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  1. at least you know what you're getting from the game.
  2. obviously pegi/esrb and any other ratings boards are no longer up to the job, so here's Sony to save the day with vague standards. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/04/16/sony-reveals-the-existence-of-their-own-content-guidelines-for-ps4/
  3. honestly, you've held out this long and with bc you can play any ps4 titles you've missed, so you may as well wait a little longer.
  4. very well hidden then, 1st comment to the post from the link "If that's it it doesn't work...here in Portugal I never heard of any kind of discount...Give us another game per month and it's fine!"
  5. u mean u didnt get plus to get some exercise, cos that seems to be the theme.
  6. so Sony have decided that after reducing the amount of games we get they are going to be offering other types of rewards. Honestly I'd have preferred to stick to the games. seems to be only offered in some regions at the moment but i assume it'll get rolled out to others as time passes. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/04/ps_plus_is_offering_more_and_you_may_not_realise_it https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/explore/playstation-plus/ps-plus-rewards/ rewards for the UK are: Get a NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass on us Get 50% off a NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass 10% off your Pure Gym membership and no joining fee Get 20% discount when you shop at adidas.co.uk and as i don't care for it here's the week pass code, NOW6FDFRJ49X6W
  7. i meant a trophy list in general not dlc, should have made it a bit clearer.
  8. the only time trophies are not added to it are if u have a 0% list.
  9. i did the 1 settler method as well using one of the tier 3 stores, having enough food and water in the workshop for the settler, i then placed pictures to get the settlement to a large settlement, the best thing is that u can stack them on top of each other. then i would sleep for a while wait for the happiness to rise and repeat until i got 100% this was after trying a few of the other methods that were in the guide.
  10. this is correct , i just idled the remaining hours at the end of the 1st level once i got the rest of the trophies. just make sure your controller is plugged in and moving.
  11. i think you will find that its been misspelt.
  12. you're right the first guide i checked didn't mention it but another one did, will have to keep an eye on the "retro" trophy now to see if anyone unlocks it or hope that its a temporary issue.
  13. as its an activision published game i wouldn't be surprised, they're good at just dropping servers, delisting games without any warnings. At least this one doesnt affect the plat.
  14. this, the plats just a bonus.