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  1. just no, unless it gets its own tier. i dont want to pay more for plus for games i own on my ps3. id like to see the same search options for trophies as both the vita and ps3 have. ps1 classics which has been rumoured would be nice and everyones favourite the psn name change.
  2. completion date or alphabetical would be better then the current process, would make it look a lot neater.
  3. damn not bad, i own every game in the mid tier and the bureau but $20 for xcom 2 isnt a bad price. surprised its only a demo for battleborn, they must really be trying to push for sales for this bargain bin title. turns out it includes the game as well. i would have happily given it too you if they had separate codes, had the same problem with the nordic bundle with owning some of them. the bundles are good but that's the only downside of it.
  4. they are trying it out as an indie triple a title now renamed independant triple a (which i just found out), pricing being one of the points made What is the Independent AAA game? It is about creating, funding and owning IP of AAA quality but with the more focused game design, lower price point and open development process that defines indie games. It’s about taking creative risks and making spectacular, exciting and unique game experiences that can compete with AAA and engages fans directly. http://www.hellblade.com/the-independent-aaa-proposition/ hopefully this goes well for them, I've played and enjoyed all of the games they've worked on except the disney games and would love to play many more titles from them. An underrated dev imo.
  5. if we are now going from the first post i have a few more points to add. G=2 S=11 B=17 total=49 which would make it 275 points for me so far.
  6. almost forgot to update B, 76 S, 13 G, 5 P, 1ur total = 226
  7. Participant #??? L33N3WB3 Gta San Andreas 31/33 Ready to Plat Gta 3 27/29 Ready to Plat Helldivers 38/40 Ready to Plat Accidental Plat Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 39/41 Ready to Plat Battlefield 4 66/68 Ready to Plat Flame Over 34/36 (PSV) Ready to Plat Nfs Rivals 24/26 Ready to Plat Mass Effect 2 57/59 Ready to Plat Gta Vice City 5/34 Nom Nom Galaxy 10/32 101 Ways to Die 28/31 Syndicate 47/51 Wwe 2K16 2/31 Farming Simulator 9/20
  8. pretty good idea, im always up for free stuff. time to wade though my backlog and see whats easy.
  9. i honestly couldn't tell you, its up to Sony what sales they put on the store.
  10. the problem is we are using the eu ps store, where dlc discounts happen all the time. from people i've spoken to and checking myself they don't get as many dlc sales on the us store.
  11. Yay, more verification works fine for me though. on a side note @Dr_Mayus maybe a bot.
  12. didn't even know this was a thing, still no plat but as im so out of practise on MM games it'll be a while b4 i pick it up. IDK maybe by then they combine the collections and include a plat, wishful thinking.
  13. That sux, tried to use it today. at least none of the games I have on vita have a trophy tied to the near app, just means a bit more grinding on some where I could have earned stuff easier.
  14. chronicles of riddick demo on 24/4/09 this was when i upgraded to a modem with wifi and tried it out.
  15. yes i just checked before you posted and it was a timed offer.