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  1. no, dlc is never required for a plat.
  2. pretty sure its an unmissable story trophy and if u don't open the chute it makes u restart from the plane.
  3. i'll just stick with the western release, i dont fancy trying to stack plats for 2 different dates that close together.
  4. grats, that sux about the digi version being glitched, i've just picked up the dlc and that could have gone towards the physical version.
  5. depends on the trophies u are going for, i attempted to solo boost some of the trophies and its a pain as u get npc enemies in the games that will kill your alt idling player.
  6. That's good to hear, I've had the game for a while but didn't really play much of it due to the lack of co-op.
  7. u leave my waifu out of this damn EA mis-gendering people in a an old game they should have known what was in store in the future.
  8. Sign me up Costume Quest 2 Demons Souls Resident Evil 0 Alien Isolation Lone Survivor ? Life Is Strange ? ? ? ? Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice
  9. I own everything, except here they lie, if its vr free then i'll give it a go.
  10. i honestly had no problems with the game but i also loved the games when they first came out, unlike GOW combat u have to be more deliberate with your attacks/blocks or u can get punished hard. i also made a challenge for myself by seeing if i could take the stick though the whole game, unfortunately u can only carry it to the throne room where u get your 1st sword.
  11. it'd be better to wait anyway as they've stated that the first game is going f2p.
  12. i can help you with the online for psasbr, as i need them too.
  13. the game is still unplattable, the person that got it was more then likely removed for cheating, it just hasnt udated yet. The game is now plattable but not this list as the game was rereleased not too long ago. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7118-kerbal-space-program-enhanced-edition
  14. this is my list for the day, atm. Tachyon Project LA-Mulana Ex Sorcery Saga Severed Dokuro Everybodies Golf Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype LittleBigPlanet Guacamelee
  15. You're a bit late with this "The Online Services for the following games will be discontinued on November 11th, 2017:" and it hasn't effected earning the online trophies.