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  1. they must have changed the list before updating it to Sony's servers going by the info posted by Ardmhicnasca.
  2. looks like another limited release title. actually im not sure if that's the reason as all versions of the game on here have plats. could be a new patch.
  3. i'd assume the same devs that made this game.
  4. this is good for people with slow connections but sony is missing a trick here by not adding ps1/2 games to the catalog, it'd maybe give me the incentive to start using it, until then i still have my ps3.
  5. No.7 They say... hope begins in the dark. But most just flail around in the blackness searching for their destiny. The darkness, for me, is where I shine. Riddick, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
  6. No.6 It's only me. Sam Fisher Wildlands.
  7. u now your backlog is a problem when u pretty much own all the games in the sale, picked up aaero and invector though as im into my rhythm games.
  8. No.5 Farah: What took you so long? Prince: Oh, just frolicking about the palace. Have you been waiting long? PoP: The Sands of Time
  9. No.4 (to Samos) Uh, we won't find any more of that Dark-gooey-Eco stuff in there, will we? Cuz I'd hate to fall in again and turn into you! Daxter, jak 1
  10. No.3 Solid Snake: You're not in pain are you? Otacon: Huh? Solid Snake: You feel okay? Nothin' bothering you? Otacon: What's wrong? Getting all friendly all of a sudden. Solid Snake: Oh, nothing. I'm glad you're okay. Otacon: You're strange... Solid Snake: I'm a little nervous. Everybody else I've saved suddenly dies. Otacon: You're bad luck. Metal Gear Solid
  11. No.2 Josh Birk: Why do you fight what you feel in your heart? Shaundi: Because if I did what I felt in my heart, they'd never find your body. Saints Row 3
  12. https://www.offgamers.com/game-card/consoles/playstation-network-card-us i always get mine from here, been using them for years. u can access the codes from the site and they also email it to u. never have any problems with stock either.
  13. very generous of you guys to bring the thread back, really enjoyed reading all the quotes. NO.1 "JASON" Ethan Mars, Heavy Rain
  14. the link is in the post i made.
  15. A bit late on this 1 as i forgot but the winners have now been selected, i have sent all winners a pm to access their games. These are Moon Hunters @TurtlePM Running with Rifles @GTA_Darren NBA Playgrounds @jem Styx: Shards of Darkness @Babsimabuse Acceleration of SUGURI 2 @Skadoki Bear With Me - Collector's Edition @ArtikSkarab Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth @Ric If there are any games anyone isn't interested in winning, say you own them for example, just mention it in a comment below. Participants will need a minimum of 50 posts on PSNP to enter, A vote in the poll for those eligible will be entered into the giveaway, The giveaway will run the until 6pm GMT on the 17th June, A random number generator will be used to determine the winners.