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  1. nice i can finally plat it @BlindMango the trophy guide needs an update.
  2. Its not truly for millenials, there's no safe space.
  3. don't think this one was ever on the store, pretty sure its only available on disc.
  4. I sometimes like to replay games after a while when i enjoy them, its always a bit more support for the devs as well. Also gotta get those stacks.
  5. as its tied to the same account you would probably have to delete the old one. https://psnprofiles.com/account/delete its worth msging a mod just to double check though.
  6. the save files should be fine as long as they are from the same region, i've had loads of disc based games then become free on ps+ and have been able to continue with no problems @TAHA_ELNAFATI
  7. been waiting for this to come to ps4 since they announced it 4 years ago, nice to see it has a plat and isnt too expensive. trophy list doesnt look too bad either, although some of them may be a bit grindy.
  8. no new ps4 title announcements, those have all been announced before, pretty sure that was last year as well.
  9. i'm in the uk, no target. @dokkanexpert with no new games announced for ps4, no psx this year, i have a feeling that the ps5 will be announced next year at e3 maybe with a release of late 2019 early 2020. i'm also hoping that the ps4 library will be bc. I also have a base ps4 so can hold out for a little longer. also Sony revises their consoles all the time, obviously there was a bigger jump Ps4>pro but the ps3 had 3 different iterations with the super slim only coming out a year before the ps4. @UltraRareBoy thinking late 2019 early 2020.
  10. idk, its more i wait and see if the thing i'm interested in goes on sale, psn wise i normally end up picking something up on every sale, so in that sense it makes no difference to me.
  11. So after being annonced almost 4 years ago  The Forest has just sneaked onto the ps store and at a reasonable price too, now just to wait and see if there's a trophy list to follow?

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      Just looked and yes, I see it in the NZ store too: https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/product/EP0238-CUSA12398_00-THEFOREST0000000


      And I agree, not a bad price for it.  I too would be curious on if there's a trophy list to follow or not.

    3. Leenewbe


      @skateak it'll probably be on the store at midnight for you as the release date is the 6th.

    4. skateak


      Ah I see, good point.

  12. I was waiting to buy a ps4 pro and wanted to give the psvr a go but with the ps5 coming soon, i'm now thinking of holding off on that. i'm glad that BF has come to the UK, i dont bother with BD sales now as i can go see family instead.
  13. The people that got them obviously are missing other trophies meaning the plat isnt earned. From the looks of it too one of them is a choice based trophy, going from the descriptions.
  14. ahh you mean your trophy card in general? try reuploading it, if not idk.
  15. there were some problems with psn recently so that could be why.