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  1. thats good, guess i just held it down naturally whilst jumping due to doing it from playing so much minecraft.
  2. if the original title had trophies, yes.
  3. found a thread for the ps3 version where ppl were having the same problem, hopefully this helps. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/flower/12467-cannot-get-flower-pure-trophy.html
  4. those sweet stacks and for games that dont get released here. currently have my main uk acc, a hong kong acc, 2 us accs and a german acc for wolfenstein and to share play with a friend on mother russia bleeds, because germany..
  5. i did this easily on my alt and this acc by building the wood frames, jumping and placing one on top of the other
  6. wasn't till i was in the basket that it showed up. scrap that it does mention it, i just didn't scroll down.
  7. just picked up the game from amazon for £25 and it includes 1.25m of in game cash. not sure if its a uk only deal but it'll save some grinding for anyone needing to pick up the game.
  8. im torn, i was kinda hoping there'd be no trophies with the new heists but at the same time i can now play some more gta5. i have to buy the game again now.. but the money aspect isnt a problem as i can sell all the stuff i got when i went for the 8M trophy.
  9. pretty sure this game has p2p settings.
  10. there are no trophies tied to battle Royal mode, u would have to wait for the normal game to get its release before u can earn any trophies unless u buy an early access pass.
  11. been planing on picking up hellblade for a while, wlll defo be picking it up now. if i enjoy it i'll probably end up stacking it and supporting the devs more.
  12. as long as there are no time restrictions on getting the kill related trophies it shouldn't be too bad, still haven't managed to get the 70k kills in dr2 after numerous attempts.
  13. so i finally decided to play this and dead by daylight, unfortunately because i played them both in the last few days it shows the flaws in FT13 even more. my main problems being that the host quitting messes the game up for everyone else and trying to actually play as Jason is very rare in my experience, they need to take a few leaves out of the dbd's books making it so u can choose what side u want to play as and make the killer the host as they are less likely to quit then a plyr that has gotten killed.
  14. damn you!! i was lucky that i got this free with plus but due to the game being a mess i never bothered to play it. i wont be supporting them with any future games.
  15. they've only just shut down the 12/13 servers so in theory u should have another year, at least do one thing right and post the dates for server closures. https://www.ea.com/service-updates/2017