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  1. At the moment the game is fine, everything is earnable, last man standing being the only one that needs to be boosted, game is also quite active still so it could be around for a while but being a f2p title we'll never know how well its doing. agree with the ones to watch getting a separate thread, as having everything here will make it more difficult to track all the different subjects.
  2. sux but at least the vr is separate to the plat.
  3. the only real ubi titles that are going to be in trouble are ones like blacklist with online challenges, as so far i think that all ubi's games have p2p servers, when ubi say they are discontinuing support for a game its normally the uplay(ubisoft club i think its called now?) section that is taken down.
  4. i'll try my luck, picked RE2. thx for the giveaway.
  5. I had no problems with my copy of the game, not that i noticed anyway, did have to reset it a few times cos off freezes but nothing that was a problem.
  6. this always seems to help these movies out though, this and Alita went on to do well even though the "offended at everything" crowd had a go at them. It's basically a stamp of approve from them that the film will be good. 😂
  7. thx for the update, looks like i'll have to at least play some of the online then.
  8. nothing for me, have TLOU and not interested in sports games.
  9. as you're carrying your main though the game this should be fine.
  10. normal unless flying then i invert my y axis.
  11. £35, may wait a bit for this 1.
  12. it should be fine but the account the dlc is on would have to be from the same region as your main or disc version of the game. you would also need to set the alt account to primary on the console used.
  13. one day, i'll finally do it, just get side tracked by other titles and a huge backlog 😓
  14. over 11 years for mirrors edge
  15. no insane difficulty playthough needed so should be a lot easier then the original,