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  1. at least i didn't buy pvz, almost did a few times and i can give the tennis game a go if true, not interested in the other one.
  2. if u check the dlc on the store its says its for the disc version only https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2746-CUSA11758_00-BFDLCU0000000001/ cant say anything for anyone that got trophies on this version, just going on what i know. maybe it was supposed to come out on both versions at some stage but they ended up making it disc only.
  3. xbox is also down according to a few ppl on reddit
  4. it took a few trys for the trophy to pop for me when i did it, i also did it on the cove, i did it with an alt idling on a public match so i was the only one to open the chests as well.
  5. the list hasnt been synced to sonys servers yet, give it a few days or contact the devs to let them know are your options.
  6. weak, wheres the plat. 😂 looks like it could be a game to chill to for a few hrs to get teh trophies.
  7. cant remember which one it was but one of the apcs was good for idling the kill trophies.
  8. yay, i can finally start it.
  9. You should be fine, I think i had the alarm go off like 5 times in that mission cos they kept coming back into the torture room.
  10. just tested this and it was showing as needing to be bought, downloaded the demo and now it shows that i own the game, i claimed the ps5 version 1st still showing as the trail version atm will update when the whole game has downloaded.
  11. June Update Manages to knockout 2 more titles in june, these were Daytona usa brave also finally started dead to rights, a surprisingly good title, i have been grinding the dlc on resi 6 as well to finally get that 100%, god its boring. 💤 also made a start on harry potter years 1-4 Main List
  12. fishing series?? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10169-fishing-barents-sea https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10167-fishing-barents-sea https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13297-fishing-north-atlantic
  13. can confirm the trophy now unlocks on the digi version of the game.
  14. if i remember correctly the ps2 buttons were pressure sensitive, where as the ps3 ones aren't, maybe try this.