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  1. damn I've been trying to get all these rare plats for nothing. Thanks for the giveaway. anyway here is my entry.
  2. cant wait to play this again, loved the nautical games forget ac3 need to rm the original so i can have the complete ac set.
  3. so are we still going for the 1st or has the date been moved? my list so far is minecraft stroy mode 49/51 (94%) RDY 2 PLAT vostok inc 43/45 (98%) RDY 2 PLAT la cops 12/14 (90%) RDY 2 PLAT volume 23/25 (97%) RDY 2 PLAT suicide guy 11/13 (90%) RDY 2 PLAT cartoon network PTE XL 49/51 (91%) RDY 2 PLAT evolve 42/56 (58%) motorstorm rc 14/32 (27%)
  4. if i could access to all the digital content from every older consoles including the handhelds (pstv compatable titles where necessary) id be happy.
  5. will be picking this up, another stack for the collection.
  6. looks like its been taken down now, hopefully this is true, not really a fan of the new sam fisher but enjoyed playing the co-op in blacklist.
  7. i had the same thing happen with the ps4 version of the game where i have the 100% trophy before the scraps one. I did however unlock all the other trophies that are required for the 100% trophy. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3806-tearaway-unfolded/L33N3WB3?order=date i also remember it being a pain to do and having to look online for solutions to try and get it.
  8. Base are awesome when it comes to discounted physical games.
  9. the game is still atm available to PO here, https://www.base.com/buy/product/omega-labyrinth-z-ps-vita/dgc-olzpsv.htm
  10. i've sent u a msg with the code for the game
  11. this isnt flagable as the devs have given these items out in a recent update. This marks the beginning of Year 3 for Rainbow Six Siege, a year which will bring more new Operators, maps, and game updates. Going forward, players who own or purchase the Standard, Advanced, Gold, or Complete editions of the game will no longer have to pay Renown to unlock attachments or any of the original 20 Operators. https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-320061-16/rainbow-six-siege-outbreak-and-operation-chimera-out-now
  12. I have a code for ftl to giveaway to one lucky person, just drop a comment below and i'll enter u for a chance to win, Code is redeemable on GOG.com i will pick the winner in 5 days as the code is only usable till the 13th of march.
  13. only bloodborne for me this month if this is the case hopefully we get AAA titles like the ps3 used to get back in the days b4 it was across all 3 systems.
  14. 0.4% Free Realms
  15. i'll keep using my ps3 until i can access my digi backlog on newer consoles.