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  1. luckily i have all the dlc for most games i have in my backlog, need like 7 dlcs, will pick up a load of digi only titles, also noticed a load of them are also on psnow atm so may drop 5 weeks on that with the trial to save a load of money, this is one time where my bad spending habits and huge backlog actually has been an advantage atm without using now i'm probably looking at like £150 but that's on some titles i probably wouldn't be getting anyway. probably easily halved with a month of now. will make my purchases on the last week of each store closure, very low chance but some discounts being added would be nice.
  2. dlc is normally Region locked and doesn't come with psnow titles unless it's a complete edition/goty version of the game.
  3. it should already be on your ps4, as far as i'm aware u cannot delete it. have you tried your library? just downloaded the vr version and the original is still in the folder i dumped it in years ago as well as the vr version.
  4. having done the game twice, i have used the gyrocopter and had compasses in my inventory when emptying them from containers but never held them in my hand. got the plat both times now no problems. custom islands were also used both times. two of a kind on the other hand with the changes they've made to the physics the second time was a nightmare, boat was pretty much under water once i had everything on it.
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/series/100-shantae shouldn't stage 3 and 4 be in the same stage, its the same game just with all the dlc? https://psnprofiles.com/series/366-angry-birds psv and ps4 versions need to be added to stage 2
  6. u would need to make an account from another eu country as it was never released in Germany.
  7. there's a ps4/vita stack of this game. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5633-the-keeper-of-4-elements https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5645-the-keeper-of-4-elements the vita version(2nd link) has a trophy guide linked to it, dunno if u need to do anything for it to be linked to both lists?
  8. ok thx for the reply, thought it was only 3 kills needed. i assume its also 4 for the blast fishing trophy?
  9. Damn dude, u must really hate yourself to put yourself though that much punishment, it was bad enough boosting with 2 other active people. 😅
  10. @UserNameButcher can u remember how u got the triple explosive kill, was it against bots or actual players?
  11. shopto.net, playasia, cdkeys, offgamers can get uk psn cards from any of these sites. dlc will be locked to the same region as the game disc or digi, there are a few exceptions but that seems to normally5 be us/hk yes u can play them on your amin acc. u may need to use the top up on the web store or ps4, cant remember think they changed it so u couldnt add them to a ps3 account.
  12. leenewbe, Marksman
  13. bit of a late one but my update for march, bit of a slow one as i got demotivated by the monumental not giving me the ring after 3 playthoughs on demons souls 21st Feb Voltron: Defender of the Universe, was actually surprised that it was a fun one to play for less then £2, was lucky to find a group for the mp trophies then it was just a walk though for the rest of them, highly recommend getting it in the remaining time if u can. 25th Feb improved Demons Souls from 67-89% complete DAMN MONUMENMATAL 28th Feb completion 16 Family Game Night 4, i hated it compared to the other FGN titles. 6th Mar Mx vs ATV Supercross 0-6% 11 player trophy plus a few misc popped. 10th Mar Frozen Synapse Prime 0-34% Mp done will get to the sp eventually. 11th Mar SUPERSONIC ACROBATIC ROCKET-POWERED BATTLE-CARS 14-76% Main List
  14. can confirm that ps3 games cannot be streamed if an account form another region is used but downloaded ps4 games work as normal.