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  1. You heard it, we can close down the forums with this Google thing being available now. /s I don't think anything has been announced yet, as they're working hard to bug fix right now. The game has already sold over a million copies and it seems like a game that'll get a loyal fan following. So I'm guessing we'll see some DLC with extra missions, etc. in the future.
  2. I picked up the regular version just now. The DLC looks like some extra characters and skins. There are no trophies for them, so I figured I wouldn't miss them.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. No trophy list for me either. I like it so far, it's a bit like Spelunky. Got killed by the first boss, but I didn't really know what hit me. A well, I'll throw myself at him a few more times and figure it out. :-)
  4. Oooh, right. Yeah, that makes sense. I've played in expert mode.
  5. Beano means the music box that you need to determine the knight paintings order. The Simon Says mini game that lasts for what seems like a good three hours. :-P
  6. I don't think it's possible to platinum it. I've tried replaying hidden object scenes and puzzles that I thought I didn't get within the time limit during my play through, but those don't seem to count towards trophy progress (you can check that in-game). So I think you have to actually do all of them during the game itself. No second chances. Besides that, some puzzles are just impossible to solve within the time limit because certain animations take too long (the knights, for example) or because of the awkward controls (pretty much everything that requires a lot of interaction on small objects). Still, it's a fun game. It's darker than the Artifex Mundi games, and a little harder too. I like it, but I do hope they'll patch it to make the trophies at least possible.
  7. Are you playing on PS4 Pro or the regular one? If it's a Pro, you could try turning off Boost Mode, maybe?
  8. It sure made watching Netflix while grinding out the FFXIV fishing trophy a lot easier. Thanks, rumble! :-D
  9. I was certainly aware of the hype. The demos were streamed an awful lot and there was a constant buzz on Discord too. At first I was worried the demo would put some people off the game, because the demos have never really done the whole experience justice, but everyone was getting more and more hyped it seemed. But wow, did this game deliver. I seriously didn't expect a series that isn't exactly known for reinventing itself to transform into a modern triple-A title while still being 100% Monster Hunter. It's my favorite Monster Hunter so far, for sure! Uh, it's not an MMO and the west has had quite a few hunting games, including several Monster Hunters?
  10. Don't know. The trophy rarity is looking like there's something to it, I agree.
  11. Tigrex, obviously, but I'd also like to see Arzuros and Lagombi. I love those goofy bears.
  12. Like the cake! Damn it! Foiled again!
  13. Thanks for clarifying, Gunfighter! The group I'll play with will have to pick the most active player to set up the squad then. :-)
  14. Somewhat related, but how do squads work? Can you assign multiple admins who can invite people, or is that always just the owner? And can you transfer ownership to another player?
  15. Man, 10 Internet Points™ for Chriscash7! Give him some likes for bringing us closure. 😁