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  1. In a sense, but it's not one character. When I first played Fallout 1, I was really into Atari Teenage Riot. Naming the character Alec seemed like a good choice (Alec Empire founded the group). I've stuck with that name ever since. So twenty years of Alecs, pretty much. :-)
  2. And the real question; will we get the other 60 Doom games too? ;-)
  3. The cheats are available from the menu. Will that void trophies? Because local co-op nightmare will probably only be done legit by two people. Edit: Oh, nevermind. It tells you it voids trophies. Whelp. Edit 2: This might not actually be as bad as it seems. I set up a local co-op game and you can just keep respawning, even if both players are dead at the same time. In the co-op screen, you can select a chapter, map and difficulty. You can't save the game while you're playing. I rushed through E1M1 in co-op Nightmare and quit out in E1M2. The co-op screen doesn't show a completion mark or anything. So I'm not sure if you have to do all the levels in one session, or if you can just keep track of what levels you've completed in Notepad or whatever.
  4. That might be what they're doing. The email I posted said the 12 and 3 month subscriptions stay the same price, and the monthly subscription will be raised. They messed up the pricing details, but that's what the sentences are saying. I don't speak Swedish, so I'm not sure, but it seems those three sentences are exactly the same. So it might be different in different countries.
  5. I got an email too (I'm Dutch), but someone messed up:
  6. Same, dude. I hope they explain the story better. If you just play the Zombies mode, you'd think it's just some random flavor text to set the mood for the map you're on, but the story is INSANELY complex with four different timelines, the same people doing different things in their respective timelines, causing even more complexity, it's insane. To illustrate, this is the official Zombies timeline (published when the Zombies Chronicles DLC came out):
  7. Tutorials for the specialist classes and Zombies mode sounds pretty cool. Definitely could've used those when I got into Zombies. :-)
  8. How is the game? I'm a huge Nascar fan but I've never played any of the games. Does it look good? Does it drive well? I've watched some YouTube videos, and it seems like a good-looking game that plays really well. Is it worth it to get the season pass? Does it have up-to-date paint schemes like the throwback schemes? Sorry for the barrage of questions. :-)
  9. Ahh, and here I was trying to kill large groups of enemies all the time, haha. Thanks! Guess it'll pop when it pops...
  10. I'm not really sure as I've only triggered it once or twice, but I think it's one of the buffs that you get after killing a large group of enemies. Like how Massacre is the one you get after Killstreak. Or at least, that's how I think it works.
  11. I don't know what repeat() does, but if that calls the function that has that while loop, you might meet un untimely end because of a stack overflow. 😜 — Your friendly Code Physician

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    2. EdinhoN


      Dernop got it right, repeat() is a "ensureAlive" measure, which checks whether the user is alive or not, aside from setting up some variables and flags for the next iteration of the while.

      I know "repeat()" is poorly named, however this makes the image more understandable for non-programmers

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


      Where is the fail measure for the bug alive = false? 

    4. EdinhoN


      It is not a bug (it's a feature), when !alive, the program makes a syscall to kill the current process and run ./decomposition

  12. Oh, I am planning to. That heretic scum must be purged! /o/
  13. I haven't done any multiplayer, but my Verminslayer trophy (2,500 horde enemies) hasn't popped yet, while I did get the in-game unlock for it. Hope it'll just pop later. Loving the game though!
  14. Jason would be awesome (I’m a huge Friday the 13th fan – Kane Hodder best Jason), but that would instantly kill their own game. It’s a weird franchise when it comes to collaborations though. Slayaway Camp has another game that features Jason exclusively (Derek Mears did voice work for those games I think) and he’s in Mortal Kombat X too, of course. Dead By Daylight is way too similar though... I would love the addition of famous scream queens. Not sure if they’re already in the game (haven’t played it yet, but I want to try it out soon). Jamie Lee Curtis is in the game, I think? Or just her character from Halloween? Anyway, Linnea Quigley, Linda Blair (I guess she counts), etc. Alien and Predator wouldn’t fit at all, in my opinion. Slashers only! Maybe some old school classics like Maniac Cop, Sleepaway Camp (Angela would be AMAZING, now that I think of it). Edit: Oh! Oh! Evil Dead!
  15. I'm pretty sure Sony forgot the thing even exists. 😜