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  1. It really is. Still took me two or three tries or so, but after the first attempt it was so clear that this was gonna work and it was gonna be easy. The platinum was really fun (I love clearing maps for collectibles), but man, these trophies were a PAIN. 😅
  2. Forget all the other videos and use this one. This one saved my controller, haha.
  3. Yeah, this is an absolute must for any horror or zombie fan, to be honest. Awesome movie!
  4. Storm Shield One was updated today with some extra PvE stats. It now also lists fully explored zones, survivors rescued and mist monsters killed, among other things. Those three are trophies though, so it's nice to be able to track them now. This is my PvE profile:
  5. Maybe Australia will get My Name Is Vegemite at some point.
  6. Chrome on iOS uses Safari's render engine, because Apple doesn't allow others on iOS. So Chrome is basically Safari, but with Google Accounts built-in.
  7. Just started playing this and laughing my ass off. If you're a fan of slashers or a gorehound, get this. The trophy names are a bit meh for me by the way. There's lots of movie references, but not to the classic slashers that obviously inspired this game. The Bees, Fire Walk With Me, Slay It Again, Sam, Milton's Revenge. I mean, I get the references, but those are not horror movies. I was hoping for more like Maniac Cop, My Bloody Valentine, Rest in Pieces (assuming it's a reference to Pieces). You know, classic 80s horror. I'm not far yet, but I hope Angela is in this game as a playable character, with the game being named Slayaway Camp and everything. 😁
  8. No dying will be tough, but man, this game rocks! If you ever wished Nintendo would make a new Metroid or Konkani would make a new 2D Castlevania (the Symphony of the Night ones), go get this!
  9. Just found the Tribute to George Romero that was in the patch notes. Pretty friggin' awesome. It's in Old Town, east of Rais, where all the overpasses are.
  10. Oh right, didn't know that. Yeah, I have the vanilla release.
  11. Was it actually patched in 1.05 or in the last patch? Because the last is 1.11.
  12. You can also use the companion app to stock up. I did that for my first playthrough on nightmare to get easy household supplies, ammo, that kind of stuff. It felt a little like cheating though.
  13. Do you remember when the game didn't have DLC yet and there were these cool little videos in the main menu with some guy from the design team telling how happy they were with the community and telling about their plans for DLC and everything. It was so cool seeing those proud faces. Dying Light legit is the best zombie game I know (I know I don't have the plat, don't judge), and I'll blindly buy anything Techland will release next.
  14. The first content is out now. No new trophies, but to be honest it's exactly what I expected: bad-ass little additions to an already awesome game. New human enemies in Old Town, new zombie, new weapons, bring it on! /o/
  15. Sony, Sony, Sony... How do you NOT name a flash sale on Friday the 13th, in October of all months a 'slash sale'?! 🔪