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  1. There are plenty of people who have been speedrunning Dark Souls for years. For the trophies, you only need two and a half playthroughs, if I remember correctly, so ten hours doesn't really surprise me.
  2. I've bought my fair share of bad games (or well, games I didn't like is probably more accurate), but the one game I really regret is No Man's Sky. Before the game was released, I knew exactly what the finished game was going to look like. I'm a programmer myself, and procedural (not random) generation has always been fascinating to me since Elite back in the 80s. I could tell planets wouldn't feel all that different, that the gameplay was limited to only a very few things, etc. But still, in the end, I got caught up in the hype and pre-ordered the game a week before release only to have everything I had told myself before was just true. I don't mind buying a game that I don't end up playing a lot, or at all, but No Man's Sky always makes me a little angry at myself.
  3. Cool, thanks! 😀
  4. When you die and start a new cycle, you keep tokens, money and your level as far as I can see. Is there a way to keep certain toys, upgrades or stickers too?
  5. I’ve played it for a bit on release night and love it a lot! After I platinum God of War, I’m gonna dive into this one. Can’t wait! 😀
  6. May 29th for Season Pass holders, June 26th for the rest.
  7. Does it matter which I start first? Does multiplayer spoil story stuff, or does it require a deep knowledge of the game before you dive in? I'd like to get the multiplayer trophies out of the way before I start the story.
  8. If anyone knows, it would be Cigarette Smoking Man. Can I just leave money to pre-order on my dining table and you guys pick it up at night or something?
  9. Is there any way to check if you solved anything within the time limit? Too bad they didn't add functionality to attempt time trials from the main menu once you've unlocked a puzzle in the story.
  10. This wasn’t on my radar at all! Really happy with it, but I might wait for the remaster to play this one.
  11. The first two extra battles are here. The first one is Ibuki in her Kirin outfit and the fight is stupidly easy. I can say that because I'm completely new, started playing Street Fighter four days ago, but I got her on the first try without any trouble. It's like the CPU on easy in Arcade mode. The fight costs 2500 FM and it'll get you the first gem for the Kirin set. The second one is Ken in his Rathalos outfit and he puts up way more of a fight. He took me down twice, and as every attempt costs 1000 FM, I decided to just cheese the fight with Rashid's Eagle Spike. That worked. The reward is the Monster Hunter opening song from MH4. It'll show up under DLC BGM in the Sound Gallery. Good luck!
  12. Thanks, this worked like a charm. :-D
  13. Just a quick heads-up for those who like to play games like these with arcade sticks. I have a Hori RAP N Hayabusa but the game doesn't respond to any input with it. My regular controller works fine though. I've sent the developer a tweet, but no idea if they're going to fix it. Sky Force Anniversary works fine with the stick, by the way. So hopefully it's an easy fix, if they decide to fix it.
  14. You heard it, we can close down the forums with this Google thing being available now. /s I don't think anything has been announced yet, as they're working hard to bug fix right now. The game has already sold over a million copies and it seems like a game that'll get a loyal fan following. So I'm guessing we'll see some DLC with extra missions, etc. in the future.
  15. I picked up the regular version just now. The DLC looks like some extra characters and skins. There are no trophies for them, so I figured I wouldn't miss them.