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  1. You can add me on the following name : wlkonwz . Got some games, will buy Battlefield 5 but I'm more busy with hunting trophies.
  2. I'm at 72% , I've got vacation now so maybe with some luck I've platinum before December... But I've to start now! There are only a few hard ones I still need to get, doing GHTV first and then the singleplayer ones.
  3. I got it myself yesterday but my friend still haven't. He can't sort his map either to Unaccomplished places.. But I guess it is the bug of patch 1.10...
  4. Yeah I know that he's missing something, but how can we find it, that's the question.
  5. A friend of my still don't get this trophy he tries everything. Can someone help us out what he's missing? We've checked everything with the video above us etc. but still couldn't find anything.
  6. So you can confirm if I want a trophy I can grind this? Like restart an checkpoint.
  7. Hey lads, I saw that you can restart missions to obtain the trophies easily. Can someone confirm this works? As I saw at the 'https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6834-call-of-duty-wwii/8-chain-smoker' you can farm the trophy by repeating the checkpoint, does this works as I will try it, I won't do it for nothing? Kind Regards.
  8. Bought it for €25,- with the Black Friday sales and a few coupons. It's worth that money but it will never be the original Call of Duty feelings the game brought me with CoD 1/2 and 3. Easy platinum I saw so it will do.
  9. Thanks alot. Just finished the mission Mass Fusion so I'm almost done with my second playtrough :D.
  10. According to the roadmap I'm reading and following on PSNprofiles there are multiple ways to save for either the Institute or Railroad thropys. I got only a question, is it smart to follow all the tips to make new saves? Powering Up and https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/4012-fallout-4/21-underground-undercover . Is it when I'm completing 'Underground undercover' and Rockets' Red Glare will it be able to finish the institute trophy's? What is a smart move in this questline?
  11. Due Halloween the season pass is now priced for 25€. Every DLC is seperate in sale too.
  12. Great! So the game helps you out! Thanks guys for the information.
  13. Hi there gamers, I got an question. A colleague of mine told me there will be a point in the game that you've got to choose a side you want to finish the game with (Brotherhood of steel etc.). When is this mission coming and how can I notice this mission. Are there seperate trophy's to get wich side you'll choose? Regards.
  14. Gave up on GTA 5, glitched trophy, don't have the time to redo this stuff!

  15. I wish I had more time for playing games, so my progress to platinums would go faster, pff work.. :(!