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  1. Ignore that crazy person from your introduction post lmao. Nice to meet you, you just earned another follower. 

  2. Lower bunk (since smoke rises) An untouched port or a meddled with remaster?
  3. @bikeman223 already left a link to that article, but thanks anyway!
  4. Have a look at a few of the other replies that were left in this thread and maybe you'll be enlightened on the subject (like I was). I'm not sure what you're referring to or what you mean, but if you're willing to clarify what you were trying to say, I'll be willing to read it 🙂
  5. @Tropikal Would you be interested in entering an internet friendship with me? You make a lot of sense.
  6. That seems to be the contemporary AAA gaming philosophy: Make a profit as quickly and cheaply as possible and then move fast enough so that the video game community at large can forget, and if they don't just make an empty promise to improve so that they can forgive, leading to an endless cycle of disappointments, deception and deplorable business practices.
  7. I kind of knew the answer would be something along the lines of "it's the publisher's fault" (because it almost always is), but I really appreciate a little bit of clarification that the article provided. It's interesting that the publisher seemingly wasn't 100% at fault this time, with 2K Czech apparently having no solid new ideas. Thanks so much, @bikeman223!
  8. I very clearly stated that I did my own research, but didn't find any clear answers; "initially had problems" is not clear. At least you managed to make a sick burn against me and make yourself seem like a cool dude on the internet in the process.
  9. I'll keep this concise: -Mafia (2002) and Mafia II (2010) were both primarily developed by 2K Czech. -Mafia III (2016) was primarily developed by a new development team known as Hangar 13. -Most (not all) fans of the Mafia series were, at least, disappointed by Mafia III (2016) due to the fact it was very different from the previous two games. This extreme difference was probably because of the change in developers. -2K Czech is considered defunct as of 2017 (after Mafia III's 2016 release), with it apparently being merged with Hangar 13. Question: Does anyone know why the development team was changed in the first place? I've tried to conduct my own research, but I haven't found any clear answers, though it is possible I've been looking in the wrong places. Regardless, please let me know if you are aware of anything specific that would explain the change, or if you have any logical reasoning that could help come close to a reasonable answer. Thanks. EDIT: Remember to carefully read the above before leaving a reply.
  10. Welcome! If I may ask, why the need to move on to newer releases? Has it something to do with your current employment? There's no shame in playing older games.
  11. How would you quantify what matters?
  12. Run!
  13. I know exactly what you mean. After I had explicitly stated in a post that I am not a trophy hunter, a particular user started trying to convince me that I was secretly one all along, on account of the fact I said I happened to be proud of a few of the trophies I had earned, whilst accusing me of being condescending towards him (among other things). I have absolutely nothing against trophy hunting or trophy hunters, but I'm still not one myself, and this person just couldn't accept that fact. Again, sorry for going off topic in this thread everyone 😁
  14. I know this isn't really related to the topic, but I really would like to say that reading this sentence was so refreshing. I've only been around here for a relatively short amount of time, and already I've seen some pretty embarrassing things written by some clearly troubled individuals. Thank you for inadvertently making me feel a little better. I usually wouldn't say something so off topic like this, but since the original topic has so many replies already it's probably okay.
  15. That's kind of nice to read. Hopefully, you're still doing alright, and remember that there's always support somewhere.