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  1. Do ye fo as hard as thy fiddle fums? 

  2. Fiddle diddle diddle doo 

  3. Fiddley diddley doo 

  4. Hey @Sir_Bee, could you please elaborate on your points? I don't fully understand what you're trying to say, especially the highlighted and underlined section.
  5. 8 whole decades have passed since the inception of the fictional superhero Superman. The best may be in the past, but I feel this worthy of celebration nevertheless. Happy 80th birthday Kal-El, you don't look a day over 30! 

    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      He looks like he's a day under 30 instead ;) 


      mwahhhhhahhaha fiddles have been played today

  6. It wasn't meant as a personal attack. Don't worry about it. I've been spending too much time on MAL.
  7. You understand the topic far better than that charlatan who was the first responder to this whole thread (you did a good job at understanding @Honor_Hand). I'm able to empathise with you as I too am a part of a nation infamous for mistreating video games as an art; whether it's blatant censorship or in the case of GTAV, removing them from store shelves. I also think your sentiments regarding physical vs. digital media ring very true. It's become almost common knowledge (amongst those who actually look into things) that when you buy games on places such as Steam, you're only paying for the ability to access a game that technically isn't something you own.
  8. My, my, sir, you are an interesting fellow. You've earned yourself a new follower. I look forward to future complaints about taxes. 👍

    1. starcrunch061


      Those only hit in April. You caught the complaint about the federal taxes, huh? I'll have a new batch of complaints when I file my state taxes at the end of the month. 😟

  9. Your observation of there being more than one conversation speaks true. As much as I appreciate this site and its functions, I often find people can't seem to focus on the bloody topic. Anyway, I could not agree more with what you say about Criterion and such.
  10. I agree that remakes aren't any way of preserving games, it's like saying movie remakes are preserving the originals. I find myself annoyed with those who insist remakes "preserve classics and offer them in a fresh way to new gamers", I struggle to understand that viewpoint. Glad to see you understand, sometimes I feel like I'm the crazy one.
  11. I'm not requesting anything. I'm just starting a conversation.
  12. I adore emulators, truly. Sadly, many games aren't available in that way, also part of the problem. I suppose I see what you mean, but I still feel that if they release a remake for a premium price, it should be a standard for the original visions to be included.
  13. The poll isn't the main part of this. Just don't vote if you feel that way.