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  1. Yeah, I remember keeping a lot if stuff in the chest in Skyrim, because there were many unique items and armor that weighs so much. In the Witcher I sell all the junk I find like animal skins, candlesticks and the like to make space. Those are the really heavy things when you rob every villager like I do I recently sold a lot of stuff because I had about 20 useless weapons and some inferior armor. Because most things don't weigh much you can still keep a lot of souvenirs (I'm not selling my Nilfgaardian dress).
  2. There is no way to store your items anywhere, but you can buy new saddlebags for your horse to upgrade your capacity. The merchants right at the beginning already sell a Temerian saddlebag that increases the capacity by 30 and the shopkeeper in Oreton sells one that increases it by 70. When you reach the limit then you should have a lot of stuff to sell to make place. edit/ but at 24 hours playtime you probably knew that already