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  1. Persona 4: Golden
  2. This update broke my game on PS4Pro.
  3. Just got the platinum. Took just a bit over 15 hours to complete it and the trophies are certainly more straight forward than the first. That game had offbeat stuff like tipping cows or collecting 50,000 DNA whereas this game requires you just complete its content to get all the trophies. I'm hoping my status as the first platinum achiever holds up!
  4. Unless you run into Furotech naturally, I would suggest waiting until you get the detector to hunt them down at all. You'll be backtracking for side missions and blending so there's no rush to hunt them really.
  5. I claim my place as part of the Lombax Praetorian's.
  6. Far Cry 4. I'll probably get the Yeti DLC when it's on sale one day, but overall it was an enjoyable game that only got into a grindy mess at the end farming Pagan's fortress for those last 30 skill levels.